Respite at Kassen | Pathfinder: Knights of Everflame | Episode 3

Respite at Kassen | Pathfinder: Knights of Everflame | Episode 3

(adventurous music) – Welcome to the third installment of the Knights of Everflame, a special eight part adventure
to celebrate the launch of Pathfinder, Second Edition. I’m Jason Bulmahn, Director
of Game Design at Paizo and one of the lead
designers behind the game. I’ll be your host and Game
Master for the session. But before we get started, let’s go around the
table and meet our cast. – Hey, hey, hey, Jeremy Steven Walker. – Hello, I’m Gina DeVivo. – Hi, I’m Aki.
– Hey, I’m Erika Fermina. – Hi, I’m Rachel Seeley. – All right, and now
that we know everybody, let’s get started. When we last left our
intrepid band of adventurers, six would-be soldiers were
being shipped off to Lastwall. Well, five and Lucky. (all chuckle) Were being shipped up to Lastwall to serve in the Lastwall Army. You were being escorted
there by Lieutenant Elysind and Private Carr, who made sure to try and educate as best they could as you made your way
up to Castle Everstand. However, upon arriving there, you found the castle in flames, the village below in panic, the entire scene was a disaster, You made your way to the center of town only to find it overrun with undead, the streets literally running with blood. There, a bunch of zombies and skeletons were assaulting the church
at the center of town, a shrine to Iomedae. You’ve fought off those undead, cutting them limb from limb in some cases, and made your way up to the shrine. The doors were flung
open and inside you found the remnants of Squirestone’s population, a handful of refugees
is all that was left. Led by Sir Folmer, an ancient priest who is losing his sight,
you were given a task. The Lieutenant pulled you aside and made you swear the oaths of Lastwall, she made you Knights, and
she gave you but one command. Escort these people to safety. Take them back to where
Lieutenant Elysind was born. In the small town of Kassen, across the border, out of Lastwall. Get them out; Lastwall has fallen. These people have to find safety. With that noble charge, Lieutenant Elysind and
Private Carr left you. They went to the castle
to fulfill their duties, to fulfill their oaths, leaving you with 20 some
scared and terrified villagers to escort South to safety. For the next three days,
you made your way South, evading undead forces that
poured out of the city like angry, rotting ants. They chased you across the countryside, but you managed to evade them through clever use of
tactics, hiding in the forest, covering your tracks,
using spells to make it so that you could travel faster, the group managed to make
relatively decent time. That doesn’t mean your
journey wasn’t without peril. You ran into a hunter’s outpost
that was filled with ghouls, ghasts, horrible undead things that feast on the flesh of the living. You defeated them and
managed to get supplies. You continued to push south
only to find a hunter’s shack. Unfortunately, it’s
resident was a werewolf who came hunting you
in the night thanks to a pointed message telling
the werewolf where you were. It was very useful. It was great, that went super. (group laughing) – Okay?
– No, it’s fine. If friendly, come help, yeah. He did, he came to help himself to all of your tasty meat. And from there you
continued to push south, fleeing from the undead force that was apparently hot on your heels. Although you had not
seen them in over a day, they kept triggering alarms
several hours behind you. So at this point in time, though, you think you may have finally lost them, although you can’t possibly be sure. The undead may be coming. Then, finally camping,
the town of Kassen just on the near horizon, you can see pleasant, thin wood fire smoke coming up from the pleasant, forested town. You camped one last time
before the final push. But in the middle of the
night, you were betrayed. – Lucky.
– Your wagon lit afire, your supplies ruined, some of them stolen. And when you looked around in
the ruins of your campsite, the ruins of your wagon, Lucky was gone. – He’s about to be real unlucky. – Mm-hmm.
(laughing) – So we are going to pick
up shortly thereafter. You have continued throughout the morning with nothing else to do. Lucky’s trail, you did manage
to pick it up in the morning, and kind of look for it, but it got quickly lost in the forest. He deliberately went off the path, into the deep woods, and after
not more than five minutes you found that you had no
idea what direction he went. In fact, he may have actually doubled back to throw you off the trail. You’re not sure; he’s no where to be seen. – It will not be the
last he has seen of me! – Or me.
– To recap who’s all with you, it’s the five of you, you are
traveling with Sir Fulmer, the priest of Iomedae, the aging priest in his ill fitting mail, his
sword that he can barely lift, and his eyes that are failing him. But he’s still brave,
he’s still ready to fight. You just need to point him at the bad guys and he’ll take care of it. You’re also traveling with Private Unkier, a young half-orc woman who
was apparently knighted no more than about a week
ago, maybe two weeks ago, and is quite unsteady about all this. But is here to serve, and has been ordered to help
these people get to safety, but is a bit shaken
after what has happened. And then you are also traveling
with about 23 refugees. Farmers, cobblers, there’s a brewer. It’s a small group of folk, all of whom are terrified and
looking to you for guidance. As the dawn breaks, you are
able to pack up your camp and continue your trek south. You have all had a chance to prepare, you know ready yourself, do
your morning prayers and rituals so if any of you wanted to swap out spells or anything like that,
you are able to do so. I don’t know if you want to do anything about that right away or wait a bit, but–
– I wanna do it now. – You’re just going to do it now? – I’m working on it right now. – All right, so you finish
your prayers immediately and then what? – Linneus is just furiously praying, like if there’s ever a
time that you would come and help us, now would be the time. We are in desperate need. No, okay, that’s fine. And then she goes immediately to Ikyulys and she’s like, hey, can
I look at your wound? – Sure.
– Okay. She’s gonna spend some
time looking it over. – All right, so last night in the fight against the werewolf.
– Mm-hmm. – Actually that was two nights ago, now that I think about it.
– Yeah. – You were bit.
– Mm-hmm. – And you haven’t suffered
any ill effects yet, but you’re not sure about whether or not you might in the future. So go ahead and give me a medicine check and a religion check,
give me both of those as you examen his wound. – I’m going to start off, then, by taking, she has this bucket with her. This little bucket that has a lid, it is a bucket.
– Tiny little bucket. – She pulls out a little stick of incense and she pulls out a thurible,
which she sticks it in, she lights it up, she sets
it down in front of her and this vaguely yellow tinted smoke starts to come out of it, and I get a bonus to my
religion checks, ha ha ha. – She needs incense when
she looks at wounds. It’s important.
– I do. – Yeah.
– Yes, okay. – Rituals are important. And Ikyulys is just like, okay, what is? – It’s not going to hurt you, promise. – Okay. – (coughing) Whoa! (laughing) Medicine check.
– This is some good incense. (inhales sharply)
– Yeah, I guess so. (group laughing)
– Not really though. – Am I supposed to feel this way? – No, you’re fine, it’s not a drug. – It feels good.
– Good! Oh, that’s the light of ceremony. – Ah, mm-hmm. Ceremony.
– 31 for medicine. – 31 for medicine. All right, so looking at the wound you can tell that it’s healing nicely, it doesn’t look like it’s going to fester. You’ve been healed of most of the damage, so all that’s left is
kind of a red spot now at this point where the
wound is getting better. You don’t see any signs
of infection at all. You think he might be in the clear. What was your religion check? – 23.
– So you’re not sure, but you are a little worried that the infection may not be
what you have to worry about. Those who are bit by werewolves are actually afflicted by a curse. Not a disease, it is different. Lycanthropy is a curse that transforms you into a bloodthirsty
creature on the full moon, but you can’t quite be sure if he’s cursed without using more magic. – Do I know how to remove this curse or who would know how to remove the curse? – Well, there are magics that
can attempt to break curses. Those with it are powerful magics, but you would need to ascertain if he is indeed cursed first. Cursed first.
(group giggling) Making it hard on myself. All right, but you can
probably get a sense of that with your more powerful detect magic. – Oh, okay, then I’m gonna
go ahead and use that because I swapped a spell for
detect magic just earlier. – All right, so the
thing about detect magic is you’re able to kind of, once you know who you’re traveling with and you know what magical
auras are around them, you can kind of exclude those from it to just look for new things. – Okay.
– You can use it as a cantrip. – Yeah, absolutely. So you can cast it as often as you like. And you use detect magic and
you get no auras around him. So you think he might be in the clear. He might have resisted it. – Oh perfect, you’re fine, don’t worry. What about this one? – I mean if on the next full moon you suddenly are like,
(howling) Yeah, like.
(all laughing) – If that is the case, then
we will take care of it, no? – What do you mean by “take care of?” – You’re fine, don’t worry.
– We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
– Mm-hmm, no, it’s fine. – We’ll burn that bridge
when we come to it. – All right.
– Cross it– – You wanna look at this one? – That is exactly what–
– She was bit, as well. – So that’s really interesting. You wake up this morning
and you don’t feel so good. Could you give me another fortitude save? – Oh no!
– No, no. – Gosh, which one was
the good one? (laughs) – That one.
– Oh, okay. – Oh, that sucked.
– Are you okay? – Not even a number.
(girls gasping) (all laughing) – Not you!
– Already. – It was the orange one last time. You, yeah. – Dice jail, please?
– Dice jail, nice. – You stay inside now, you. – 19?
– 19, ooh. For a moment there, you’re like, (groans) Do we have anymore of that elk left? You’re really hungry for raw elk. Do they have raw elk left? Raw would be best, but you
manage to kind of shake it off. You still don’t feel good, but you’re not overcome
with hunger right now. – I don’t like it. – I’m gonna detect magic on her. – That wouldn’t detect a disease. – Oh, then I’m just gonna
use my remove disease. – Oh, all right.
– Hey! – Well.
(laughing) – Well in that case, in stead
of just watching her suffer, I guess I’ll just solve it, all right? – If I know it’s a disease.
– Bye! – So the way this is gonna work, – It’s fine, I got it. – The way this is gonna work is you’re gonna cast the spell and you’re going to
make a counteract check. So all that is is you’re
going to roll a d20 and add your spell attack roll. – Oh, okay.
– And you’re trying to beat the DC of the disease, and that’s it. It’s real simple.
– Oh, what’s the DC? – You don’t know. – All right.
– It’s a number. – I think this one was
helpful for me before. No, it’s not. Guess what I’m gonna do. – Oh, the hero points are being spent very early.
– Oh! – Worth it.
– Nice. – 30.
– 30? – 30.
– Very nice. – You call upon Sarenrae’s healing magic and you let it flow through Tariel, and once the magic has passed through you, you feel absolutely fine. – That was weird.
– Are you better? – I can say I don’t want
to eat raw meat anymore. – Good, that’s a good start! – Concerning.
– So, the refugees have packed up. They are looking to all of you to kind of point the way,
but the wagon is destroyed. – Mm-hmm.
– The fire burnt out the back wheels and now the– – But the horses are okay, so that is all good.
– Yeah, the horses would just be dragging it, so
that’s not gonna work. – Ikyulys! Omelette has sort of all
morning has been writing notes all over the ground, just
maybe we’ll need this, then we’ll go there, we’ll recruit there. Don’t leave anymore notes for werewolves, that sort of thing.
– I got it. – Just a lot of notes, occasionally an animal will
scamper through and erase stuff. It’s a bit of havoc. But, I’ve got a couple of things, so we’re out a cart, and I’m sorry. I’m speaking quite fast, aren’t I? – No, you’re good.
– Okay, so right, can you help me make some, so we still got the sick and
wounded that can’t be woken, so can you help me make a coupe of– – Wheelbarrows?
– Sure! That seems difficult, but–
– I’m very good at crafting, so I can do this.
– Yeah, so am I! Does anyone else want to help
make some of these, splints? I don’t know what they’re called. Gurneys!
– Sled? – Sleds.
– Summon another steed, if we need.
– The sort of thing to drag a body, an alive body. – How many sick and wounded do we have? – You only have about four people who would really slow ya down. – A trolley?
– Three of which are elderly and one person just has a–
– Just something for them. – Lifetime injury.
– Isn’t Kassen like right over there? – Sure, but we’ve still gotta
go through a bunch of woods. I don’t want to be carrying
’em all on my back. – We’re at the top.
– You are about, probably about a three
hour walk to Kassen. – Yeah.
– Well, if we put them on the horses and I get another horse. – We do have a couple of these– – That would probably work, actually. – I’ll just–
– How you gonna find another horse, what magic?
– He’d run away! – Magic!
– I can summon one. – Yeah.
– What? – Yeah! – You know how to summon a horse? – I saw it once. A while ago.
– When? When did you summon? Is it like a real horse or
is it like a magic horse? – It’s a magic horse?
– No way! You can ride a magic horse? – Yeah.
– What is it made of? – Magic. – Magic horse. (chuckling) – I can’t quite do that. – Why’d you let me hitch
myself to the trolley if you can make another horse? – You did it so quick! I couldn’t, you just did it. (group laughing)
– I had no idea that’s what was happening. I was in the wagon. – I pulled out my back.
– I was in the wagon. – All right, so to keep
things moving along, you’re able to summon up a phantom steed? – Yes.
– All right. So this horse just kind
of appears out of thin air and it’s like proud and
noble and very obedient. And the two draft horses are
kinda looking at it like, mm, I don’t know what that thing is. But you’re able to kind of
load the sick and the wounded kind of onto those horses
and make your way south. – As a picture note, it is clearly phantasmal in nature. – Yeah, it’s too perfect. It’s like too nice of a horse. – It’s glowing slightly. – Glowing!
– Yeah! Like there’s wind that’s blowing its mane even though there isn’t any wind. It’s just too nice. So–
– So it’s creepy, I like it. – So you’re able to gather everyone up and continue the push to Kassen. About three hours later,
you come down a hill, break through a line of trees, and there, not 100 feet in front of you, is the wooden wall that leads to Kassen. There is a small sign kind of dangling in the breeze that says Kassen. You have arrived at your destination, and the gates are closed. – This is a bit of a pickle, is it not? – There is a guard tower
on one side of the gate. It’s not on both sides,
it’s just on one side. And the, as you approach there’s kind of a guard who looks like he was sitting on a chair, just taking it easy. He had his feet up. You could see his feet
kind of over the palisade, and as you approach,
he kinda leans forward, and you see him almost
fall back in his chair. And he kind of hops up and he’s like, – Hello?
– Halt! Who goes there? He calls out.
– Knights of the Lastwall. – We were sent my Lieutenant Elysind. – Lieutenant Elysind, we’d
like to find her father. – We have been tasked with making sure these refugees from Lastwall
are safely delivered to the City of Kassen. – He looks at you, Colven’s girl? Oh! Colven.
– Colven, yes, that’s him. We have dire news. We must be let in now. – He kind of looks out at you and he says, I’ll have to go fetch the mayor. – Dire news! Lastwall has fallen, dire! – He’s like, what?
– Dire! – You see him like run down and you hear kind of the
wooden bar being moved and then the gate swings open and he’s like, well get in here then. – Perfect.
– Thank you. We have arrived. All of you who are tired
and weary from travel, we have arrived. – He’s like, well follow me. I’ll go fetch the mayor. – Also definitely close
that goat once we’re all in. – Well, all right. And he lets all of you through and he kind of closes up the gate. And mind you, this town is surrounded by a really simple wooden wall, and by that I mean it’s basically logs that have been sharpened
and tipped up on end. So it’s a palisade, it’s not a
proper stone wall or anything but it is a wooden wall. And the gate, though, is
really just flimsy boards strapped together and he closes it, and lowers like, in essence,
just a 2×4 across it. And is like, secure! And then he goes, running off into town, he’s like well follow me, follow me. And as you begin to
make your way into town, more and more people start
coming out of their house because this giant group of
travelers has just arrived. And to be honest, you all look like you’ve been through
some petty touch times. The townsfolk are all caked in mud. – Nothing to see here.
– Yeah, you’re all kinda dirty and have been on the road
and running for your lives for three days. So you’re able to go through the town, and you can see the map of Kassen here in the middle of the table. So you cross through that north gate on the north side of the map there. And after, not a short
way, you reach a bridge that crosses over a river. And he’s like come on, this way. And he kind of hops over there, or he starts walking over the bridge. – Is this the Tourondel river? – Oh yeah, this is her. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is lifeblood of the town, as if he’s like now a tour guide. He’s like, this is how
we get all of our goods in and out of town. Kassen is renowned for
its fabulous woodworking. We have many sculptors and crafters. – Dire!
– Right. – Did I not say dire? – Right, and he kind of continues
escorting you into town. – Linneus just crawls over the bridge, like (crying).
– Sculptors, woodworkers, yes we make fine furniture and crafts and yes, yes, absolutely. And he takes you across the bridge and to the center of town. And he’s like, if you’ll wait here, I’ll go fetch the mayor. He’s probably in his chambers. And he goes running into
that building right there in the middle on the water. And above it, it just says Hall. – Does it say hall and–? – Just Hall.
– Hall. – H-A-L-L, that’s just
what it says above it. Nothing special, it just says Hall. – Quick and to the point, I like it. – You’re able to kind
of get a look around, and directly across from the Hall, the town hall, is a temple. Well, calling it a temple
is a bit grandiose. It’s more of a large church. It has, smack dab in the middle, it has the symbol of Erastil, the God of hunting and communities. It’s usually a very rural deity. He’s a god of families and hunting. – Erastil.
– Yeah. So his symbol is like a bow with arrows. But beneath it, arrayed around it, there are a bunch of other holy symbols that aren’t as big, but it looks like this is kind of a multi
denominational church. So there’s like a symbol of Iomedae, and a symbol of Shelyn,
and a symbol of Sarenrae, and a symbol of Gozreh.
– Ooh, really neat. – So there’s a bunch of different deities whose symbols are also there. – Weren’t you the one who said, “Dire?” – I’m running into the temple.
