10 Replies to “Rules and Proper Attire”

  1. This is one of the best freighter passenger travel videos I have seen in my long trek through yutub seeking out the long lost holy grail of passenger freighter travel videos. Thank you for giving me a delicious drink of water in the midst of… well, not exactly a desert, but… well, not a drop to drink, if you get my "drift" ahahahahahahaah. You rock, man. Thanks again.

  2. that was seriously funny. Having travelled several journeys on freighters I can seriously understand the importance of always carrying a good smoking jacket and pipe. No seasoned freighter traveller should be without one…..I too made some videos whilst on my trips, and included the all important smoking jacket. I made the captain wear it while he looked out the bridge and smoked a pipe…..quite the scandal.lol.

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