Say Yes to the Dress (S17 E09) Not With Those Chubby Arms

Say Yes to the Dress (S17 E09) Not With Those Chubby Arms

why do I need a sleeves you have chubby arm definitely my mom is momzilla I love it I love it I don't like her chubby arms you're a gospel singer who's wears leather dananana this silhouette makes me happy oh that's bad if I hear you asked me about losing weight one more time I'm gonna catch an you I got fat because I had all three of you oh my god yeah this sugars horrible I love the sleep but that doesn't make me cry I don't think I can get my mom on my side this appointment is unraveling Wow it's so big wow you start my mom says I'm a bridezilla and I would say that that could be true but I definitely think my mom is momzilla I want her to have a sleeve why all right forget it on to the next one I talked about Angelica being chubby because you're gonna be a bride it's the best day of your life I wanted to be a little thinner can you try this one yes this one's beautiful but you need a sleeve I don't need a sleevee because you're going to bust out of that no you get it it hurt her big things you have there like I don't need my mother nagging me about it that's just cuz she's unhappy in her body there may be some truth to that maybe I am unhappy in my body you're right Angelica hi Diane nice to meet you Victoria Victoria I'm the mommy so I see you're eyeing up one of our I really love the bodice on this I don't know what it is about ball gowns I think my mother has just brainwashed me since I'm a little girl but my dream dress would be a dress that has a big satin skirt with a train do you have anything that has like a beaded bodice like this but a satin bottom did you want strapless did you want Halle wait I see something going on okay who's I was–and let me guess you want to sleep yes because I don't want her hands or arms or chubby Wow yeah she's comparing her those like how Angela always used to be which was like a ping by then but now she's like she has a woman leave Ani I am this chant I just want her to be the best that she can be I honestly 18 years experience I don't think she needs to wear sleeveless really and I don't think with those booms she has over there look at this dress they're gonna like people pay a lot of money for those boo boo right exactly I'm super confident in my skin whether on the side zero or a size eight ten whatever it's really her problem not mine what is the wedding day April 6 and where's it going to be at the sand castle in Long Island oh nice you know in my Big Fat Greek Wedding when they're like have you heard an aphrodite's palace it's but it's not really a palace that's where I'm getting married we're getting married at the sand castle but it's not really a cast but it's just a really beautiful hall and it has all the things that we wanted it has a really nice ballroom really good food and it's closest to everything if you want a really heavily beaded bodice I could do this bodice with the sense you have can you guys switch it definitely this is Pnina Tornai couture so we can customize these dresses oh wow so I can do this bodice with the satin skirt I don't like the long bonnet though which Victoria this one yeah she like holds restaurant yeah there's my sister this is not my first time shopping for a wedding dress I've looked at a few places but my mom is so picky and I've tried on every dress that I could imagine she would want as if it's her wedding and none of them have passed the test okay we'll start with this one there's a lot of good designers here so I have a good shot come on in Angelica thank you so tell me a little bit about your fiancé how did you meet him so I met my fiance actually on the Long Island Rail Road did you really yep my fiancé's name is JJ I missed the train that I take for 10 years and went on his train my hair got stuck on a woman who was leaving and so he came over to see if I was okay and sat with me really yeah I was very bold I was like I might be changing my number soon so I wouldn't wait on calling me and he did and JJ bought a ring for my since dating first he wanted to do it on my birthday which was in October and I had to say no then you wanted to do it for Christmas then he wanted to do it for Valentine's Day and I was like you cannot propose any sooner than at least a year and my dad would just freak out JJ being the overachiever that he is took a year very seriously and proposed an arc on her anniversary he got a billboard in Times Square and played a movie I was like oh my god was not expecting that what do you want to cap it at price-wise I think my mom would probably like to stay under 10 my budget is up to my mom since she's buying the dress I know if I like start arguing about the sleeve she's gonna be like you know it's more like 5 to 8 my budget yeah we can't all you bet the sleeve you shall bring it down to Jim how do we know it I guess we'll find out today what she's willing to spend on the dress so this is Pnina Tornai hey it's all silk satin and it's priced at ten thousand five hundred dollars so we're in price range okay I'm nervous why because I don't know what to expect I would describe myself as very enthusiastic and I'm very giddy I guess you could say boo everything so pretty do you know what them all it's so beautiful it's name just crab me even my family thinks I belong in a big ballroom dress because that's just kind of what my personality is but I want to do something different – something that shows you know a little more of my thinking I think we