Russell Brand’s Nazi Uniform Comments Get Him Kicked Out of GQ Awards

Russell Brand’s Nazi Uniform Comments Get Him Kicked Out of GQ Awards

let’s talk about one more thing before
we break Russell Brand is an actor comedian who I am NOT a big fan okay I’ve never
been a big fan of Russell Brand’s however he kick he got kicked out above
the GQ awards for pointing out that Hugo Boss which was sponsoring these awards at one
point made Nazi uniforms the clip is hilarious take a look at this grace the stage where boris yeltsin it
just might like vector these have chemical weapons in Syria meaning that GQ can now stand for genocide quips I
mention that I need to make this mix come in a bit like a sieve any view there’s no you’ll be about
history and fashion when I think you got the last night the uniforms for the
nazis 10 sees the deathless but you know they
didn’t fantastic let’s face it wildlife killing people on the basis of their
religion and sexuality genocide for its okay nice okay this
okay it’s already been sanctioned soco he
defended what does that trains says he’s cool like a nice fair enough by a mine on
Irish I think this is really great I i
understand why they didn’t like it at GQ because you go boss is paying them big
bucks to sponsor this thing and I it’d there’s no question that Hugo
Boss executives are clearly furious there’s been a long effort to just kinda not talk about the fact
that this this is true hugo boss did produce Nazi uniforms Russell Brand brings it up
he does it in a funny and eloquent way I’ve never been a
big fan Louis but I like this this was this was a
interesting move and I understand you could say hold on a second if he really has that much of a problem
he shouldn’t even be up on that stage and I disagree he was asked to be up on
the stage he was not told in advance not to discuss that he said it he probably won’t be asked
back he will be he will suffer the repercussions of what
he did but it was his choice and people didn’t like it it’s a risk anytime you invite anyone to
do anything right totally worth it L and I’m sure he feels
the same way I I love it when when comedians actors
whoever is up there has to be a because I own a stitch estate things
like this because it’s true it happened and you know what
it made people laugh hugo boss was punished as a Nazi
supporter after world war two he died in nineteen forty 8 on that note
we will pause briefly David Pakman dot com slash fall 13 is the awesome membership
special it’s going on right now interesting study about testicles coming
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100 Replies to “Russell Brand’s Nazi Uniform Comments Get Him Kicked Out of GQ Awards”

  1. You must be very stupid. Genoicde of jews started 1944, when Hugo Boss produced the Uniforms the jews were forced Labour (and promised freedom) and even when the Genocide started most people wasnt informed about that. You obvously have no idea about European History, i would suggest you to not talk about things you simply dont know anything about. You are so retarded man, it gives me headaches.

  2. Aside from the discrimination and the establishment of ghettos early on, the genocidal actions began as early as the summer of 1941 when Nazi mobile killing squads, the Einsatzgruppen, were dispatched following the invasion of the Soviet Union. These squads followed behind the German Army and killing Jewish residents in captured territories there. Plans to implement these killing squads were put into place in March of that year.

  3. to eurofighter1988 – Schindler was also a wealthy industrialist who was a contractor to the Nazis. He certainly knew. All those people in the towns surrounding the death camps could smell the burning bodies in the crematoria & the fine white ash that covered those towns. They affected willful ignorance because they couldn't face the unthinkable. I know people who worked as adolescents in several camps while their younger siblings & older parents were killed. They survived as slave labor.

  4. Are you trying to convince me of something? Are you telling me if you was German in the late 30s you would resist because of poor jews? Do Americans "resist" for the poor middle east people? They were deported to what they called work Camps, and what happens in there most people didnt know or didnt want to know. Mass Murdering of jews happened in the last year of the War. I also have realtives who died after 2010, we assume know there is a genocide ongoing in death camps we dont know?

  5. That's quite willful ignorance on your part. Even the Nazis couldn't exterminate in excess of 6 million people in interment camps while fighting for their very existence on all fronts, during the last year of the war. I know people who survived those camps whose relatives were exterminated prior to 1944. It's all quite well documented, if you dare to look.

  6. You repeat yourself. It seems to be a problem of your sensitivity not my ignorance. I know that a lot of jews died there, it doesnt touch me to be honest, however it does also not change the fact the the Final Solution started 1943 and the vast mojority of jews died in '44 and '45. You are still a hypocrite if you say you would not have supported the regime. And pls dont tell me again how inefficient nazis were and how you know people who survived it, i dont care.

  7. The German resistance was organized enough to get into Hitler's compound & place a bag of explosives under the table. The arrests started in '33, as soon as Hitler took power, the killings started in the late '30's at least. The contractors who supplied the equipment had to have known, as did Schindler. It's hard to believe that he's the only 1. 1 of 2

  8. to eurofighter1988 2 of 2 There is also the many civilian,workers needed to keep the camps running & keep all those detailed records of the exterminations, etc. A schoolmate's father was put to work in an office as part of the record-keeping. Of course he was too frightened to try to do anything & left Germany right after the war. The extermination of millions of people isn't a "secret" easily kept.