– Yeah. – So next to that it
looks like there’s a shop that sells armor and weapons. It’s called Renet Steel. And next to that is the only
Inn you’ve seen in town, and it’s a place called The Seven Silvers. – I hope that’s not how
much it costs for a night. – As you’re standing there, you get a lay of the land. So a few moments later, the doors to the hall burst open and a thin, wiry man comes out. He is wearing kind of
a ceremonial vestment that has badges sewn to the collar that goes down around the front, and the badges show things
like lumber and a chair and a spoon and like a
wooden bird sculpture. It almost looks like woodworking
merit badges or something. And he’s a very thin, wiry
man with a hawkish nose, kind of, his hair is black
and pulled back tightly, giving him the overall
impression of kind of a vulture. He just kind of comes out and he goes, So what’s all this? Who are all of you who
have come to my town? I’m Mayor Vetnar, who are you? – We have been sent by Lieutenant Elysind to protect these refugees they– – Colven’s daughter?
– Yes. – Isn’t she up in Lastwall? – It’s fallen.
– What? – It’s fallen, it’s no more. – Preposterous, all of those knights? (scoffs) Come on. – Undead, yes.
– I’m just gonna gesture. to all of the townspeople behind us. – Off to the east, the building that’s next to the hall there looks like a watch station. Most the buildings here are made of wood, but the watch station is made of stone, as is the church, by the way. Every other building looks
like it’s made of wood that you’ve seen so far. But the watch station is made of stone. And coming out of the watch station is a kind of portly, middle-aged guard who looks like he’s in charge. And he kind of comes up behind the Mayor and just kind of sits there and is like, Hey Mayor, what’s going
on with these folk? Who are they? And he’s like, that’s what
I’m trying to find out. Hold your tongue. And the Mayor looks back to all of you. So you’ve come here
with all of these folk? – Yes, we have.
– Yeah. – We were charged with this. We were sent here. – (grumbles) All right, well of course we’ll see what we can do. Kassen is an open and friendly town. Let’s go speak to Father Prasst. He’s a man of the cloth,
I’m sure he can help. Meanwhile–
– (giggles) I’m already there. – Inside the church, you go
kind of bursting in the doors and what you see is a very
long kind of shrine room, and at the far end is a
shrine dedicated to Erastil, but all the way up there are like alcoves and in each alcove there
is a smaller shrine dedicated to each of the other deities. So it looks like the
people probably come here and offer up prayers to
whatever deity they venerate. And the moment you kind
of come bursting in, there is a man who is up at the shrine and he’s currently talking
to one of the farmers and when he sees you he kind
of looks up and he says, Just a moment, just a moment, and he kind of tells the farmer to wait. Then he says, Ah my
child, what troubles you? Who are you and why have you
come to the House of Erastil? – Oh, my name is Linneus. I am a Cleric of Sarenrae, and– – At that, his eyes kind of go wide as he looks at your
general kind of raiment and he’s like, A child of the Dawn Flower? – Yes, she holds up her holy symbol. – Blessed be by Sarenrae’s light, you are one of her children. – Yes?
– What can I do for you? I am not entirely versed
in all of her prayers, but I do some of the hymns. – I came here to pray to her, but mostly to let you know you are in dire need and
you are in dire danger. There is–
– What? – Around 200 undead
coming from the Lastwall. – What!
– It’s fallen. – He’s like, come with my, child! We must go speak with the mayor at once! – Okay.
– And he kind of rushes up to the front door, and Father Prasst, he’s an older human man. He’s going gray at the temples, but he’s still in his prime. He’s still fit. And those of you who have
some religious training automatically kind of just know that Erastil is all about hunting and things like that, so their priesthood, they stay fit and they’re
outgoing woodsman type. He looks no different, although he does look like he’s
kind of reached middle age. And he kind of escorts you outside just as the rest of you are
coming forward with the Mayor. – Ugh, I’m gonna like touch
the shrine of ceremony before I leave, just like, oh sorry, bye. – All right. It is, of course, located
with a window facing east so it gets the morning sun. And it still has some rays of light on it and you’re able to kind
of make you albescence. All right, so you make outside and the Mayor comes up and he says, Father Prasst, we have a lot
of refugees that need help. And Prasst goes, of course, Mayor. I would be happy to see to them. All are welcome in the shrine to Erastil. – We appreciate your hospitality. We understand that these
are a lot of people, but they are in need of help and we were commissioned
to bring them here to you. Or, more specifically, to Colven. Colven, I believe, is his name. The father of–
– Lieutenant Elysind. – Ah, well Colven lives
out on the edge of town, but come, let’s bring
these poor folk inside. They could use shelter and a meal. – Sure, and maybe there’s somewhere where we can talk more privately away from the sort of innocent ears? – I did tell him about the 200 undead. – Oh, you did, great! So he knows.
– (chuckles) The Mayor is like Yes, I’m sure it’s all quite urgent. Well, Father, since you seem to have this taken care of, I’ll leave it to your capable hands.
– They are a few days away from probably–
– Who is this guy? – This is the Mayor. (laughs) – I don’t like this man. – Oh, that’s the Mayor, unfortunately. – There’s 200 undead. – No, I’m sure it is quite serious. I’m sure, and I am going to go and take it to our town council right now. We were in chamber meetings. So I shall go and speak with
the members of all the guilds and I shall come and chat with you when our meeting is concluded.
– Great! So we’ll come wait and
we’ll do the accounts and you’ll know what happened, and then you can evaluate the situation. – You don’t seem very
concerned for 200 undead. – More than that.
– Do you have some kind of special defense here? Because so far, your walls
look very flammable and weak. – And this church is the only
stable building, I think. – He looks at you. Surely, we have Lastwall to protect us. – It’s gone!
– Lastwall has fallen! – These people are from Lastwall! Talk to these refugees. – They are like, Castle
Everstand has fallen and they’re telling
him this and he’s like, hmm, that’s an unfortunate event. And I will send my scouts out and we will have them investigate. – Don’t!
– Why do you not believe us? – You’re not understanding us. – He’s like–
– I have proof. – I have proof! I grab that knight’s sort of undead garb, the one that was buried. – Do you have Lieutenant
Elysind’s personal effects? – I do.
– Who do? – I have her things. But they’re for her father alone. – He looks at you and he just says, I shall be with you shortly. I am interrupting my meeting. – You should be afraid!
– Hey, we’ll interrupt, too. – And he turns and leaves. – I’m following him.
– I don’t like him. – So the Captain of the Guard is there and he’s like, no, no. Council meeting’s in session. – We’re going to die! – You do not have an invitation. – We are Knights of Lastwall
and we are coming to– – Yes, and you are now in Nirmathas and we don’t have to
recognize your authority. – How horrible, I’m gonna
go talk to the Father. – Yes, you should see to your refugees. – Can you show him your
bite wound or something? – And he goes to go sit
in front of the door to the town hall. – I mean he’s not gonna help.
– I’m going to stand right in front of him.
– Mm-hmm? – Just stand there. – He’s like, he’s starring
at you and he’s kinda, he sits down in a chair
in front of the front door and he just kinda looks
at you and he’s like, you gonna play that? – Yes, I am. I’m going to–
– Make some bad noises. – Really loud.
– No. I’m going to cast charm person. (group laughing) – While playing my, I’m going
to slowly bring out my violin and I’m going to stare
him dead in the eyes, smile, and start playing
cast charm person. – All right. So, I’m assuming you’re trying to kind of hide the fact
that you’re casting? – Oh yeah, and I’m going
to use my melodious spell, which hides the fact
that I’m casting a spell. – (chuckles) That’s I
figured you were doing. All right, all right. So I’m gonna need to make
a will save for that, and you know, poor Captain Renet here is not exactly the most skilled at that, but we’re gonna give it a try. – Okay.
(die tumbling) – Oh, the die is hot again today. – No, no!
– 26. – Fine.
– So for a moment, he’s kind of like, ahh. And then he’s like, (grunts) and then he kind of crosses his arm. So back over near the shrine, Father Prasst is
escorting the refugees in, and as they each come in
he kinda looks at them and he’s kind of doing triage. – Mm-hmm.
– Just being like, who needs help, who needs food. And he’s kind of bringing them inside, and he has like one or two
acolytes who are serving him who immediately break out like bedrolls and pillows and stuff
so people can sit down, and they immediately start
handing out bread and food. And one of them goes running
off to the Seven Silvers to get more food and consumables. And the Father is generally
working with all of you to get them all in here and processed, or at least sorted. And can everyone who is over there just gimme a perception check? – Over where?
– Over near the shrine. So this would be everybody
other than Tariel, who is kind of over near the hall trying to intimidate the captain. – Three, that would be a 15.
– 30. – 30?
– 27. – 26.
– Ah! – Well everyone notices
this except for Ikyulys, who is apparently that mask
makes it hard for him to see. – Yeah, he doesn’t really see much. – And over to one side, kind of off between the church
and another one of the homes, kind of off to the side, you see a man. He’s kind of a big guy, he’s got kind of a big, bushy beard and it looks like it was kind of red, but it’s gone gray, and he’s wearing like robes and a tunic and a belt. But he kinda has a bit
of a wild look about him. And he’s kinda looking at
you and he just goes, psst! Psst, psst! – Do you need something? Are you in trouble? – He’s real obvious to be honest, ’cause he’s a big guy. And he’s not very sneaky. And he’s just kinda like. – What ya need? – I get Ikyulys’ attention to, There is someone over there
trying to get our attention. Let’s go. – Are you going to be an ally for us? – (laughing) You come up to him and ask him if he’s an ally and he’s like, well I don’t know, maybe. Did I hear you say something about undead? – Yes.
(murmuring) – Undead, what? (grunts) And he kind of, he looks kind of (grunts). What’s happening?
– Can we ask who you are? – Hmm, what?
– Can we ask who you are? – I’m Uptal, I’m Mayor Uptal. No, sorry, ex-Mayor Uptal. I’m not Mayor anymore. I used to be Mayor, I’m
not Mayor anymore though. – What happened?
– What happened? – It’s a long story, it was years ago. Don’t worry about it,
don’t worry about it. – Your current Mayor is incompetent. – Well the people voted him, it’s not my choice.
– He’s horrible. – I mean I tried to campaign, but those kids died, so
no one was voting for me. – What?
– No it was an accident. We sent ’em to, it’s a long story. I’ll tell you later, I’ll tell you later. – You’re saying a lot of things right now. – Yeah, that’s an awful lot.
– I’m not exactly sure what it is that you want from us or why you are trying
to get our attention. So speak plainly, man. – Oh I believe you. I heard what you were saying to the Mayor. I believe you. I didn’t believe people years ago and look where it landed me. I’m not Mayor anymore and no
body listens to me at all, but I believe you. – Will you help us rally the people? – Well, I mean–
– Fight up against this incompetent Mayor.
– I mean, they don’t really listen to me anymore, but you could come talk to, well me and my friend. – Who is your friend?
– You could come talk to him. No, he lives on the edge of the town. You want to come with me? We could–
– Is this Elysind? – No, no, you know Colven? – Colven.
– We know his daughter. – He’s a good man. I like him, he’s nice to me. – We knew his daughter.
– Oh. – It is very possible that she
has been taken by the undead. – No, my old friend, he
lives on the edge of town. He still listens to me, and people listen to him
’cause he’s a powerful wizard. – What? – That’s good, we need
powerful allies in here to rally the people. – Oh, his name’s Holgast. You wanna go meet him? – Holgast?
– Yeah. – That’s a great name, I’d love to! – Hang on, I wanna go tell Father Prasst. Hang on, I’ll be back.
– Sure. – All right.
– Then I run over and I’m like, Father Prasst, do you know anything about a man in the woods called Holgast? – He’s like, oh Old Man Holgast, yeah no he lives in the crooked tower over on the edge of town. – He’s a wizard? – Mm, yeah, I mean when he
remembers to prepare his spells. It’s not every morning.
– Oh dear, okay. – He is a fine and capable
member of the community, if he is a bit forgetful. – What about the–
– Never attends church, though It’s terrible.
– Oh, how dare. – Ikyulys comes–
– I try. – Ikyulys walks up and,
what about the former Mayor? – Ah, poor, poor Jonark. Yes, poor Jonark, he’s
not what he used to be. Mm, no, not since the events of ’07. – What is–
– What happened in ’07? – Is it something about kids? – Yeah, back in the early days of Kassen, we used to have a ritual that
we would do every few years where we would send some
young folk on an adventure. It was all a joke, we would
send them to a dungeon nearby and we would prepare it with fake traps and the pits were filled with pillows. It was ridiculous. But one year, we sent
a group of young folk to retrieve the Everflame. That was their goal, to retrieve the Everflame
and bring it back to town. – What?
– It’s just a magical fire. It was part of our autumn ritual. And we would send them there, it was a coming of age ritual. – You would haze your fellow youngfolk? – Children?
– Well we wanted to make them adventurous,
it was all in good fun. – Pits full of pillows. They don’t sound that bad. – No, no one ever got hurt. Until they did.
– What happened? – Everything is always fun
until somebody gets hurt. – We had no idea that there was malevolent evil that lived there. The children we sent
managed to deal with it. They put it back into its grave. It’s gone now. – What was this evil thing? – Oh, I don’t rightly know. Mayor Uptal might. But unfortunately later that year there was an election, and well, after a bunch of townsfolk
died under his idea, well he got voted out. Vetnar has been Mayor ever since, for what good that’s done us.
– I don’t like him. He does not believe us.
– He shrugs, most of us don’t, but he
does make everyone very rich. – Well as if money is all that useful. – You can’t use your money if you’re dead! Father–
– But Uptal’s a good man. He’s a good man, he’s a bit, well, he’s lost some of his nerve. The events of those days
weigh heavily upon his soul and I nurture him as best I can. But he, (sighs) he is, determined to make things right. – Hmm, it is understandable. – The Father goes back
to attending the other– – Oh, Father, we are going to leave, but we need your help. As your Mayor does not believe us, you need to find some kind of defenses. You need to prepare the townsfolk. There may be 200 undead
coming here to you. – Your 2×4 of a gate.
– You may be in grave danger. – Not enough security.
– Get prepared. – (sighs) I have my hands full, but well, if–
– Make people aware. – I will do what I can. – Okay, trust me, you don’t want to see your town flowing of blood. – It was terrible.
– We’ve seen a few empty ghost shells in
our travels down here and this has been quite horrific. – So, Prasst looks at that kind of aghast, but his duty is to take
care of all these folk that have just arrived, many of which are weary
and some are some are still just kind of exhausted and whatnot from the trip and everything,
so he kind of goes back to treating them and helping them. One of the acolytes comes
up and comes and grabs him because someone has a really nasty boil. So he goes off to help the townsfolk and treat their wounds. – Then I guess we are
off to see the wizard? – I’m gonna run and
grab Tariel by the hand, we’re going, and just dragging along. Come with me!
– I’m just giving the guard a death glare as I’m being dragged away. – And he’s like, he does this. (laughing) – He’s like, yeah.
– As he kinda leans back and puts his hands behind his head. – Right, we’ll see who
is wiping the smug look off your face in about, (thudding). – I’m gonna throw him–
– All right, so you go back to Jonark, Jonark Uptal, right? And he’s like, he’s sitting there and he’s kind of got his hat in his hands and he’s wringing it. And he’s like, so? – Let us go.
– So you wanna come? Holgast will, he’ll know what to do. Or at least I mean, you
know, he’ll believe ya. I mean I believe you, I heard you. – Let’s go.
– Let us go. – All right.
– Can you tell me about this dungeon on the way? – That’s a sore subject, don’t you think? – I’m sorry, I’m just curious. I want to know about that–
– I mean I’d rather not. – Oh, okay, can you just
tell me about the Everflame? I just, I want to know what it is. – The Everflame?
– Yeah. – I’d have to dig up an old book. I mean, it’s fire. The town founder found it. I think I got a book about it. I’ll find it for you. – Okay, yes.
– All right. – I’d like to know. – So yeah, the Mayor leads you kind of through the town, back to
the kind of western edge. You can see the tower on the map. It’s the circle kind of
around on the west side there towards the wall. It’s the only circular
building on the map. And as you approach,
it’s kinda this crooked, leaning structure and
the Mayor walks up to it and he’s like motioning you forward. And you approach the tower, and he walks up and kind
of goes up to the door, and gives it a good knock. And a few moments later, you hear like some books falling over and papers being thrown about like as if someone is trying
to get through a house filled with way too much stuff. And suddenly, the kind of rickety door is kind of wrenched open, and you see this, he’s gotta
be like 70 or 80 year old man with a really long beard and a ridiculously giant
owl on his shoulder. – Ooh!
– And he’s like, Can I help you? And at this moment, I’d like
to introduce our new player. – Yes!
(all cheering) – I knew it! I knew it! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Oh, I knew it. (groaning)
(laughing) – Oh, you look awfully familiar. – Do I?
– Yes. – You’ve seen one gray
beard, you’ve seen them all. – Oh really?
(group giggling) – That’s what I’m told anyway. I don’t–
– Oh, gosh. – These days, oh and good day. – Hello.
– Welcome! Eric, why don’t you introduce
yourself and your character. – Hello, my name’s Eric Campbell. I’m playing Holgast, and I don’t do children parties anymore. I haven’t done that for quite a while. – Uptal looks at you and he goes, They’re not here for a party. There’s something serious happening. – 200 undead, 200 undead. Lastwall has fallen.
– No, I’m not buying. I’m sorry?
– Lastwall has fallen. There are 200 undead and
they may be headed here. We don’t know. We are the last Knights of Lastwall. – Possibly a bunch with
horses and lances, too. – Mm-hmm, there could also be a lich! – Sure, there’s a lot.
