Review of Disana Diaper Cloth System

Review of Disana Diaper Cloth System

this is a review of the dishonor cloth diaper system desana is a company based in Germany and they have a great organic cloth diaper line what I have here are Muslim flats a time nappy and a boiled wool cover all of these are organic certified organic and one of the nice things about this system is that it's all-natural materials you don't need a snappy you don't need a pin and there's no water extra water proof that you need besides the wool so I'm not a specialist in cloth diapers but I have been experimenting and using them and seeing what works for us and our baby and I think that this is a really great system it's not 100% simple so it depending on what your needs it mayor and it may not work for you but I think it's it's a really great system and once you get the hang of it it's not it's not that complicated one thing that we do often sometimes is use pre folds and a cover if you fold with a pre fold and thirds and then just put a waterproof cover over that for us that's a very simple system where that comes short is it's not as leak proof I found one of the things that's really nice about this system is that it's more leak proof because the diaper goes all the way around kind of like it I would compare this to if you were going to use a fitted cloth diaper underneath the cover one other thing that's nice in terms of fitted cloth diapers if you're getting fitted diapers usually they come in sizes for what I know like small medium large extra-large this is all one size so you can fold it differently depending on how big your baby is so that's one thing that's really nice they also dry really fast my experience with cloth fittings is that they take a long time to dry so if you're like us and you're doing line drying this can come in Andy this is the boiled wool cover it's all 100% organic wool except the velcro so that's kind of what it looks like inside it's um it's a little bit on the large side which is something that you should keep in mind we have the six to 12-month size and this that's great so I just also want to say it looks pretty big when you see it but when you actually when you put it on the baby it does wonders because what happens is this part here goes up high on the baby and see how there's this little extra area that makes it so the velcro don't fold over and scratch the baby's belly at least with our baby duds that was what happened it didn't scratch the baby's belly because of this fold over so it goes up kind of high which is nice it also has this extra liner of wool on the inside so that makes it extra absorbent and then this is all knit wool on the edges so that is stretchy so you put it on put this up cross it over like that and that's what it looks like when it's on this is the muslim' flat new can kind of get a sense of the texture and how it's a little transparent so that's the muslim' flat new unwashed out of the package this is the Muslim flat after being washed a number of times and our washer and not being dried we line dry it so that's the muslin flat being line dried and we usually fold it in thirds like this and you can double them up so this is the Thai nappy before being washed so that's what it looks like and this is the time a pea after being washed and line dry and this is the wool cover after being used a lot and washed not a lot which it doesn't need to so you could do a nice central material and what it looks like basically what we do is this is without without baby but you want to have the ties up like this let's imagine babies in front of me I'll do a close-up view of this as well you can put the folded Muslim flat either right on top or if you want it you can put it underneath like that baby goes here right so baby's head is here this goes over this goes like that and then you go under and tie it in a in a boat like this so then this is on baby and then this goes the cover can go over it kind of like that looks very different on the baby this is not a trim diaper I will say that is not a trim diaper but it's all natural materials it holds leaks really well pretty absorbents this this is all 100% cotton it cotton so here is the time a pea the wider part goes in the back let's say baby's head is here feet are here so the wide part goats and goes in the back this goes on top the ties are going to be be down here so then this muslin flat can either go on top like this or if you wanted to you could put it underneath if you wanted to have this material against the baby skin so let me just show you with it on top because I think that's simpler so this part you can also fold this depending on on the size of your baby so just for ease let's say we're folding it just a little bit this part goes around the baby's belly like this and then this part comes up over the baby and then these ties are here legs are here in and then you just kind of lift up baby's back and pull this under and then tie it in a bow here tight enough to hold it but also type you know not too tight so it's comfortable and then baby's legs come out there like that so that's what the the diaper looks like and then cover would then go over that so it's not it's good that the cover is a little bit larger to hold all of that so this system is excellent for nap time and night time and it also works for the day it's not a trim diaper so if there's just to keep that in mind but it's breathable its natural its organic we love it

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  1. Overwhelmed watching your video. Pretty certain the ties would get mangled and knotted together in the washing machine. Sorry, although you are very informative, not something I would ever want to try. Seems excessive, although I love wool covers.

  2. Thanks so much for this video. How are the muslin flats different from boosters/inserts? It seems like they have the same function.

  3. Hi, I find that even with the cover, although it doesnt leak at night, the urine does get cold and then wakes my son up. Is this something that happened to you?

  4. Hi loved the review…would love to see what your diaper stash … We are currently switching out our stash and turning towards organic natural fibers …. And also slowly moving towards organic essentials. So it's helpful to see what other families have ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow, let me just say, what an impressive review! I love how you showed the new vs. washed and how you explained your system. I personally decided on prefolds (w/ snappis) with a Babee Greens snap-on wool cover for daytime and the Disana pull-on for nighttime. Heading to your website now.

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