Say Yes to the Dress (S17 E04) [JULY 21, 2019[

Say Yes to the Dress (S17 E04) [JULY 21, 2019[

good morning everyone the forecast for today is super dreamy with a 90% chance of dazzling I think I'm definitely going to give Randy and I have run for their money today I've tried on a lot of dresses how many 150 so what's he gonna take for you to love a dress I mean if I knew that I'm gonna find a dress her save the date photos were taken in the cemetery I think I might be creeping Randy out a little bit right now doesn't want white hang on mom hang on she's gonna have a heart attack I got past the skulls on the table you check up past the black dress not at all hate it hate it yeah okay we've got 2000 dresses not 150 I really am NOT crazy about all right not to know I like can't even look at this dress and another no we've given her every single thing she's asked for she's not liking any of them we see Randy and Diane are huddled together trying to figure out their next play I don't know what else to show up thank you so much for having me and could my latest trunk show here the forecast for today is super dreamy with a 90% chance of dazzle mint go ahead and walk you through some of my favorite pieces from the new collection this dress is actually one of my favorites her name is Regan it's always very exciting sitting down during the morning meetings because I feel like we're in floofy wonderland of Bridal Barbie Dreamhouse this new novelty fabric gives the all-over essence of sparkle without being too heavy it's just a new opportunity to educate and really get them excited about the new season and also just to really dazzle we introduced the stripe organza way back in 2013 and it has become such an iconic part of our collection I absolutely like to channel myself and my personality in the collection I'm going to move on to the mardi dress but more importantly i like to tap into all the unique personalities of my brides you can let her know that love has been literally written on the dress I've gone to almost every store in Boston looking for a wedding dress and they still haven't found the one face don't really like beading what about like silky it's really so cute I don't really like satin or like a shiny fabric oh this is cute Rachel um yeah I don't really like that do people call you picky yes look like a mermaid one that looks like Dancing with the Stars she's tried on dresses that are slinky she's tried on dresses that are poofy tried on dresses that have flexi stuff around the bottom I am actually beginning to wonder if the dress that Rachel wants is anywhere besides in her head ah you must be Rachel I am Diane nice to meet you congratulations yeah Randy nice to meet you nice to meet ya this is my mom to call these are three of my bridesmaids oh hi ladies so when's the wedding so June 2nd at the bokor hotel in Foster so it's actually the same place we got engaged all right yeah we're up on the roof overlooking the water and totally thought he was messing with me but then he actually proposed my fiancé's name is Chad Steinhauser he's so sweet and caring but he's also so funny and puts up with all my shenanigans he is just like the best person I'm so excited to be marrying him so tell us how you want to look at that healing and so I want something like kind of dramatic when I walk down the aisle everyone's like well guess that from the heart right so I've tried on a lot of dresses how many dresses have you tried on um a lot I would say like how many 150 50 what and you couldn't find one I'm a little worried I'm not gonna lie I feel like she knows that this is kind of now or nothing because you tried everything on and we all came to New York kind of ridiculous but actually yeah I had one designed and it came out really awful I want to see this so this is the dress oh it's not fitted well at all yeah yeah no that's the ballgown silhouette yeah is that what you're looking for um I really like it I love a high neck I love the low back the dress I had made was fitted and a detachable princess skirt so I think I kind of want to go down that route and try and find something that's better okay and price points so we have a guideline like 6500 okay okay so if you're ready Diane we'll take you back to your room okay I will show you ladies to the sofa okay Rachel and right this way ladies I want to show you also another look about nice I think I'm definitely going to give Randy and I have run for their money today yes we weren't looking at this Earl and this is the other one yeah like I'm not an easy bride to deal with um so hopefully they know what they're getting themselves into okay so which one's your favorite out of all these so far I'm sorry I really like a middle one because that's that whole low okay I feel like could be the dress it's got a princess full skirt which I'm super excited about and a low back which both myself and my fiance love I'll step out but I will know it's the right dress when I see myself and have a reaction like ha this is it now that I see it on I think that the deep V is like a walk for me we can actually close this up to the scene and it's kind of halfway up I'm not sold but I want to see their reaction on this style and see if I should keep looking at this or maybe try something else do you like this one yeah yes she is ladies that's beautiful right if you like it could be created where it's closed up to where the seams are I don't know if that's my