Return to #POLISHMOUNTAIN | The Clear Adventure | 100+ Coats of Nail Polish

Return to #POLISHMOUNTAIN | The Clear Adventure | 100+ Coats of Nail Polish

Too much time on her hands! Uhhh, what in the actual f*ck? As a nail tech, I’m offended Clearly, that sort of behavior needs some mental treatment This nail artist just applied 116 coats of nail polish all because she was bored Needs referral to a mental health unit Why is this a trend? It’s so f*cking unattractive and looks like shit. Clearly a waste of nail polish. I always find it somewhat frightening that people like this are wandering the streets Is that meant to be attractive? If so, suggest she stops giving beauty advice This is the dumb, most dumb, dumbest, extra dumb this… that’s for unemployed women! The point of this person being alive is? [While the comments are scrolling through, Cristine tosses and turns; moaning and groaning to the nightmares that the comments are giving her.] Cristine: No… No! Ben: Cris… What’s wrong? Cristine: Sometimes I feel like I left a piece of myself at polish mountain… Ben: What? Cristine: I must return. okay internet where the fuck did i leave off on polish mountain, what have ya got for me Okay, internet… Where the f*ck did I leave off on Polish Mountain? What’dya got for me? Person in video: Off all these nail polishes- Cristine: 250+ coats (grrrrrr….) 250+ coats? grrrrrrr And her boyfriend did it? Are you f*cking kidding me? and her boyfriend did it are you f*cking kidding me Edible Nail Polish Mountain? What the f*ck? Ooooh, rainbow. That’s kinda pretty. More rainbows! Hey, look it’s my cat vinyls. 100 Coats of Acrylic (Well that’s cheating.) 200 Coats (God Damn It.) Watermarble polish mountain? Okay, now you’re just mocking me. This shit is all over Instagram! Except these people- who the f*ck are these people? 400 coats! [Crying internally and externally.] Polish Mountain on a doll? Okay then..? 100 coats of Lägger on your face? 100 coats of lipstick? 100 coats of mascara, really? 100 teeshirts? 100 coats of Korean? Capas de Nail Polish? Warstw Lakieru, wha-? Una Montagna di Smalto … I can’t read that. Polish mountain has taken over the world! How am I gonna beat anyone? Well y’know what they say, if you don’t like the game, [sassy hair flip] change the rules! [close laptop, cracks knuckles] Uuuhhhh…. yeah…. Stretching out! For the next.. twelve.. hours. But this time, the clear edition. Let’s do this bitch! So I got myself some glossy tacos, that’s top coats for people who are new to this channel. You should subscribe now. So you don’t miss other words I mispronounce. Got myself this massive, giant bottle of quick-dry topcoat refill! I’m gonna start off with my peel off base coat. Obviously. And yes, to maintain true challenge element of this video, I’m still painting with my opposite hand. STOP SHAKING! STOP IT! Next, before I get started on the clear Polish Mountain I’m applying some bright blue holo because like it’s gonna be the bottom of the ocean. [singing] How deep is your Holo? Is it like the ocean? [holosexual anthem] Rainbows in Motion! Oh yeah… I-I just sang that for the new people here that have never heard my remix before. I would fill the f*cking ocean with holo, if I wouldn’t get arrested for mass pollution. Are we starting this that early now? Gonna need all the sugar I can get! [anxious laugh] Thought it would be cool if I use black light reactive topcoat. Woohoo! Do ya guys see that?! Look at that glow, yas. Time to build the ocean, Cristine! I am God. How many coats has it been? I just started and I can’t even count that- that low [Nail polish cap and bottle tapping] Sippy sippy! [Sad sippy noises] I’m out of tea! Ben: Here’s some food. Cristine: What is it? Ooh yay! Food! Thanks bae! So on my Twitter, just now, I told everyone that I’m filming someting for the next twelve hours. You’re just too predictable, Cristine! [Blows on nails so that they can be dry.] [Manhandles package with teeth] The apples were too healthy, I had to balance it out! Omnomnomnomnom Oh hi Menchie! [holosexual love] When did you get there? Menchie wanted to come to Polish Mountain with me. Hey guys, we are kinda running into a dilemma. Even though there is only blue at the very bottom No matter which way I rotate it, it looks like a shit load of blue. [sigh] I don’t think my experiment is gonna work. [to Ben] Does this mean I have to restart again? Like last time? Alright, I guess everyone should get ready for some pre-mature peel porn. [sexy peel porn music] Ben: You’re really gonna start now? Cristine: I am a dedicated Polish Mountain warrior- [hits elbow] Ow, f*ck. Think I’m gonna leave the pinkie on, just as an expirement And we’ll just keep building it up. [sigh.] *Clear* we go again. The other ones, not like the other ones, not like the other ones.. [text ping] Who’s texting me?! Would ya stop trying to TAUNT ME? Natalie?! Top coats getting a little stringy.. Nail polish gods trying to get back at me for doing something so stupid. [in a sarcastic tone] This woman… This is not smart This is really not smart