should keep it as an armor there is traditional my family overall we're a little bit conservative this come on your boy keep walking I think we need to be a little more open-minded she could still show off the shape by having like a bustier in and then wow wow she doesn't like that idea well I think it's pretty cool but you can do this is the first you don't even have to lie you're not understanding you don't know hello beautiful lady remember Tiffany that's my gorgeous party wearing white yes this is my cousin Melissa and my sister Tanya nice to meet you ladies I wish that my mother and my grandmother could be here today but it was a lot for them to fly out here their opinion really matters a lot to me but I know that they have spoken to my sister and my cousin and they've basically expressed to them don't let me come back with anything that wouldn't approve of so I think that they trust that we'll make the right decision so tell us about the money where you get married I'm getting married in Toronto Canada my wedding is going to be whimsical and Disney like almost like a fairy tale I want it to have a lot of like fresh flowers I'm not crazy on a whole bunch of colors so it's just kind of gonna be light and airy and I just want people to come in and feel like oh you walked into music I'm a gospel artist oh and I love my gospel music do you have anything for us I feel like we need to like journey baby oh sure when I'm happy I always burst into song so I can't imagine what's gonna come out of my mouth when I find the dress what are you looking for a wedding dress you know I'm looking for something that is form-fitting and kind of wear that at the bottom what was that what was that about I see her in something very like princess like a light cute and funny and sweet okay I do cute funny and sweet and like sexy all at the same time Tiffany's three essence that she's looking for today sweet sassy and sexy the last s is a concern there's got to be a little conservative yeah she's larger than life so I feel like she should have a fairytale wedding and look like a princess well see how do you feel about that I mean fairy tale wedding checkmark princess checkmark but with sass do you like lace you like beating when you fight you love lace we like straps leave very interest your body or you know your skin in any way shape or form to to feel sexy how much would you like to spend I really don't want to pass 2500 okay okay tiffany excellence for s's she wants sexy sassy sweet and sleeves so I had to say something I didn't realize this dress that you're wearing is leather I love leather I'd a minute wait a minute you're a gospel singer who's wears leather locks 11 I'm there's the sweet and the sexy sexy that we're getting there you go what's your fiance's name Ricardo my fiance is Ricardo Smith he was raised in Jamaica but he now lives in New York and Ricardo saw me on a CD cover that mutual family friends had at their home then they told him she's gonna be coming to our church and he said oh I have to meet her and after the concert he definitely introduced himself kind of love before first day and then after about a year we went on our first date and back to my new that this was the season for the long haul every day after that went even better and they just got better and better yeah can help it love him he's so perfect I think we need to put her in a ball gown first I think so too ballgown sleeve you get it all that we could always add sleeves to that yeah it's got an armhole and Augusta Jones would do that for us oh here we go 32 Oh a little more than we want to spend first of all we don't have that many gowns with sleeves because it really restricts your movement plus with the $2,500 budget that even makes it more challenging oh wait oh it's IDing back there what is it it's like this is at 38 3800 I think we should put her in it because our friends really need to see all righty all righty so we brought up something that's out of the box this one's a little over but I think we should start with this cuz then you'll see the sleeve and the ballgown at once and then he will either love it hate it well that way they can see three we can move on and then forward Randy's plan to try this ball gown is a good plan but it still has the potential to fail I hate it if they like this I will actually fall to the ground you know they probably are going let's hope not I'm a little nervous okay dress number one so we've got you sleeves we've got you fall down I really like it yeah so pretty good you want to talk to your friends don't you here's the ball gown you wanted it's so nice it's not white that's the only problem but also I feel like it's a little mature it's not Tiffany at all this just is not Tiffany it's not Tiffany is very mature she's kind of oh yeah this is an old friend yeah I know you raise your arms you can't go have a brazed of the Lord to be honest I feel like Tiffany chose the ugliest ballgown at Kleinfelds so that we would be turned off and it works I'd like to see the fitting one just to see the difference you know she's wavering that's good wavering yeah I feel like she could have a bigger skirt bigger yeah next okay you're ready for my dresses this dress is hitting no SS for me oh wait we got wine please we have this one it has sleeves what ain't we got one more one more this dress it's definitely not sassy this is the one with the sleeve it happened to think that if you have chubby arms putting it in a sleeve just looks like stuffing a sausage in a casing hey I'm just