favorite I've ever seen okay okay I really don't like the mesh at all so what do you think Rachel I so I'm not like sold on it yet yeah so what's he gonna take for you to love it and I'm gonna find it I have to guess you're either a teacher an accountant an attorney or a nursing profession oh my god what an accountant yeah you know why cuz you're thinking with your head instead of with your heart yeah you have to buy a dress with your heart that's hard for me if we don't get addressed today at Kleinfelds I don't know what else she's going to do I don't know where else she's gonna go to find a dress how many dresses did you try on before 915 designer get you on so I am typically not the white dress kind of gal nice so pretty view so for me trying on a white dress is gonna be really interesting I think that might be too much lace not enough bling you're not really giving us anything I'm very indecisive I don't I'm not really a hundred percent sure what I'm looking for it all of these are very white for my wedding I would kind of like to look like a fairy that just came out of the woods dark little nymph what about this no no nice that's hard now I like that you know I chose Kleinfeld because my grandmother purchased her wedding dress here way back in the day so it was kind of important for me since she's no longer with us to kind of share that with her we were very close and if they don't have something for me I don't think I'm gonna find something anywhere else I'm looking for Marisa sue I'm Randy hi welcome to Kleinfeld thank you today I have with me my mother my younger brother and my young ways just liked weird stuff I have an ostrich stall I have many deer skulls have a lot of weird kind of things her save the date photos were taken in a cemetery which at first I was a little I was a little concerned is your fiance important ethology Etsy is completely on board with all of it my fiancé's name is Andrew and we've been together now for about nine years he is just amazing we started officially dating on Halloween while we were dressed in full zombie attire really he is me as a man at our wedding we're definitely going to incorporate some of our things that we collect so there is going to be skulls and our centerpieces else I wanted to look like a glamorous garden that was around from like the Gatsby era that has just kind of been ignored for 30 years and overgrown but it's still like really beautiful you know I would Cassie you're looking for a really unique wedding gown I mean I'm not really into the white I would definitely prefer something with color I'm not I really I don't think I've ever worn white since I was like 12 so you know it's something I have to be like black or anything like that I mean I'm not opposed to trying on a black coat but I definitely want something with some sort of sleeve I do not like strapless dresses at all I don't like things that are super tight throughout my whole body I want something that sparkly something that's still glamorous looking but a little weird how much can we spend about $5,000 let's bring you back to the rim mix and we'll go shopping okay I mean I've heard a lot of weddings but haven't had fun with skulls and graveyards and creepy so this is new for me this looks dark and kind of feels like Glinda the Good Witch but it's kind of greyish blue rich dark I had a dark I think we should bring it I think this is we're gonna have to kind of this kind of see I agree what about a black dress I know pnina has one it's fitted yeah you know and strapless I want something that they try to understand feel like it to be shown or so because there's it what Dwight yeah that's you wear black let me grab it okay it's awfully dark in there just like the dress okay if you have that I've got this and I'll follow you it's okay all right we have gorgeous high so we have a black dress here very nice yeah I know you say that you didn't want to fitted and not strapless but if you tried dresses on I'd know I'll definitely find it okay I'm not a perfect I think it's time to go to the dark side I feel like Morticia Addams but in a good way I feel really sexy in this dress actually that's not a word I use to describe myself off tonight I do I feel like I don't know it looks real good I am very uncomfortable but it was amazing I am not particularly feeling the fact that it doesn't have sleeves but I think the rest of the dress kind of makes up for that if they don't like it then there's something wrong with them well should we show them yeah I think we sorry do it Wow okay Wow oh you know could produce like a black just as much but I do he looks really nice hang on mom hang on she's gonna have a heart attack my mom has always dreamed of me getting married but definitely not in a black dress we need some smelling salts here so after 150 dresses you haven't tried this on very different writing that original look I was going for maybe what she's looking for is something that she won't try on so we're gonna have to get her in a dress that she says no to at least it's not feeding I just actually put two full sleeves out there I love the fact that they are looking for some long-sleeve dresses because I have some that are so shimmery and so exciting Eve – what do you think yeah I like this the more I stand and look at myself in the black dress the more I kind of like it I think it's sexy and I'm feeling it but I think my mom is immediately going to say no it's a beautiful