bonito mate the Spanish word for uniform you good morning guys and welcome to another beautiful day here in Chile I am on my way to class I’m two minutes late but I’m gonna make it it’s right there let’s go I am NOT going to say the c-word today but I’m a little rest for yato little coal and I’m a little under the weather and so I’m going to head over to this little negocio little supermarket across the street see if they have some throat lozenges Oh [Music] [Music] very successful time to eat some breakfast because that’s what we do in Chile I eat breakfast before school during school you know it’s just I feel like a hobbit I eat all the time I love it but today’s topic in the school is all about the uniforms and well I’m interested to know your opinion but here’s the deal so you’re lucky and so here is likitha and in Logan be in general everyone has a beautiful and here it’s green and red and yellow and then they have the pants too hey goose in winter for me yes continue okay he likes it then ask a few people then what they think about these uniforms ed the kids have to wear here and then look at being a doctor they’re about ten years ago that everyone has to wear these uniforms and now it’s just normal and I’ve been asking kids trying to find somebody that doesn’t really like them but there aren’t many at least here in most freestyle lights that don’t like the uniform La Quinta where I just was that was the first school to get uniformed and most priests Dallas was right after that in getting uniforms there at some of the first schools in this area to get uniforms in these schools everyone does it but I kind of like it what do you guys think it’s always a discussion when I went to sprayed school it was one of those math questions where you had to make a little chart for it and figure out who likes it who doesn’t like it and I never grew up wearing uniforms but in my other school in the United States I had kids at war uniforms with a nice tie and a blazer like really get but here no different the thing about the uniforms and the kids though is that we all wear our jackets and winter hats and sometimes gloves during the school so it’s hard to really see them with their full uniform on right now but they do have a uniform I like the idea I think wearing a uniform is good because then the kids don’t have to worry about going to buy clothes and being up on the latest trend and not fitting in because of something as stupid as clothes so I really like it leave it in the comments below though what you think of it now the question of it look at this truck that’s going to pass me this looks absolutely ridiculous how can you fit so much stuff on a truck absolutely crazy the water so the question of the day comes from Felix Pacheco Lobos says hi man nice to see you I want to ask you how did you meet a Leakes look so happy together and I’m a little very capuchins oh thanks how did I meet Elise well turns out that Elise and I never met but I went to high school and actually roomed with her cousin and then in college and high school I roomed with her brother-in-law who is my really good friend but I never met her and well after a few years my best friend and her cousin said that we’re all going to go rock climbing and the problem was nobody came but her tried to check at the post office to see if my drone came no luck yet anyways you east and I had met there and I knew within maybe four hours that I wanted to marry her she was perfect so why not oh my goodness it’s cold outside for any clear I’d be a popsicle I’m so oh shoot I said it wasn’t going to say the c-word ah [Music] but anyways hope you guys liked the video for today if you did give it a little thumbs up do you subscribe if you haven’t already check out my links below for Instagram Twitter Facebook make sure you subscribe to those as well but let me know what you guys think about the uniforms maybe you guys had them growing up maybe you didn’t did you like them did you not like them do you like them now maybe you have kids who go to school I don’t know leave it in the comments below what you think and we’ll see you guys next time but for now chop this cow [Music] when he fought me the Spanish word for uniform did nice case some of you are you when he fought mate the Spanish word for uniform

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  1. in the Chile of the seventies we all had uniformes from pre kinder, and high school…

  2. I had to wear uniforms in Chile when I was a kid, I think overall it's a good thing to have. here in the U.S. I would like to see uniforms even in High Schools. Kids wouldn't spend so much energy on looking "trendy" …. plus I think it makes the student look sharp, and presentable. Also, it prepares the student mentally to continue to look respectful… when going to college and/or work. so for me, uniforms all the way 😊

  3. All my youth I wore uniforms, and when I took it off I felt the freedom, it is like the song "Another brick in the wall" of Pink Floyd.
    great video Jon, have a nice day.

