School dress code for parents

School dress code for parents

her story went viral a mother who says that she was turned away from an HISD school when she tried to enroll her daughter because of how she the mother was dressed now new tonight that school has issued an official dress code for parents if the story you saw first on – about two weeks ago since we talked with that frustrated mother Madison High School has gone forward with the plan making it clear how it believes parents should present themselves when they’re on school grounds it’s a story that has received mixed opinions since the very beginning our solemn am do is getting more of the reaction on campus Sally and Bill parents are outraged by this calling this dress code ridiculous starting this month at James Madison High School students won’t be the only ones following a dress code the same will go for their parents so they did say something about what you wear yeah they handed me this piece of paper how are we supposed to give this to all the parents this James Madison High School parent is referring to this letter issued by the school’s principal Carletta outlay brown addressing guests and parents on a dress code they must follow in the letter the principal says quote parents we do value you as a partner in your child’s education you are your child’s first teacher however please know we have to have standards most of all we must have high standards among new guidelines listed on the letter include preventing anyone from entering the building or even being on school premises wearing a sad cap or a bonnet on their head shower caps of any kind are also not allowed hair rollers will no longer be permitted these guidelines were put in place after Channel 2 News brought you this story of the Madison High School mother earlier this month who wasn’t initially able to enroll her daughter because of what she was wearing and what was on her head parents we spoke to today don’t agree with the new rules I think it’s ridiculous because they don’t know the situation you know I had an emergency today this woman is now just learning the new dress code as she was picking up her child base what you’re wearing right now on your head is not allowed in there I get I give them collab this time I eat you favor I can’t go in there yes that’s the new dress coat she is out of control and she says she doesn’t see the relevance behind the dress coat I want a little bit simple but if I have this on my head I don’t see how this bad example for a child we’ve reached out to HISD and they don’t have a commons in the meantime the parent teacher student organization plans to hold and meeting inviting parents to discuss this new dress code we’re live in southwest Houston selling Abdul KPRC channel 2 news

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  1. I 100% agree with this. I work @ a school and parents jump out their beds into the public. Why would you even leave your house like your attending a PJ party? Get DRESSED

  2. Well I mean…she looked like she was ready for bed. Just get dressed.
    For once in my life. I agree with the school.

  3. That is so wrong school principal needs to focus on the children’s education and not what parents are wearing yes I agree she should’ve put some pants on but the rag on her head it looks kind of stylish I don’t see anything wrong with that it’s like wearing a hat that covers your whole hair. It’s like if I am told that I can’t go into my child’s school because I have blue hair? Yes have parent stress appropriate don’t walk around the school showing your butt or breast and you’re good to go

  4. It’s called setting an example if a little one sees u wearing something then they will want to do the same stop being so lazy and put some clothes on.

  5. The pick me's in this comment section is ridiculous. You dropping a child to school it really isn't that deep at all. The school does not have the right to tell you as a parent what to wear point blank. So many people talking about how it's wrong when there is nothing bad about it. It's clothing.

  6. Yikes… what is so hard about being presentable? They are dressed like they literally crawled out of bed and just drove there without dressing or getting ready for the day. It gives the area a lower class perception and promotes lack of self maintenance and pride in one's appearance. You pull up to the place and two dozen people have night caps on and pants falling down to their knees and it's not that welcoming of an area, it's supposed to be official school grounds, not their house. Bed clothes should only be worn in your own home and no one should be forced to look at what kind of boxers you have on.

  7. Good. I hate seeing ppl outside who are dressed like this. Bed wear is indoor wear. You do not leave your house in a bonnet/nightie/lounge wear/pajamas period. Day clothes were made for a purpose.

  8. If people didn’t dare go the her child’s school dressed like a fool, they wouldn’t have to be asked to come appropriately. It’s an embarrassment for me and I would never go out dresses like that.