dress don't hold back mom it's my favorite color yay but not for a wedding why not no no it's too much no I like it I think you know I got past the skulls on the table you can't cup that is where I draw the line then it'll look more wedding I think it looks really good on you your waist looks phenomenal it looks beautiful on you but you can't wear black to your own wedding look what I have can I do I like the veil I mean it looks pretty amazing with the veil I'm not gonna lie oh you don't ever like you don't want to have a little girl you don't envision them to get married in a black dress but I know I know you what you really envision is them getting married with skulls invitation photos taken in a graveyard when did she start becoming like curious to these oddities and she's always kind of marched to her own drum the weirdest thing that I think Marissa has done is take roadkill off the road bury it and clean off the bone so that she can display them it looks like you're going to a funeral yeah I don't really like I classroom yeah like the Black Knight I understand everything that they're saying I do get it I mean I think I look great I realize you know not to brag but I don't think the black is gonna be do you think we've taken in just a bit too far now my necks out my mom it just would have been a poor choice in my opinion my value your opinion now you know here's a token make sure it disappears down the aisle after trying on 150 addresses what I really feel like I know what I'm looking for I love a high neck I love the low back with a princess poster love this I just haven't been able to find it yet something's just telling me I don't think that's the look she's going you think something completely different she's trying on that same look over and over and over and she's not loving any of them which makes me believe she probably doesn't want that look I'm wondering how adventurous she will go but she doesn't want beading she took made it very clear no beading no lace and a soft bottom yeah so I think this is great I'm gonna put this in and you're gonna come with me okay I'll wait right here I'll take it out okay keep an open mind okay I'm putting this one in and I'm getting a few more okay Elise is not feeding this without the beading you know what you see that with that one meeting why not the beading maybe what she's looking for is something that she has like it so we're gonna have to get her in a dress that she says no to on the hanger hang in there ladies we don't give up so easily which is luck the longer I sit here and wait the more concerned I am that it's gonna be a very long day with maybe nothing at the end all right keep an open mind you know what have you tried anything like this on um I've tried on like a similar shape but but not with um all the so after 150 dresses you haven't tried this on if I mean it's very different right you're not original look I was going for the original look gets it working right the original look is like worth a try you know what for that one minute if you don't like it yes we just take it off and go get something else he's going yeah we've got 2,000 dresses got 150 right [Laughter] Randy's INR pulling a lot of dresses and I'd love to say yes but I love the shape okay really I'm not crazy about alright boy those the next one yeah that's no this is I like this better than the last one yeah but not enough to go out there and okay this dress no too busy I like can't even pick this dress it's like so much but I think so that's good and another no I'm trying to have an open mind much lace it's just like you mind okay am I being cute right now do I sound like a diva oh you got some dresses there I am willing to concede that even though I love this black dress and I think it looks amazing on me it is not right for my wedding day we have this one this kind of got a grey tone – I like that you do okay I do like that okay good this grey dress I absolutely love the color it's really you know something a little bit different I if something that I was really looking for this dress is beautiful it's very very pretty what do you think mom's gonna save this I think she'll probably kind of like this one I think this is not as different as she is anticipating all right it kind of looks like I Dream of Jeannie they're all ready to give their opinions already how do you feel I feel good it's very pretty I feel a little too exposed but the dress itself is beautiful it's a beautiful dress how do you feel about the sleeves they're not tight they're meant to be full do you like that um I don't know I'm kind of indifferent to the sleeves at this moment I don't hate them I don't love them those sleeves aren't hideous this is definitely in the right direction why don't we turn you around and see what your family has show I don't love it oh that was quick yeah the cleavage isn't her the open-back isn't her not a fan I don't like the sleeves the more I hear everybody else's opinions about it it's definitely pushing me in the direction where I know this is not the dress we did hit on the sleeves you did hit on the sparkle you like the color of this dress I'm a silhouette oh yeah so does this dress kind of give you that feeling of that fairy kind of coming through the woods kind of feeling that you're looking for it definitely does it's definitely on the path to fairy dumb but not quite there yet yeah okay so I think we need to go and try on some more dresses