Sakura Convertible Dress – Violet Style Tutorial

Sakura Convertible Dress – Violet Style Tutorial

Thank you for tuning into Henkaa TV. In this
episode I’m going to show you Violet, which is the one shoulder look with a little more
coverage. So we’re gonna take the one strap, put it over the other side. Gonna come around
and do one twist, and I’m gonna hold the edge of the fabric, pinching it tightly, give it
a tug. Then I’m going to hold this one on the side here. So one of the common comments
we get about the one shoulder look is that there’s too much showing here, so to get more
coverage, what you can do is feedthe strap through the inside of the two straps, you
wanna open it wide here, and then you’re gonna take the other strap and do the same. Again
you wanna open it wide inside so you just make adjustments, so I’m just opening the
strap up on the inside and then the two straps, you wanna turn around, cross it over in the
back and come back around, pinched again on the edge and then you’re gonna guide it to
the side, give it a quick tug and then tie a double knot to secure it in place. So we’re
just gonna make any adjustments as needed and there you have it, the Violet Style.

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  1. Thank you!! Just bought one of these dresses with the intentions of wearing it like the display picture which was on one shoulder and had no idea how I was going to make sure I was covered enough because it's for a work party

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