  9. This is embarrassing where do they live walking around like that listen I’m black I understand bad hair days and all that but there’s other things you can do with your hair hell hell it down grab a wig wear braids

  10. This new policy is some b***** everybody doesn't work nine-to-five. Some people work 11 to 7 and they sleep 9 to 5. Who in the hell gets all gussied up unwrap their wrap, undo their twist-out, put on heels to go grocery shopping, do laundry and clean the f**** house. I know the main reason I like to wear my Bonnet I don't like for stuff to fly in my damn hair. I have natural hair and my hair is like a magnet for anything and everything in the damn air. Cotton, lint, loose strings nets etc. anyting. Me wearing a bonnet is not hurting nor offending anybody. What we have here is some bougie "Black Folk" stereotyping other black women who wear bonnets. Oh "you sit at home all day, your unemployed, you don't care about yourself. Who's Mama didn't come up to the school house with their hair in rollers or a House coat on. I'm not going to sit up fully dressed for nothing. Especially if I need 6 hours worth of sleep cuz I got to be at work 8 at night which means I have to sleep during the day. Take care of the household cook dinner and lay out school clothes for the next day. l

  11. Listen to me when I tell you, black women don't give a F¥¢K. Single handedly leading black households at 70%. Any questions why there's so much dysfunction?

  12. *dressed like she does nothing but watch t.v. and collect a welfare check* "i dont see how this is a bad example for a child" 😂😂😂

  13. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm not mad!!! Parents be looking crazy sometimes at school!!!

  14. I agree put some clothes on here in the UK we had a similar problem with mum's turning up at school wearing a onesie. Don't be so lazy

  15. Idk about rollers in people's hair or whatever, or wraps or whatever it is, especially since anyone that has young children, KNOWS what school mornings are like, but showering up to school in bathrobes, slippers, a t-shirt and sneakers? Really? And I see kids ATTENDING school in slippers and sweat pants. Parents are telling them it's okay to NOT get dressed for school, and they're setting the example. This is a bit extreme, I think, but I get it.

  16. Well these ladies are clearly all unemployed… imagine the inconvenience of having to roll out of bed to be an adult for five minutes!

  17. Good!!! Some parents really do over do,you're taking your child to school,you're not going out to the club!!

  18. While the parents are being lazy their kid is being roasted cuz your mom came to school with no pants on smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. I'm only here because this story popped back up on my IG but I don't agree with all these comments. I never leave the house with a night bonnet on but I do wear hats, knit caps, and head wraps when my hair isn't presentable for public viewing. And if that parent is just getting to sleep after they drop their child off at 7:30am and you call them to come up to the school then what they wearing is what they wearing, and more often than not that's the case.

  20. 😂🤣😂 never had the bonnet shower cap deal at my school. Black women will do ANYTHING for good hair. 😂

  21. No matter what your situation it take 5 minutes to brush your hair or comb it in the car. I have some proud.

  22. in my opinion, them banning hair bonnets and things like that in their dress code is not right to me. women with natural hair know how hard it can be taking care of it, and frankly sometimes you just need a bonnet on to get a break. just like if someone with straight hair was in a hurry and all they could do is just throw it up in a messy bun.

  23. This is sad I can't believe this made the news 💔💔💔 another reason for the black women to be lower and we give them a reason behind this silliness. We going to the club sugar sharp . So what's the problem dressing with decent and in order before our kids and the educational system our Queens….

  24. Honestly yes i understand but being a mom just picking a child up i wouldn't be dressed down just to walk in then out. Also no one wants to mess up their hair cause deep conditioning is important 😄

  25. The hair bonnet is used for when you go to sleep or when your at home to help keep moisture in your hair . I dont like seeing people wear these out in public because to me it says they're embarrassed of their hair.

  26. It's high school, most of students are smokin weed in the bathroom. So before you tell people how to dress deal with the drugs 1st. Thanks, ps- I am a high school student too and this is my opinion. Don't like, keep it to yourself. Thanks

  27. Honestly, I agree with this. Kids dont want their moms to be embarrassing them at school. Thank god my mom always looks presentable wherever she goes😥


  29. Im on school side i work at day care they need rules for that as well cus partents be comeing to schools look very nasty and ugly

  30. Parents set the tone for how their own kids will act and present themselves, if you are an involved parent.

  31. I agree 100%! It’s a sign of respect to not wear Hats,head wraps, rollers, etc. into public places. Also both of those ladies were practically in there pajamas! If the students and teachers are expected to look presentable then the parents should be too!