yes you ready I'm ready I [Laughter] don't know what else to show her she doesn't like anything she's trying to 9:00 does she I'm really starting to get worried but Kleinfeld doesn't have what I'm looking for or maybe I don't even know what I'm looking for it I don't sell dresses I dress prides we are waiting for Rachel to make an appearance in another dress Oh Randy comes out and walks back with a couple of dresses and then I see Diane walking around looking then we see Randy and Dianne huddled together trying to figure out their next play no beading no ladies your back yes what about this this yeah the old plane no oh god no that's completely she's going now this direction we've given Rachel every single thing that she's asked for but she's not liking it I'm confused but now she's saying she really does love the fit and flare is it she said the shape I think I just need to broaden my horizon which I've been trying to do trying on like different styles of dresses I just haven't found anything that's even worth going out in all right Rachel we're on a mission 150 more okay so you'll tell us what you think of these dresses when you see them yes okay okay I don't like that it's like straight across on the bottom this one not at all No hate it hate it yeah okay I know I'm being so picky it's okay I think Randy's a little horrified about how long this is taking this yeah see that way yeah yeah I'm okay with that but I wish it was bigger on the box we could put out a petticoat here we can put underneath okay but it may work yeah come on Rachel miss Monique Lhullier um I just saw my mother I think she's trying the line and saying now I don't like this because of this and this I like when it's like a different fabric into the tool like santen going into tool like that brush one if you bought this dress with that Kate dress then that would work but it was just like maybe I talked similar to that with that bottom even if she hates it I want her to come out I know let's try that one on so this one I love the shape of it I think it's beautiful I think we should show the carpet oh do you think I would ever say that again I don't know we're getting a little different look hey how many dresses did you try on back there we had about 18 in the room about 1820 but let me tell you we don't give up we don't give up so tell me how you feel in this I like it what don't you like about it maybe that's better question you're searching yeah you're searching love it like that kind of skirt that's her problem is that she likes the tops of wand and the bottoms of another I like this one a lot but it has to make her really happy and she's waffling we put a lot in the room and on with all that kind of bottom she's not liking any of them I'm really starting to get worried that maybe Kleinfeld doesn't have what I'm looking for maybe I don't even know what I'm looking for at this point come on she didn't look like I'm dreaming Gina you guys didn't set it so we didn't love this yeah would you like to try next I guess let's go with that one this one yeah okay I've done a little bit different ever since I was a kid I've kind of always just liked weird stuff so my dream dress will look like a fairy that just came out of the woods I don't like that it doesn't have sleeves we can build a sleeve they had a problem but I do love this I love the sparkle of this I like the belted piece this dress makes me feel like a little fairy running through the woods oh my jet just kind of creeping up behind people dress is alive yeah this is a lot of dress the color is actually beautiful on you it's very petting I feel like it maybe matches my skin tone too much I think we should turn you around let your family see ya know yeah like I guess I feel like where you're coming from with like the fairy out of the woods but I think it went I think it took like the wrong time yeah way too way too much berry remember years ago when they used to crochet those boilies that they put the toilet paper I remember those very well yeah mines of the little doll in the toilet drop the toilet paper I like the color a lot I think it complements your skintone I don't think it matches your skin tone too much I think it's a pretty honor I really do we do look good in peaches the color is right um but it's just not her everything else no Avery scaling this one's definitely a little too high like hmm so you're not in love with the dress no you don't trip on it don't get lost [Laughter] so I've been here for a while now and I think I'm just like overwhelmed with the amount of dresses I've tried on and I just haven't loved any I mean I've come out in to see that bottom if I shouldn't like please we thought she didn't like strapless we thought she didn't like sharing and ruching Lucas yeah I don't know I'm beginning to think we may not be able to find a dress for Rachel because if she's tried on 150 she had a dress made for her and we've had on like eight already and at least 10 to 15 in the room and she's still not liking anything I have an idea what else to show where did they go to find something yeah you're a challenge I know so far I was wearing my dress callings you know the ones yeah has a Clea beading on it here it has that bottom that she's talking about what do you think why not try it I know you don't like lace but it's the shape yeah worth trying on I'm gonna give her this one then she's gonna hate it but hopefully she'll try it on they're all