talking about you at a meeting and the designers congratulations yeah Wow we're doing great number five fun yeah we have 70 designers from all over the world who produce and design bridal dresses for us Randy's in the top five if you're in the top ten it's phenomenal usually it takes a long time to get there but because it's Randy and he's known by Brides all over the world and the dresses were great you got up there very quickly that's pretty impressive Ronnie Wow well I have to say I've been hearing a lot of good things on my end and I think I'm getting ready to start on the next collection when it's possible Ronnie really yeah we thought that there would be another collection based on the fact that the show was very well received by the press whatever you do we're part of thank you Bob okay we're excited to client them to be part of her nipple Randy does because he brings excitement to the whole process and let me guess you want to sleep yes because I don't want her hands arms or chubby yes he was model face behind weight so I talked about Angelica and chubby because I grew up in the old days where Twiggy was in I got made fun of that I had a big butt my boobs were big and they used to lay on the desk and they would look and make fun of me and you don't think those baboons she has over there look at this dress they're gonna like thing I 1000% think my mom sees the flaws before the good stuff in everything she has a negative filter so this is Pnina Tornai it's all silk satin and it's priced at ten thousand five hundred dollars so we're in price range okay I'm nervous why cuz I don't know what to expect wow it's really beautiful I love it I'm really liking the pnina because it is the right length waist it has like a little V it has the puff that I want but not too much I'm I'm really actually kind of shocked oh god she's gonna say something about my back fat I know don't worry all the other one I'm definitely excited to show them but I'm also a little nervous because I can already hear my mother saying you got back fat there's side boob it doesn't fit you it's not flattering the whole thing so here we are in the pnina ball gown isn't it beautiful it's incredible it sparkles it's also off secrets of laddering and very flattering it's her Mac it's supposed to do let's turn around and show them I love it she wants to sleep your mom's have to tell you the truth she'll come over the house she goes do I look like I love I'm like hmm because I can't lie keep going you need to lose more I mean because I can't just lie down say she looks better than me am I wrong I just believe you should enjoy the phase you're in and we have plenty of photos and modeling photos to prove how skinny I can be but if I'm not right now I think I still look great like if I hear you ask me about losing weight one more time I'm gonna fat shame you but I was a skinny bride I got fat cuz I had all three of you oh my god I can't I mean I'm at my age and my mom still tells me look at you look she says it's because I got married and moved to my town that I got heavy but like I cook I make lasagna stuffed eggplant rice balls you know eggplant rollatini I cook good and I taste the food when I'm cooking and then I sit down any for my family so I eat too much I can't I was very excited about the dress because it had so many things that I was looking for but she wants a sleeve to cover my tummy do you want her to try went on with long sleeves to see does it hurt to try one it's frustrating because I don't want a sleeve but at the same time for it okay okay this is enough for sure oh my goodness all right so no okay very good I am NOT a ball gown bride it's not gonna work out I think I've swayed my cousin and my sister just because of how I look they can see that I'm not happy in it I think we should go like complete opposite like a whole 180 yeah let's do this one yes um this is my Madison James's was it this one is at 1,500 it was like a thousand dollars under budget which is amazing tiffany is all about the threes sexy sassy and sweet I know she doesn't want to show any skin and I'm pushing the line a little bit with the strapless mermaid but I want to see how sexy she wants to go this is actually really cute yeah yeah like a total 180 I feel so much better in this dress I feel really sweet I feel sassy I feel sexy it doesn't have sleeves but we're working in that direction this is a lot closer yes I want to show this to them dananana dananana dananana whoo you got some curves going on girl thank ya how are you feeling this silhouette makes me happy okay we're getting close um I still really want my sleeves but this is way closer okay let's see me but the entourage has to say except for where they go oh that's bad the lace design is not cute at all it was like they found extra applique on the floor and they were just like oh let's hide it no something on two different laces I don't know why this just is not good fair at all this is the silhouette that I want and this is their first reaction let's focus on this shape a bit who's got some curves yes and she looks good showing off her curves yeah but you think it looks the shape of it I can understand now why she's been so adamant about her and it shows doctors it shows officiate yeah so does this mean y'all are on board with this shape and she does look beautiful in the shape so yes I'm on board they hate the dress but they like the silhouette which is a big bonus because I really really love this Lillet yours got that little sexy a little bit sassy a little