Ruff Wear Powder Hound Insulated Dog Jacket

Ruff Wear Powder Hound Insulated Dog Jacket

This is Sam and we are taking a look at the
Ruff Wear Powder Hound. This is a synthetic insulated jacket for your dog when the temperatures
drop and you really need that extra bit of insulation to keep your pooch nice and warm.
The insulation here is a 200 gram synthetic insulation. So it is very compressible. It
is very lightweight. It has got a really high warmth to weight ratio and the thing I love
about synthetic materials is that if they do become wet or damp they dry out quickly,
but they also keep their thermal efficiency when they are wet. So you have got that here
on the top. That is that baffled red part here. But then underneath this grey part down
on the bottom is a very stretchy polyester material. It is almost like a very lightweight
fleece. So it has got stretch to it. It is going to fit nice and snug, but as your dog
runs and moves, if you are out ski touring and snow shoeing and that kind of thing your
dog is going to have full range of motion. It is going to be really comfortable on them
and it is just going to move really well. The sizing here is going to be sized around
the girth measurement of your dog, around the widest part of its chest. So you definitely
want to get that measurement correct. That measurement is more important than the measurement
here along the back. So you can see it is a little bit longer here on Sam, but he girth
measurement is the most important part. Today he is wearing a small and it fits him really
well. There is a lot of other features with this
piece. You have a little clip here or a little toggle point where you can attach the beacon
light. So if the… you know, as the day goes on and it gets a little darker you will still
be able to track them down. All along the back here you have got reflective piping so
that is just an added safety feature there. And then if I turn Sam around here you have
got the zipper for the jacket. So this is a full length zipper. It goes all the way
up to the top. Got a little collar up here to fit nice and snug and with that stretchy
material it is just going to fit really well. So on those chilly days on those cold nights
your dog is going to have full range of motion and have a really comfortable synthetic jacket. A very important piece of gear for most outdoor
enthusiasts is a lightweight synthetic jacket. So why not have one for your dog? It is the
Ruff Wear Powder Hound.

4 Replies to “Ruff Wear Powder Hound Insulated Dog Jacket”

  1. Thanks so much for this video, is really helpful πŸ™‚
    Wich do you recommend as warmer, this one or the Ruffler Quinzee?I live in iceland and my Labrador started to feel cold today, I'm not sure which is the warmest one, the powder hound or the Quinzee. Thanks so much again πŸ™‚

  2. This is a great cold weather jacket for my furr-baby. It was super easy to put on her. The zipper helped. It helped keep her warm and the bottom material is stretchy, so she had full range of motion. You all do a great job with the videos and are now my go to on product reviews. Thanks for shipping this so quickly.

  3. I was going to review the climate changer we purchased, but I don't see it listed on YouTube. The Climate Changer by Ruffwear is also another lightweight jacket we purchased from you all. Great product too.

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