picking me dresses except for me I'm not picking your dress okay so I do it like try that on you already did try that one all right that's exactly the bottom unbelievable is there anything left in this store that she will wear come look at the ones we put in their own you ready yeah okay so we've got one more dress in the room for Rachel and it's actually my dress Collins it doesn't have that straight line yeah and it's sheer here but it comes to the lining okay it's got the silhouette that she's looking for and it has the ruffles on the bottom this kind of what she's looking for but the lace is a little different than the lace that she's been rejecting so hopefully she'll like it fingers crossed I'm seeing this dress and it is very bedazzled and lace and that's not exactly what I was thinking but looking at myself in the mirror Mike huh so I love the sheer right um and I love the bottom right and the shape I'm not hating it yet I like this one the best so far okay I'm really hoping that this could be the one so I can stop so don't let the color dissuade you and it came in white right and it could be lined what are you thinking making I like this one definitely the best so far right Wow the best so far really yeah I love this one yeah she's not analyzing the dress she looks like she actually likes this one if rachel says yes to this dress I have no idea how happy I will be I'm not even a touchdown dance do you want to see it with my veil we have available yeah one brought her veil yeah her wedding is my Something Borrowed oh yeah I love it you guys like it I love it perfect I love it I really do the veil was the moment yes definitely she just looks so beautiful and it's a little overwhelming yeah it's awesome I'm liking this dress and I think seeing everyone's reaction turned it into love do you love it yeah hi I can't put my finger on what's different it's just something about how many dresses did you try another and you see yourself marrying Chad in this dress yeah he's gonna be like waterworks ah do you feel like you need to see more dresses now I'm so over trying on dresses should we ask Rachel are you saying yes to the dress [Applause] I'm so excited I kinda dress I genuinely was worried that I wasn't going to so I'm pumped thank you so much I usually wouldn't give up I know oh you're here yeah we have a bride that um is looking for long sleeve she's doing a very kind of odd unique wedding she described it as creepy you might isn't your dresses but she wanted some bling and sparkle and and and sleeves and some something not white I just actually put two full sleeves out there so you're in luck I love the fact that they are looking for some long-sleeve dresses because I have some that are so shimmery and so exciting these two is what she's talking about she didn't want a backless dress oh great oh yeah Harvard on this one okay I I love I love this too sweet I think those you're sweet so sweet okay yeah we want creepy chic and let's take this yes I love that Marisa is kind of going for a creepy chic theme I think it's just a testament to how unique every single bride is thank you know this is kind of what you've been describing yeah how do you what do you think about this I love that do you I do I love it it'll beautiful okay I love the color I love it okay is the one of my favorites okay enjoy ladies thank ya the second I see the dress I knew that that was I wanted to put it on and I never wanted to take you off seeing Marissa walk out in this dress I think she looks like a bride and like a fairy and just whimsical and happy yeah I think you look une sickle how do you feel I feel amazing I love this dress I love everything about it what you're going everything you described yeah please it's got beating it's a line silhouette yeah it's back covered yes Cohen so I like it this dress makes me feel like the mystical fairy that I always wanted to be it's beautiful it's a little floral it definitely is everything I hope for beautiful oh we went over mom you're just having she's not in a black dress right yeah hey feelin it's beautiful yeah you look beautiful in it and you'll be a beautiful bride thanks mom it's just you it's I don't know I can't explain it just the right amount of fairy oh come on in right I love it you're breathtaking and everyone loves this which has not been easy I love this dress because it just feels special it just feels like it's mine kind of like a chameleon dress because depending on the lighting you're gonna look differently damn magical I love it I like that I want to look magical I'm going for I feel it in my heart I feel it everywhere it is it is just me it's perfect it's 100% perfect I feel like a bride something I never actually thought I'd say but here we are we look beautiful in it I think yeah okay well Haley would you have here Marissa are you saying yes to the dress I am saying yes to the dress I am 100% ready to walk down the aisle in this dress yeah I'm wearing a crown made of bones but that's not as beautiful yeah thank you Oh what more to say flowers bring him into the bedroom oh we got the skulls oh look at them they look so cool what's happening who's gay married this morning I'm getting married today you threw in a face mask I got tricked myself they're getting the hair and makeup done I gotta do something for me too everybody's gonna be dancing I'm not really too nervous just everybody looking at me all day I don't like being the center