– There’s a lot! A lot of undead. – I figured I should bring them by and we could talk about it. Vetnar doesn’t believe ’em. – No, he doesn’t.
– It’s not really a surprise. – So they’re not out of their minds, they’re being serious then? – I believe ’em.
– We are being very serious. – We’re very, deadly serious. – I mean, look at ’em. They’re very serious people. – Very serious.
– They seem to serious. – We may not carry the
raiments of Lastwall, but I assure you, we are knights. – The last nights. – Is this in any way connected
to what happened before? – No, no, no, can’t be, nope.
– What do you mean by that? – Was this in the dungeon with the kids? Is this what happened? – That was a long time ago. – It was undead! – Well, yes, but look,
it’s important to know that a lot–
– There is undead. – It’s important to know that it was a very innocent endeavor. The dungeon had been cleared out. It’s a lot like All Hallow’s Eve where everyone sort of
celebrates, you know? – Yeah.
– And hands out candy. It’s sort of the same thing. – But it what raised them. – Well there was–
– There were people there, so people died, I came that close. – There was, some things
were stolen by bandits, and it raised some vengeful spirits. But they were put back in their grave. It’s done, the place has been quiet. It’s fine.
– So this has happened before and you still don’t believe us? – Well, I believe you!
– You do, but the town. – It is what we call, a selective memory? – Mm-hmm.
– Uh-huh. – No, you don’t understand. I mean, Lastwall has been
there for 1,000 years. It’s older than this town.
– And now it’s gone! – It’s not there anymore. – It’s burnt, it was on
fire the last time we saw it and then we saw the armies coming out. – See? That’s why I brought them. That seems really serious. – And something in armor. – Vetnar’s in a meeting. Vetnar, he’s not bothering
to take it seriously. – He was actually quite rude to us. – Yes, he was. I do not like him.
– Nuh-uh. – He’s a mean man.
– Treating us as if we do not know anything.
– I’m sorry, why are they here again? – They came here. I think they know Colven’s daughter. – We did.
– So you’re friends of– – She sent us here.
– Colven– – For a children’s party? – No, not for a children’s party. Oh my gosh.
– Colven, the woodworker on the edge of town. Remember, his daughter went
north to serve in the army. – Lieutenant Elysind. – Oh yes, yes, it’s a
fine calling, really. – Yeah.
– Except that she has probably been killed by all the
undead that we have– – Did I say 200?
– Yeah. – So he kind of looks
to you guys, all of you, and he’s like, yeah so I was thinking, I was thinking maybe we
should get Arnama on our side. Arnama might help. – What is Arnama?
– What is an Arnama? – Arnama, she’s a ranger. She lives on the edge of town. She’s–
– Oh! – A ranger, you say?
– Yeah, yeah. She’s been ranging these woods forever. If there’s anything coming,
she’ll know about it. Or she’ll be able to find out. At least then we could
have some sort of warning. – Ah, she’s one of the finest
rangers I’ve ever known. But–
– Well? – You’re coming from Lastwall, it’s not for a children’s party, and it’s because–
– We are fairly certain the lich is free.
– Undead. – There’s a lich now? – The one that was in the tower. – The whispering Tyrant? – That one.
– He might be free? – And you’re coming here?
– Well how else would 200 undead come out of nowhere? – There are 200 undead.
– That’s a lot. It’s a lot.
– We thought. – Well we should probably
do something, I would think. – Yeah, I mean, you know Vetnar, though. He’s not gonna do anything
until he gets proof, you know? (Holgast groaning)
Otherwise he’s just gonna sit there and not do nothing. That’s his whole thing. – And then you’re entire,
beautiful town will be dead. – Gone.
– Ashes. – That was going to happen
with Vetnar in command anyway. But yes, I agree, we
should stop the undead. – Oh.
– We’re gonna need proof. – Well like what? What do you want, us to drag a zombie in? – That’s not a bad idea. – I’m not doing that!
– I mean, if you got one. Do you got one?
– No, I don’t have one. How about we kidnap him in
the middle of the night, we take him out to the road.
– Do you still have the raiments of the knight?
– I showed them that, the sorta old armor with the ghoul in it, but it didn’t seem to help none. – Yeah, he kind of looked at it and he just kind of stared and was like, So you have old armor? So yeah, I mean it’s not like you brought any of the corpses with you. I mean–
– I tried to help– – And the ghasts.
– Or, we intimidate him. – Uptal’s like, well I mean you can try, but he just tends to get mean
when people get mean to him. – We don’t need the Mayor. The Mayor’s just one person. We need to rally the people.
– But no, the problem is, so have you met Captain Renet? The Guard Captain?
– Oh yeah. – Yes.
– He is a nasty. – I don’t like him. – He’s Vetnar’s toadie. He does whatever Vetnar wants, and he’s the Captain of the Guard. Without him, none of the
soldiers are gonna listen to you. They all follow Renet. – Hmm.
– But we have a soldier here who is more rousing and more compelling than Renet will ever be, right here. – That’s, please, please, please. I am an old man now
and I haven’t done that in a long time, but it’s
very kind of you to say. – I was actually talking about this wonderful dwarf lady here. – Oh hello.
– Hello. Omelette, by the way. What’s?
– No thank you. I don’t eat eggs, but
I appreciate you dear. My name is Holgast, and this is my tower. I would ask you all to come inside, but unfortunately it tends to lean a little bit further
the more guests I have. Well, what can I do for ya? – Dead, the dead.
– You want me to kill someone? – No, we’re here about
the undead, remember? So let’s go–
– Good goodness, man. – We should go find Arnama. – Arnama, yes!
– Yeah. – Finest ranger in the woods,
if I don’t mind me saying so. That’ll help with your dead problem. Although, most people
that are dead stay dead. – No, they don’t.
– Not anymore. – There’s a lich free. – There’s a lich?
– Yes. – And I really think it’s important that we find Colven. – You think this is gonna help us? – So this goes on for about 10 minutes, everyone trying to remind
Holgast of what’s going on before Uptal eventually is just like, all right, so we should just go. We should go talk to Arnama.
– Yeah I think Linneus gives up about these human
before anybody says anything is just already like on their own trying to scout for
whoever this Arnama is, ’cause they’ve had it.
– I will turn to my owl and say, Morclid, you’ve
got to watch the tower while I’m gone, I don’t want
you perching on my shoulder if I’m gonna be walking.
– Hoo. – He kind of, the owl looks at you with kind of knowing
wisdom and hops back over to the nearest pile of
books where it takes a claw and flips the page and
just continues reading. – I never understand
what you’re saying to me. (laughing)
– I like your owl. – Oh, he’s not mine.
– Oh, I like that owl. – He shares the tower with me. – Ooh.
– But thank you. I’m sure he understood that. – He kind of, the owl
does look back your way and kind of nod, and
then go back to the book. – Oh-ho-ho, he’s very smart. – Very smart, very smart. – So the group of you now, with the ex-Mayor, Jonark Uptal, and Holgast assembled, the group of you begin making your way through town to the other side of town. Apparently–
– Do we see villagers on our way like people
who are native to this? – Oh absolutely, yeah.
– What is their general, demeanor seem to be? – Well, it’s a pretty rural forest town. As you make your way around, because Jonark take you
kind of the long way around. He kind of cuts through. He doesn’t take the main
street right past the hall. He kind of goes between
yards and down side streets, avoiding the center of town. So you see a lot of the
common folk of Kassen. As you can see, it’s not a gigantic town. It’s a relatively small place, but there are a lot of people here and you see people, it’s
mid-day right about now. So you see some folk. Like you get past one person
who is out in their yard using a foot powered spinning wheel to grind away at some
wood to kind of shape it. Next to him is his wife, who is whittling a different piece. It looks like they’re making some piece of furniture or something. And so you know, you see a lot of folk practicing their trades right now, ’cause it’s the middle of the day. – Holgast is gonna use
this as an opportunity to drone on and on about the
skill of the woodcarvers. – In particular they’re very skilled at working with darkwood,
which is a special kind of wood that’s very resilient and very strong. – Ikyulys takes this in, very
appreciative of all the art that’s happening, all the
crafting that’s happening. – Yeah, I mean some of it
looks like the front yards of those people who chainsaw sculptures. So there’s like giant statues
out in everybody’s front yard, like that’s their showroom. They’re just showing off their work to anybody who happens to wander by. – Nice, I look at a random wooden statue and start evaluating it, like– – Yeah.
– Mayor? – So as you are making your
way kind of through the town, you do get a sense that this
is kind of a rural town, but it’s a bunch of hardworking folk who are incredibly skilled at their trade. – Is there a bell tower in the church? – No.
– Dang it. – All right, there goes that plan. – No.
– Maybe we can get paint somewhere and paint it on the wall that Lastwall has fallen? – Has Lastwall really fallen? Is it gone?
– It is gone. – It’s gone.
– It was on fire when we left and I saw armies of dead pouring out of it, following us, with skeletons on skeletal
horseback in the lead. And then I saw the glint
of armor in the distance coming out of the castle. – So as a note, you also
left behind Sir Folmer and Private–
– Unkier? – Unkier back at the
shrine with the refugees. Just so you know where they went to. – They would have a more detailed account if we need more–
– If this Mayor believes them. It is some 20 odd people.
– If I can just be a little bit of help here, but the current Mayor is not exactly a– – We know.
– Good, good, yeah. I couldn’t find the words, but just to say that it’s, just to put in the back of your minds, it might be good to have a backup plan in case you can’t convince him. – Well we probably can’t.
– We probably can’t. – We cannot? – Well if we had proof, I mean the council can’t ignore proof. – That’s true, the
council is the way to go. So that’s a very good point. The council are the ones
to definitely lean on. I wouldn’t spend your energy on the Mayor. I would stay focused on the council. – Well, what proof would be enough? Even one undead, they could say, oh it was from the cave or whatever. – Well, I think we could, I think if we take action we’ll
be able to find the proof. I’m certain of it.
– Okay. – Well it is you who know the
member of this council people. The way I see it is, once they
have concluded their meeting, if we have found this Arnama, then we can maybe focus
our attentions on them. – All right, so you’re able
to kind of make your way through the town, and
as you continue to talk about your strategy here, and eventually you find yourself
over near the east gate, and so there’s a small
shack on one side of it and across from it is a nicer house. And you head over to
the kind of nicer house, and Uptal goes and knocks on the door. And a few moments go by
and the door is opened by a pretty lithe, spry
looking, older human woman who has long gray hair
that’s a bit frizzy, but tied back neatly. She’s wearing a tanned
brown and green leathers. She has some arrows that she’s currently in the middle of making in her hand. She like opens up the door
and goes back to whittling the top of this arrow and she goes, Ah, Jonark, what can I help you with? – Undead! – What?
– 200 undead. – She kind of (stammers) – Sorry to scare you, but it’s– – And there are other
townsfolk kind of nearby and some of them start looking. And she’s like, well don’t be daft, get in here and stop
shouting about monsters. Do you want to cause a panic?
– They should know. – They’re definitely knowing.
– Might not be the right– – Holgast, can I get you your tea? – Oh, I yes. Could you remind me what
kind of tea I normally take? I think it’s the black tea, if you– – Yeah, yeah–
– Wait, wait, it’s the forest mushroom.
– Yes, yes, yes. Forest mushroom.
– I’ll fetch it for you. – Thank you.
– Tea anyone? Tea anyone?
– I will always take some tea. – Yes, please.
– You make your way inside and she kind of ushers the group of you into her common room and it’s
filled with hunter’s trophies. Like the walls are covered
in furs and animals heads of all different sorts, many of which are things
like bears and wolves, but there are also things like, that looks like a lion’s head,
but it has the face of a man. And there’s all sorts of kind
of weird reptilian heads, one of which is covered in horns. It’s relatively small, but
it might be a dragon head? And–
– You’re quite skilled. – And she’s like, oh you’re too sweet. Take a seat. (chuckles) – We just want to do a quick once over. Last time we found a hut with
this good of hunting skills, they sorta turned out to be a werewolf, so I just want to, just give a little– – She looks at you. You’ve been in the northern
Fangwood, haven’t you? There’s a whole pack of lupes up there. – What? And you drew one right to us. – Ah.
– Then tried to go over! And oh, I’ll be outside!
– Know it’s anymore nasty. Sorry.
– No, no, no. Sit down.
– Sorry. – Arnama leans over, Go easy on her. It’s easy to mistake ’em. They look just like you or me, until their fangs come out. Let me go fetch some tea.
– It’s just, I don’t like feeling so bad about it. – I’m sorry!
– We got some rabbits out of it and you got some–
– But I hug you. I’m sorry.
– Yeah, okay. – Okay.
(laughing) Oh I’m sorry, I won’t bring it up again. – And then he made fun of my name. – Oh, that’s so mean! He’s a butt. I’m glad he’s gone. – No he’s not, he’s right there. – Oh that one, oh. – What, are we talking about me? – You won’t remember in a moment anyway. – What did I do?
– Nothing. – Uptal just kind of sits in
his corner wringing his hat and he sits down next to a
little taxidermic squirrel and he’s kind of playing with its nose. – I’m going to lean over
to him and just say, How have you been holding up? – Oh, I’m doing okay. I’m doing okay, you know. They turned me down for
a council position again, so you know, I’m just
kind of biding my time. I’m gonna get back in there. – You’re doing the right
thing rallying these good folk to take care of this undead problem. – Well when I saw ’em come into town, I knew this was my chance,
this was my chance. Because, you know, I
mean, you know, you know? – I know, I know. – A few moments go by and
Arnama comes back with a kettle and cups and some tea.
– Arnama have you been seeing or hearing of anything of undead wandering the woods and such? – She goes, ah well to tell
the truth my good Holgast, I haven’t been out
ranging in almost a week. I’ve been here. I need to resupply my arrows and last time I was out, the
bow took a bit of a beating. Nasty, nasty bear came on me and snapped the damn thing in half. But I’ve got it fixed as good as new. And she points up to above the mantle and there’s an exquisite
darkwood bow above the mantle. It’s gorgeous and she is just like, yeah but I’m going to
be going back out soon. Why, do you need me to look for something? – Well it would appear
that this army of undead might be heading this way. What was the name of
the city they destroyed? – Lastwall.
– Lastwall apparently has been burned to the ground. – Well not all of Lastwall.
– It’s gone. – Gone.
– We are the last. – The whole keep is gone. – You’re looking at the last Knights. – She’s looking at you, Vigil? – We were knighted specifically because– – Even Vigil? – Vigil, Vigil! I heard about Vigil, it exploded. – She kind of looks at you,
– Vigil exploded. Wide eyed.
– When did this happen? – I don’t know.
– It was four days ago. – Just four days ago?
– The Capital? – Almost everything.
– Does anyone know what happened to Watcher Lord Ulthun? – No.
– No I don’t know who that is. – Unfortunately–
– He’s the leader of Lastwall. I mean, you never got to
that point in your training, but Arnama’s like, the Leader of Lastwall. Shouldn’t you know?
– We have only been knights for a couple of days.
– For four days. – None of us have very much information. She held back a lot because
we were not trained, we were not cleared with that information. So we have a lot of holes in our– – We got knighted in
sort of a rush ceremony. – Your knights?
– We are. It happened right before
she went into the keep. – We were told by Lieutenant Elysind come visit Colven.
– Colven’s girl? – Oh I haven’t seen her
since she was yea high. Oh I used to feed her honeycomb. She used to love it.
– Where is Colven? – Colven, oh he lives down the way. – To let him know.
– Can you take us to him? – It is very important that we meet him. – Well, absolutely. She looks to you, it
sounds like I should be making my way immediately. – Please.
– How can I help? And she kind of sits down on the, this is like someone’s
grandmother being like, Do you need me to go out
and kill some monsters? Right, you know? – The important thing is obviously, this town does not have the best defenses. If there is something coming,
they need to be warned, but they need to be warned by somebody they know and respect. And we have been told
that you are that person. – She goes up to the mantle
and snaps the bow off of it and goes and sits down with it, and you know she, it’s
not stringed, right? So it wasn’t a perfect bow shape up there, but she goes and sits
down and starts oiling it. She says, Looks like I’m
gonna need this sometime soon. Well that fool, Vetnar, he’s not gonna listen
to you without proof. – Yes, can you bring us a zombie? Zombie head, undead limb, undead anything? – That reminds me,
apparently there’s a lich. They left that part out. – She looks at her bow, this ain’t gonna do it against a lich. – Oh no, we’re not gonna go fight him now. We are not prepared. But how else would 200
undead come out of nowhere? – We did see some rather
intimidating things come out of that castle, some of which we had
not yet laid eyes upon, I do not think.
– No. – Well, I’ll tell you what. Jonark, you wanna take ’em
by to see Colven’s place? And Jonark’s like, Yeah I can do that. She’s like, I think it’s probably best that I get out there right away. – I’m gonna go over and I’m gonna pass off one of my vials of holy water to her. And say, Just in case, to be safe. – She looks at it and she’s
like, That’s precious. But don’t worry, I can handle myself. – You’re sure you don’t need anyone? – If it’s gonna be undead– – She goes over to a small
closet and opens it up and there’s like seven
quivers of arrows in there and she’s like, yeah I think
we’re gonna go with these. And she takes ’em off the rack and throws ’em over her shoulder, and she’s like, Yeah all right. Well I’m gonna go take a look and see what I can find. Where?
– As she goes, I am very sorry, I have not
properly introduced myself. I am Lysonn Shorbucle, at your service. If you have anything that you need, I would be happy to oblige. Or if you would be happy
to teach me something at some other time, I
would be happy to learn. You have an exquisite bow,
and your selection of arrows, I am very sorry to interrupt
you from doing your work. Please go ahead, but I
just needed to tell you, I am very impressed. – She kind of looks down
at you and she’s like, Yeah, you got gumption, I like it. Maybe when I get back
we’ll go do some ranging. – Arnama, be careful. I know you’re good, but if
there’s a lich involved, it would be a shame. Be careful.
