Red Velvet Dress from

Red Velvet Dress from

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  1. No bra is nice. Very sexy dress. You shouldn't wear panties either. Nice legs and sweet feet. You have it all going for you. The men will come to you because of the beauty you have. All you have to do is smile and make eye contact.😜 Have a nice time.

  2. Absolutely stunning. It takes an absolutely stunning lady to pull that dress off!! 🔥🔥 you make it look absolutely stunning!!

  3. Whoa…stunning…this color really brings out the glamour in you…however…you seem to be a woman that could wear anything and you would always come out on top…from this…" The Woman in Red " to a Soccer mom look…casual look…skier look…bikini for sure…you've an amazing appeal…hou light up any room you walk in…very chic…classy…elegant…smooth operator…

  4. I like when you are feeling feminine and show off … it’s a nice balance of who you are … I like that style on you (not sure about the Velvet but to the opera it’s a winner) … your eyes at the end are priceless … this is a love video

  5. The colour wouldn't really suit my complexion and opera never really done it for me…sorry I should rephrase I really hate opera.

  6. Absolutely beautiful with a great smile.

    Looks great on you and I like the little taste of how you move in it.

    Watch your footing in those shoes on that carpet.

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