SAYING YES TO EVERYTHING FOR 24 HOURS (ended up in a dress in Mexico)

SAYING YES TO EVERYTHING FOR 24 HOURS (ended up in a dress in Mexico)

Sometimes people misinterpret What we do Please welcome to the stage They’re a YouTube group named “Yes Theory” They say yes to everything *record scratch* No. See, our philosophy is not to say yes to everything… Living by the “Yes Theory” is all about saying “yes” At times it breaks your routine. To refresh you with new ideas and to be vulnerable When it scares you. So, today since saying “Yes” to everything is something we would never usually do We thought… Why not give it a shot…for 24 hours? And the first out of us to go… is Matt *Thomas laughs* (it sounds like a girlish squeal…:) Sorry, I’m so excited It’s 1:30 pm, but it’s 24 hours These guys have been preparing all these stuff I have to do and I’ve no idea what’s coming Well, to start it off, we’d all like to be called master *Matt laughs uncomfortably* No, no, no Do you want to call us master for the whole day? So every time I talk to you I have to say master? Yeah Jesus… Okay Okay, master Good job Would you love to make me a coffee right now? Yes, master, however, it depends on… It’s “Yes, master”! Yes, master There’s already some left, but I want fresh coffee, please Yes, master Man, I wish we had lunch! Thai vegan? I would like that Can you pick up some Thai vegan for us? Yes, masters Thai vegan is quite far, however There’s no however! Yes, master So I’m picking up Pad Thai for the boys. Or should, I say my masters Thank you very much Step number one: complete! Easy-peasy, baby! Saying yes is not so hard, guys! Are you happy? This one’s gonna be good! Would you wanna dye your hair pink? I’m not f*cking -… Yes, master!!! Do you know how to do this, actually? We’ll figure it out All right. Well, yes master Well, the good thing is we’re going to a concert tonight. There’s gonna be a lot of people I’ve already gotten ideas in my head Well, how- how do you this? Make sure you read the instructions first, hey What? Do we look like amateurs? Yes! Yes, master, you do! Oh, god, it smells awful I’ve never dyed my hair in my life How’s your day been? Fantastic, master Okay. Leave- leave the fade part here What? Pink fade could be cool Noooo Yes! Master! Your hair’s falling out Yeah, I didn’t actually read the instructions Did anyone actually read the instructions? Are you kidding me right now? Oh, boy! Wow! Jesus Christ! It doesn’t look that pink, does it? Yeah, I know I think he’s gonna need a second round of pink Hey, Matt! Would you like to go again? Yes, master Oh, this is the real d***y pink! This is a “I have a YouTube channel” pink *Everyone laughs* I think this one’s pretty successful What… the f***, duuude? You told me this would look good Do you love it? Do you actually think this looks good? Yeah Connor asked you a question I love it, master. Yes God! It’s gonna be primed for the concert tonight Yeah. Yeah, dude. Yeah! It’s gonna be great! Alright I wait for anything now Our friend, grandson, is playing tonight. Do you want to go shopping? For tonight? Yes, master I don’t even wanna know! Oh, wait, Matt! Do you wanna wear a dress tonight? What kind of dress are we talking about? There’s one response that we’re supposed to get And that is? Yes, master Alright. Let’s do it Oh, yeah! Totally Cool Option number two Oh my god! Ready to try? I have no choice *Thomas laughs* *Thomas continues to laugh* Let’s try the other one I think we need like a little touch up of like, velvet, in the mix Or… Yeah Dude! Oh my god! *Everyone laughs* This is insane! Matt, can you give us a quick spin? Yes, master Did that feel wonderful? Yes, it did, master Alright, we got the dress, but don’t you think he looked a little pale? Should we get a little spray tan? How you feel about that? Nooo way! You want to get a spray tan? Yes, master, you mother f*cker! I’m going to look literally out of my mind So this man, today, he has to say yes to everything! Do you want a spray tan today? Ah, yes, master Yes, master? Do you wanna do the darkest color spray tan? *everyone laughs* Yes, master How long does it last? About four to seven days It’ll look great How dark is dark though? This. This is the darkest Has this gone too far? How would you like bronzer added? Does that make it darker? I thought everything was yes! She learns fast! Yes! I feel so bad now! We were gonna do the lightest one! I’m actually shocked he’s sticking to his… I know If I’m gonna do it I might as well do it. You ready, Matt? Good luck! I think so Alright, thank you! Welcome to Mystic Tan Wait, wait, wait! *Everyone laughs* This is the second layer I’m gonna close the door because I’m not trying to get ten as well 3… 2… 1 Oh my god! Saying yes is not so hard, guys *”guys” echos* Easy peasy, baby! Wow! Have a good one! Woo, thank you! So it will continue getting darker for the next 4 hours? 