– Where are y’all, where are you staying?
– We just got here. – I suppose you could stay at my tower, but like I said, don’t lean on the walls. – She looks at you and she’s behind him and she’s like, no. She’s like maybe they’d
be more comfortable at the Seven Silvers? It’s the only Inn in town.
– Oh, right! We have an Inn.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. Right, right, right. – Uptal’s like, yeah, they’re pretty nice. You could go stay with them. Asina’s really nice, Asina and her wife. They’re really nice folk. You should go stay with them. – Okay?
– Okay. – Okay.
– You should meet Asina and her wife,
they’re very good people. – Uptal just kind of stares. – I think you’ll like them.
– If that is the case. – She’s like, well you all
stay as long as you like. Lock up when you’re done. She looks to Holgast and Uptal. And she’s like, well I don’t think I have much time to spare. If you excuse me, I’m gonna go get into
my traveling leathers. I’ll be right back.
– Got to respect that. – So she goes back into the back room leaving you all out there
to discuss your plans. And a few moments later,
she comes back out and she’s not in much
darker browns and greens. It’s more like a more
camouflage suit of armor, and she throws a kind
of darker green cloak over her shoulder, she’s got her bow, she’s got on one side of her it looks like she’s got a number of
snares that she’s got that look kind of like
bear traps of some sort. And she’s like, all right well, I’m gonna go take a look
and see what I can see. But, don’t be hard to find. – For you? (scoffs) – I don’t think I will be hard to find. – She looks at you and gives you a wink. – Just follow the trail being
dragged along the ground by my beard, you’ll find me just fine. – Oh, I always know where to find you. So she kind of turns on her heel and makes her way out and
goes walking out of town. She literally goes out the front door, you see her pass the window
and head straight out the gate. – Aye, she’s good at what she does and I think she might actually
have an official fan base. – I think I am beginning to figure out whether I would like to become a member. – You might be on your way to becoming the leader of that one. – Yeah, so yeah, if there is something to be found out there, she’ll find it. So that’s good. – Then we should find Colven. – Oh yes, we should find Colven. – She looks very capable to me. – Well capable against a lich, though, that’s asking quite a lot. – We’re hoping that the
lich is not with them. – All right, Uptal looks
at all of you and says, so I can take you up to
Colven’s place if you like? – Yes. – Have you talked to Father Prasst yet? – Oh yes, yes.
– Tried to get you to go to church yet? – Well I’m a cleric of Sarenrae. – Oh, so yes?
– Uh-huh. – Excellent, well, he’ll
keep trying, though. – That’s where I found them,
they were at the church. They brought all the
refugees to the church. – Good for you, there was refugees? – Oh yes.
– Not too many. – Holgast walks over
and he takes your hand and he pats the top of it and
he says, very good, very good. Good to know that there’s good
people in the world still. – Oh yes, the light of Sarenrae guides is all towards goodness. – You are just a daisy, you really are. You’re just a summer flower swaying in the breeze of goodness. – Well thank you. Usually people don’t like
me because I look scary. But thank you. – You absolutely look terrifying, but you’re a nice person and I like you. – Oh.
– My name’s Holgast, by the way, I’m a wizard
that lives up on top of– – Oh yes, I know, we met at your tower. – Oh yes, yes, yes, right, yes. – Uptal’s like, all right well– – Do you want to meet my beetles? And she like opens up the hive and they’re all just sitting
on her beetle covered armor. – Squeezes an oculus into his eyes. – This one is Dio.
– Dio. – This one is Elton.
– Elton. – That one’s David, and George. – David, George, that’s a
strange name for a beetle, I would say.
– Well George is a very typical beetle name, so I’ve heard.
– He looks like, strong really, he can
probably lift a lot of sticks. Maybe beat things with them.
– Elton’s my favorite. – Is he?
– Elton’s very nice. – And we’ll just carry on like that. – Uptal’s staring at all of you like, those are nice beetles.
– Thank you! I know they are.
– I’m just gonna start shuffling, shuffling
(drowned out by laughter) as she’s showing off her beetles. – Is beetle time over?
– Can we focus? – Oh yeah, I mean–
– Is beetle time over? – It’s a walk and talk,
it’s a walk and talk. – We’ll carry on like this as we walk. – So you make your way back
toward the southern side of town and you just kind of
cut through a few alleys and you end up at one of the
yards that you passed before that is filled with
exquisite carved statues and it’s mostly artistic
sculpture, like wood sculpture. And there’s a number
of pieces in the yard, some of which look like
they’ve been here for years. They look really weathered and old. And right up near the front door, and you didn’t quite
catch it the first time, but as you make your way
up to the front door, the lintels of the front door are carved to look like knights. And they look exactly the knight that you found in the personal effects. – Oh this is gonna be–
– It’s gonna hurt. This is gonna hurt.
– Oh god. – The Mayor’s like, this
is where Colven lives. – Can I?
– Mr. Elysind. – This is the last of our duty. – Can I go, I have the bag. – Sure.
– Make sure that you maybe not mention too much the undead. Simply–
– I think he should know. – Well yeah, but maybe
you don’t lead with that. – Oh, yeah, that’s not.
– Is someone fallen? – You don’t have tact. – That’s what happens when
you go into a monastery. – I’m just gonna pat you. I can do most of the talking, if that will make you feel better. I’ll just do it, I’m just
gonna do the talking. – What if we all go to the door? – Okay. – The door actually opens, and you see a man who, there’s
a strong family resemblance. Elysind had kind of longer, graying hair, pulled back, his has gone full gray and he’s a bit bald at the top. But he looks in good shape, even though he looks to be about 60 or so. And he comes up and he’s wearing
like a woodworker’s apron that has a bunch of carving
tools in the front of it and he’s currently got a block of wood that is currently shapeless. You’re not sure what it’s
turning into just yet, but it looks mostly still like a log. But he’s kind of drawn all over it and he’s in the process of
scraping off some of the bark. And he kind of opens up the door and looks to all of you
and he says, Ah, welcome. Welcome to Elysind’s carvings. What can I help you with? (group hesitates) – Pleasure to meet ya, sir. We are–
– He’s like, please to meet you, too. Are you interested in a custom piece or are you looking for something? – Mister Colven.
– Unfortunately– – Elysind, correct?
– Yes? – We are Knights from Lastwall. – We have some grave news. – Do you mind if we come in? – He kind of sinks down to his knees. No.
– No, no, it’s okay. And Linneus comes over
and kneels in front of him and says, It’s.
– No. – I had to bring you something. We don’t know anything for sure. And she pulls the little bag out and she passes it off to him. – Not my Angela.
– We don’t know. – Where is she? – She was at–
– That’s– – Defending the Lastwall. – We don’t know anything, but. – He says, well why don’t you come in? I don’t wanna be blubbering
out here in the open. And he kind of invites you all inside. Inside his house is an exquisite, almost a museum of carving. Every surface in his small
abode has been carved. Like, the beams across the ceiling. He probably stood on a chair and carved them to look like leaves. – That’s so cool.
– The chairs, the fireplace, everything
about this wooden home has been exquisitely carved. Like even the boards making up the walls have this wave pattern on them. And he just kind of invites you in and he just says, take
a seat, take a seat. – We are so sorry to bring you such news. – I want to hear everything. – Are you sure? – Yes. Hours roll by, you relate
the story to Colven and he is heartened to hear
how his daughter served and how she lived. She hasn’t been around
here in a few years. She’s been busy doing important
work, training more knights, and I see that you’re her last cadets. – The last knights. – Well, you always have a
place at my table and my home. I don’t have much space to put you up, but if you ever need a
good meal or something, you’re free to swing by. – You’re very kind. I thought that perhaps, and she reached into the and
she pull out the little knight, and she says, I thought perhaps
you might want this back? – He says, thanks for bringing it back and he takes it and
takes it up to the mantle where he takes a pair of candles that he gets out of a drawer, and just puts them next to it
to make a small shrine to her and just kind of puts it
in the middle and lights the two candles on the side. – It is obviously our
hope that she has somehow prevailed in her battles and escaped, but until we receive word to the contrary, all we can do is hope. – Ikyulys grabs his hand,
walks up to the little shrine, and he goes, I would
like to pray with you. – Can I join? – Or maybe we should give some space. – And I will pull out my violin. – Yeah, Uptal just kind of
backs off into the corner. – Yeah.
– Lys also sits. – So, Colven isn’t much of a holy man. He mentions how he never
thought he would carry on after his wife passed, and then when Angela left, he didn’t know what to do with himself. But he found meaning in his work, and he raised a fine daughter, and he’s terribly proud of her. And he is grateful to all of you for being with his daughter
in what he truly hopes isn’t her final moments. – It is she who honored us by entrusting us with this charge. – She must’ve seen something in ya. And I see that, too. – You set things into motion. You’re good people. You end up raiding a good daughter, who ends up making a difference, who ends up inspiring a bunch
of people to come to this town and to warn a bunch of people about 200 undead to save lives. – We didn’t mention the number. – Oh.
– He like– – My eyes go wide. Oh, I, it’s just theoretically. – Let me guess, that fool Vetnar ain’t
doing anything about it? – No, he’s useless. – He’s garbage.
– Terrible. – We are going to have
to try to find evidence of something that your
daughter fought against so that we can save the town. But we need to appeal to the council. – Arnama’s out scouting, but do you have any influence over? – I’m on the council. – Oh!
– Oh, why aren’t you at the meeting? – (scoffs) I don’t go
to his fool meetings. They’re a damn waste of time. – He’s not wrong.
– Mostly him just talking about figures and number trying to decide how much money the guild can make, how much cut they can get
out of us common woodworkers. – Money will not save your town, especially since they
have done such a great job of making a money off of commerce and spent none of it
on your town’s defense. – Your fortitude is very bad, sorry. – The Mayor that runs the town now used a lot of the anger
against my friend here to get power, and once that happened, he proceeded to do whatever
he wanted to do with it. All he needs to do is just
keep talking over the truth. – Is there some way we can– – Uptal’s like, He’s right, you know. – How do we fortify your town? How do we help your people? Just in case we cannot get everyone out before this wave comes at you. We must try.
– Can you influence the rest of your council? – You bring me proof, and I’ll bring it to the council. They can’t ignore it. – We are gonna bring ya proof. – I might be able to
rally some townspeople if you give me a platform tomorrow. – Now be careful, ’cause doing that is gonna rile up the Mayor, and he’s got the guard on his side. He pays them well.
– Uptal’s like, He can make your life miserable here. – It’s ridiculous to say.
– He’s already started. – He does not know how we
can make his life miserable. – Just be careful, he’s good
at galvanizing the people because of he’s good at
harnessing their anger. If you try to speak out
against him publicly without a case to make,
he’ll turn them against ya. – It’s how he got me. – Well I don’t know if I will
specifically talk against him. – If we scare the townspeople, then they could just go scattering and then we could scare
them right into the horde. Although–
– Unless we encourage them to build up the defenses. We all have, you know, different skills. – You know, she’s got a good point. If we can get some of the evidence first and then maybe put you on the pulpit for to speak to everyone, that might do the trick. – Uptal’s like, That might work. And Colven says, and then a public show would allow me to really
rally the council. – And if the Mayor just happened to sorta get detained for
a sort of other reason? – You know–
– You do that, if you do your plan when
we get the evidence, I bet you anything the
council will have to do what the people say.
– Well what do we do in the meantime, what will
we do for the evidence? Is there anything else we can do? – Uptal says, dinner? – No, not, I mean I’m hungry, yes. But no, we need to do something. – Sometimes the only thing that we can do, the wisest thing to do, is wait. – No I refuse to believe that. There has to be something else
we can do in the meantime. Some kind of weapon we can get or build up some of the wall? Anything?
– Just remember that eating and taking care of yourself is not doing nothing. You’re going to have to be– – That’s what I was about to say. – You’re gonna have to be strong if 200 undead are marching this way. – And you need, we need rest for magic. – We should go to Seven Silvers. Tonight’s roast night. It’s really good.
– Wait, wait, wait. – Roasted? – Boar.
– Wait, wait, wait, wait. Did Arnama ever give me my tea? – Now is not the time, Holgast. – And she gave you your tea.
– All right, let’s go get dinner. And Uptal’s getting up to leave. Colven looks to all of you
as Uptal is shuffling out and Colven looks to all
of you with sincerity. He says, Thank you. Thank you for being with my daughter and I swear, I’ll do
whatever I can to help you and to help this town. – I’m sorry we didn’t have better news. – If she did go to Pharasma’s grace, she did it doing what she loved. So you can’t hope for
anything more than that. – Thank you very much for the pleasure of your hospitality. – Bring me proof, I’ll
bring it to the council. So you’re about to make
your way through town. It’s an autumn evening. After spending a few
hours talking to Colven, relating this story to
him about what happened, the afternoon jus kind of rolled right by into early evening. Strolling through the town, making your way back to the town center, a cold wind begins to settle on the town. Autumn is here, and as the leaves, many of which are still
green, slowly begin to show their autumn colors, the folk in town all start bundling up, lighting up lanterns. And the town slowly
settles into another night. Uptal leads you back to the town square and around to the west
there, on the other side, is the Seven Silvers Inn. He takes you up to it and is like, as you make your way up you
can smell the delicious scent of roasted boar wafting
out from the open door. The windows are open allowing
the cool autumn breeze inside. Inside you can see a roaring hearth, there are people inside enjoying a meal, you can hear taverns clanking, you can hear some knuckle bones rolling, and it sounds like the inn itself is a busy, busy place this evening. You make your way inside. Uptal kind of goes up
and pushes in the doors and is like, as he does so,
you hear a woman call out. She’s like, Jonark! You’re usual table? And he’s like, Oh I think I’m gonna need a bigger one tonight. And all of you come ushering in. And behind the bar are a pair of women, who are both serving up drinks and food, and the two of them are kind
of flying around the house serving up drinks to everyone. And one of them, the one who called out, comes over to Jonark,
kisses him on the cheek, and leads him up to a table
that’s a bit up on a stage where on other night, if
they had a bard or a band, they might, or a couple bards, they might move the tables
and that would be the stage. But tonight it’s just
got a big table on it and it happens to be empty. And she leads Jonark up and all of you, and she’s like, ah welcome, welcome. I’m Asina and I’m Asina Silvers, and welcome to Seven Silvers. How can I help you? Where are you travelers from? – Lastwall.
– Far away. – Ah, travelers from the north. Well, welcome, welcome. Please have a seat. Tonight’s meal is roasted
boar with all the fixin’s. – Just the usual mead for
me, if you would please. – Ah, no problem. No problem, Holgast. We’ll get you all set. – We have traveled long and far and we will take all of it, and also bring us a
couple of bottles of ale, and some wine, and perhaps
a few pitchers of water if you have it? Some of us are not so good with the drink. – Fantastic, I will get you served up with a proper feast
here as quick as I can. If–
– May I ask, what is your usual? – If I don’t get to ya, you can always talk to my wife Narina and we will get you all set. So welcome, settle in, and enjoy what the Seven
Silvers has to offer. Will any of you be staying here tonight? I know you’re not from around these parts and we have rooms. – I think I’m gonna try
and stay in the temple and be close to Sarenrae. – If you like. We have common guest rooms and then we have the first
palace that you can stay at. That’s on the top floor and it costs seven
silvers a night. (laughs) If one of you like it, it is open. – With how many roommates?
– Yes. – Please, and may I offer
an exchange of sorts? And I pull out my violin. I would be more than happy
to entertain the guests. – She’s like, Well if you’re not half bad, consider that a deal.
– Thanks. Would you, well I’d like to
eat first if that’s all right? – Of course, well it’s
gonna take us a minute to rustle up all the food, so if you like, why
don’t you go play a ditty and then we’ll serve you up.
– Wonderful. – I’ve just sort of
been staring at Linneus. ‘Cause she sorta looks
how I feel at the moment. So, I just want to sort of, as we’re sitting down for dinner, go over and give her a bit of a hip bump and wrap my arm around ya, and just say, Right listen to me, I know you want to do something. But my sister Roughbelly always said, you can’t do anything until you get a bit of boar in your belly. So let’s get something
real, and then we’ll fight. – She said that often? – All the time, really. She was sort of a boar fiend. – Hmm.
– She always gone, come back, bit of boar. – Okay, well all right. I just don’t like not doing something. – Trust me, I know. – I think at one point over dinner, too, as we’re eating, Holgast
will put down fork and knife and say, It’s not because
I’m old, you know. The memory thing, just so you all know. It’s nothing like that. – What happened?
– Why it’s just, when you’re a wizard as you get older, magic has a certain effect on ya, and it’s not all people
have to go through this. Very, very small number of people experience what I experience, but when you cast spells and
you have to relearn spells, and then cast spells and relearn spells, there’s a certain price to be paid when using the Arcanic arts, and after some time,
sometimes you don’t remember if you learned a spell or not, and it starts to happen elsewhere. So it’s not because I’m old. Just want to put it out there. Some people like to dismiss me for that, but it’s not true. – Is there anyway to help you? – Nope, it’s the price you pay. And may I just say that
these issues that come up, they are just, I’m just fine with them. You learn to live with them. – What if you had a notepad and you could write notes to yourself? – I gave up on that.
– Oh. – Yes, because I discovered
that I was writing notes to myself all the time, over an over. I had six pages reminding myself that I hadn’t had the tea over at my favorite ranger’s house. – How old are you? – I don’t know. No, no, sorry, yes. No I’m 70, no, no, 76, 76. – At this point–
– Five! Five, 75.