  9. i see. i can imagine it was hardest for the german people, so i feel a huge international company having a "don't ask don't tell" policy is pretty cowardly and it's time they dealt with it
    good of russel brand to rock the boat

  10. You talk about Stauffenberg. Never openly resitated. Supported Hitler untill 1943. He planned a Coup which failed, he tried to coup because of mainly Militaric reasons. He agreed with Hitlers Policy entirely even when he planned to coup, he just disagreed with NS Military decisions and the persecution of jews. "The late 30s" thats how you call the last 2 months of 1939, when first polish jews died in workcamps. You can call it killed if it makes you happier.

  11. My point was only that these companies all operate in America today….Hugo Boss is not the only one.
    PS Hitler personally contributed to the design of the Beetle.

  12. Yes… but they existed in America, too. Like Coca Cola.. it just re-labelled itself "Fanta" in Germany when the war started.

  13. a lot of companies and people did horrible things during the second world war. it is important to not hide and learn from these things.

  14. jesus you couldnt be more wrongm who told you that crap?? in 41 they couldnt get coca cola syrup sent to germany because of trade embargos so the coca cola company in germany came up with fanta from left over whatever they had available at the time, the name comes from german "fantasie" after they were told to use their imagination about what to make and what to use to make it… get them facts straight, you obviously have the internet, so you have no excuse

  15. the beetle was hitlers idea to be a peoples car for national socialism under a guise, after ww1 and the treaty of versailles germany had restrictions on anything militarial they could have etc, the autobahns were created as a secret way to ease mobility when the war began, and the vw factory was a guise so as soon as war broke out they could switch from car bodies to kubelwagens on the same chassis and make tanks and other shit.. ferdinand porsche actually designed the beetle……..

  16. ………and with the autobahns across the country they were going to need fuel and repair ffacilities along the way werent they, so welcome to the service station, all mobilising ready for war gave germans jobs and pulled them out of the depression at the time too didnt it… which is one thing war does and what hitler set out to do..create jobs..

  17. we cant forget IBMs assistance to the germans with the death camps either, look that one up… how bout those stripes they have on sports socks, nice german invention amount of stripes relates to the size of them… oooh and how about area codes, nice german one there too… hmm…

  18. Love what he did to MSNBC!I think he is starting to wake up to political realities! Talking about things help, don't you think?
    Esp after that remark about chem weapons…

  19. And they are the "inventors" of Heroin. Heroin is actually the "brand name" they chose for diamorphene. I do think people should know that. Whether you should boycott the company because of that more than 60 years later is another question.

  20. yep thats exactly it. when i left germany 13 years ago there were still courtcases pending remunerations? for forced labour survivors (polish gypsy jewish) from the big firms like Siemens and Kruppstahl. there is a lot that doesnt get reported in the rest of the world about germany. but i have to admit i didnt know that about hugo boss 🙂

  21. You should all revisit the investigation of the Holocaust? There is great deception you will be aah or if your are jewish you will call ANIT-Semitic Lets Talk the Holodomor. Is this ok with you Israel? Can we now share your long kept secret of the murder of 10mil Christians by Russian Jews? IT IS TIME THE WORLD KNOW THE TRUTH!

  22. He wants to whitewash it saying the big companies didn't know anything & shouldn't be held liable, that people didn't know anything, there was no resistance against Hitler, ever, everything was hunky dory because no one ever knew anything about anything & that just because people died in internment camps doesn't mean it was deliberate. None of which I buy or even makes sense. That's just a whole lot of denial, not semantics.

  23. how can u not be a fan of russell brand..??? man is a genius you probably base your judgement of him because of the way he acts? As he himself says stop paying so much attention to the superficial, what he wears does not matter, low energy frequency! pay attention to what he says.

  24. Look, I was never a fan of Russell's either. I never listened to what he had to say and was under the impression he was another shallow celebrity type. I've only recently discovered just how witty and highly intelligent he is. Better late than never ^.^

  25. IBM provided the tabulating machines for the Holocaust, Coke invented the Fanta brand to sell to Nazi Germany, and Ford sold heavy trucks to the German Army.

  26. IBM also set up the congestion charge in London (not quite as bad as the holocaust but still a bit shit of them) and they own my home county Somerset through an organisation called South West One that they are a conglomerate in. Why does a private american company that got rich off the holocaust own my British county??
    I mean seriously – how has this happened?

  27. I have no doubt that Pampers would have provided diapers to Nazi babies if pampers had actually been around back then. Boycott!

