Review: Pen or Pencil & Attire con JS Casta | Pastomagic

Review: Pen or Pencil & Attire con JS Casta | Pastomagic

Hello friends from Pastomagic, my name is Germán Arciniegas welcome to a new magic review my guest for thw review is JS Casta, from Colombia we are going to review two tricks, let’s get into it Hey how are you, I’m very happy to be here is a pleasure to be with my friend Germán Arciniegas and he is not paying more than $150 (not true) for telling you this First trick, as you saw in the begining Pen or Pencil by Michael Chateleain Chateliain You just saw Sebas perform, so so, why did I invite him? because I saw him perform at your insta @jscasta Is a very good trick what do you think about it?
– I have… a love and hate relationship with this routine, because is a very strong one very very strong one, but when you have to be aware of the angles tricky Yes, but… has a very good reactions from the audience
– There are incredible If you are going to perform this routine in a competition… or a social media video, or a close up competition, where you have a camera in one position This is a very strong hit in the head unfortunately we not always work in that enviroment, but… ¿will I perform it at a cocktail party? In a walkaround situation I doubt It needs very specific angles I’m sure there are more talented people than me that could perform it easily but you can do it in a casual enviroment If you can manage the audience Is a very honest opinion I love this kind of tricks, because are great for video looks like a camera trick, that’s it I agree, looks like one Is a very clear and visual change pen to pencil, to pen, to pencil… ¿how did you call a pen in your country? (Spanish words: plumón, boli, esfero… all means “pen”) not marker, good bye I like it, I agree Is better for a video tv, social media, I prefer it that way You can perform it live, but you have to be carefull what Sebastian says
¿what’s in the box? there is one gimmick ready to go also some replacements, spare pens and pencils and also a dvd that’s the reason of the size in the video, Chatelain explains everything you need to know about it details, warnings and subelties very well explained, but the quality of the video… It’s how you’d expect it
– not a very good one but the contents are very good
_ that’s what I said ¿are you gonna censor me? – Why?
– Because I’ve purchase other effects by Chatelain There are very good ideas But I think the video quality is disastrous But Michael Chatelain is a genius This is not his first relase – He has brilliant ideas, very very good ones I recommend that you search for his work He has some gems ¿How difficult is it? Is very easy, but… there is a big difference between understand the concept and perform it well, because there is only one thing to do But you have to do it very very well and in a very specific way Exactly, is a very easy technique but you have to know angle management but is not that hard!
– No, is not! Needs practice
If you can sit own one day Not five minutes, and then I’ll perform it or upload it no, one day only practicing what you’re about to learn, some things that a lot of us can do already But a very specific move you have it! Price!
Pen or Pencil by Michael Chatelain costs… USD 29,95 Sebastián Will you buy it?
you already do it… But for the people watching I will buy it if I know that I want to make a video with this effect this is my honest answer Now that I know the secret, I think I was expecting something else, do not misunderstand I’m very happy because you get what you see like a camera trick said in a very simple way: a camera trick If you’re going to make a video, this is the one Think better if you want to perform it more regulary And also iIf USD 29 worth the cost of a video for social media Or if you want to perform it in a competition It will looks brutal in a contest I think is a high price, but is a very clever idea, I pay for those In my case, I’ll buy it Is a “worker”? Is the one that you can work with it in a professional situation Humm…… For the promo material of an average magician Perfect for a showreel If you buy it, put it into your promo material “Magician… Magical Magikini… audience reaction… then the effect on camera… audience reaction, and done” and it solds this was Pen or Pencil by Michael Chatelain Next one: Attire by Roddy McGhie and Danny Weiser Let’s take a look at the reel… Ok, we saw it, and one of the reasons for inviting Sebastian, is because both effects are perfect for social media this one is avery good idea is a very visual one very interesting concept you have something painted on your clothes and pops out very interesting… what do you think? the truth is Does not convince you does absolutely not it needs a lot of preparation, damage your clothes for one thing for only one effect, you have to think that does it worth to have a t-shirt only for that? full attire for only one trick? although, in the video explains how you can do it without damaging the shirt and put it into a shirt like yours but it worth it? yes, is a very good effect, and an idea It looks very good in video very very very good but in real life… I don’t want to tell you negative things about it I don’t llike it for a real life situation there are a thousand ways of producing a sharpie something this easy… or like this, or this or like that or that easy or that, and boom a sharpie! he do it like 10 ways this is one more of them, but it requires… is very good, and also for the specific moment so… take some cards…. please sign, but I don’t have… hey, look at this and you take it out!
is a resource that a magician will do But in my opinion a t-shirt with a sharpie is too strange ¿what will I do? I will try another version where you paint it yourself and then pops out, but no, very bad idea obviously is a very hard for us to say that because those people are brilliant and has a lot of incredible effects, like “The little door” one of most magical effects that I have seen But this is a very good one for a camera But in a real life situation I will never perform it Ok, talk about price.
Attire costs USD 24, 95 will you pay for it? nope, if somebody give it to me… I will do it in a video, no doubt about it but I will not pay for it I will pay for Pen or Pencil I think is more versatile for a video than this I will not, is not my style Or my type of magic I like the idea, I will work on it Difficulty… what do you think? Is more difficult than Pen or Pencil you have to know how to produce a sharpie from nowhere if you know how a “flipstick” works and you also need the aim but is not that difficult we can’s tell the secret hummm and also needs the skill to secretly load something palm the sharpie is not that basic, but also not an intermediate one is a normal one, but a easy one easy to normal ¿is it a worker? – Nope
– Nope “NO” in bold and red letter and white and black ones is not a worker because for my case, I don’t know yours I cant be aware of that in a magic show It can be an opener, but I don’t dress like that Is not for me If you do street magic with a t-shirt, and you have some design honestly,,, cards on the table… is an effect that if you are going to record it for street magic is a very good one I see David Blaine or Dynamo doing it perfect for social media, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook this is great Thanks for watching
IMPORTANT! If you want Pen or Pencil o Attire You can get it at your favorite Murphys Magic Dealer In Colombia If you go there and buy those or any other
and you tell them about Pastomagic you can get a special discount
– a big one But if you want it for free… and also a book “Magia Estrategica” from Juan David Arbeláez “Strategic Magic” Those three goes for one person Only one! What you have to do? Talk about Pastomagic in social media ¿That’s it?
You have to tag us @pastomagic in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or send us an email with the links at forums in a Facebook groups Make Pastomagic popular share this or the interviews… all the content share and tag us I will be watching, the one who do it better… in the next review, we will know! If you also want to know who wins the previous review
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so, you know, work it and you can win tag us in a creative way! for the people to know about Pastomagic Thanks Sebastian (@jscasta) for joining me in this review and we will invite him again – yes! and will pay me (NOPE) Follow him @jscasta I salso upload nice things so… thaks to all!!

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  1. Muy buen video, gracias.
    German que piensas de la compre de productos como pen or pencil, odisea etc… por aliexpres que suelen ser mas economicos. Pen or pencil vale 14 dolares.

  2. Hola no tengo muchas redes pero lo comparti en twitter, facebook, no en mi perfil, sino en una pagina que administro a la q siguen casi 2000 personas!, creo que ayuda mucho, tambien en instagram y google, no se que mas hacer. Saludos Genio

  3. no conocia la pagina mundo ahora ya se donde comprar !!! esta super !! los precios son muy buenos y mejores a otras. se las recomiendo mucho

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