bit sweet I feel like if there were sleeves maybe I wouldn't feel so naked yeah not good for a gospel singer no I think we might need to do a little more shopping Gris okay let's get you back to the room oh he don't J oh my god I cannot believe your mom this thing will that I feel so bad and you are not shopping trust me you look beautiful no I've times I've been like I don't even want you to buy my dress I'll buy my own dress and then I was like okay I really don't want to do that mom is not gonna be satisfied unless you see something with the sleeve on him because that's what's in her head from the beginning my mom once these stupid freakin sleeves so I'm gonna try on a dress with sleeves and see how that goes I feel like because she's paying for it she has to like it this is the one with the sleeve leaving my giant arms will fit Annette now you sound like her let's try it I happen to think that if you have chubby arms putting it in a sleeve just looks like stuffing a sausage in a casing what do you think it is really pretty gorgeous I told you I actually think they're gonna like this one I think it's one of those few exceptions that sleeves look nice on a ball gown but I didn't really want tool okay all right through the time but at the same time like trying anything that she'll like on dress number four thousand three keep in mind this will be up to here of course the sample small and it's all dated and we can do it in the white we could put a crinoline under it to give her more volume in the skirt you don't want to isn't this tool I don't love tulle but I do like this dress overall I don't know I don't like it I love the sleeve it's very elegant but we know you love asleep right and it looks nice but it doesn't make me like I wanted when she walks in I want to like cry you know no then you know that's the dress you know what I'm saying what what are you looking for like what you envision a cry when I see the video envision our in I don't know if she put something on and made me come on I can tell already Angelica's mom is not going to be happy unless she sees every ball gown in this store so we are going to go shopping I feel like I'm marrying my mother because she seems to have to like approve of my body approve of my dress approve of what I'm doing this appointment is unraveling I mean it's cute but I don't know can you wait oh my lord where in your voice stop shopping look pnina you can do the work but it's gonna cost you're talking thousands I feel like if it receives maybe I wouldn't feel slothful thinger no Tiffany is a gospel singer who's looking for a wedding dress with the four esses sexy sweet sassy and with sleeves the challenges is to find that sexy silhouette with sway lean which is I mean it was even hard to find in a ball gown here we go again with one strapless I mean I think this it has the shape she's looking for it has that all-over lace and this designer Madison James he could make sleeves let's look at the budget yeah how much is it 1350 honey we got money to spare so we can't leave okay so I think this is a good one okay look beautiful we have more dresses for you whoo okay we have this one it has sleeves you're not feeling it this dress has sleeves but it's not sexy and it's definitely not sassy we thought we might do some of these beating a little ruffles I don't know you ever try anything like that it the ruffles are a little much yeah 181 we got one more I'm Lauren now this has all over kind of lace you're talking about I like the silhouette of this one it's close to the other one and it's 13:50 oh right come on now we have enough money left over for sleeves yes okay I'll see you out there okay if we can't make this dress work I don't know what we're gonna do because I don't know if we have any more dresses with the flores's now the color is baby pink but it does come and either all ivory or all white them they're gonna hate the pink I like how it has sat in the end you really like satin that's I mean it's cute but I don't know can you wait tiffany tiffany go my lord they're looking are you where's your boy stop shopping wow they must really think I'm missing the mark if they feel the need to get up and go shop for me go sit down like nice children now what do we think I like this you like it mm-hmm like the silhouette the slit is nice I mean it's those in half sleeves okay um this see-through thing is very good okay okay I thought that this could be the one but we've added another s that Tiffany did not want see-through let me go grab like a fabric so we can like put this but put a fabric in here yes they don't see that okay yeah I would help I'm starting to get a little bit nervous I'm finding little parts of dresses that I really like and then not being able to imagine them all put together it's starting to make me feel a little bit worried what are you looking for like what you envision cry when I see nobody envision are in I don't know she put something on and made me come on my mom is so picky that I said you go pick the dress I'm done this one with the sleeve would you like something like that this is beautiful but then I do want her to have some beadwork this is 14,000 when Delta's mom is looking for long sleeves or satin ball gown with lots of beading but with lots of beading comes extra cost so she's going to have to give up somewhere that's a ball get this one this one has a sleeve and then this one's strapless and here's the other side one this has all the work on it's you yeah just do 200 only let her try this let's see