Reviewing Your Book Week Costumes

Reviewing Your Book Week Costumes

– So the month of August
is always a fun month because that’s Book Week, which I think is where
kids have to dress up as a favorite character from a book and go to school as that. I don’t have children because I haven’t ruined my life. I live a great life as you can see. I’m in a hotel room right now. Oh, hello! Someone’s living the high life! People like to critique red carpet. Oh, what a snooze! Red carpet! It’s always like gowns
and beautiful things. I wanna take it back to
the people, to my people, and I’m gonna review
your Book Week costumes. On Facebook, I asked you
to post a photo of them and you have and we’re gonna look at them. Okay, our first photo comes from Rochelle, who says this is a friend of hers, who teaches at a school and she’s dressed as Professor Trelawney. Now, I’m gonna say it’s a bloody good one. I give this a solid
seven-and-a-half out of 10. It’s definitely a green Millers top. I’ve seen that top in Millers, it’s an old lady clothing store. That’s good! I like that one. My son was so proud of this costume. He made it with his dad. Oh, my heart just melted! Oh and he’s a transformer. Oh my god! That is so cute! When he like he squats down, it makes a little car. Oh my god, Mon! Your son is so adorable. 10 out of 10. Naomi said, “I’ve spent so many
hours sewing this costume.” You made this! Your daughter looks so uncomfortable but (laughs) this is
an incredible costume. Oh, see what I did there? Mum’s put the book in the background. She put, “No, it’s also a book.” Is it just me or do Book Week characters mostly come from movies and not books? Like, it’s so fun! Like, I love this Incredibles costume but I love that mum has
put the book to be like, it’s a book, guys! Trust me. I found the coloring book. It’s a book! Oh my god! This girl is the cutest
thing I’ve ever seen. We went against the conventional and didn’t dress as a book character. Well, as I said previously, I don’t think many people
go as book characters. Instead, we made our own character based on this year’s theme. There’s a theme for Book Week? I thought the theme was books. The theme is reading is my special power, so we created super-reader. Oh, I’m gonna cry with
how cute this girl is! She’s a superhero. Oh! I mean I hate children, but she’s so adorable! Okay, well Kiki’s made this costume. Look, Kiki, it’s more
effort than I would put in and then on the back it
says to be continued. Oh, that’s a three dollar
Kmart shirt I can see. Nothing like splashing
the cash on your children! Good on you, Kiki. I like that. You’ve actually put in in
a decent amount of effort. I don’t mind this costume. I like the idea. Once upon a time, it covers
sort of every book ever and then to be continued ‘cos you know the narrative is your
daughter so, you know, it’s very deep and meaningful even though it is a sort
of a lazy man’s approach. I like it. Amy says, “My daughter’s
school were told to dress as a superhero. She went as a doctor. Not all heroes wear”– Oh my god, she’s so adorable! Oh, I mean Book Week for
parents is a nightmare, but these photos are just so cute. Oh, Jack says, “I love a
spotlight run the night before. My son wanted to go as
(laughs) Albert Einstein.” That’s a very good costume. I’m quite surprised at
the caliber of these because I was expecting
a lot of Ralph Wiggum’s. – And special awards
go to the two students who obviously had no
help from their parents, Lisa Simpson and Ralph Wiggum. – You know, just like
once upon a time shirts. I was expecting (laughs) lots of Kiki– No dissing your shirt, but like that’s the caliber of Book Week (laughs)
costumes I was expecting. A mattress with Florida written on it. Melanie, her daughter wanted
to go as a book fairy. Ah and she made a costume. Look, fairy wings are made
from the pages of a book and the dress is books. That is red carpet worthy because didn’t one year
