Scandinavian Fabric Stars

Scandinavian Fabric Stars

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  1. I’ve watched several videos on how to make this star and yours was the only one I was able to follow! Thanks!

  2. Merry Xmas! This video tutorial is adorable, would love to try making a few of these for myself as well as gifts. Thank you for sharing. Do have a splendid day—–

  3. wow, lovely, gonna try and make some, but I know I will probably have to watch you while I try to make one. thanks so much for the beautiful idea and a great video

  4. 60 years ago my mother bought some wax-dipped paper creations that were called German Stars. Rather similar. I have been making them & gifting them for 35 years.

  5. Your flipping it over is far to quick and each segment after that is to quick to follow 3 friends watched this and couldn’t do it either sorry

  6. i love these stars, and have made them of ribbon and paper. i think you should spray starch the fabric before you make the bias strip folds. it makes it easier to stuss the 2 tiangles into the pocket. j.

  7. Thank you for sharing these. I've just made one and I think I'm going to be making more. They are beautiful.

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