SAKRETE Flo-Coat How-To Video

SAKRETE Flo-Coat How-To Video

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SAKRETE Flo-Coat How-To Video Rejuvenate old concrete surfaces and make old
or worn concrete surfaces look new again! Use SAKRETE Flo-Coat, a polymer-modified resurfacing material that only requires the addition of clean water. This product is designed to resurface
concrete walks, slabs, driveways, and patios. A deteriorated concrete surface can be an
unattractive eyesore in or around the home. Resurfacing these areas can boost the
cosmetic appeal of your back or front yard. In this video, you will learn how to quickly and
simply resurface a deteriorated concrete slab using SAKRETE Flo-Coat. This project will be completed in two parts. First, we will fill cracks and pitted areas
using a mixture at a trowel-able consistency. Then, we will resurface the concrete slab
using a mixture at a pourable consistency. You will need: square trowel and metal trowel, stiff
wire brush, stiff push broom and soft bristle broom, long handle squeegee, measuring cup, 1 medium and
1 large mixing pail, paddle mixer or drill attachment, power washer or water spray pump, gloves,
safety glasses, and protective clothing. Ensure that the surface is clean and free of dust, dirt, grease, oil, paint, sealers, curing compounds, and other materials that may interfere with
the bonding of the new material. Use SAKRETE Flo-Coat only when air and
surface temperatures are above 10 °C (50 °F) and are expected to remain as such for a minimum
of 24 hours prior to and after application. It is recommended to wash the surface prior to application with a power washer at 17 MPA (2500 psi). A water spray pump will be used in our demonstration. The mixing ratio for a trowel-able consistency is
8 parts powder to 1 part water by volume. Add water to the powder in a pail
and mix for a trowel-able consistency. Trowel the mix on to the deteriorated
concrete slab, filling any cracks or pits. Allow these repairs to set before
resurfacing with pourable material. The mixing ratio for a pourable
consistency of SAKRETE Flo-Coat is 3.3 L (3.5 qt) of clean water
per one 18.1 KG (40 lb) bag. First, add most of the water to
a 20 litre, or 5 gallon bucket. Then, pour the powder into the bucket and mix with a high-torque, variable-speed drill
using a paddle mixer attachment. Run at a low rpm to avoid splattering. Mix for approximately 2 minutes,
adding the remainder of the water. Do not use a bonding agent with SAKRETE Flo-Coat. Let the material sit for one minute,
then finish mixing for another minute to achieve a lump-free and pourable consistency. Excess water reduces strength, durability,
bonding, and can cause cracking. Dampen the surface with water. Pour the mixed material on to the surface
and spread it with a long-handled squeegee. If squeegee marks are evident, drag a soft bristle broom over the material immediately after using the squeegee. If done when the SAKRETE Flo-Coat is still fluid, this
will help to evenly blend the material together. Do not allow the material to spill into
expansive joints and control joints, as these should be preserved with tape or other means. For a textured finish, use a soft bristled broom
in complete strokes over the surface after SAKRETE Flo-Coat stiffens, but before final set. To build up the application thickness, create
additional thin layers after each layer cures, for a minimum of 24 hours. Allow newly placed material to set until
the surface is hard to the touch. Under most conditions, SAKRETE Flo-Coat
requires no special curing. When temperatures are above 32 °C (90 °F), spray the surface intermittently with a fine mist for 24 hours. Protect from freezing for a minimum of 24 hours
and protect from rain for 8 hours. Wait until the material is fully cured for
28 days and dry before painting. Once resurfaced, the concrete around your
home will be more visually appealing! Enjoy the aesthetics of your finished project! King Packaged Materials Company offers a wide variety of professional grade, easy-to-use products designed for DIY and contractor-based
home repair and improvement projects. Our portfolio includes well-known
KING and SAKRETE brand products. For more information, visit

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  1. Cool Video! I subscribed to your channel, please do the same for mine Thanks!! Anyone who Subscribes to my channel I'll do the same for them! Thanks

  2. Hi I was acid cleaning my porch and the acid spilled while I wasn’t home. It sat on the concrete for a few house and we now have around 1/2 to 1 inch deep holes where contact was made at first and discoloration other places. If I patched up the holes could I put this on my whole porch to keep the color even

  3. Can this be used over a Chattahoochee (aggregate stone) deck, assuming there is no sealant on the Chattahoochee?

  4. Can the product be used to even out slabs of concrete that have settled out of level or have concave sections? Thank you in advance for your reply and any advice you may offer.

  5. For thin skim coating, is there any kind of fibrous material that can be added to prevent cracking (dryer lint maybe)?

  6. For how long it works without crack(s)? We do need to know the time of test experience you did, and views of users.

  7. I’m chuckling at the folks who don’t like the brushed finish. It’s obvious they don’t know what they’re talking about, and their ignorance gets more obvious with choice of words…

  8. And, how would you use this on an internal concrete floor inside the home where you would want a smooth finish? Specifically just needing to cover up a long crack where two rooms joined into one, and they did not butt it up tight enough to make it cohesive.

  9. Paint is much better. This stuff requires perfect conditions and is very porous. One season of rain. Freeze. And leaves will make it mildew and stained. I really regret using this instead of paint.

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