EUGH THIS IS NOT SMART F*CK F*CK SHIT Let’s continue now. I love me some fresh, glossy, taco. Ben: I got you top coats for dinner. What?! [currently dying] Oh. [Continues laughing.] I’m hungry, but I can’t feed myself. Ben: I’m not feeding you Cristine: What? [proceeds to gnaw off Ben’s arm] Cannibalism! These are some glossy tacos Thank you dear Ben: Have fun in here. Cristine: I’ll see ya tomorrow. [Ben sneezing] Bless you, child. [The fumes get to Cristine’s head as she attempts to sing a Coldplay song.] F*cking Coldplay. Who thinks they should answer Snapchat calls soon? I wanna look good for ya, good for ya. Snapchat… Turtle is calling! How do I answer? ANSWER! Think Snapchat is frozen Open! NOTHING IS WORKING! Holo! (Hello!) [holosexual feels] What’s up? Does your cat talk? [Cricket noises] Or- or no? Neither of you talk. The app just shut off! It just shut off, like it just exited. I didn’t even touch anything! Aww, I feel so bad. Snapchat, what the hell man? Let’s try this again Someone named “boredscreaming” is calling. Do I want to answer that? Hi boo! [holosexuals communicating] Alright, we are going to try again on Ben’s phone. Hello? Maple but- are you Canadian? It just crashed and died again! [sigh] Ben: You have to tell them. Cristine: This is so discouraging. It’s like frozen. It won’t let me do- f*ck all Your phone just restarted! So frustrating, I’m sorry guys! [holosexual frustration] I just want to talk to my people! Might as well do another coat. Okay, your phone is like burning. I don’t think that’s good. More like, snapcrap. Holo? I’m just painting my nails Don’t die! I think we should make some ocean paraphernalia. Now to turn them into little stickers. Gonna put a top coat on them Is there a top of the mountain? Or is it just an illusion? [how deep are your holosexual thoughts?] Yes! How am I supposed to use scissors? Thanks- Thanks bae.[simplybaelogical] Now I’m just gonna stick my little- Now this can either look really cool or really stupid. And we add another top coat Guess what time it is, bae? Why don’t you guess? F*ckin tea time! That’s what time it is. [ holosexual ah of relieve] Because Starbucks was closed right now. How is it midnight? [holosexual cries of frustration] So. Many. Tacos. Cristine: Yeah, right? Ben: Alright, I think I’m gonna go to bed. Cristine: You don’t want to stay up with me all night and experience my journey to Polish Mountain? Are my eyes bloodshot? Ben: Zyler? Cristine: I think Zyler is doing Polish Mountain The cat edition. Doesn’t it- Ben: Hey, wanna say hi? Holo? Is everyone sleeping? Oh, I’m sorry! She’s like- They probably think you’re talking to boys on the phone How late is it where you are? Ben: Yeah, we’re in the same timezone Cristine: We’re in the tame Tame Tame sime What? Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. Had too much nail polish to drink Do you want to say hi to Ben? No? Oh, o-okay..? Boys have cooties Thank you for watching my videos! Bye! Think we should add a thin coat of holo taco… Let’s get wild! Ooooh, yes. [getting the holo fix] [empty drink slurp] I’m out of sugar! [Yawning] This could theoretically can go on forever I could die doing the Polish Mountain That’s how dangerous this activity really is Thought you went to bed? Bow chicka wow wow Wow wow It’s not quite peel porn time yet, Cristine Not quite Can’t stop, won’t stop, Polish Mountain climbing! Someone please remind me on why I wanted to do this again? I could be out with friends Having fun? Nobody likes a quitter! [holosexuals never quit] Even though my back and wrist are pretty much killing me They say that you can’t remember pain. And obviously, I forgot what it was like the last time I did this. Getting really hard to use that topcoat so I got another one I don’t go on vacation, I go on Holo-days. [Aggressively rubbing hair with Cindy.] I’m gonna make this my final glossy taco. This mountain, yeah, this one is like, double the size. Hmmmm… Kay, never mind, one more The mountain is addicting! Yeah, I lied, another, last coat. You can see the nail and the shapes like that And then you turn it, and it’s like, “Oh shit! Oh shit, that shit’s see through!” What? Mind is blown! Your mind is- is blowing up into tiny pieces! Right now. Do you know how Moses parted an ocean? Or something… Yeah, well I f*cking built an ocean! These are like aquarium nails, but better! It’s like those clear gummy bears, you just wanna.. Oh shit, I actually touched it! What’s inside my nails challenge? That’s, that’s a weird one. Ooooh, that is f*cking awesome! Now it’s time to rave! Rave! I’m naked, you just can’t see me! I actually really like the idea of objects trapped inside of a clear liquid. Thank you for coming with me on my journey to Clear Polish Mountain, it was a pleasure having you. If you’re not subscribed to this channel, you- you could do that, you could- you could subscribe That is an option! Okay, what time is it, Mr. Wolf? Thank you all so much for watching! This is- this is kinda fun! Okay, I’m gonna go now! Bye! Bye! Bye! [seductive peel porn music begins]

