Russell Westbrook REVEALS Plan To Win Championships With James Harden & Gets His NEW Rockets Jersey!

Russell Westbrook REVEALS Plan To Win Championships With James Harden & Gets His NEW Rockets Jersey!

I know guys it looks weird there is russell westbrook holding a jersey with his name on it and it's not the oklahoma city thunder and according to westbrook he's ready to reunite with his old friend James Harden what's going on a family boy Chris but you can also find me over on my youtube channel see k2k but make sure you subscribe right here hit that notification button don't forget to like this video man is it's just one thing when you're reading all the walls bombs on Twitter but when you see the players holding their new jerseys or even wearing them for the first time it takes it takes some time for you to get used to especially if the player played on his old team his entire career a lot like Russell Westbrook today the Houston Rockets formally introduced Russell Westbrook as a Houston rocket and you could just see the excitement losing out of Westbrook space he was accompanied by Rockets GM Daryl Morey and as you'd expect the questions immediately started to fly about the mesh between himself and James Harden he started off by saying this man James been friends for many many years since I was 10 actually huh well you know we play with each other for familiars in Oklahoma City and so to be able to win something you got a better sacrifice Danny said that he can play off the ball and will allow James Harden to do what James does I'm not worried but I know James is not worried about it I can play off the ball I don't have to touch the going to impact the game and that's the best way for me to get a comeback and impact this team as I I can do other things on the floor to be able to make sure we have a better chance to win it so I know not many people are buying in on that but I am one of the few that see this combo actually working out now I know we all know rust to be a competitive and very intense dude on the court but I think because of him and hardens longtime friendship deferring to one another will come to be a lot easier than when harden and cp3 tried to do it Russ also wanted to let the media and Houston know that he's not all business and like why he's a fun guy what can you say that those of us have only seen you as an opponent don't know about you something that you'd like for people to know I'm a nice guy I think that's the biggest thing okay nice guy good save because I think the fun guy quote is already taken Russ the last time outside of oscar games that the new houston duel played with each other it was back in 2012 during the NBA Finals I'm sure Houston fans are using that as motivation that the two of them can repeat that success and get the Rockets to the NBA Finals as well as you'd also expect Russell Westbrook took some time to thank the people in OKC in a heartfelt message before officially moving on with the press conference but I can you know take on the next journey without thinking you know Oklahoma City Thunder Sam mr. Bennett the whole Thunder organization's just for taking me and drafting me it's something that I never would have thought of being there and being able to now come and reunite here with James another great chapter in my life and I'm looking forward to what comes from that well guys the NBA is going to be crazy next year and there are still a few other star players that we have yet to see hold up there new jerseys so what do you guys think about the whole russell westbrook saying that they actually will defer to one another or will this raucous experiment just blow up in everybody's face let me know in the comments below it's been you boy Chris you guys have a good weekend I'll catch you guys next week I'm out

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  2. At first I didnt like russ. But for some reason i feel kind of sorry for dude. He plays with his heart yet just can't find the right balance to win. Hope it works out .

  3. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 NOOOOOOOOO

  4. It's not right seeing Russell westbrook nor in okc. And let's see if he can average another triple double

  5. If westbrook becomes mature and step down his ego for harden they will win 2-3 chip in 5 yrs
    I guarantee that
    If he plays assist like he did with PG-13

  6. Funk the fumble all they do is spread hate and drama…I can’t believe he gets paid to do this it’s really sad tbh…..and he dose not even look like someone that even even played ball fr….#screwthefumble

  7. I see them beating the clippers,number 2,PG13,Lou will,the bever boy Patrick their best season were last seasonπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  8. Westbrook you aint gona win shit…you and harden will be known as the FLOP BROTHERS and you two will be butting heads like two roosters in the hen house in no time

  9. hell na its not weird , they've been playing together it aint nothing new, go astros and rockets both teams getting that chip this year !

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