Baz Luhrmann’s wife go in a dress made of Amex cards? This is basically the same thing. Oh my god! Rebecca’s daughter went as Eleven. I love that! I mean, again, Stranger
Things is definitely a television series and not a book, but that is a good Eleven. Rebecca says, “I love that
she wanted to go as Eleven because she had everything in her room and I didn’t have to do any midnight runs, but this year’s Book
Week was a win for mum.” (laughs) Remember the show Madeline? Like, as a parent, I would try and convince my kid to go as Madeline because she wears a school uniform. So, it’s like, no different from any (laughs) school day and then like, if you forget that it’s Book Week and you put your kid in a school uniform, it can be like, she’s Madeline from the book Madeline! That’s a TV shot and not a book. (laughs) Alana, “My son went as a tradie.” Oh, man! That’s so great. He actually looks like a legit tradie. What book character do you wanna go as? I wanna go as a plumber (laughs). Okay, let’s find a book
that has a plumber in it. “My eldest went as the Green Sheep.” What’s the Green Sheep? I mean that is a elaborate costume that I would say looks more
like a piece of broccoli. Oh, man! These are so great. Chantelle says, “My nephew,
Ethan, dressed as Brian from Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas.” 10 hours of work from his favorite aunty and he won Best Dressed and even donated it to
hang in the school library. Look at that outfit! Oh my god! That is (laughs) incredible! Oh my god! This one comes from Chloe. Ah, this is Wyatt! He’s so cute. Oh, he’s so adorable! She says, “This is Wyatt’s favorite book. It’s called Wonder. It’s a heart-warming story
about a boy called Auggie with facial deformities
who enters the fifth-grade for the first time
after being homeschooled and he eventually finds
beauty in being different.” What a beautiful story! Chloe says that Wyatt said, “People look at me like I’m different. They stare and say mean things just like in the book, Wonder. I know the theme is
reading is my secret power, but maybe being able to be yourself when everyone things
you’re wrong or broken is the biggest secret power.” Chloe says, “Wyatt has ADHD and autism, so he knows all too well
about being different.” Oh! I just wanna give him a hug! Oh, he’s so cute! Oh, why are kids so mean? Oh, Natalie! Natalie’s daughter went (laughs)– Natalie’s daughter went (laughs)
to Book Week as Chewbacca. That’s really cute! Oh, she’s got the hair for it, I have to say! Well, Becky’s posted this photo. That’s nothing like
terrifying the entire school. That is the most incredible
IT costume I’ve ever seen. Katie writes, “My daughter
is a monster from the book There Is A Monster
Under My Bed Who Farts.” Oh my god! She’s so cute! Oh, these kids are so adorable! From a distance, in the photo, adorable! In real life, terrifying! Wouldn’t go nowhere near them! Erin, “When your son wants
to be a rainbow fish, you make a rainbow fish costume including a swishy fish tail.” Oh, look at how happy he
is being a rainbow fish. Oh! Mrs. Trunchbull from Matilda. That is absolutely amazing! Oh, that is just like such a
niche character done so well. Oh my god! Mandy’s daughter went
as Alice in Wonderland when she got stuck in the house. These are so genius! All the effort you guys have
put in is just incredible. I was really hoping for a
lot more Ralph Wiggum’s. Your costumes are absolutely outstanding, like I am beyond impressed. Well done, parents! Well (claps) done and you’ve
got through this year. Now we’ve just gotta push through and get to next year or at least you could use
them for Halloween maybe? Just keep that costume in a little bucket and store it away. Anyway! Just, I mean, I don’t
understand Book Week. How painful! What a painful day! What a painful week! What a painful month!