  32. This honestly looks like an attack against black and islamic cultures. Bonnets, head wraps, and hijabs are just normal headwear for crying out loud.

  33. I agree with the school 101%. Why would you even go to your kid's school looking like you just woke up? You don't have to dress elegantly, but please do dress presentably.

  34. I completely agree that there should be a dress code for parents. Parents should look appropriate, no pajamas and head scarves. It just looks so bad. When I see people in Walmart or wherever in they pajamas I believe that they didn't even bathe that Morning.

  35. Tacky as hell! Don't blame them at all ! And sick and tired of the damn hair bonnets..that shyt is for in the house!! Can't stand that shyt. Not cute at all

  36. When students get a stupid dress code.
    Parents: It'll prepare you for life.
    When parents get a stupid dress code.
    Parents: THIS IS BULL****!!!!

  37. Re 99% of the comments: the code is about what they’re wearing on their heads, not their clothes. A LOT of women, especially black women, cover their hair if they’re busy and don’t have time to mess with it. I myself put mine up in a bun then wrap some stretch fabric around my head to keep my damn hair from getting all in my face when working & doing chores.
    The rule is stupid & ridiculous, in my opinion. It’s one thing to ask parents to not show up in PJ’s or booty shorts, but to not wear anything on their head?

  38. I don’t know why this is such a big deal it has to be on the news cause theres an easy solution. Just take it off whats hard about that

  39. Clothes are just items. I don’t understand all the stupidity around dress codes? Their clothes aren’t hurting you.

  40. If you do not have self respect, and common decency if course you will be against the dress code. I always dressed appropriately when going to my children's school. I've seen women wearing sports bras as tank tops, very short shorts, shower caps. I already know that their kids are the problem children in school and once my teens say yep mom their daughter always likes to fight or their son cusses at the teacher it all comes back to stereotypes. If you dress sloppy your style of parenting is sloppy.

  41. Good thing i dont get off the car when i drop my sister off at school cause i just roll out of bed

  42. It's stupid but if you want your child to go to that school you have to follow the rules, they have to so why can't you? I don't find it fair but that's life.

  43. OH MY GOSH. Y’all literally doing to much over a bonnet like really. It ain’t that damn serious. If y’all have hair like those woman interviewed it’s easier to put a bonnet on and at least be somewhat decent than to have their hair out looking any type of way and so what if it’s an emergency the first thing on my mind is not how I look it’s the situation at hand.

  44. Not at all trying to be racist and I myself am black but why would you wanna look like that in public? What even are those things?

  45. Just another case of everyone thinking there better than everyone else, it’s a head covering get over yourself

  46. A simple t shirt and Jean's is not that difficult. Pjs are for sleeping or lounging.

  47. Mom's and dads can wear ever they want, as long as the are not naked. I mean they alreadu had to go throw that sh*t plus have a time if I see a mom or dad looking like they just woke up, it must of have been rough morning.
    I also got a question so if you're not allowed to have anything on their head then.
    What about if a religion makes them have to wear something over their head?

  48. Seriously? How are yall ok with this? That rule was made because black people were wearing hats and bonnets. That's their choice, and they shouldn't have to take them off because the school whined about it.

  49. Non of them have cancer non of them are practicing something religious stfu with the bs excuse fot these ghetto rag heads. Do better

  50. There is a time and place for everything. Of course people can express themselves anyway they want but hey to each its own.

  51. at first i was like “what the hell?” then when i saw the picture of the mom looking like she just woke up i fully agreed

  52. "That's good the principal came out with a dress code for parents. The vast majority of parents today dress like their children, dressed like their going to bed, dressed like strippers, hot thots, etc. They don't agree, that's their problem. They need to do that everywhere. Of course these black mothers don't think dressing raggedy is an issue, they're programmed to advertise their dysfunction and wonder why others treat them like retarded children."

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