Scarf Ritual

Scarf Ritual

Hello dear witches and warlocks!
Autumn is here again and what a better way to celebrate it then with a ritual
that will keep us warm and protected? Today, I bring a ritual of abundance and
protection to be done in a garment that is always present at this time of year:
the scarf! It’s super simple to do, just give preference to do it during the full
moon and you’re done. To do this ritual you will need: a cotton scarf; I’ll put a
link down below where I got mine, acrylic or fabric pants in the colors that will
complement your ritual, in my case, gold and black; a drawing pen; a permanent
black pen; a knife; a brush; clothespins; a cardboard to use as support and a potato.
Yes, a potato that will serve as a stamp it also will add a zest of Earth
element to this ritual. So let’s get started. When choosing the potato, give
preference to one that will fit your design. With the knife, cut the side of
the potato that best fits your chosen design. Keep your reference close
and choose something that is meaningful to the ritual you intend. In my case, a
ritual for protection and abundance, I choosed the all-seeing eye. It protect us
and symbolise the fortune that accompanies us by ridding us from the
evil and the envy of others. With a pen draw the symbol always keeping in mind
the purpose of your ritual. To facilitate potato carving, keep in mind that the area
covered by the pen will be the area to be covered with ink when you’re stamping.
The clean or white area will be thin out and the ink will not reach them. My design looked like this. This potato stamping technique is a simple one that can be done with
children. However, adult supervision is necessary at this phase of the work
because we are going to use a knife; and using a thin well sharpened one, we are
going to remove all the white areas from the drawing and carve the potato.
Remember: the colored parts will not be carved out those are the areas that will
be raised and where we are going to put paint
don’t worry doing something really perfect if you get it wrong, you still have
the other side of the potato. You can do that again. Before stepping directly in
your scarf do some tests in the paper and see if your design pleases you. With
the cardboard and the clothespins we will tie the scarf so that we can have
support rent printing. The cardboard is not completely hard which helps to stamp.
Have a plan on what you want the prints to look on our scarf. doing this on a
paper can help. Finally, start stamping with light pressure. Get used to
imperfections, they are what makes your ritual unique. Always keep in mind your
purpose and have fun while doing it Because my scarf is so thin and the
inks that I used dry fast, I could continue printing without worrying too
much about staining the fabric. However, if your fabric is thicker be sure to
check that the ink is sufficiently dry before turning the scarf over the
cardboard. I also choose to draw a sigil to complete my ritual. If for you the
purpose of forgetting about the sigil has to be taken into account, you can skip
this part. For me, this purpose still holds, as it becomes part of the design of my
scarf, I soon forget about it and I can complete the ritual I printed the sigil
and I copied it on my scarf with the permanent pen. Hold your thoughts to the
purpose of your ritual just as you try to stabilize the fabric on the cardboard
to draw your sigil. Take your time, think about how you want
to be protected by the Gods and how you want the energy of the Universe bringing
you whatever you need in abundance, into your life. I miss very much being here on YouTube
with you guys! I hope you like this different kind of ritual and if you do,
please give it a thumbs up! If you also use some kind of rituals on clothes or
accessories, please share in the comments I would love to know what your guys are
doing. I hope you get warm this fall and that the natural forces that turns the
wheel, brings you protection, health and abundance! Thank you very much for
watching! I see you soon! Bye!

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  1. I missed you, dear witches and warlocks from YT! I hope I can be more present around here, I already have footage from another video, cross fingers for me to find time to edit! =) xoxo

  2. I missed you and I am so happy you made this one! That is wonderful! Sending you love and hope to see you soon! <3

  3. You look amazing! So glad that you found time to create this awesome video (:
    I love rituals involving arts and crafts,the potato was surprising haha Great Idea!
    Thank you for this xx

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