– (laughing) Asina comes back with a giant platter and she sets it down in the middle of the table and in the middle of it is the boar’s head and it’s surrounded by
slices of roasted boar. Around that is a ring of potatoes and carrots and onion
and forest mushrooms. She throws down truncheons of bread, bread that’s kind of
hollowed out in the middle so you can take the food and throw it in the middle of the bread. There’s some crisp autumn
apples that she serves up that are roasted and she
throws down mugs of mead. She brings out a number
of bottles of wine, of forest wine, and she says, Ah, this is just the start. I put a pudding in the oven. – Oh!
– Delightful. We haven’t had something sweet in a while. – And Ikyulys sits down
and grabs a napkin. He’s very proper.
– She kind of looks at you. ‘Cause the mouth slit on
your mask is like this wide. – Yes, how do you eat? – Yeah, I stop playing, ’cause I wanna watch him eat. – I cut things very, very small. – Would you let me clean that sometime? You just put your hood up, so we don’t see your face, and then you take it off
and then I can clean it and then we’ll–
– Sure. – Really?
– Can you get the napkin. I can’t show you what’s behind this. – No, I’m not going to look. You just put the hood up, take the mask off with the
hood still all over your face, completely, and then I’ll
clean the whole thing. – Ooh.
– Yeah. – It does, it still smells.
– I can fix that. – She’s like, I could get you a straw? – Oh.
– A straw would work, yes. – Hmm, so they’re new. They’ve been using around these parts. It’s very, very useful. – Straw?
– Yeah, she gets just a piece of like reed from like the river, but I mean you know, they have that. – Sure.
– She provides it. – It is a full service inn.
– He takes the straw. – Worth the silvers, I’d say. – She says, We aim to please. We’re the only inn in town, so. – I have an idea, put the hood up and then you can eat under the hood and give me the mask, and then
I’ll clean it with my napkin. I promise to give it back.
– I don’t (groans). – It’s the only way to clean it. You have to take it off. – Probably not good for your skin. – Ha, it’s probably
not good for your skin. – Ikyulys is starting to get a little– – I promise to give it back.
– Nervous? – A little nervous and he’s–
– What if I– – You’re all right, lad. You’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine. You don’t have to say yes to any of this. – Helping of boar. – Would it help you feel better? – So he leans over, puts the hood on, takes his mask off for the first time in a very, very long time, and kind of whiffs at the stench, and then takes the napkin that was here, wraps it up–
– I actually dampen with a little bit of water a cloth and sort of pass it to Ikyulys. And you can also wipe your face with that. – Yes, oh very smart. – He keeps it down and
receives this from them, wipes his face, takes the
napkin around his head so you can’t see anything but the top, but this part of his head. – Yeah.
– And hands the mask over. – I promise to be very fast. – He comes back up and says, (throat clearing) and very properly cuts everything. – And to be clear, you’re like a giant, hulking knight, you’re like gigantic. – By the way, Holgast,
this is what I look like. – Yeah.
(group giggling) – Linneus puts some like rosemary. – That is awesome, you look like a very, you just look like the medieval
version of Jason Vorhees. – Yeah.
– Yeah, so, like the mask comes off
and everyone can just see this very thin slice of
clammy looking flash, and you’re sitting there cleaning it. And man, the inside of this mask is gross. – I am cleaning the heck out of it. I’m grabbing some like
rose and some rosemary and just smearing it all inside. I’m making sure it is clean as heck before I pass it back.
– Linneus, you’re a gem. – Thank you. I tried, okay, the mask is done. You can put it back on. You duck under the table and you slide it. (groups laughing) – I ‘ll just raise my
robe so no one can see. – Better?
– Better. – Oh good.
– Smells like rosemary. – I know!
– You are all able to enjoy an absolutely fantastic meal. The food here is well
seasoned, it’s well cooked. Everything about the Seven Silvers seems amazingly pleasant. Considering the horrors and
trials you have been through over the past week now, this is a slice of luxury. Just warm company, laughter, people drinking ale, toasting mugs. There’s some farmers playing knuckle bones over in the corner. You know it’s just a
pleasant forest tavern. – The nicest meal we
have had in about a week. – The windows are flung open and a cool, autumn breeze is blowing in and the night couldn’t be better. – Ah, I miss autumn. – Ikyulys takes a toothpick
through his slit in his mask. (all laughing) Enjoys it.
– So, the meal has been cleared away, the pudding was brought out. It was delicious, it was
like a caramel treacle and it was fantastic, with like burnt honey-sugar all over it. It was delicious, and lots of– – Are you okay? – Omelette has loosened her pants. – Lots of–
– Eaten her weight. – Lots of nutmeg. – Definitely eaten like
she’s been in a big family, just (groaning). – And all of you are kind of relaxing with your last dregs of ale, and thoughts of bed are starting
to float into your mind. When quite suddenly, there
is a commotion outside. You hear a horse kind
of (imitated hoof beats) (neighs) and the doors fling open. The doors open up and it’s Arnama. – Is she okay?
– She looks fine. – Okay.
– She looks winded. She kind of comes in, she
swivels her head around, sees you up at the table,
and strides right up. – Holgast, seeing this urgency and knowing her for as long as he has, slowly rises as he sees her approaching. – Yeah, yeah, Uptal, who by the way, fell
asleep about 30 minutes ago and is currently snoozing in his chair, is taking a nap, and Arnama
comes up to all of you. And says–
– Jo! I shake him.
– She says, I think I have what you’re looking for and you might wanna
come with me right now. – Okay.
– To keep things civil and you notice that Asina and her wife, who after business have kind of died down, the two of them are sitting
at the tavern together enjoying their late supper. They still get up and serve folks, but they’re currently
enjoying their late supper. But both of them have turned and are looking with some interest as to what’s going on.
– I get my holy symbol up and I’m like, I’m ready, let’s go! – And when you start doing that, they stand up and are
like, Is there trouble? – Shh, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Enjoy your meal. And she tries to very
casually walk out the door, like nothing is wrong, don’t look at me, and then hurries the last bit. – All right. So, you escort Arnama outside. And she’s got a kind of very
pale-tan riding horse outside that she’s just loosely tied up out front, and it’s all afroth, as
if she rode it here hard. And she’s like, she gets you out where you’re far enough away from the front door where no one can hear you. She kind of pulls you off around the side where there aren’t windows open, and she’s like, they’re
out there all right. – Is it bad?
– Yeah. – How many days away? – Well you could say that
there’s a bit of undead making their way here. There is a whole horde of them
in the forest to the north. They seem to be wandering aimlessly, trying to follow some trail. I don’t know, it seems like they might be trying to follow you.
– Lis, good job. – You’re very welcome.
– How many days out would you say they are? – At the rate that they’re moving, we’ve probably got a few. Maybe two?
– Two days. – But I’ve gotta tell you this, they’re not the problem. The problem is the
outriders that spotted me on my way back to town, and they are hot on my heels. We gotta go take care of them now before they ride down on the town. – Wait, someone get the mayor. He can come and watch us destroy them. – She looks at you and says, We don’t have time for that.
– Oh. – We need to go deal with them now. They should be here any moment. – Lead the way, lead the way.
– Oh god, all right. – Run to the gate.
– Sorry, sorry. – So, she escorts all six of you. You left Mayor Uptal behind. He’s still in his chair, by the way. When you left, he kinda went–
– After literally shaking him. Jo, wake up man.
– So he kind of just goes, Yeah, don’t send the kids. – Okay, in that case, when
we were leaving the tavern before we got this information, Holgast says, the tab. (all laughing)
And Asina just looks at you and goes, Yeah, I mean
he’s not good for it. But yeah.
(group chuckling) The six of you now go
rushing out to the west gate. – What time of day is it? – It’s night.
– Oh, it’s like 11:00 o’clock at night. You would–
– Are there lights still on? – There are some, but it, so what happened was as dusk set, everybody lit lanterns
outside their house. It was kind of this quaint
little forest community, but as the night progressed, most lanterns burned out,
and some were extinguished, and now there’s only scant
lights here and there. There’s a few folk ambling about, heading home from the bar or heading home from a
friend’s house or something. But there’s very few people
out at this point in time. And you make your way
out to the west gate, and the west gate, just
like the north gate, has a tower, but there’s
not even a guard in it. – We should let’s.
– Right, all the way while running to the gate, Omelette’s going to be shouting, everyone get to the church! We’re under attack! Cause it’s the only building made of stone and they need to get out
of there wood houses. – So you start shouting
at people in the street, and they’re just kind
of looking at you funny. And some of them start
ambling towards the church, but they’re–
– Undead! – They look in a panic, but they also are like,
why are there crazy people running through their town
and yelling about undead? So they look concerned, and I’m not saying that
they’re not responding, but they’re not having
the level of urgency that you would think is appropriate. – That’s okay, as long
they’re near the church when they’re inevitably attacked. – Mm-hmm.
(Gine giggles) – I will say to one of them
that might recognize me, I will say, No, she’s telling the truth. You might want to get
some people down there. And then just keep moving. – So, you make your way
out to the west gate, and the west gate is currently closed. Arnama goes up to it, and she’s like I closed it, but they should be right behind me. You should probably ready yourselves. They could be right out there. – Can I climb in the tower? – That’s where Arnama is heading. She’s heading up to the tower. – I go up there.
– What’s in the tower? – She has her bow and is
climbing up to the tower. So if you’re going to open up the gate, I wanna know who is down at the gate, I wanna know who is up in the tower. The tower can probably only
hold three people comfortably, maybe four?
– As somebody who is ranged, I should probably be in the tower. – Should probably go to the tower. – Yeah.
– I’m in the tower. – That’s four of us, and I am small, but I don’t really move.
– The only thing that’s tricky is one of you will be
standing on the hatch. ‘Cause it’s like a 10
foot by 10 foot tower. – I don’t have to be in the tower. – There’s a hatch.
– Yeah. – Which means one person
would have to stand on top of the hatch, which
means no one can go in and no one can go out.
– Right, okay. – I won’t, it’s fine, I don’t
have to go to the tower. – So who wants to be in the tower? – I mean I am a ranged fighter. – Arnama would prefer to be in the tower. – She should definitely be in the tower. – I should also be there.
– All right. In which case, if that’s the case, then I’m not gonna be in the tower. Because if I can give you two room to move up there if you have to. ‘Cause it would be a terrible thing if that tower went up and you guys didn’t have a way down because
we were jammed up there. – But if there are three of us then– – Then you’re fine.
– Oh, okay. – If it were four of us.
– Three is cozy, but doable. Four is where you’re in trouble because someone’s standing on the hatch. – Oh, okay, cool. Three then, is everyone okay with that? – Yeah, that’s fine. – Oh, it’s true, I’ve been
working out quite a bit lately. I’ve been sort of getting
a little bit of lean going. – Lifting books doesn’t count. All right, now.
– Dammit, dammit! – So the rest of you are down at the gate? – Mm-hmm.
– Do you open the gate? – Yeah, I’m gonna be in front. Like, nose pressed against it, I’m ready! – Does anyone want to do, the last thing I wanna ask you before you throw open the gate, I know you all have weapons drawn. I’m not worried about that. Is there anything else
anybody wants to do? – Yes, yes.
– Yes. So yeah, so Holgast as we get to the top, just goes, oh I forgot my staff, and then reaches into his sleeve and starts pulling up
this long wooden staff that’s about six feet long, and he pulls it out and just
slides it, puts it down. And then I’m going to use, I have an ability that lets
me strike with this thing that like enhances its power. It’s a feat, I believe.
– Yeah. So you have a feat.
– Dispel weapon. – Dispel weapon, yeah so what happens is, every time you cast a spell, you can siphon off some of the energy and put it into the staff.
– Right. – But you have to cast a spell. – Okay, cool, so I’ll
have that on standby. – You can just do that as you go. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Can we see what’s on the
other side of the gate. – Not yet.
– No, not until the gate’s open. – Okay–
– Mirror image. – You cast mirror image, all right. So there are now four of you, and you’re all kind of, actually there’s five of you and you’re all kind of rotating. No four, it is four, sorry. There’s four of you kind of
rotating around in this space and it makes it really had for people to be able to tell who is who.
– That’s cool. – How long does shield last? My cantrip shield? – So shield lasts for just one round, but the thing is, it is only one action, so you can often times cast a spell and then cast a shield. – That’s pretty awesome.
– Yeah. – And I can use a staff with one hand. – Correct.
– And shield. – Yep.
– That’s so cool. – You don’t even have to wield the shield. It just floats in front of you. – Yeah, let’s do that. – I’m prepared to cast searing light on the first thing I see.
– Okay, I am going to make sure that she doesn’t see me ever. – Don’t get in my way!
– I am hiding in a barrel. All right, so.
– Okay. – You are all standing
there prepared and ready. Anybody else wanna do anything else? – I would like to call on
my family one last time. – All right.
– Hmm (making silly noises) (group laughing) – All right so you’re?
– Pre-rage! – That’s not effective.
– You’re pre-raging. All right?
– Ikyulys wants to, obviously, he’s gonna pray to Shelyn. – Mm-hmm.
– For protection, and then let’s pick up a rock and just toss it over. Just to hear what might happen. – All right, so you throw
a rock over the wall and you don’t really hear anything. You hear the rock kind of
fall on the other side. If they’re right on the other side, it didn’t hit them or anything. – And there’s more where that came from! – Yeah.
(all chuckling) – How high is this gate? – It’s about seven or eight feet tall. – Oh!
– It’s just wooden planks. – I’m going over.
– Wow. – I don’t want to open it. That just seems like a, Come on in. Leave the gate shut.
– Well I mean– – Not everybody’s gonna
be able to climb over it or get over it.
– Yeah. – Well I am certainly not climbing. My tower’s hard enough. – I can carry you.
– What can my keen eyes see? – All right.
– Looking out into the gloom, you see the forest to the west of town, and it’s very dark out there. I mean there isn’t really any light. You are a few days after the full moon, but it’s pretty cloudy right now. So it’s kind of hard to
make out anything at all. Who is opening up the gate? – I will.
– All right. So you throw the bar back
and open up the gate, and you are now able to see out down this darkened path, as well. And as you kind of stand
there for a moment, just getting ready,
that’s when you spot them. And you spot them because they
are charging at you, hard. There are a pair of skeletal knights mounted on skeletal horses, and they are charging toward
the gate at full speed. They are in a full gallop the moment that gate it open, and they come charging out of the gloom. And as they make their way close, there is something else
looming up behind them. There is a large skeleton, it looks like it’s about nine feet tall. It looks like it might
have, at one point in time, had the body of a man, but
the head of like a bull? And it has horns and
it comes striding forth bearing this giant ax, and it looks like it is covered in blood. It is a skeleton that
is dripping with blood and it is stomping up behind
the two skeletal knights who have gone charging forward. And at that, I’m going to need
everyone to roll initiative. – Scout’s warning.
– All right. – Since I was preparing searing light, can I let it go now? – No, not quite. But so what’s gonna happen is, for everyone this is going to
be just a perception check, just go ahead and roll the number and hold it for me. And then I’m gonna come around
and ask you what you have. – Okay, okay.
– Make sure I’ve got my, my friends here, all right. – I am so ready! – So am I.
– No, you’re not. – So, let me go around the table and get everyone’s initiative. Tariel, what do you have?
– 18. – Lis, what do you have?
– 26. – Linneus?
– 30! – Yeah, all right.
– (giggles) Yeah, all right! – Yeah all right. I mean I guess that’s an
initiative you can have. – It counts as one.
– Ikyulys, what do you have? – 15.
– 15, there’s my champion initiative. Omelette?
– Nat 20, with 32. – Oh-hoo-hoo! – 32, all right.
– My god. – And Holgast?
– 40. No, sorry, sorry, no, no, no, 19. – 40, no 19. Those are a little
different from each other. – I was thinking of the last time that I got to dance with someone. I was 40 years old, it was a good time. – Aww.
– Oh, don’t worry. I don’t miss it.
(all laughing) – Your hips are made of chalk. So, the skeletons are coming
charging out of the darkness. There are a pair of
skeletal knights on horses and behind them is, what
is best to be described, as a giant skeleton. – Bloody Minotaur skeleton. – A bloody, giant, Minotaur skeleton. – Not the stuff of nightmares at all. – No, it’s fine. – It’s fine.
– This is fine. – We heard about the Seven Silvers. We just wanna come–
– Hi, can I get some boar? – We’re gonna start combat with Omelette. Omelette it is your turn. Remember you get three
actions on your turn. What would you like to do? – Sure, how far away are they? – So the charging knights are closer. They’re about 50 feet away, which puts them at about
the tree edge, right? If you’re looking at the map,
you guys are at the gate there about at the tree line.
– Mm-hmm. – The skeletal giant is
about 30 feet behind them, so it’s about 80 feet away. – Are they pretty fast? – The knights are charging real fast. They are on horses. They are on skeletal horses.
– All right. – And they have lances out. – Oh boy! All right, well I assume I
have to sudden charge, then, to get near them. – Yeah, if you sudden charge you can sudden charge
right up to one of them as they’re riding down on you. You can just run up and slam into them. – The moment I run to make eye contact with their negative sockets, I start running for their stupid faces. – Yeah, it’s hard to make
eye contact with ’em. They don’t have eyes.
– No. So I run to vacant pupils. – All right.
– And I start swinging. – All right, so you go charging up. You go bolting out of the gate before anybody else can even react, and go–
– It’s what I do. – And go running straight
up at this knight that is charging straight at you. – Oh yeah, this is a joust.
– And just come slamming into it, yeah.
