hello guys welcome to my channel open
top I see some shopping center mass Maura Alma billion pero mix hano hano
Antonella happen in de perro mass Morris sir
among store so Pagano technical guys clothes Pasha tsumugi paternal Lucas man
guys D Tanaka sir Ross Dress for Less versus public opinion a typical only thing so I moved Oh Mike O’Connell America bison dementia
resists ichika amaura Lebanon sandals Shh relax guys let’s all name like that now – oh
God remember I told you already for center versus you opening dollars straight flower molecules beautiful
condition and I’m a decoration isolation box we’re almost less
specialized Randall move my birthdate suffice you don’t get killed now AHA ice and Pomona – amélie I am
beautiful seqable on computer co I am use and oku medias is cost only $7 and
$6.99 then not sure so Piper now then no then pear whoa and ami the pores it oh
and you send out scope the under form and per enough bum bhai six dollars more
on a shock driven son Oh shucks I eat two guys and some young Blasco yeah $9.00 Dada Shaka
Marisa hold on or overall an overall CO and only how much you got don’t be cut
at Sasha twenty dollars so twenty dollars one thousand pesos
mihashi guys 1000 1000 Maha Maha an Aqualung guys once in a while Indian 800
million I sell Pantalone Yan you wanna spell only higher ice and high-rise
building I own only $13 yeah Jaffa though I like this one
I like the color yes only but so much Oh $16 there are no $16 so the total is
the moment of truth and only 7 P $6 yaar no moral and sha nothing are you guys
gonna shower like my own Island shun among my branded I mean branded dress so
well guys thank you for watching my channel so give me a thumbs up subscribe
my channel guys sucking my thumb a socket but I know guys me all her Jo
ok guys subscribe my channel hit the bills notification icons you guys not
goodbye if I have new video up Lawrence sign of Marilyn Burt journey thank you


  1. yan din ang favorate store ko sis hehe
    barato kaayo ila mga shoes
    naka palit me ug sketchers nga shape up for
    20 bucks ra😍

    getwell soon sis
    god bless

  2. Hello sis dito na ako tapos na maglinis gusto ko din yan sis pero lately sa TJ Maxx at Ung mga clearances sa mall. 😂 buti sa Ross na yan di makalat ung iba kasi parang binagyo.parang ikaw ata pinaka una sis wala pang tao sa loob ng store.

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