1. come on trish i'm disgusted with you taking us poor folk to the queen shop taklking bout £100 and £63 pounds a yard for quarter of a meter come on now

  2. i'd have to treat that place like a museum if I ever got the chance to see it in person, thanks for the tour though, the only thing I could take away from such a place would be pictures and memories! Cheers!

  3. mi piaci molto peccato che non capisco la tua lingua ma ti seguo ugualmente il negozio che hai fatto vedere è bellissimo vorrei acquistare li c è di tutto, ma la lontananza è tanta non so ,continuero a vedere i tuoi tutorial sei molto creativa e bravissima grazie di dedicarci il tuo tempo saluti da litalia

  4. Hello Adina, glad you liked it. Shame that I don't own the shop, I'm sure I'd be loaded by now with those prices!!
    But well worth it because they really sell the top quality stuff.

  5. I'm on the other side of the ocean. You are so convincing as a vendor, I feel like shipping myself over there thanks anyway for your inspiring excitement on a gloomy day for me

  6. Hello Shelly, it's just a bit of fun….not everyday that you get to go to a fabric shop 'By Royal Appointment'

  7. Hello Maureen, I'm fairly new to it too (ie. the whole You Tube thing!) Thankyou for your comments and yes had a bit of a break over the summer but have lots of videos waiting for me to edit coming out soon. Take a look at my website too as there are many step by step tutorials on there. Tree

  8. Yes, I'm working on some right now, just need to simplify for the videos, Thanks, Tree

  9. Sooo loving how they have chain mail fabric!!!!! Sooo wish the eastcoast had that….can you please show how to make a funky pair of pants!!??

  10. If you look on my Facebook Page I have a KUSAMA inspired spotted dress with a stuffed collar that I think will soon be worn by one of the lovely ladies of SO NATURAL TV! Thankyou, Tree

  11. Hello, my trip was about showing you all the big designer names but they've got knitted Chain Mail made from metal, Camouflage printed, perforated, leather! Huge variety of stuff but yes all pricey cos of it's exclusivity! This place and shops in Berwick St,like The Cloth Shop are our Sloane St shops of the fabric world! Where do you buy fabric?Thanks, Tree

  12. Wohaa!! Too expensive, and most of the fabrics looks old-fashioned (oh, it makes sense: it's for the Queen).

  13. Oh I'm sure. From the prices, I could tell that it is an exclusive store, but the things are really lovely!

  14. that would be ABSOLUTELY fantastic if you could, I'm only across the water but there arn't many choices here. I'll definitely let you know

  15. Hello, so glad you enjoyed it. Thought it was an opportunity to see inside one of these places. You think it's gonna be intimidating but they are so helpful whether you're spending £10 or £1,000 they treat you just the same. Tree

  16. Hello, yes I know it's mad!! But do you know what you can see why! But they have many fabrics that are special designer fabrics like Basso and Brook, or Missoni style fabrics that were £60 per mtr which is still loads but half a metre (£30) makes me a gorgeous simple T-shirt.Tree

  17. Hi, no easy, but like I said to Charlotte, let me know before you come and I can give you a list of amazing places for a variety of budgets. Tree

  18. Hello, yes it really is! Drop me a line before coming down cos I can put you in the direction of loads of many, many amazing shops. (not all require such a big budget but must go here) Tree

  19. Hello, yes it is. But when I went to New York recently I went to Elegant Fabrics and that was quite good. Tree

  20. Hello, no not over here either as it's really where you go for something special. With have many, many other fabrics at more regular prices. Tree

  21. Hello, glad you liked it. I know of many, many amazing fabric shops in London. So if ever you want more info, let me know. Tree

  22. Yes they are, it's not the norm over here, it's where you go for something special and the queen really does have her clothes made with fabrics from here. Tree

  23. Hello, yes me too, but it's like looking around a fabric gallery except you can actually touch the works of art!! Tree

  24. me again…….and as for pretending expensive fabrics are cheap, I was kind of joking!! But I still maintain that for people that wish they could buy high end designer stuff, it's an opportunity for them to buy half a metre (about £30) and they can make a simple top of cowl or something. This is an expensive high end fabric shop (hence by Royal Appointment) and whilst I can't afford to shop there all the time, I find it inspiring to go and have a look now and again. Thanks for comments, Tree

  25. Hello, can't believe you hated it so……much, I'm so sorry!! I try to bring a bit of humour to my videos, of course I can divide whatever it is, although as I get older it can be a struggle. As for Yayoi Kusama, I wasn't around during her Andy Warhol period but 1st became interested in her in the early 90s when I saw her inflatables, yellow black spots period. Being a shallow fashion person I only focus on the decorative bits!!

  26. I really love your enthusiasm, that place looks amazing. Definately in the tourist trail next time I'm down in London. Prob have to set a budget though else id bankrupt myself!

  27. It looks like a top 10 store. We need one of those in America. Thank You for doing this video,now we know where to buy beautiful,good quality fabric. :0)

  28. Wonderful video, Tree! I love your enthusiasm, it's contagious. It's fabulous to see a real fabric shop, not just another cookie cutter chain store.

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