(all laughing) – You brought an ax to a joust fight. – You’re mounted on rage! – I’m mounted on rage, because
I tried to mount starlight. It didn’t go very well. – That needs to be a T-shirt. – I’m mounted on rage.
– No, that you brought an ax to a joust fight. That’s pretty epic.
– Yeah. – So my question it, before you tell me what number you got.
– Sure. – Are you attacking
the rider or the mount? – Don’t feel bad.
– Oh you mean like the horse or something?
– Are you attacking the horse or the rider?
– Don’t feel bad, it’s probably a skeleton horse. – It is.
– It is, yeah. – It’s quite grotesque.
– Yeah. – As it were. Well, eh I suppose tactically, I would be cutting out the, well I really want to ride
that grotesque horse, though. But I don’t think it
would like me very much. So, with the lance straight at my face, I suppose it would be more of a sort of ducked undercut to get rid of it’s speediness.
– The horse. – So that it can’t get closer to the keep. – Great, all right. – So aiming for the horse there. – Great, what did you get? – I got a 30. – A 30 is a critical hit. – Woo-hoo-hoo!
– Yeah! – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– You go charging forward, slamming your ax right
into the horses sternum, shattering bones.
– All right. So 15, 22 damage. – Nice!
– Is that before you’ve– – Of positive energy.
– Is that before you double? – That’s before I double. – So you do– – So 44 damage of positive rage! – So you run straight up to this horse, slam your ax right into it’s sternum, and the entire skeletal
horse just shatters. The whole thing just blows apart, and the bones go rolling and shattering and bouncing down the path about another, about another 20 feet. That’s how much the speed carries it. The knight on top of it goes flying. – Yes.
– He goes flying right past you–
– As it goes flying. – And lands on the ground.
– I take a quick swing at him again for my final movement. – Yeah, technically you can. You can take a real
good swing at him, yeah? – Hit him like a baseball! – And then, oh hello! If I hit, we’ll see.
– Yep. – Holgast is just gonna
whisper off to the side, whoever is standing near to him, he goes, I’m going to
start eating my eggs. (all laughing) – She is magnificent, is she not? – 25.
– A 25 to hit. – With the penalty already.
– To hit the knight. And that will hit. It’s not a critical
hit, but that will land. – Yes! – Like a baseball. – Oh.
– Damn, them some numbers. – Mm-hmm.
– 21. – 21, all right. Your sword doesn’t have
as good of an affect against the skeleton, or it didn’t have as good of an affect against the horse, but you also did massive overkill. So, the knight takes damage and he kind of rolls past you
as he slams into the ground. He is prone, ’cause his mount was literally destroyed underneath him. He wasn’t even slain,
he couldn’t even ride it down to the ground. It was just gone. It just went like riding
something that just vanishes. And so he goes rolling to the ground. That is the end of
Omelette’s turn, Linneus. – It’s such a cinematic moment. How far away is this big boy from me? – The big boy is about 70 feet away. – Ho-ho, guess what? Searing light.
– Has a range of? – 120.
– Bah, you got me! – Ha -ha, ha-ha!
– All right. – You’re in my range, buddy!
– Okay. So you’re going to unleashing
searing light on him. You’re going to–
– I need some d6s. – How much do you need?
– Two more. – These two.
– Oh you need to make an attack roll first, correct? – Spell attack?
– Yes it is, ranged spell attack roll, oh my god. No, not that one, nevermind. That one’s been bad to me. Please be nice, please be nice. (dice clattering)
(cheering) – You said please be nice twice, so. – It’s a 30!
– A 30 is a hit. It is not a critical hit. – That’s okay, it was a 19, so you know. I’m gonna take it.
– That’s scary. – All right.
– That’s scary, though. – (laughing) So six,
seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,
19, 20 of fire damage alone. – All right.
– And then, (dice clacking)
And then because he’s undead, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. 21 good damage.
(group cheering) – You are so violent.
– So 20 points of fire damage, 21 points of positive energy damage. – Yes.
– Okay. He takes a good chunk of that. – Ooh. – (laughs) How to instill
doubt in your player. – He’s undead!
– Bones don’t burn very well. All right, so the light of Sarenrae
lances through the night, just lighting up the entire path between the gate and the giant. It slams into the giant, and this also illuminates the
pair of additional skeletal champions, knights, making
their way through the forest. They’re not mounted, they’re on foot. But they are also coming
in from the forest, but you couldn’t see them
until that bright light lance illuminates them in the woods. – Shield up. – So with your last action
you throw your shield up. Good call. All right.
– Oh my god. – So, let’s see, the skeletons get to go. I’m sure it’ll be fine. – Can we politely ask them not to? – Yeah.
– You can. They disregard your request. – They declined?
– Yeah. – I completely get that.
– I’m afraid they are not interested in that tactic.
– That’s fair. – All right, so here’s
what’s gonna happen. The one skeletal knight
that is still on his horse is going to charge, let’s see, who do I have
down at the front gate? – The dwarf that exploded a horse. – But Ikys is a very tiny, squishy one. – There’s a champion down there? – Yeah.
– All right. – There’s four of me.
– Front liners. – There is four of you. – Yeah.
– Just so you know. – Not interested in that.
(girls giggling) He is coming after Ikyulys. He comes charging straight forward, lance leveled, here it comes. (dice thudding) Armor class 26.
– 24. (groans)
– That is going to hit. – Leave our champion alone! – And he is jousting, so he
gets the extra jousting damage ’cause that was a charge. – Ikyulys is oof. – Take 17 points of damage
from the charge attack. The lance slams into you, dealing tremendous damage. It hits you in the side
just below your breast plate and blood is pouring out of your side. That was its charge action
and its first attack, and then it’s going to
take a second attack. It is, actually sorry,
it’s not going to attack ’cause it’s holding the lance. It spurs its mount to attack you. So the horse is going
to attempt to hoof you. You’re about to get hoofed.
– Hoofed. – Let’s see, 17 plus nine is a 26. So that is going to land, as well. And that is actually going
to do 11 points of damage as the hoof hits you in the shoulder. – That was not good.
– Taken like you do. – Yeah.
– Can we fix that? – That’s the first one. The second skeletal
knight charges forward, but because it no longer has a mount, it has to spend two of its actions moving, and it is going to move
straight up to you. You’re down on the ground, and you are the one who let loose that blast of holy light. – Yeah.
– Dang it. – It smells holiness on you. – Yeah, and it’s not interested. So it’s going to come
running straight up to you and swing its longsword at Linneus. That’s another 17.
– Jeez Louise. – My dice streak continues.
– Can you maybe not though? – Can you not?
– 27, armor class 27. I’m gonna wager it’s a hit.
– Yeah. Can I also point out this is
the first damage I’ve taken? – Well, in that case, take eight. – Okay!
– Yeah. – Okay, yeah, that’s fine.
– Not too much. – That’s fine, it’s only eight. Don’t worry about it.
– Yeah? – We’ll see what happens. – It’s also really hard to kill me. It’s really hard to kill me.
– Yeah. – All right.
– Don’t say that in front of the DM.
– He knows. – Is that a challenge? – I’ve been saying it all day. – That sounds an awful
lot like a challenge. All right–
– I’m play the die hard. It’s fine, it’s fine.
– So, that’s the two skeletal knights that were mounted. There are two more, but they have to move all the way up to get the gate. They spend their entire
turn just doing that. They were a but further
back and in the woods. So they spend their
entire turn just moving up to the gate. They are close, but they’re
not through the gate. So they’re like a move away from anybody who is at the gate, but
they’re only like 10 feet away. Okay, and the last person
to go is the skeletal giant, and it goes walking right up to Omelette. – Hello!
– Stomps, and as it stomps up, you can actually feel the
ground shake it’s so big. And as it gets up to you, it takes this giant ax and just tries to slam it right down into you. Armor class 29.
– Jesus. – Yeah, that makes contact. (group chuckles) How much damage would that be? – All right, so it charged up and hit you, so it gets there plus
four bonus to damage. – Nice.
– So that is going to do 18 points of damage
as the ax slices into you. – Could’ve been worse.
– Okay. – Don’t say that.
– It already happened. I’m already getting attacked. – It’s kind of the boss fight, do. – What is your will save?
– Yep, there it is. – You don’t need to roll it, I need to know what it is.
– There it is. – 12?
– 12, all right. So it, because of it’s special attack, it did a terrifying charge, right? It came up out of the
darkness lumbering at you and slammed this into your–
– It’s trying to freak me out. – That’s right, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get a free
intimidate check against you. – Okay.
– And I’m gonna go ahead and– – Oh boy, just (mumbles). – And roll that, and that is only going to be a 16. You said your will save was a?
– 12. – 12, so your will DC is a 22, which is not enough.
– Ooh! – You add 10 to make it into a DC. – So it attempts to terrify
you using intimidate, but it fails.
– What does it do? What’s it doing to me? – It just bellows and snorts as it comes out of the darkness and
slams this ax into you. (grumbles)
– As I’m taking the hit, I (growls) back it. – And as it’s last action, because that was it’s first two actions, it’s final action is to
throw its horns at you and attempt to gore you with its horns. – It’s using it’s horn. – I’d love to just latch onto that. – Did you not–
– Critical hit? – Oh my!
– No! – See when you said, I would
love to latch onto that. – Yeah, that was it.
– As it turns out, it lowers its head, throws a horn at you, and the horn goes straight through you. Those of you behind it
can see the horn pierce straight through your dwarven barbarian. – No!
– No, no, no, no. – And how much damage? – 26 points of damage.
– Holy! – Can I apply ready step here? – No, she’s too far away. – Oh, she is oh.
– Yeah, I’m afraid so. She’s too far away. She is, let’s see she
is about 30 feet out. No, I’m sorry, she’s 50 feet out. She’s even too far away for your spell. – I super charged.
– Oh yeah. – She’s too far away. – Sorry, Omelette.
– It’s cool. – Yeah, she moved way too far out there. All right–
– Looks like I’m a glass canon – So, that’s the end of the skeletons. Next up, Lis. – Lis is up in the tower
and sees this gigantic fiend gore their friend and they mark
that minotaur as their prey with their hunter’s prey.
– All right. – They are going to then
use their hunted shot to take two shots. – All right.
– Let’s see how this goes. – All right, you mark the skeletal giant as your prey and fire. – That would be a 26 to hit. – 26 does hit.
– Right. – And then I’m going to
roll my two d6 and my d8. That would be 10 plus six,
16 damage on the first hit. – 16 damage, all right. And this is with an arrow, correct? – Yes.
– So it’s a piercing damage. All right, that’s less effective ’cause it is a skeleton, but. – What arrow were you using though? – Oh I just used my regular ones. – The second one is not going to hit with a 17 minus five.
– 12? No, that’s going to miss. – And I have a third
action I believe still? – Yep.
– So I will of another hunted shot, or wait, I
can only use that once. I’ll just do another regular shot. – Regular attack, so this
one’s gonna be at a minus 10? – Correct.
– But, you know. Roll a little high and
you might be able to hit. (dice thudding) – A 17 plus 14, which is
a 31, minus 10 is a 21. – A 21 is exactly what you needed to hit. (group sighs) – Nice.
– Just barely. – That’s awesome.
– And that will be five more damage. – Five more total?
– Yes. – That arrow skips off its bones and doesn’t do anything at all. Next up is Arnama. – Yes?
– Ah, the ranger of my heart. – (chuckles) Arnama eyes up the skeletons that has gotten really close to the town, but isn’t yet through the gates. It’s one of the the two knights that came up out of the forest. She eyes up one of those, you see her sight it as her target, and she starts letting loose of arrows. The first one is going
to be a critical hit, the second one is a miss, and the third one is going to be a hit. So she is going to do, that first arrow does
22, no sorry 28 doubled. Which is going to be knocked
down to 13, sorry 18. And then the second one
is going to do another, oh that’s it. That one crumbles to dust. Now her two arrows, the first one slams like straight, because
she’s firing down at it. It like fires through its rib cage, shattering part of its hip. The second one slams
into it on the other side and it just kind of collapses
and falls on the ground. And that’s her turn. Next up, Holgast. – I want to see what this egg can do when it’s moving really fast. – All right?
– I’m going to cast haste on the dwarven, she’s up there. – So your range is?
– 30 on that, so I’m gonna have to
move and then do this. So I’m gonna use a move action to get a little too close
to combat for a wizard. – Yeah.
– But I am going to throw, I’m gonna move up to my
movement to get in range of her and cast this from 30 feet away. – All right, so here’s what
that’s gonna do for ya. Omelette, you now on your
turn, get an extra action – Okay.
– Every turn. So instead of three you get four. But the fourth one can
only be used to move or make a basic attack. You can’t do anything else with it. It’s just move or make an attack. – Okay.
– Yeah, so. – I’m impaled, but on it. – All right, and Holgast that is going to be all of your turn. – That’s all.
– Yep. Holgast goes running out of the gate, past the skeletal knights, by they way. – I have an idea! – And is now out there by himself. – Where are you, oh. – And as he moves his
hands though the air, you seen arcane symbols
traced through the open sky that sizzle and burn with fire, and then Omelette starts moving real fast. Tariel.
– Well, sort of wiggling. (all laughing)
– Wiggle a bit. – I feel strangely okay! – It’s only effect right
now is to force you to bleed much faster.
– Oh god! – And take an extra action.
– No. (imitates trombone) – All four Tariels lift up their violins. – All right.
– And start playing at the same time to inspire courage. – All right, and that
hits everyone within 60? – 60 feet.
– All right, so that’s going to hit the entire party. – Nice!
– Yeah! – Everybody gets a plus
one bonus on attack rolls. – Excellent.
– And then I’m going to– – You’ll be doing a lot with that. – Yeah.
– Use my last two actions to case magic missile.
– All right, you throw up the inspire courage and
work your occult magic, and let loose two magic missiles. Who are you throwing them at? – I wanna throw one, so there’s a skeleton
attacking Ikyulys, right? – Yes, there is a skeleton
in front of Ikyulys, that is the one that is mounted and it is still on its horse. It has not been wounded at
all, and neither has its horse. There is another skeleton that is on foot that is in front of Linneus, and there is one more skeleton that is kind of just outside the gate. Remember, two came out of the forest? One of those two has been destroyed. It got destroyed by Arnama, and the other one is just drawing close. And then the last skeleton is the giant. – Okay, I’m going to hit
the closest skeleton. – Sure.
– And then I wanna throw one at the giant.
– Okay. So you can totally do that. The closest one is probably the one that is fighting Linneus,
and then the giant. Okay.
– The one fighting Linneus is going to take five points of damage. – Okay.
– Sweet. – And the giant is going to
take four points of damage. – Okay, so the one
fighting Linneus takes five from magic missile, so it
is badly hurt but still up. The giant also takes five–
– Four. – Oh four, sorry. It is also pretty–
– You can give it five if you want to, I’m not gonna. – I’ll go with four, but it
is still standing nonetheless. It does look pretty badly hurt, but it is still standing. And, so interestingly enough, all of the blood that is coating it, that is all over it,
it looks like its bones are slowly stitching back together. Like some of the bones that fell off kind of float back up and rejoin it as the battle is progressing. So that was Tariel. Ikyulys?
– Ikyulys wants retribution. – Fair enough.
– So what I will do is swing the sword at the horse and use, for my first action, and then lay on hands for my second action.
– Okay. – Onto the skeleton. – Onto the skeleton? All right, yeah, right. – I’ll go hard.
– Yeah, all right. So first swing into the horse. Let’s do that and resolve it. – It’s a four, this is
going straight to jail. Four plus–
– Rest of the day. – 12?
– Yeah, four plus 12. So 16.
– 16 does still manage to hit. Actually.
– Nice. – That horse isn’t
wearing armor or anything. – Okay, cool. – But this one isn’t.
– And then I have a, let’s see.
– So you are gonna get the extra d6 on this one.
– Okay. – For your disrupting weapon.
– Cool. That’s a five plus the– – Oh no, that’s not gonna be on that. The horse was the last one to hit you, so you’re gonna get the
retribution, as well. It’s whatever you got
on the dice plus four. – That’s plus two.
– Plus two, that’s 11. – 11 points of damage.
– All right, you deal 11 points of damage to the horse. Once again, not as much
damage ’cause it’s a skeleton. But it still hurts it.
– Okay. – That was your first attack, the horse is still up and fighting. – Okay, lay on hands on the skeleton dude. – All right, so that’s
actually just a touch. So on that I make a saving throw. So I got it.
– Oh no. – But you can throw a 3d6,
that’s how much damage you do. – Okay, anybody got another? – Yes, would you like to use my fireball? – I see.
– You should have three. – Oh, I see.
(dice clacking) – We are here for you. – That’s five, seven, 10. – He’s undoubtedly gonna
fail the will save, he didn’t critically fail. So this is against the knight?
– Yes. – How much damage, 10?
– It’s 10. – You reach out and touch the skeleton, and as you do, your hand
flashes with holy fire. That fire spreads all over the skeleton and a bunch of its bones burn
and blacken with holy light. It is still up, that
does look like it hurt it pretty badly, though.
– Okay. – So that was two of your actions. You do still technically have a third. – Okay.
– Swing again. – Coming back around.
– Horse or the knight? – I’m gonna take the knight out. – Well, you’ll try.
– Oh, I will. – Mm-hmm, bring it. – Shelyn comes down, she
lets her light upon me, and on this die, oh. One, five, that’s gonna be a 17, – 17 total?
– Yeah. – Is that with a minus five? – No.
– All right, it’s a 12. Yeah no, not so much, not so much. Shelyn being the god of art
and beauty and everything, every time you pray to Shelyn
before swinging a sword, I just picture you’re
doing the art of murder. – Yeah.
