Royal baby clothing at the Museum of London

Royal baby clothing at the Museum of London

hello my name is Timothy long I am curator of fashion and decorative arts at the Museum of London the arrival of the newest member of the royal family is a momentous occasion that has captured the world's attention the Museum of London has quite a rare connection to the royal family because prior to the formation of the Museum of London in 1976 the museum was two different institutions one was the Guildhall Museum and the other was the London Museum which opened in Kensington Palace in 1912 Kensington Palace accumulated an impressive collection of material that documents both the City of London but also very unique items from the members of the royal family today we're going to focus on the material related to Queen Victoria's children this is a robe that was made for one of Queen Victoria's children and what becomes quite apparent when you look closely at the piece is the tremendous skill and craftsmanship that went into its production it's a cotton child's robe that has a great deal of cotton thread embroidery and lace all the way across the front of the piece this infant cap was worn by Prince Albert Edward who was born in 1841 it was the second child of Queen Victoria and it is made of a very very fine cotton fabric that has been embroidered with cotton thread across the front as well as in a floral scene at the center back these shoes were worn by Princess Alice the significance here is that these were actually made by her mother Queen Victoria Alice was born in 1843 but these were made for her a few years later and are made of a very fine white wool that have been embroidered in a very fine silk thread in a floral pattern across the front throughout the sides and also at the center back these shoes here document two different generations of the royal family in the nineteenth century and if you look closely at a few of the pairs you can get some clues about the individual member who wore those items this pair particular if you turn over you can see that someone has written Prince of Wales across the front so you know for certain that this was worn by Prince Albert Edward when he was a child before eventually becoming King Edward the seventh we have a bedsheet that was used by Prince Albert Edward when he was a child this piece was made in 1842 we can see that by the date above which you have PW for Prince of Wales and above that we have the embroidery of a small crown in red thread additional accessories in the collection related to the royal family our pieces that we have here from a few pairs of stockings worn by Queen Victoria's daughters Princess Alice and Princess Beatrice very finely embroidered both with the initials of the wearer as well as the royal crown as well as to Kidd leather gloves worn by Queen Victoria's granddaughters Princess Louise and Princess Victoria as the Capitol prepares itself at the newest royal arrival we here at the Museum of London are looking forward to seeing what the next generation of royal baby clothing will be

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  1. Could you PLEASE turn the volume down on the 'background' music??   It is SO annoying and competing with the Curator's voice.

  2. WHO MADE THIS APPALLING IN QUALITY DOCUMENTARY?Firstly Who is presenting these exquisite objects? with Canadian or. I hope not American accent. Why does the Camera stay fixed on him. No interest ,instead of presented pieces? Irritating background noise . And Too short moment on objects with zoom image clouded. I CANNOT BELIEVE WITH ALL THE BRILLIANT YOUNG PEOPLE. WHO PRESENT DOCUMENTARIES OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY . THAT THE MUSEUM OF LONDON PRESENTS. THIS VERY POOR QUALITY WORK. An English Lady

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