REVIEW Engineered Garments Pants

REVIEW Engineered Garments Pants

Oh, hi, I didn’t see you there. My name is Bliss and I’m here to review some pants specifically some engineered garments pants very serious pants. Would you like to see these pants? You can’t yet because the pants require a great deal of setup and Information before you can properly understand them. So get comfortable. Nah I’m just kidding. BRING IN THE PANTS!! Aren’t those nuts? they’re my new favorite thing ever I can’t wear them all the time because that would be a little bit overwhelming but I love these pants They are the best and in a new turn of events from our wardrobe. They are high-waisted know just like extremely high waisted very very high waisted. Fascinating Bliss, but what pray tell are those fantastic pants made of Boucle Sixty-three percent acrylic 19 percent. Mohair 10 percent wool and a polyester. Oh, wow. So cool. Where do those pants come from? Who makes them? engineered garments as the the maker and where is nepenthez in New York in the garment district Which is like one of the coolest shops that I’ve ever been to up until recently It was one of those shops where it’s like well make the clothes upstairs and we sell the clothes downstairs and they like got all There they still get all their stuff locally in the garment district, which is extremely cool I love engineered garments and they have this nice little poem on the inside of all of their garments I don’t know if it’s officially a poem but I like to think of it as a poem because I have a literature degree and I’m desperate to use it anywhere I can there are many ways of living conditons capacities shapes growth function purpose practice use work and operation collectively arranged assembled produced and planned built showing use process and form Engineered garments new york new york one zero zero one eight Oh, here’s another poem hand wash cold Do not bleed do my favorite part about these guys is that I actually saw them on Instagram on someone else many many months before I bought them and I freaked out and was like Those are the coolest pants I have ever seen in my entire life Where did they come from and that son of a bitch did not reply to that comment? I even deemed him later and he still did not reply because dr. Cool guy had to keep the engineer garment pants to himself Well, I found these bitches and I went and I bought them immediately it is the only thing that is like over like $50 that is an item of clothing that I have ever Insta copped without thinking about it and I actually went in to defend this and was like, what’s up guys? How are you? and then this light shone down on these pants that were on the sale rack because it was getting warmer outside and I was like what the fuck I must have these paints So in conclusion, I love these pants. I love these pants. I would get these pants. I would say a 10 out of 10 I think we’re gonna do it this time a 10 out of 10 I love these pants. And if any part of you is thinking Oh Bliss no, sir. Those pants are too crazy stop to consider This was my second choice Do you own any engineered garments? Do you own anything by engineered garments? Have you been to Nepenthe days? Are you the owner of engineered garments? Let me know Reply or whatever. I don’t know like subscribe do all this shit this Couldn’t even get the right. Yeah, I’m gonna say it like and subscribe for your bitch *laughs* Like and subscribe for your bitch ass Woo

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  1. We all have that material thing that we really really enjoy, but can’t fully express. Maybe we feel others wouldn’t understand. You do it well. Great energy. The Doctor Cool Guy story made me laugh.

  2. Wow engineered garments?!?! That’s crazy
    Ever hear how the government engineered our minds to believe we live on a round earth #wrong
    Check the vid and join the flat earth movement

    As check mr beasts video on the topic it’s #beast

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