24 hours… Oh boy Dude, you’re gonna be browner than me Yeah, probably You start to really look good! You think so? It’s kind of upsetting me You see, I thought this would be fun But this is just borderline… Easy peasy, baby! Yeap… Oh, my, god!!! Dude, this is so much worse than I thought it was gonna be! I know that Here’s the thing This right here says a lot more about these guys than it does about me All right, let’s go *rock music (guitar intro)* *rock music (bass hops in)* Everybody has tattoos and beards *music continues* *indiscernible yelling from the concert* *four knocks* Good morning, buddy What’s up? Do you wanna prepare your suitcase to go abroad? What? What’s the answer? Yes, master Where do I go? Don’t you worry about that Please, don’t make me wear that dress To the freaking airport Ammar? Please, do not! I feel like a- like a red dress would be, just like, the best outfits to go to the airport Yeah. Matt, what do you think? Do you wanna wear the dress to the airport? Yes, master I’m gonna walk through f*cking security with this thing on It’s hot, where we going? No, where – where you’re going! There’s no one going with you Sick… Can I throw this thing out once I’m done? I mean, you never know what you’re gonna use this for Yeah, you might as well keep it Bring a swimsuit A dare for 24 hours? Yeah This is a 24 hour challenge. It ends in a few hours You’re gonna walk into the airport and you’re gonna open this and read it out loud to the camera My lift driver is gonna be having the weirdest trip Oh, god… Hello! Hi! How’re you doing? It’s a very, very long story Now that I’m alone, this looks way weirder I gotta get this thing done fast Security is staring at me This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done in my life, no question Hello, how you doing? Alright, time to open this bad boy Dear Matt Thanks for always pushing us to be more hard-working and disciplined To end things on a high note, the boys and I booked for you An all-inclusive stay at a luxury resort in Cancun So that you can chill and decompress over the next 24 hours Hell yeah! I gotta get out of these clothes now. Security is staring at me Time to change the time to go to Cancun, baby!! Thank you boys, or should I say, masters. I’m so excited! This guy, Christian Just came up to me Yeah He said, do you vlog? He, too, makes videos on Youtube Tonight, Christian will be in Cancun We’re probably gonna go out and have a good time Totally! We’ll try to have – uh – fun tonight Yeah! Dude, let’s go! These are my 2 new Italian friends Hola! Wow, what a way to end this? This is crazy! Oh my god This has been the best night of my life Oh! We have arrived to La Cantinita *funky jazzy music* *water splash* *music continues* *splish splash* *music* Alright, guys! We just relaunched our newsletter Link to sign up is at the top of the description It’s a one minute read every single Friday No, bullsh*t It’s pretty much about what we’ve learned about how to improve ourselves And what we can hopefully teach you Also, stay tuned for tomorrow There’s a very, very special surprise episode *tongue click* See you all later *funky jams again :)*

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  2. Would’ve been cool had you guys not abused the whole thing, it would’ve been cool to see him say yes to naturally occurring questions

  3. You guys are really amazing and so full of energy! I wouldn't be surprised if there was a fan club for each of you out there!

  4. I didn't pushed myself before and now when I started watching you guys I try to do more, you guys made my life more productive then before. so thanks to you all. Long live

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    Matt at the luxury hotel with his friend: YEA BABY WE'RE GOING CRAZY!!

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