Roger Waters Us + Them Tour Dress Rehearsal

Roger Waters Us + Them Tour Dress Rehearsal

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  1. He's a socialist "caviar", knows nothing of Brazil, doesn't know our reality and came here to support corrupt politicians. There is no shame in the face.

  2. Good afternoon Mr. Waters, I saw with astonishment that you took a lot of money from our government to promote your shows in our country through the Rouanet Law. I would like to ask that you return this money to our poor and needy country.
    Another thing you are supporting today is the Lulaa. Lulaa supports 9 dictators in the world, I am sure that you know this but prefer to ignore it. Well that side is if not put the Maduro of Venezuela in his post, the Castros of Cuba. SO YOU'RE A COMMUNIST AND EVERYTHING WHAT THIS BRINGS ONLY DOES. SHOW THE TRUTH !!Boa tarde Sr. Waters, vi com espanto que o senhor pegou muito dinheiro do nosso governo para promover os seus shows em nosso país através da Lei Rouanet. Gostaria de pedir que devolva este dinheiro a nosso país que é pobre e precisa.
    Outra coisa quem o senhor apoia hoje que é o lulaa. O lulaa apoia 9 ditadores no mundo, tenho a certeza de que o senhor sabe disto mas prefere ignorar. Pois bem de que lado está se não colocou o Maduro da Venezuela em seu post, os Castros de Cuba. AFINAL VOCÊ É UM COMUNISTA E TUDO O QUE ISTO TRAZ SÓ DESGRAÇA. MOSTRE A VERDADE !!

  3. Why is this video here??? Not sure what this means….nice 30 second promo for upcoming concerts??? Well, not so nice….

  4. This old goat approves of Russia's actions, namely, the occupation of Ukraine and the killing of tens of thousands of Ukrainians. Boycott this bastard. I threw all his music out of the library.

  5. Roger, why did you start lip-syncing the whole show for the European leg of the tour? I am shocked! I was watching videos from the US leg of the tour on YouTube, where most of the show was live, and really looked forward to see you performing live… But when I attended the show, absolutely everything except Vera was playback! I have never liked your lip-syncing, but I still thought your shows were great as long as it was only parts of the show. After all, if I attended your shows, I WOULD actually see and hear you singing, just not for the whole show, and I thought seeing you lip-syncing a few songs would be better than seeing someone else singing them, and I understand that at your age, you would perhaps destroy your voice if you sang all those show every night… But lip-syncing the whole show is JUST NOT OK!!! And why do you do it? At the beginning of the tour, you sang Time, Deja Vu, The Last Refugee, Picture That, Smell the Roses, Wish You Were Here, Brain Damage, Eclipse and Comfortably Numb live, and it was great! Why the hell do you lip-sync songs that are definitely still within your vocal range???? And it can't be that you just want to save your voice either, if you're not singing live! And how funny is it really to stand on the stage with a turned off microphone and pretend that you're singing before tens of thousands of fans who have payed a whole lot of money to see and hear you sing and play? You should be ashamed! I am probably one of your biggest fans, and I have even defended you in discussions about this topic earlier, as I didn't bother too much about you lip-syncing some songs if the rest of the show was live… But by lip-syncing the whole show, you have lost all my respect, Roger! This is just NOT OK! And you are a hypocrite when you criticize capitalists and politicians for deceiving people, and at the same lip-sync your shows! Haha, charade you are, Roger! I still admire you for all your earlier work, and for your engagement for the oppressed and marginalized, Roger. You are a legend! But as of today, you are nothing but a hypocrite, charade and deceiver! I am really pissed!

  6. Hello Roger Waters, Could you upload more videos of the concert in the Zócalo in Mexico City, please.

  7. The fact is an artist earn his name and fame on the basis of their talent..Art is very simple thing where you spent all your life living it..but suddenly one fine day an artist shown his desire to talk about extremely complex subject called 'POLITICS'..An artists forget one thing that his fans have their own opinion over politics and ,and may differ from you Mr.Roger..The only thing your fans will take home is a big DISAPPOINTMENT just because you didn't sing but talked..I am a die heard fan of PINK FLOYD mr Roger..I spend whole night watchig and listening you guys creation sometime.. Love from India. [email protected]

  8. Water's concert is a waste of money.  I saw his last tour and I will never pay a dime again to see his political ranting.

  9. roger has a youtube channel? cool. i wonder i f HE uses it? maybe he hired some kid to upload this stuff. ✌

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