62 Replies to “Reviewing Your Book Week Costumes”

  1. My school had book week in June 😂 and I dressed up as Jughead Jones from Riverdale with a sore ankle 😂 yeah I severely sprained my ankle the week before because I’m bad At sports 😂

  2. Okay hands down the Ms Trunchball costume 10/10

    And Stranger things started off as a book series Christian 😂😂😂

  3. the 501st and rebel legion would rip that chewbacca costume to shreds because it doesnt meet there elitist standards

  4. I work at a book store and had a harried mum come in looking for anything with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because her son was determined to be Leonardo for Book Week even tho she told him thats a cartoon. The only thing we had was a Batman/TMNT crossover hardback collectors comic (yeah, i know) thats definitely not geared towards literal 5 year olds. She said that was fine and bought it anyway because she was so harried about having to make a TMNT costume and not even having a book that went with it.

  5. I wanted to dress up as hermione but my two sisters got to instead because I was to small to fit into my mums clothes that she had and there were not many clothes she could let us borrow. But instead I went as a stupid fairy. Maybe I should of gone as a broke kid cause my parents didn’t buy us costumes lol

  6. When my daughter was in year 5 she really wanted to go as a raindrop for some unknown reason. She even made her own book about a raindrop to get away with it. And yeah, she technically got away with it – she had the book, lol.

  7. My daughters last book week (grade 11) she wanted to buy a costume (hundreds of dollars, no thanks) so thinking hard about what we had in her wardrobe or could source at the op shops, I came up with Hanna Baker from 13 reasons why. Her cinema uniform. Kiddo looked pretty spot on. Unfortunately, the school focused entirely on the suicide angle and harassed me for months to get her into therapy. Taking her out of class multiple times a week to ‘check on her’. I pointed out after the 7th or 8th time, that nobody is checking up on the Scooby gang, or Alice in wonderland for drug use, or the Harry Potters to check for child abuse, or the where’s Wally’s for felling like they’re invisible. I know you can’t be too careful, but when the brief is a character from a popular book, in a year where that was a popular book, well yeah, that’s all it was.

  8. These parents are so good. I order my son's book week costumes from eBay because I would rather be tortured slowly by a serial killer than sew a bloody costume.

  9. My school uniform looked like Madeline so there were a LOT of those. This year I also saw a kid dress all in green with a swim cap and be the pea from princess and the pea. My favourite one I've seen!

  10. When I was in primary school I went to book week as Pippi Longstocking. Complete with wire plaited into my hair to keep my pigtails sticking outwards.

  11. I am a parent and I sound like you. I hate book week. Other mums be like" ive got little Timmy sorted he is wearing two costumes we ha been working on them for 3 wks."
    Me: Meh I'll get Brittany something premade at the last minute. Can't chat gotta run.

  12. My sister is a genius at costumes and has twins so it’s a double up for her! She has made Stickman, The Gruffalo, Luna Lovegood, Bellatrix Lestrange, (Harry Potter) a dream jar (BFG), The Snow Queen…the list goes on! I do any sewing for her but she’s a whizz with cardboard, papier-mâché, makeup, hair and paint!

  13. One teacher from my primary school had 2 kids take around a bike that had a note on it that said “Mrs Smith is wearing Harry’s invisibility clock”

  14. Me and 12 of my friends whent as thing 1, thing 2, thing 3, thing 4, thing 5, thing 6, thing 7, thing 8, thing 9, thing 10, thing 11, thing 12 and thing 13

  15. I work in retail and i had children arguing with their parents because they wanted to be a footballer, an icecream truck, and there's one who I can't exactly remember but I'm pretty sure they just wanted to be a colour.

  16. I used to dress up as Robin Hood, bow and everything, almost got perma banned from a shopping centre and suddenly we didnt dress up for book week anymore. I recently found the pattern for the costume…it goes up to my size…

  17. My principal in high school dressed up as Mrs Trunchbowl for book week, and my science teacher dressed up as Ms Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, she had the exact dress and hair for it, she even brought her pet lizard on her shoulder like the one in the show 😂

  18. 1 more year of book week for me!! Then I would have done 13 years of bookweeks… all I can say is… tha k f**k for that!! 😉

  19. You should do a " what have you lied to your parents about and never told the real story " video

    I literally cried with laughter when you done the what have you lied to your partner about oh boy 🤣

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