of attention so all right so this is what we did but we were gonna put more brains in it no look I'm going for beard we got some blue hair that's going in I'm wearing a crown made of bones but that's not as beautiful so in my crown there is a salamander skull there's some like fish bones oh mercy of flowers bring them into the bedroom oh we got the skulls oh look at them they look so cool you know what it doesn't bother me now that I really see it these are the boutonnieres that she had made for the groomsmen I was a little worried but I do like them yeah Andy we got you big guy over here all right today is my wedding day and I'm excited for all the planning and all the hustle and everything all her ideas just finally see it come together and beam what we're expecting it to be I've been ready for years I'm not nervous about getting married to Marissa right now I'm ready for it to happen I'm ready to start the rest of our lives together all right success I'm just surprised I was thinking more like a swirl of it but the Rhoden right now I'm feeling a little nervous uh everything's feeling a little real right now kind of can't breathe but it's okay I'll be all right when I see Marisa walking down the aisle I hope I stay cool but we'll see I might get all teary I'm really hoping I don't good evening everyone and welcome to the wedding of Marissa Lynch and Andrew Banda Riva Marisa you have kick-started this rock-and-roll heart today here with you I have found my reason these vows are forever I believe my soul would find yours in any lifetime in you I have found my home and my best friend I love you Andrew and I would not wish for any companion in this world but please deal you're here to win a kiss [Applause] the recipes everything you know she's put on me for about a decade it's nice to be official and to really move forward with with our looks just her it's just her and I'm so proud of her shet her fairy tale she had her fairy tale [Applause] I'm taking you behind the scene idle moments additional dresses and more I've been here at Kleinfeld for a long time but I have to say I've never seen anyone quite as picky as this next bride so confession time conf Elle's is my eighth store I've been to I've tried on almost 150 addresses and you couldn't find one take a look at what you didn't see in the episode I hide one designed and it came out really low so after trying on so many dresses Alon suggested that I have one time so what happened yeah what sketch it was beautiful but when I got it nope just the fabric didn't fit right like it was so tight and like belly roll doing a custom dress is really tricky because you could do this beautiful gorgeous rendered sketch and you put it on and it doesn't look the same so do you have a picture of this dress that was designed for you I want to see this so this is the dress still don't see belly rolls no we're just hitting you at the wrong spot yeah it's not fitted well at all yeah yeah oh you haven't seen like so upset just my fiance chad was home so he is like in the bedroom it didn't come out and comfort you yeah okay here you can see the belly roll more oh love it back yeah yeah yeah we're not gonna have like 90 pounds that's not a red bear little crazy and look at the gapping there yeah it what's so hard to faster everything about is because it's too tight on yeah yeah so back to trying on dresses did you find any that you like there's a lot that I liked pieces of and I think I was just down getting something like really plain looking and everything is that oh I have it made right so I had it made after I went to all these stores couldn't find anything and then coming back to the search oh yeah mom what do you see her with somewhere but simple but that's what we were thinking this you know something simple is just gonna highlight your beauty okay I agree she's very opinionated about what she wears husband that's okay that's that's good that's wrong you know it's your wedding day yeah I should get what you want exactly I want to be a hundred percent and the wedding dress and we're here to deliver yeah okay so if you're ready Diane we'll take you back to the room and I will show you ladies to the sofa okay and make this way ladies so Rachel she's trying on that same look over and over and over and she's not loving any of them which makes me believe she probably doesn't want that look let's try something like this so what I'm going to do now just to test her is I'm gonna put on a dress that's exactly every requisite she asks for from the fabric not being shiny to the high neck to the low back she could wear an overskirt if that doesn't do it then I think we have to change completely it's definitely very classy but there's a but there it's kind of what I was looking for but it's just not it see that's what I'm saying maybe that's not the one I really want when a bride comes in and says I've tried on 150 dresses yeah in that same look then you have to kind of maybe venture complier I have a more open mind and try on different styles of dresses now let's take another look behind the scenes at some moments from this appointment that never made the cut we are waiting for Rachel to make an appearance in another dress your long Ilan's gonna go talk her out yeah she needs to keep an open mind yeah yes yes okay but you listen to you yeah maybe where is Rachel right now rachel has been through like

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