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  1. I liked and subscribed to her channel because she took a lot of time doing this and filming the video, only for building "ocean mountains" on her nails ⛰️
    (which were pretty awesome tho) 😂

  2. 1:42 I CaN ReAd Diz it SaYs "30 layers of nailpolish on nails challenge" btw this is Arabic and I'm Arabic soooo thank me later mah friend- even tho i will go unnoticed and nobody will read this or care about diz- ANYHOW BaI

  3. Simply:sometimes I feel like I left a piece of me on the polish mounatin.
    BEYYYYYN:what??? questions Simply's mental health
    Simply:I must return. nyoom
    BEYYYYYYYN:it's to early for this shit goes back to sleep

  4. Cristine subscribers : ask cristine to paint all of her nail polishes on her nails
    Cristine : ohh thats cool
    Internet : blame cristine for everything but also did the challenge

    Logic 🖒🖒

  5. Tomorrow is my Maths exam and I've been watching Cristine for past 4 hours and it's 11:25 pm. I don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow in the exam so wish me luck…P.S I love you Cristine ❤❤

  6. Ben: cris wuts wrong
    Cristine: sometimes I feel like I left a part of myself on Polish mountain
    Ben: ThAts NoT a PrOBlEm AnYMore
    Me: what in the fucking hell is wrong with you XD

  7. My boyfriend has been watching your videos with me for a little over a year now and he hadn't seen this one yet… I just showed him and we get to the end and he turns to me and asks "where's the peel porn?" I'm so happy 😀

  8. Why did the beginning skit thingy, when Cristine was rolling around in the bed, why were their voices cut out??? Or is it just my phone

  9. PLEASE DO A HOLO!!!! POLISH MOUNTAIN TO FINISH OFF THE SERIES!!!!💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻❤💛💚💙💜💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  10. Wow, she tried to read Polish title of the video. First Polish YouTuber who did polish mountain was Agnieszka Grzelak or Red Lipstick Monster (one of them was first, but I can't remember who)

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