– It’s an art. – Yeah no, it is. – She’s just like, why
are you talking to me? – Yeah, this is what you–
– This is not my domain. – I mean you know, smashy time. All right, so that was Ikyulys. Top of the order Omelette. – Okay, so just remind me,
I’m still currently impaled on a horn?
– No actually, after it ima-paled you, it pulled its head back. – Oh!
– So that the horn slid out and as it did, it made a
really wet, popping noise. That you’re sure is really good. – Great.
– Yeah, yeah. – Okay, and he’s still
sort of next to me, yeah? – He’s still right on top of you. – Great, I’m going to
drink a healing potion. – Haha, so getting out a healing potion and drinking it is going
to take you two actions. And to top it off, if
he can take advantage of attacks of opportunity, and
you don’t know that he can, that would provoke. – Okay, question?
– Yes. – You know of a potion that I have that’s a little different. Would that negate an
attack of opportunity? – Potion that you have
that’s a little different. Oh, that one!
(Gina giggles) No, that would just give you, that would give him a chance to miss, but it wouldn’t make it automatically. – Right.
– Yeah. – All right.
– If you had drank it beforehand it would give
you a better chance. – If I run away, he’s still
gonna get a chance to attack me. So–
– You’re also in a rage, so doing any strong thinking isn’t really your, yeah. – I don’t have control
of my body, actually. So no matter how many times
I keep trying to run away, my ax is literally cemented in my hand and already swinging.
– Yeah, the spirits are speaking for you right now. Yeah, all right, go
ahead and make an attack. – Great, oh what am I doing? That’s not even, about to roll 2d20’s. – Maybe your haste it– – No, that just means I get plus one, and I just get four actions. – You get four actions, one can be used for another attack or a move.
– Yeah. – So you can go choppy, choppy, choppy, and then see you later.
– And them bolt. – Yeah.
– And then choppy. – Always more choppy. – I will try. The rage is literally a
thing I cannot not do. – Ohh.
– It’s not great, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. – What do you got?
– Does a 24? – 24 is a hit.
– 25, 25! – It’s a hit, it’s not a
critical hit, but it’s a hit. – Okay, maybe I can just kill this thing. – That’s one way to solve the problem. – Okay.
(dice rolling) Okay, that’s not bad. 26.
– 26 points of damage. All right, that’s gonna get one, two– – Good comeback.
– Okay. (wheezes)
(laughing) – You made me asthmatic, damn you! – All right, you slam your
ax into the Minotaur’s blood-covered bones,
and as you do, you hear kind of a cracking, splintering noise. And as it begins to fall apart, the necromantic energy holding it together is just unleashed, and
instead of just falling apart, it explodes.
– Oh! – It’s bones go blowing out in every direction like shrapnel. And you are just pierced over and over again by bits of bone. Can you make me a reflex saving throw? – I have a question.
– Yes. – Since I moved up to be
within 30 feet of this thing. – Oh, hold on, what is my range on that? – Yeah.
– It is, it’s only adjacent creatures. – Oh, okay.
– Yeah. Everyone who is further away is, you get hit with like shards
of bone, but that’s it. – It’s probably all in my beard. – And by the way, its skull
goes spinning through the air and like lands in front
of the town of Kassen. One of it’s horns digging into the ground and it’s just sitting there, it’s jaw still kind of
moving, and blood is dripping. – And that’s how the game ended. – As Omelette’s about
to make a witty retort as a victory, it’s just,
And now you just (grunting) (all laughing) – That’s what you get for blowing up all these skeletons.
– Oh boy. Oh boy.
(dice thudding) – Noice.
– Okay, okay. – Not bad.
– That’s a 28 right there. – So 28 is going to make it. – Oh god. So you are only gonna take half damage, which is only five.
– Ah. – So you Neo this thing. – Yeah.
– Okay. – You like dodged some of
the bigger shrapnel pieces, but they are, it just
blows up and there are bits of blood covered bone flying everywhere. – So you hear, just behind
you after the explosion, you hear Holgast going (laughing). (group laughs) – Better than fireworks! (group laughing) – So.
– Using the part around me like a body shield and just, – Just spin it.
– You still have three actions – Three actions!
– Yeah. – How many more of those
things are at, rage. – My pants are all bloody.
– Charge, two out there. – So, the giant skeleton, that
was the only one of those. – Great.
– And you can now spend your next action as your
haste action to move, if you want, which could get you up to, let’s see you’re about,
oh you moved way out to fight the–
– 50 feet she’s out. – Yeah, you’re 50 feet out. So yeah, you have to
spend probably two moves to get back to the skeletons
that are back near the door. – I’ll run to Linneus.
– All right. – I’ve got a hole, so both hands are here. But she’s sort of running
with her elbows sort of keeping the wound closed, because the haste is also
making her feel a bit woozy now? So she’s sort of running
like this towards– – Hasted you must look absolutely like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. – It’s leaving, because she’s not covering the hole in her back, it’s leaving a spray like a sprinkler behind her.
– Oh my god! – All right, so you go bolting back up. – (huffing) The weapons just
sort of has a mind of its own and swinging wildly in front of her as she’s trying to keep her wounds closed. – You go bolting back up. The skeleton that is facing
off against Linneus is there. You are now flanking it and can attack. – Great, okay.
(dice thuds) – 20.
– Is that minus the five? – With the five, oh wait. Yes, yes, with the five.
– With the five off, which is going to hit
because of the flank. All right, so go ahead and deal damage. – Did you add your one to it? – That’s with the one. It was going to be a
19 and then I was like, right, one more. (squeaks) 22, 22.
– 22 points of damage. That is reduced a little bit. The skeleton is very badly hurt by that, but it is still up. Linneus.
– And as I’m just safely because of her aware that
I’m using positive energy, I’m just like, Linneus, I’m
positive I’m bleeding out. Right?
– Thanks for coming to me. I got you. I’m going to use my healing fount. – There’s a hole in me.
– Yes you do, I’m going to heal it. – I don’t like this many
holes in me, Linneus. (party giggling) There’s too many holes!
– I can fix one! – Holes!
– So many T-shirts. – How many–
– That’s my new catch phrase. – Everything.
– Okay. – Too many holes. – Considering your other catch phrase– (voices overlapping)
– Okay! My healing font explodes in
a 30 foot radius around me. – So, hold on. You must cast the heal
spell, which you do, in front of the skeletal knight. But it has attacks of opportunity. – She’s throwing down to her stomach. – So you attempt to manipulate the magic and it sees the weakness in your defense and its blade comes sliding out at you. – Do I still have my shield bonus or did I have to move my shield to cast my healing?
– At the start of your turn, if you shield is up, it
is automatically lowered. You have to spend an action every round. So, it’s blade comes dashing out at you, but I rolled a three.
– Oh! – So it comes short. Go ahead and roll, now roll your damage. Or your healing.
– 20! – 20.
– You get 20. You get 20, you get 20.
– Dang it. – If you need it. You get 20 if you need it.
– I’ll just put it in my– – You all get 20 points
of damage, get out! – So, the skeleton in front of you, it’s blade lashing out at you, the reason it misses is the
holy fire washes over it and it crumbles to ash. It’s blade just goes
sailing through the air as it crumbles to the ground before it. That was both of those. The other one just crumbled, as well. The only one that may be still alive, and I need to roll its
saves to see if it is, is the skeleton that is
fighting Ikyulys and its horse. Let’s go ahead and roll that. The skeleton crumbles to dust. That’s it for it. The skeleton champion goes, and the horse is going to make it and is down to, the holy fire washes over it,
but it resists some of it. It is still up, all
that’s left is the horse. And it’s the horses turn. With a strange malevolence, it attempts to stomp
Ikyulys into the ground. – Well you just got 20.
– Yeah, that’s true. And Ikyulys is like–
– Yeah. That did heal everyone for 20. – And the horse tries to stomp you, the first one is going
to be a miss, though. That’s only a 17, that’s
not gonna hit your AC. Second one is a natural 20.
(group groans) Which is going to succeed, it’s hoof kind of stomping down on you, dealing 14 points of damage,
slamming into your shoulder. And then it’s third
strike is a clean miss. It just goes off, it’s hooves are, it’s just kind of reeling back, trying to stomp you into the ground. Lis, there is only one creature left. – I will move my hunters
prey over to that one as my first action.
– Sure. – And then I will take my hunted shots. – All right, go ahead. – Not to be that kid in class, but didn’t you say my searing light showed us two more in the forest? – They ran up and you’ve
been dealing with them. – Oh, that was, oh!
– You’ve been dealing with. – Oh, I was focused on the big one. – Yeah, no worries, yeah. They just crumbled to dust, actually. – I just rolled a natural 20.
– All right. (party cheering) – Get outta here, horse.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. That would be a natural 20 with that one and (mumbles). Oh, and it’s a deadly shot so. – So many dice, so many dice.
– You roll a couple of dice, yeah.
– All right? – Oh, let’s see that’s a four, 10, which one of these? This one doesn’t. – The tiny doesn’t double count. – Right, it’s four, sorry I’m nine. That’s 18 plus six. – All right, your arrow
goes streaking down like a thunder bolt,
slamming into the horses head and shattering its skull,
it collapses to the ground and the fight is over. – Ikyulys thanks you so much. – I’m immediately running to you to go– (voices overlapping) – The ghostly mist around
me that usually dissipates, sucks back really quickly into her armor and she just falls.
– Oh no. I can fix this.
– Please tell me someone from the town saw that. – Well the giant head
in the middle of the– – Yeah, we do have that. Let me just, shh, let me heal you. – We have the head, we have
the skulls of the horses, a couple of pieces have not been burned, and so I think we have
some decent evidence here. – I wanna do a fast medicine check on her. – Did you see that? – You’re amazing!
– Go ahead and make the check. – I’m gonna head down the tower and start running towards Colven’s place. – Sure.
– There’s lots of blood. – Arnama comes down, breaks
a rope out of her pack, ties it around one of
the Minotaur’s horns, and it’s still like oozing blood and it’s still kinda vaguely moving. It’s clearly dead, but the foul necromancy that animates it still makes
its jaw kind of bite and snarl. – It’s like the backlash of necromancy splashed on this thing. – And she kind of gets
the thing on the rope and tugs it ’til it comes
up out of the ground, and she’s like, Will this do? – Yes, yes, yes. That is perfect. I am going to cry Colven now. Better he come here than we have to drag that thing across the city. I will be right back.
– All right. – Maybe the townspeople need to see that. (cough)
– I just got a 15, and then a 15 yeah.
– Oh! – Just 50 more?
– I just hit the DC. – All right, so what happens next happens in relatively rapid succession. And he, upon seeing your evidence is like, we have to call a council meeting now. And he goes rushing off to the hall. Soon thereafter, it takes about an hour to get the council
assembled, unfortunately. It’s almost midnight.
– I’m gonna lock the gate. – Well, okay, and after an
hour the council gathers and you’re all asked to
come and give testimony. Obviously, hanging from the rafters in the middle of the room, is a swinging, blood drenched Minotaur skull
that is still vaguely moving. The Mayor Vetnar looks at all of you with some amount of
irritation and disdain, but defers to the council, who unanimously votes to
begin emergency preparations. They are incredibly concerned, and Colven, he is tasked
to be the representative that coordinates with you
to help prepare the town. – Great.
– So, to keep things light and moving along, Arnama
explains to the council that there are two days
before this undead horde will land upon the town,
that’s what she thinks. Give or take half a day,
but two is her best guess. Which means, the town only
has two days to prepare. There are far too many elderly and farmers to ever hope to outrun an undead horde. You were barely able to
manage it with the small group of refugees that you had. With an entire town, you would undoubtedly be overrun and consumed. The council votes that
their best plan of action is to fortify the town and
wait out the oncoming storm using whatever soldiers and
troops they have available. They immediately begin
conscripting various farmers and townsfolk to wield weapons. Anyone able bodied, and start
forming a ragtag militia. However, the one thing that they don’t have very much experience with, and they turn to you experienced soldiers, is how should they fortify the town? – Run away!
– Unfortunately, there is no time for that and there are way too
many people here for that. – I agree, how many people
can fit inside the church? – In the church?
– Probably all of them, I imagine, I imagine they
would have made it big enough to accommodate as many people as– – How many people are in this town? – It looks like when
this church was built, that may have been true, when the town was probably a lot smaller. But there’s no way they could fit everybody inside the church. – How much, what would be
the process of blessing or creating holy water? – So the town priest can
begin working on that, but it’s not an incredibly fast process. That said, he does have
a font that currently is full of holy water,
so there’s some there. – ‘Cause we learned that
fire does hurt them, but it ain’t as mighty
as you might expect, because we’re looking
at boned creatures here. – Absolutely.
– So just to learn what lessons we can from watching undead hordes attack castles, I’m thinking like some kind of, Holgast is thinking some kind of, yeah. – Oh, we bless the water!
– It’s too much water. – The next morning, you have
all gathered at the temple because you had the idea of
maybe bringing everybody here, and at least you would come here to visit with the refugees and try
and figure out a plan, and you’ve discovered
the holy water there. And as you’re sitting there talking, the door opens, and a pretty
short guardsman comes in. Comes flopping up. Guard Lieutenant Gelby reporting
to help fortify the town. Gelby is about two feet
tall and is a goblin. – Aw.
– Now these skeletons will know pain.
(chuckling) – How can I help? I’m here to help requisition stuff and find things, that’s what I’m good at. – It is a pleasure–
– Oh, I have an idea. I’ve had an idea. We’re going to make bombs. – Bombs!
– Bombs, well grenades. – Our town’s made of wood.
– I know. But not with fire.
– All right. – We’re going to get a
bunch of glass vials, as many as we possibly can,
fill them with holy water, and we can throw them. Because they do damage to everyone within an area, splash damage. – We can make some water balloons. – Sure.
– A holy bomb! Holy bombs.
– The Father says, I can work on creating those. I do have some holy water and I can use it to help the town. It sounds like this is a serious problem. – Can he draw some water from the river and bless that, as well? – It takes time and it
takes a magical ritual to create holy water. It’s not simply water that I blessed. That’s not enough. It requires special–
– What if we helped? – He looks at the two of you and he says, well of course your help
would be greatly appreciated, but there are many ways that you might be able to assist, I’m sure. And Gelby is like, Sure is. All of our gates are pretty terrible and wow, one section of our
wall is about to fall down, actually, and no one’s
even looked at the ballista in like two years.
– You have a ballista! – Oh, there’s two of them. (giggling)
– Who has the ability to do some crafting to help with that? – Well my family has
been doing crafting work for as long as I can remember, but more for stone. I don’t work with wood an awful lot. – I can help with crafting.
– I can craft. – What if we got the ballista bolts and we covered them in holy water? – Well, I mean it’s a siege weapon and we have a big force
in front of us, right? So let me ask like, what
good would the ballista do? – The town originally got ’em to help defend the river way from barges and stuff.
– That’s what I thought. – But I mean, if there’s
big targets or something, we could shoot at big things.
– You can see the Minotaur. – We’re going to splash some holy water on all of those bolts. – I would say that since
we have a forested path leading straight up to the west gate, why don’t we cut down some of those trees and block up the path? – That’s very smart, we should have some of
the farmers do that. I’m sure they have some
experience with that. – Is there anything–
– I also believe that digging trenches and perhaps diverting the river a little bit
to create a water area around some of our gates
would possibly be a good idea. – So to turn this into a
little bit of a mini-game. Here’s how this works. We’ve got this great map
here for us to explore. You all have two days. Each one of you can decide
to work with townsfolk, Lieutenant Gelby can help you
requisition troops and people. Gelby knows where everything is. Gelby is very helpful. Gelby refers to Gelby in the third person. – I like Gelby. – Gleby is, everybody in town kind of looks at Gelby kind of funny. Gelby’s the only goblin
you’ve seen in town. Goblins are pretty uncommon in towns, but they’ve started showing up. And Gelby apparently joined the militia, but Gelby knows where everything is. So Gelby can help out. So each one of you can decide
to undertake various tasks. Gelby suggests, well we
could build barricades, like out of wooden spikes and stuff. We could fortify gates. We could repair those ballista. There’s also the bridge, I mean that’s a weak spot in town. – I would say that if it is possible for us to rebuild the bridge with all of these skilled wood workers, for you it would not take much time, why don’t we just destroy it? – Wait, quick question? What direction are they coming from? They’re coming from this direction? – The north.
– The north? Oh, so they’re coming from the other side? – They’re coming from the town. – They could come around it.
– Oh, so they’ve gotta cross the river, then?
– We don’t know. Yeah, but they could come around. – No, I think destroying the
bridge is probably a good idea. You have plenty of woodworkers
who can quickly rebuilt it. – So, so–
– And this gets to the little mini-game. Each one of you gets to pick a task that you think will help the town. Each day, you get to pick one task. So I’m gonna go around the table twice, and each one of you gets
to decide on what task you want to undertake. That’s up to you, and your skills will determine how effective it is. So try and do something that’s useful, but to be honest, even if you
don’t have great skills for it you can still try, you just
might not get huge benefits. Every little bit will help. So, there’s building barricades. There’s reinforcing doors. There’s repairing the ballista. I heard you talking about
rigging the bridge to collapse, or collapsing it in advance. – Either one would work, but if there is a way that
we can safely collapse it so that is all completely destroyed, then I would love to
see how we can do that. – You can also–
– I think going ahead and just knocking it out to begin with is probably the safest way. Just to completely get
rid of that way to cross. – There’s also things like
helping to train the militia, working with the townsfolk, or anything that you might come up with. We can figure out whether or not helps. So as you build barricades and defenses, we’ve got a silver pen here
that’s going to allow us to draw on the map where
you’re putting those. So we can figure out what we’re doing. So, what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna go around the table and just ask what it is that you wanna do. And Lysonn, I’m gonna start with you because it seems you have an idea of what you wanna do first. – I do, the very first
thing that I want to do is I want to use my survival to start blocking off these
kind of walkways into the city, these sort of clearer paths.
