Ridgewood High considering strict dress code

Ridgewood High considering strict dress code

high school could be seeing big changes when school is back in session and it could be very costly for parents ABC action news reporter Karen Pullum has more on the possible dress code changes the days of free dress could soon be over at Ridgewood High School since it's a public school I don't think a dress code to that extent is probably the right way to go sheri Blandford daughter is an incoming sophomore at the school and when they received the proposed dress code changes they were a little surprised they are very very very much against it like wearing only certain colors of pants polo shirts are required unless you're wearing a school or solid colored t-shirt in the hardest of all no skirts or dresses part of the fun of going schools you know when you wake up and maybe you're tired that day and you can wear something bumming you or maybe you want to dress a little nicer one day and you can you know it's fun to kind of play around and wear different styles but the school sees it differently just trying to help them understand to that yeah free expression is great but there's also times when you need to look professional or you need to look presentable tied cloth the Northwest region superintendent says the school believes the new dress code will increase student engagement that based on similar dress codes in some Pinellas County schools and the research that they're gathering is showing that it's having a positive impact on climate and culture parents we spoke with have another major concern trying to find enough cash to buy their child a new wardrobe a consistent complaint parents are voicing in this school survey in the end the school district and not parents will have the final say in new port richey I'm Cameron polum ABC Action News

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  1. People like to argue about looking professional and having dress rules in adult settings and i promise most schools have a stricter dress code than any place I’ve ever worked. I’ve been sent home to change clothes in something I would wear to a job interview now.

  2. I want to support the students and parents who are protesting this absurd dress code that even includes which colors a student can wear. Instead of focusing on education, the school board wants to focus on clothes. It wants to prevent individual expression and make school an exercise in oppression to their Nazi like dictates. The 1950's are over and along with it are gender roles in most clothes.I have read that a student was threatened with arrest when he posted on Facebook against the dress code, saying he could be charged with terrorism (although he did not advocate violence). It is clear that it is time for this school board to go….to hell

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