Resort Attire: Resort Casual & Resort Evening Dress Code Guide – Gentleman’s Gazette

Resort Attire: Resort Casual & Resort Evening Dress Code Guide – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video we discuss the dress codes,
resort attire, resort casual and resort evening so you look your best if you’re lounging in
a tropical resort. Resort attire or resort wear is a dress code
that is established around the globe. It’s even the basis for an annual collection
of couture fashion designers who focus just on this segment because a lot of people want
to look stylish even when they relax. You’ll most likely find it in the country
clubs or nice resorts or hotels that want to make sure that guests don’t show up in
board shorts for dinner. Sometimes the dress code resort wear can be
ambiguous because different hotels or resorts define it differently. As a rule of thumb keep in mind the more posh
or upscale an establishment is the more formal the dress code is likely going to be. So what exactly is resort wear or resort attire? It indicates that a certain degree of formality
is required even though you’re in a warmer climate. At the same time it means that a dark suit
or tuxedo would be inappropriate because it would be over-the-top. So before I approach you with some ideas of what
to wear when the dress code is resort casual first let’s discuss what not to wear. Athletic attire of any kind is always inappropriate. Your gym shorts, your t-shirts are not appropriate. That also means no track pants, no sweat pants,
no joggers and no workout shorts. Avoid wearing t-shirts or tank tops and always
make sure your shirts have some kind of a collar such as a polo shirt would be fine
with short sleeves or long sleeves or a dress shirt. It also means don’t wear shower slides, flip-flops
or sandals unless you’re specifically at the beach or by the pool area. In other area especially in the evening those
would be considered inappropriate. You definitely want to avoid any type of tennis
shoes or trainers. When it comes to sneakers and they’re nice
leather sneakers in brown for example but always be cautious and rather err in the side
of formality. Meaning a nice leather dress shoe in tan maybe
some suede in colors such as green, even dark brown. Definitely stay clear of black because that
would be too formal. In some establishment golf khakis or slacks
with polo shirt are acceptable in a clubhouse. In others they aren’t so it pays to specifically
ask or figure out what the proper dress code at your venue is. It goes without saying that your clothing
shouldn’t have any holes or tears and also stay clear of any type of shorts for evening
activities. I would skip vests or any other heavy layers. Cufflinks are maybe a little over the top. A simple barrel cuff will do just fine. So what should you wear when it comes to resort
casual during the day? The first thing that probably comes to mind
is the Hawaiian shirt. I’ve been to Hawaii recently and I hardly
saw anybody wearing Hawaiian shirts. So they’re out there, they exist. They can be appropriate if you’re in the mood
for it, go for it, but it’s definitely not something you have to have and sometimes it
can also look a bit cheesy. So in terms of slacks, you can go with linen
pants or cotton pants. Things like seersucker is totally fine and
you can also go with shorts as long as they are longer and made of cotton or linen or
other interesting materials. At the same time skip any kind of swim trunks
or board shorts because that would be too informal. Try to keep with a shirt unless you’re at
the pool or at the beach. A polo shirt is just fine during the day,
a tshirt maybe a little too informal but if you’re at the beach or in the vicinity that’s
okay too. I say jackets are over-the-top and if you’re
at a resort during offseason you may want to have a thin sweater or something that keeps
you at the ideal temperature. If you wear a lot of solid polo shirts it
can be interesting to mix it up a bit with patterned shorts. You could go with stripes maybe dots or classic
patterns such as seersucker, checks or Madras. Sometimes also known as Madras it’s a checked
fabric with rich colors that originates in India and you can check out all details about
this wonderful fabric in our guide here. During the day definitely stay clear of any
form of jacket that would be over the top. In terms of shoes you can wear driving mocs,
maybe boat shoes. If you’re at the beach and you go from your
room to the pool flip-flops are just fine. Otherwise if you’re at the lobby or the restaurant
flip flops would not quite be appropriate. Also wearing ties or bow ties is over-the-top
so leave them in your room and save them for evening. So what is resort evening wear mean? It means typically long sleeves, long pants,
no more tailored shorts. It also requires closed toed shoes which can
be your general derbies or oxfords in brown tones or tans. You can also be a little more playful maybe
if you wanna go with pair of spectators or maybe some white shoes. Something that is more summery and more associated
with tropics. Stay clear of black shoes even in the evening
because it’s not quite suited to the tropics. A jacket is not mandatory but definitely a
good idea. Personally I always like it because in the
evening and can get a little cooler and it’s also much more elegant and stylish. A navy blazer is very versatile and you can
wear it even though I think a cotton jacket such as the one I’m wearing here right now
with a slight check, maybe a fresco jacket in a lighter color is preferable. If you want to you can wear a seersucker suit
but in general I’d stay clear of suits and rather go with combinations. I suggest you match your belt with your shoes
and if you want to you can go with bolder colors in certain elements of your outfit
because the resort is fun, it’s casual and it’s not business. When it comes to accessories you can be a
little more playful as well. You can have madras patterns, maybe grenadine,
maybe knit, something with a little more texture. Maybe you go with a bow tie just something
that is unusual and not necessarily something you would wear with a three-piece business
suit. Of course if you prefer you don’t have to
wear neck wear at all but if you wear a jacket I suggest you go at least with a pocket square
because it just elevates the look and makes you more stylish. If you don’t want to wear over the calf socks
consider no-show socks. They prevent your feet from sweating in your
shoes and it’ll also help to prevent any kind of blisters. For shirts, you can opt for dress shirts with
an open weave or alternatively if you like it more casual you can go with long sleeves
polo shirts just make sure they have a nice color and not those typical flimsy ones. In today’s video, I’m wearing a long sleeve
polo shirt with a collar and I decided to mix it with a tie just to show you the full
range. I could have just done without a tie and would
have been just fine. My jacket is similar to a seersucker but it
has checks which is quite nice. It’s a small pattern but it’s very different
from the classic business suit. The tie I’m wearing is red and blue shantung
that picks up the blue tones of my jacket and my pocket square which has hand rolled
edges and x stitches. If you’re interested in these accessories
please check out our shop here. I went with a bold red pants which are similar
to a Nantucket red just a shade darker. They’re made of 100% cotton. They’re lightweight and good for warmer climates. In line with my white shirt and the white
elements in my jacket I went with white buckskin shoes that have red shoe laces so it ties
the outfit together with the pants. That being said it’s obviously a very loud
combination and if you’re not comfortable with that I could have just worn this outfit
without a tie and maybe medium brown oxfords and the whole look feels entirely different
and less dramatic even though I wear red pants. For the socks, I’m wearing red and blue shadow
stripe socks from Fort Belvedere which tie together the red and blue tones of the outfit. Of course during the day sunglasses are always
a good idea so definitely don’t forget them. And if the sun gets too hot you can also bring a Panama hat which is very stylish and keeps the sun out of your face.

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