– Sure. – Sort make a nice little jumble of trees and underbrush and stuff to sort of make their way more difficult. – So before you start marking it, we’ll do some checks first. You wanna start with
the north path, first, – Yes.
– I would assume? Okay, so go ahead and
give me a survival check, if, I know what the DC is. If you succeed, you can easily block up two of the four paths. – Are you serious? That would be a 21.
– All right, so with that roll you’re able to block off two of the paths. And it sounds like–
– I would like to do the north path and the west path. – All right, so go ahead and
just put some Xs on the path to indicate that that is all blocked up. – The west is the one?
– The other one, yeah, so why don’t you hand, yeah go ahead. Yeah, don’t be shy. Feel free to make those nice and big. All right, who else has an idea for how they might fortify the town? – Linneus, what have you got? – So between sleeps,
I’m gonna take mending, I’m going to go to both of the ballistas and try and mend them as best as I can, and then find anything else in town that I can mend?
– Sure. – And then I’m gonna drench
those bolts in holy water. – Okay, so first of all, you go with Gelby to go find the ballista and they are kept in a warehouse down by the river. And you uncover them, and
they’re in pretty bad shape. So, mending will certainly help. That’s gonna work out great. That means that in one day
you can fix both of them. ‘Cause otherwise it would have taken a day each to fix them. But with mending, you can
fix both of them in one day. You’re gonna need a
woodworker to help you, and to that end, Colven
finds someone to help you. He’s busy coordinating things with the town council and stuff, but he finds another
woodworker to give you a hand. And the big thing is,
they go to find the bolts. And they open up the bolt cases, and they have bolts, but they’re metal. So soaking them in holy water
really isn’t going to work. They’re large, metal bolts. They’re like this long. – I do have a question, though. ‘Cause I had a plot
kicking around in my head with at least one of those ballistas ad I want to work with you on modifying the bottom of one of them, a real simple modification.
– All right. – It probably would involved a cart. If we could just use a cart, something that has wheels on it. ‘Cause what I wanna do. – Oh my god.
– Is, Holgast would like to get a least a few
volunteers from the townsfolk? – Yeah.
– To mount this ballista on a cart sideways.
– All right. – And so that, and then
put two areas where it can be pulled by rope by
two townspeople very quickly. Like, mostly only just left and right. – Okay.
– And what I wanna do, is I wanna get a ballista, I wanna put the ballista
here between these two, or somewhere around here.
– Yeah. – That it can be pulled out very quickly, ’cause I wanna turn this
entire bridge into death alley. – Oh, cool.
– Sure. – And I want something so when they start crossing the bridge, we can just surprise them
by taking this ballista out and shooting straight down this bridge with ballista bolts.
– Awesome. So just mark on the map there with a B. That way we know that’s where
one of the ballista’s is. Where do you want to put the other one? So that is gonna take your day, making a modifiable ballista.
– Sure. – That you can move around. This does mean that if
things get terrifying, you can try and drag
it somewhere else, too. – Right.
– So, where do you wanna put the other one, though? – Perhaps it would be good to
have it over at the north gate or the west gate?
– Like that? This area right here, maybe? – Oh, that’s not a bad idea. – Ooh.
– Just in case, because the barrier isn’t going to stop the undead completely. – But we also get a bit
of a side angle on the, I know that the other way. – If we can have it go turn, if we can have it–
– So generally speaking, a ballista is pretty
easy to turn in place, but it’s hard to move.
– Right. – That’s for buildings.
– Unless it’s on a wagon. – Unless we put it on the roof? – Will the roof hold the ballista? – No.
– No, no, no. But you could–
– Is there a way to raise it? – A lot of–
– Yeah. – That’s a task somebody could have is to build a platform for the ballista. – Which is perfectly fine, you can get one of
woodworkers to work on that. All right, so that’s where
the other ballista is. All right, so that’s half of you. That’s your first day. Who else has an idea? – I wanted to start
collecting rocks and boulders and sort of like ammunition
to use against them. – Okay.
– So I’m gonna figure out how to make a makeshift catapult. – Gelby’s like, I’m not sure we can build one of those in time, but you know what we could do is, we could load the rocks up in baskets and have ’em so that we
can dump ’em over the walls if the monsters get too close? – That works.
– Sure, let’s go do that. – A bunch of big rocks.
– All right. Gelby’s like, I’m on it. And you go and help gather
up rocks and boulders and put ’em in baskets, and Gelby’s like, that looks great! So, where do you want? You can make enough baskets
of rocks and boulders, you know what? I’m gonna say to cover
three of the four gates. – Wait then, I’ll do the back three. – The back three, so not the north gate? – Not the north gate, ’cause I feel like that’s pretty covered.
– Okay. – No?
– No, it’s okay. – Don’t doubt yourself.
– Yeah, no, that’s fine. Yeah, it’s good to have
defenses everywhere. So go ahead and just put like R’s, rocks. That’s great, you have
rocks near the gates. All right, let’s go to
this side of the table. What do the two of you want to do. – Can you mark down an R over that? – Right here?
– Yes, yeah. – And most of the townspeople that aren’t, I mean once we’re done working here, where are we going to have everybody? – That’s the battle plan
you’ll have to work out closer to the date. Right now, defenses. I mean, if you want you
could come up with a plan. That could be your plan to be like, get everyone to these locations. But you could set up a warning system, that would be useful, too. – Well that’s what I was thinking, but I also wanted to protect the temple and then have a few places
where we are gonna mostly stay. – Like a last stand?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– And sort of craft something that’s like–
– All right. So do you wanna built
like wooden barricades? – Yes.
– All right. – Ooh, interesting, yes. This might actually help us if we do have to flee south of the town. – That’s what I’m saying.
– Use this to slow them down. – So you’re building kind
of a last stand location? – Exactly.
– You wanna do that around the temple?
– Yeah. – Yeah go ahead and
just put a squiggly line all around the temple that indicates that that’s where there are, and this is the kind of wooden barricades where you get logs and latch them together and sharpen the ends so that you can’t just charge through them. It becomes kind of a spine wall that you– – There’s also quite a bit there that Ikyulys wants to protect. – Yeah, sure, absolutely.
– Shelyn’s stuff. So we have than and then we
should find another location. – Well, that’s probably
all you’re gonna be able to do in one day. That’s a lot, that’s a lot of work to do. And last but not least, Omelette, what do you wanna do on the first day? – Okay, first day gonna
rig that bridge to blow. – All right.
– When you have to eventually keep moving
backwards, slow ’em down. – All right, so you go to the bridge, and you’re able to kind of
climb around underneath it. Why don’t you give me an athletics check? – Okay. (groaning) 22.
– All right. So you get around underneath there and climb up underneath it, and you realize what kind of bad condition this bridge is actually in. I mean it’s holding up, but it wouldn’t take
much sawing to make it so that it’s very fragile. You could probably just have it rigged so that if a lot of weight
got on it, it collapses. So if there were just a few monsters, they would probably get across. But if like a horde of
them was trying to cross at the same time, it’d probably collapse. – Okay, I definitely
want to let the ballistas get a few rounds off on the bridge first. So, more of a when heavy weight is on it. – That’s a good idea,
because it takes time to reload that ballista, and if we start to get overwhelmed, it might be just better
to just pop the bridge. – Yeah.
– Can fire burn it? – Okay, and yeah, a spell like that, like throwing a fireball
at it would also– – Good to know!
– Put an end to its structural integrity. All right.
– You may be somewhere else. – So, the townsfolk take it with grim news as the word begins to
spread that the undead are approaching their town. They set to work with kind
of dogged determination. These are skilled
woodworkers and crafters. So when it comes to making barricades and making reinforcements
and things like that, they are very good at it. But as of right now, no one’s
fixed up any of the doors, just so you know. The doors are still kind of paper thin, but you have put up a bunch of barricades, dropped a whole bunch of trees in the way, surrounded the temple in
additional barricades, and fixed both the ballista. At the end of the first
day, everyone is exhausted. But you know that there’s
more work to be done. The undead are still coming. So with that, we’ll start day two. Lis, what do you got? – I would like to work with Arnama. – All right.
– To start training up some of the troops, maybe
giving them some lessons. Because of course, we are going to start with a lot of ranged attacks. So getting people
familiarized with their bows if they haven’t used them in a while. – Absolutely.
– Getting some of the hunters together and
like really running them through their paces.
– Awesome. So you work with Arnama, and what I would like you to do is make me three attack
rolls at your highest bonus. Just roll the die three times
and tell me what you get. You don’t even have to add,
I know what your bonus is. (dice clacking) Not that one, come back. Oh, I have an 18, a 17, and an 11. – That’s all great. You and Arnama start drilling
some of the townsfolk in archery exercises,
trying to get their draw and their fire speed up,
so that they can fire more and more arrows. Arnama helps you do this, and also breaks out a
supply of blunt arrows. They are arrows whose tips, they’re small bags filled with stones. The arrows don’t fly nearly as far, but they do deal
bludgeoning damage instead. – Nice.
– She’s like, we run into any more of those skeletons. – Can I have a few of those for myself? And perhaps Ikyulys?
– She gives you, she has two quivers for the party. So there’s 10 blunt arrows
in each one of those. So two people get 10 blunt arrows. – For you and one for me. – Oh she also distributes
a handful of them out to all of the people you’re training. You now have an entire squad of archers. Where would you like the
squad of archers positioned? – I would like to go ahead–
– In an emergency. Not to just stand there all day. – Obviously we’re going
to start off with them on the north wall, and
some on the west wall since those are the
two places that we have definitely seen them coming. – We have one good squad of archers, so put ’em up near the north wall. – The north wall, yes. – So just write archers, put them inside. – Yes, but our first. No, no, that’s not–
– Oh, oh. – Yeah, let’s not put the archers and your artillery outside the wall. – Who would do that? Anyway.
(voices overlapping) – We will be our first line of defense in the event that they
get past the defenses. – Who would make that
kind of bad decision? Oh, we’re joining them here? So, who else has some
ideas about how to fortify? – They’ve been warned about the bridge? – Yeah. – I actually have a couple of questions. – Sure.
– So were Sir Folmer and Father Prasst.
– Yeah. – I wanna gather them as
many acolytes as possible and see how many of them
can make healing potions, know healing spells, and
then how many know cantrips like disrupt undead or divine lance. And if not, if I could? – So, as priests, right, everyday you can swap out your spells. – Yeah. – So clerics can do that everyday. So everyone of them is
loaded with healing spells and they all have disrupt undead prepared. So, but that isn’t
gonna cost you your day. They just, the moment they heard the news, they were like, okay yeah,
that’s what I’m preparing. Now, they’re not high level clerics. You get the idea that Sir
Folmer is kind of high level, but he’s also pretty infirm. – What is that supposed to mean? – He’s old.
– That Sir Folmer is still more than willing to fight and he is prepared for battle. So, who else has something
they would like to do? – I’ll help fortify the gates. – The gates?
– Yeah. – All right, so Gelby’s there. Yeah, let’s do that. That sounds like a good idea. Otherwise they’re just gonna
punch right through those. – Yeah.
– Do you have craft at all? – I do.
– Oh, awesome. Go ahead and give me a crafty skill check. – Okay, hold on. Give me a number, that’s
not a number I want. (Jason grunts)
16. – 16, all right, you
work throughout the day and you are able to help
fortify one of the gates. – Cool.
– I have a better idea for what I’m gonna do. – Which gate?
– Which one? – Let’s do the west gate.
– Here? – Yep, so just draw a really
solid line there at the gate. That the gate is now
really firmly secured. All right?
– Since I didn’t, that didn’t do very much.
– Yeah, sure. – Closer to the time, I’m going
to go up towards the north. – Yeah.
– With someone, so I’m not alone.
– Sure. – And place an alarm. – Okay, just to give you a heads up. – Yeah.
– Sure. – At least like 20 minute warning. – Okay yeah, that gives you a warning. You can also work to fortify
gates and stuff like that. – Yeah, I’m definitely gonna barricade. – Go ahead and give me a craft check, and if you don’t have it, just go ahead and roll
an intelligence check. – An intelligence check?
– Yeah. Craft is intelligence.
– Yeah, having a hunter on lookout
is probably a good idea. – Hmm, okay.
– Over here, what are you all up to? – How smart are the undead? – Depends on the undead. Hold on just a sec, what have you got? – It’s just an eight. – An eight? That’s still enough to fortify a gate. Like as long as you spend a day doing it, you can fortify a gate. Which gate do you wanna fortify? – This one, since we’ve
got rocks but nothing else. Okay.
– Awesome. All right, show which gate. So how smart are the undead? Not very, but some of them can be smart. Like those ghouls and
ghasts seemed very smart. – Could we rig up like a knight, like a decoy knights?
– You could try. – Or decoy people and have
those maybe set up up here, and then rig ’em with
the holy water bombs, something like that. – You could, that might be pretty tricky. You’re not sure if undead
would fall for that. – Like claymores.
– Like a holy water claymore. When you suggest that to Gelby he’s like, Yeah, I mean we could. We could also like get buckets and stuff we can throw at it, right? I mean like when they get up to the gate, we could dump holy water on ’em. – Mm, that gives me an idea. – It’s okay. So we just, over the. – Yeah I mean we could do that. We could also try and rig some up in the trees out there where like– – I like that idea.
– We could maybe make holy water snares, where like
if they step on the snare, the bomb comes flying at at ’em. Yeah, no, it flies ’em up into this tree. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Let’s do that.
– All right, let’s build some of those. That sounds great.
– Okay. – I know some people who are
really good at making snares. – So let’s do that.
– Gelby’s, I’ll go find ’em! – How many can we do? Let’s say–
– You can easily fortify one path, and what I’m saying is basically you’re just adding
a whole bunch of lures out to one pathway into town. – Mm-hmm.
– So if you wanna do the north you can do the north and that’ll catch a whole bunch of bad guys. You can do the east, you can do the west, or you can do the south. – I think we already have– – Yeah, we’re not entirely sure. – Well you have a bunch
of dead fall up that way and you have a gate that
hasn’t been fortified in that direction.
– All right, so that’s where we’ll do it. – All right, so just
write snares up that way. – Right here?
– Great. Okay, who else has an idea? – I, oh you go first. – Yeah.
– What were you? – I was gonna gather the farmers and– – Do that thing?
– The beach, yeah. – Okay, yeah go ahead. ‘Cause I’m gonna be listening. – To sort of like go over it, yeah. – I’m getting ideas all day of just like, you’re at morning breakfast, you’re all chatting and I’m getting ideas. – All right, so what have you got for me? – So Holgast is going to
coordinate with the farmers and get all of the farming equipment, the plows and the hoes
and the rakes, everything. Just like get ’em all together and spend the entire
afternoon dragging the beach to muddy up and damage the banks. – Oh, okay, making it really
hard for them to get over. – Yeah, I wanna turn, the
goal is to turn everything inside that wall into difficult
terrain if you’re coming. ‘Cause I’m anticipating the undead walking in the water and then
walking out the other side. So I wanted to make it as
time consuming as possible. – SO most of the low skilled folks in town who aren’t really good at making weapons or anything like that.
– Right. – They all come out to help, and they turn the entire south beach into just a muddy morass in one afternoon. In fact, many of them take
their old farm implements and stuff, too, and just
jam them in the ground to make it even harder to get across. You don’t really have to mark it. I’m just gonna keep that in mind that the entire south beach. ‘Cause otherwise it’s
just gonna be everywhere. All right, so the southern
embankment’s all secure. Lastly, Omelette, what are you doing? – Okay, so I’m seeing holy water bombs and traps and snares and mud and I’m like, let’s mush them together. So I wanna make like
a holy water mud trap. – Okay.
– So like, in this bit, this is the inevitable like run away. The if we have to get away tramp it and as many ways to buy
us time as possible, make this a sort of trap.
– So what you can do is you can dig a bit of a trench there. – Yeah.
– And whether or not you wanna fill it with oil and throw fire in there, and whether or not at the last minute you wanna dump holy water in there. ‘Cause if you dump holy
water in there now, it’s not gonna be holy
by the time they show up. But you can dig a trench
through the middle and at least make it so
that when the time comes, you can throw stuff in there, whatever you feel like,
to make it more dangerous. And at the very least, with a trench that they have
to get across or go around. So go ahead and draw a trench right through the middle there. That’s great, all right. So you all spend a
lengthy, back breaking day working on traps, digging trenches, fortifying the beach,
doing whatever it takes to try and prepare this town. And as night falls, the
townsfolk are exhausted. But alongside that exhaustion, they’re also very afraid. The folk are not looking
forward to this night. According to Arnama,
the undead are coming. And as night falls, the townsfolk know that they may not see the dawn. Slowly the night settles in on the town. All is quiet, no one is sleeping. The Seven Silvers is closed. Everyone is holding their breath. And at around 10:00 o’clock, just as the moon begins
to rise up over the trees, your alarm goes off. (player imitates ominous music) The undead are coming. And that is where we are going
to end today’s adventure. – No! – (laughing) I want to
thank you all for watching and encourage you to tune in next week for another exciting episode. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen today, you can learn more about the game at The core rule book, bestiary,
and several adventures and accessories are
available now from and your favorite local game store. If you wanna catch more of my adventures. You can find me every Thursday
running the Oblivion Oath, a Pathfinder Office campaign
on the Paizo Twitch channel at Thanks again for watching everybody, and we will see you next time. (dramatic whooshing) (adventurous music) (upbeat chimes)

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