if the maid of honor likes that this one I do like I'm hoping I think Angelica's gonna love it flipping into the dress it's comfortable and I love the beadwork at the bottom I love the Train pretty right but off the bat I'm not thrilled about the shape of the top because the piece of mesh in the middle was ripped I have to now walk out holding the dress top and for the record I did not with it it came that way okay let's show her all right I don't even know if I should go out this do you like him what do you think it has all the work on it yet this see the bottom as I said your mom loves the work yeah I'd love that the whole perimeter has and it's satin it's good price I would prefer her to have a little bit of a cap sleeve but like the bottom is gorgeous so can she do it out of sleeve I guess I'm from now until the wedding she has a little more time to maybe lose a little more weight I don't like that it's not like tight up top and then like a poof well it doesn't give you that nice like corseted well that's the whole difference the pnina is the one that has that the only one that even had a shot yeah I love the top of the pnina yes and the bottom is beautiful so it's like if you could combine them yeah and the pnina you can do the work but it's gonna cost talking thousands how about that's that all that work or else Keystone's it's frustrating because I want to have found the dress by now but it's up to my mom since she's buying the dress can we have a moment in private you can we have a moment in private you and mom yeah of course if we're up to Angelica she would have definitely said yes to the pnina strapless ball gown however her mother does hold the purse strings so let's see if the modifications are worth it okay so what are you thinking I think yes hanging over to the dress I'm just out of steam all right you have to regroup honestly I feel terrible that we didn't find a dress but I want to find one that has it all don't think about it you could always come back make another appointment and you know then we could show other things too I would love to come back here and the pnina customized a dress I just don't think that pnina can customize it best for me in our price she was very difficult to please Thanks okay thank you so my pleasure my pleasure bye Vicky should we come in as friends sounds good I love you too so she's beautiful inside and out no matter what oh wow here it's gonna cover that so you can see a little better what is it yeah he's not be it being see-through okay I just say to me of Crimea I'm starting to get a little bit nervous I just don't feel the butterflies but it's the closest you've gotten so I'm gonna try it on and see how it goes yeah yeah see we have some tricks up our sleeve on tricks immediately it's like night and day the dress just becomes so much more beautiful to me oh my god I really like you this is pretty stunning this is the first time I'm feeling this heart wrenching tug in my chest for a dress this is really nice sooo yeah I really like this I love it all right girl you want to go show them okay okay I'm so nervous to walk out to my sister my cousin because I really really love this dress and if they shoot it down I'm going to be so how you feeling I love this dress love this dress it's loving you the only thing I might do is I might add just a little more petticoat under here yeah just got a little more fullness yes this Vava voom and then sleeves we probably wanna see that too right yeah I still really want my school I'm finally able to imagine what it feels like to have sleeves on a dress that I really really like now how's that feel I love the sleeve idea I still definitely want my sleeves I would want it to be more like sheer right okay and do you see the buttons down the back on this all the way down and the Train is so much longer which I was saying it's nicer I really do love this dress okay let's turn you around okay yeah yeah I do this just needs to be white I understand it's a sample but it used to be white because it's just starting me off I can't and this drug is horrible can do I think we should work our magic I think we should work I'm at bat kid let's go we'll be back okay I know it's probably hard to envision because the sleeves are so absolute those sleeves I know it's ruining my vision urges yeah that would be this cuz maybe I don't know if she wants to cover this gorgeous really pretty right and it has that same feel of the lace I love this I think wait that cannot be gorgeous I just I scared a bit he can't imagine these to be Birds it's fine it's fine we know look at it what love that very right very pretty over here ever makes me like it more because I really like it yeah oh I transformed what happened to the sleeve I'm more than happy to remove this shrug so that they'll continue to say yes to my dress perfect is it conducive what do you think I look so pretty yeah we love it yeah seeing Tiffany in that veil was an amazing moment for me honestly yeah she looks stunning I hear that again I love it sing it to the rafters I love it having my sister my cousin react positively is the greatest feeling because it just cemented how I feel about the dress already how do you feel really good I love it it's perfect does it give you the sweetness that you want yes does it give you the sassy that you want yes does it give you the sexy that you want yes and we can give you the sleeves yes we're gonna have okay that's not for SS baby I feel like a princess which is exactly what I wanted to feel like but a sassy