School Uniform Debate – Behind the News

School Uniform Debate – Behind the News

I like our school colours. They’re blue, red and white, and they look really nice
in the uniform. Like many kids around Australia, these guys go to a school
with a strict uniform policy. We’re not allowed to wear any socks
that aren’t the school socks. And we’ve got to wear
a hat during summer, so that’s Term 1 to Term 4. But when it comes to
the girl’s uniform, there are a few option. They can choose
to either wear pants or skirts. I just like the skirts because
they’re just what I’ve been wearing and I’m just sort of used to it. Well, I really like the pants because they’re really comfortable
and, to me, they look really good. While lots of other schools
have a similar policy, it’s not the case everywhere. At some schools, girls’ uniforms mean
dresses and skirts while the boys wear shorts and pants, and that’s been causing
a lot of debate. Recently, a study
from the University of Melbourne found that there was more chance
of kids being active at lunchtime if they were wearing shorts or pants. Research shows that you’re
more likely to be running around at lunchtime if you’re wearing
shorts or pants as opposed to something like
a dress, which is more restrictive. It’s something these girls
are pretty passionate about. Hi, I’m Sophia. And I’m Sophie. And we’re both 11 and from Perth. Sophie and I believe
that girls should have the option of wearing shorts or trousers
at school. Recently, Sophia wrote a letter to the Western Australia
education minister saying it wasn’t fair that she wasn’t
allowed to wear shorts or pants except during PE. A few months later, we got call
from the education department and they told us that
they were going to change the policy and that was really good news
for me, my mum and all my friends. Not only did Sophia’s school
change its policy, Western Australia’s government
made it compulsory for all state public schools
to offer girls a choice between dresses and pants. And last week, Victoria said
it might bring in similar rules. The group called
Girls’ Uniform Agenda is campaigning for other states to follow. I think it’ll be great
for every girl in Australia to have a choice of shorts
or trousers, including private schools because they like to do sport
as much as we do and… ..then everyone can be happy
and free. But not everyone agrees. Some reckon it should be up
to individual schools to decide what their students wear and that kids should respect
the uniform policy whatever the style.

15 Replies to “School Uniform Debate – Behind the News”

  1. You should be able to wear what you want to wear I think. And they say it causes comparisons and fights well you know that's probably more fun for them half the time then what they are learning so yeah.

  2. Some girl at my school got suspended for wearing pink socks.. (because we meant to wear plain black socks.) Ridiculous.

  3. Tbh I like wearing a school uniform because it’s easy and I don’t have to worry about what to wear to school.

    But they’re so expensive!!! It’s like $30 for one school shirt 😒

  4. At my school I am allowed to wear any type of bottoms like skirts or shorts but that’s not the case next year I have to wear dresses and blazers but i mean it’s not that bad

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