  28. Coca Cola sponsored the Hitler Youth, and Fanta was invented in Nazi Germany as a replacement for Coca Cola when they stopped sending concentrate after the US entered the war.

  29. He's standing up for what he believes in just doing it in the form he knows best comedy it's his platform good on him political correctness will ruin us and free speech

  30. And IBM designed the machine that let the Nazis keep track of the people they imprisoned and murdered. There are a lot of dirly secrets in companies backgrounds that should be known. We should be able to make our decisions on all these facts.

  31. Well, BMW made engines for Nazi aircraft, Mercedes made Nazi vehicles, Toyota made vehicles and Mitsubishi made aircraft for Hirohito. Should we boycott these companies?

  32. Slander is making a flase assumption, as mr pac man showed, russel brand only pointed out the truth not slander, and even if so, people vs. larry flint slander is protected with or without proof

  33. Go to Nürnberg and watch the exhibition above the court rooms. Google "Forced Labor in the Varta Battery Factories" and read the page from jewishvirtuallibrary. Tell me you still want to put more money in the Quandt family's pockets?

  34. Where did you hear anyone asking for boycotts? The Nazis did have stylish uniforms, Russel wasn't lying. They were terrible and awful, were behind one of the greatest tragedies in human history, but Hugo Boss made them stylish uniforms.

  35. I wonder what the point of Russel Brand, a comedian, was trying to make when he made a joke in his act..? There is no point. He's just making light of Boss's "hidden" past by complimenting a very minor detail about a very evil situation/group of people. This is a common form of humor.

    "The nazis were awful, but would I want to live in a world without fanta?"
    "Stalin was a dick, sure, but he had a great stache."

    There's no point. He's making a joke by bringing up unwanted details.

  36. jewish bankers could care less about the pittance that is your money,you dumbass generality mongrel with the hooker mom!!!

  37. He should be a politician! lol
    He calls people on their BS. I feel like he wouldn't be a puppet like many current politicians.

  38. The German soldiers equipment and uniforms were just badass the Americans looked like crap that's why I only collect German stuff.

  39. i luv russell brand i do not think theres a more intellegent man in out public today…truth hurts i suppose

  40. Russell Brand interviewed by Jeremy Paxman will only make you like him more.
    He's very clever. Made Paxman look a gimp and THAT is a rare occurence.

  41. Curious hand gesture at 1:00 while saying "it's okay, it's already been
    sanctioned. It's all cool". He is either a good actor, an MK programmed
    person, or this is a coincidence. You decide 😉

  42. david…how could you not be a fan of Russell Brand? i mean, he's more of a funny political activist than a comedian who does political humor. i think you need to re-acquaint yourself.

  43. And the Bush family made a fortune out of selling the Germans steel. But thats no problem either is it. Old grandaddy Prescott had no idea that they were using it to manufacture bombs and bullets and war machines, now did he 

  44. An outfit never harmed a human being, but the human being that wore that outfit gave it a bad reputation. Those uniforms represents something that really shouldnt be brought up. Yeah they may look good to some of you, but look at what they represent….Sometimes the past is so bad that it can not contain a brighter future…

  45. Hitler killed people because of their religion and sexuality? That's it? I'm pretty sure it was racial, shit head. It was an ideologically oriented genocide. All fascist dictatorships are.

  46. I have a profound dislike of Russell Brand's work.  It is pretty simplistic and only carried along by applause every time he gives out some toilet-tongue, something vicious, or both..

    Simultaneously I think this is a little gem.

    And that leaves me where?

  47. Yeah friggin' 'HILARIOUS' I'm sure all the Jews that perished in the death camps will appreciate this Rasputin looking, unwashed, potty-mouthed, attention seeking shitty 'comedian' (and I use that term loosely) making fun. He didn't even have the comedy talent timing to deliver the 'joke' properly. His immature rant was just for effect and to shock in order to give him more exposure. I find him about as funny as a burning orphanage. If you think it comical for someone to say that the "Nazis looked f*cking fantastic in their uniforms whilst killing innocent people and children" then you must be all sick in the head AND to look up to him for having the gall to say it….eish I must live on a different planet!..

  48. So we have to shut down VW, Hugo Boss, Bayer, Deutschebank, etc., etc., etc. Oh – and IBM and a number of American banks that worked with pre-war Nazi Germany. And then we can review who fought in the Punic war and be dicks to them…

  49. Amazing that they kicked him out, Bravo Russell! You are too smart for them anyway.
    Hugo Boss should change their company name.
    Boss got rich by joining the nazi party and because Hitler exterminated his competition. He was not a designer but a businessman, all the more reason to drop the name. I understand the daughters last name is 'Holy' now. Maybe they could do something with that one.

  50. I stopped buying hugo boss some years ago,anything linked with nazi history should be boycotted the brand name is synonymous with forced labour by the most evil grotesque movement in history, nazi scum ….

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