sexy one and I'm really happy to be able to get all that in one dress so we're gonna ask you the class I say yes to the dress I'm on top of the world I just know that God chose this dress for me joyful joyful Lord we adore thee god of glory unfold like flowers before fighting my dress cements the fact that this is really happening that I'm about to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams honey I was feel the Lord car down I have a few surprises in the store he's going to be shocked you [Applause] it's really hitting home now seeing the dress and you know everybody getting ready and all the people here to help us get ready for this big day I'm so excited I just know it's gonna be such a beautiful day but look I'm going for today is elegant royal I'll touch a Great Gatsby and a little bit of Hollywood glam it's a lot of mixtures everyone getting dressed we're getting dressed we need to focus on yourself okay I am so ready for my dress these felt so nice are you excited for your dress I'm excited I can't wait anymore function yeah what you see what she looks like I'm ready I can't wait to get married it looks amazing it feels amazing you know when I bought the dress um it didn't have sleeves on it yet it didn't have the big pouf we have here at the bottom and the little alterations that were made by my alterations specialist she really did a really good job and turn this dress into everything that I have ever imagined or dreamed of I'm so excited to get married and stress and so excited for Riccardo to see this dress I'm so happy to stay smiling here let's go get married [Applause] feel my heartbeat take me she's looking so beautiful the dress is more than what I thought it would be it's taking away my breath right now Ricardo will you have this woman Tiffany to be your wife accordin to be your wedded husband ladies and gentlemen we therefore pronounce that they are husband when she started singing yeah Finn was about the cry I'm super happy to be married to the love of my life so excited you know I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful girl you know my wife I'm taking you behind the scenes of moments additional dresses and more Wow so pretty so big flower you start my mom says I'm a bridezilla and I would say that that could be true but I definitely think my mom is momzilla I want her to have a sleeve no sleeves you have chubby arms I don't want your arms hanging out right forget it on to the next one I talked about Angelica and chubby because you're gonna be a bride it's the best day of your life I wanted to be a little thinner can you try this one yes this one's beautiful but you need a sleeve I don't need a sleeve because you're going to bust out of that no you get it blue things you have they're like I don't need my mother nagging me about it that's just cuz she's unhappy in her body there may be some truth to that maybe I am unhappy in my body you're right an entourage can make or break an appointment and often leads to a bride to say yes or leave empty-handed here's one group that had so much to say you didn't get to see it all in the episode take a look at this never-before-seen a little nervous because it's getting close and I think she's almost ready to just settle let's turn around and show them sleep Lisa sometimes I will try on 15 dresses before I find the right fit now I'm gonna spend all this kind of money and I just can't say yes to the choice of three dresses I don't think that's kind of fair okay let's try this one should probably hate this one too because look see through there's not a lot of things she likes she was complaining the whole car ride here was she really this is not my first time shopping for a wedding dress I've looked at a few places but my mom is so picky and I've tried on every dress that I could imagine she would want as if it's her wedding and them have passed the test this is gorgeous pretty right I feel like she can't like imagine like understand what it is she can't imagine yeah adjusting the bus line the back line when we went to look for dresses one time six times I tried to explain to her a detachable skirt like Sophia had got a head and she did not get it she was like no ugly ugly and I was like all right but don't look at this one because this doesn't match but imagine if it matched right I 1,000% think my mom sees the flaws before the good stuff and everything not just with and the whole thing is like I recognize that I gained weight but we all go through phases in life and like now I'm a curvier version of myself I had gained a lot of weight but I don't really care I'm super confident in my skin whether on the side zero or a size eight ten wow this is net beautiful like ethereal and romantic yeah and then we could line this of course okay so we could line it all in nude or we could line at all in the off-white okay chilling her out it has the same Swarovski crystals on it it will be all in white it will be all lines Lisa it's gonna be all mine yeah this dress looks like a nightgown like she's ready to go to bed and I'm sure her fiance will not like that and the slit will be closed completely there'll be no slit yeah I don't like the all-white we just and then all line the whole dress will be mine this would be more covered yes this is going to be the year anyway maybe we could do breast reduction did I just hear her say you do breast reduction yeah I think my mom cares a lot even though I still think I look good it's really her problem

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