  4. Hello john. Nice video. A word of advice, shooting videos in public places from the gov. (I.e.: hospital, schools, carabineros) may have some restrictions and even so if you shoot without the consent of someone ( a nurse in an hospital service, a teacher teaching, a police inside a police station) .in the case of minors, fathers can be more "pesados" in that way, because they have to consent that. I don't intent to sound a "buzzkiller", I just trying to help ✌🏻

  5. I like uniforms for school, actually. Basically because they make social differences disappear. Kids get bullied easily and if your clothes are "poor people clothes", someone with "better" clothes will make fun of you. It happens in the US and it's stressful. Not to mention that kids get discriminated even for their fashion style… so it's not cool. Uniforms are easy, no one gets discriminated and they look kinda cool (that depends on the school though). I really liked mine in school, it was comfy and we could wear anything we wanted on top of it as long as the whole uniform was complete underneath.

    It does kill your individuality, but they let us wear stuff on top, as I said, and we could dye our hair if we wanted, wear a few piercings and I could even wear my hair long (which I still do, 15 years after I first let it grow in 9th grade), so we were pretty happy.

    And now, at university, I wear my 4000 pesos jeans from Walmart and life is damn good.

  6. Question for you: which aspect (s) of the chilean culture that you have experienced do you think could be copied by the US? Also, I am very fond of your funny "Chao-pescao" farewell! XD Regards,

  7. Very long AVI video format? longAVI? haha. The uniforms in Chile are of free choice of each school.That of regulatory use for public education, meanining the blue jumper and white shirt for girls, sometimes tie, blue socks and black shoes. Blue jacket, white or blue shirt, tie, gray pants and black shoes for boys is mostly used for practical reasons and obviously: economic reasons. However, when it comes to the sport "diver" (called a physical education uniform), it is usually the most convenient for everyone, parents and children, economic reasons and comfort. The diver is what identifies each school.

  8. i think uniforms are good because you do not see differences between the students (money, social stratum, etc)

  9. Uniforms: Hey Jon, Thanks to uniforms when I was in Chile during early school, I learned how to tie a tie, tie a knot or whatever the expression is. I also always had to keep my shoes cleaned. So for me wearing uniforms is great. Also, you do not have to pick your clothes every day. I work at a major university here in Santo Domingo and I wear a polo shirt with the College logo, everyday, Thanks!

  10. i´m gonna try to write it in english :c

    I think uniforms are good, bc you don´t have to worry about buy clothes… but the best thing is that you make no differences between people, i mean you don´t judge someone about the brand of their clothes 🙂
    best english ever xDDD SALUDOS TIO JON <3

  11. Uniforms are great!! I had them for 12 years in Chile. I agree with Azuleé Añaki it does help you to be presentable for the future college, work, etc.
    You are doing a fantastic job with the videos…please don't ever stop!!

  12. I remember that I didn't use to like them when I had to wear them (and I wore a "jumper" which is not the jumper you think it is. Jumper is that black dress… I hated it! And during summer time it was a real hell with the heat and all that stuff)… but now that I'm a teacher, I understand. Like some people say, it is better because everybody look the same and there are no differences of any kind.
    Anyway, thank Godness, uniforms are changing and a lot! Now girls can wear a skirt and a t-shirt.

    Interesting video Jon. I love the way you show to the world how our beautiful country is =)

  13. Jon, hace tiempo encontre tu canal y solo queria felicitarte por la calidad de videos, de edicion y la buena energia que expresas, mucho exito! saludos.

  14. I actually go to a school that you have to wear an uniform. But there is exceptional days that you can go with any clothes you want it's called the Jeans day and it is really cool. Let me know your thoughts on this. Hope you answer this. 😀

  15. l like the uniforms because that way the kids are all equal, same clothes not expensive or cheap. we don't see social diferent

  16. You have to come to Puerto Montt and its surroundings, some places like Frutillar have very interesting museums and theaters, the city called Llanquihue was one of the cities where the German colonists were when they arrived in Chile, they have parks with houses of the time that have't been touched and continued as many years ago, Puerto Montt is a city with ports and the fishmonger is one of our main resources, I recommend you visit the "Theater of the Lake" which is a great theater located on water, has a beautiful view and the city is very well maintained.☺☺☺

  17. As a dad, I think that uniforms are better for the parents. You save a ton of money on trendy clothes and fancy sneakers.

  18. Okay, so I was waiting for this topic. One argument is "uniforms prevent students from bullying each other because of their style" "another one to counter that one would be "not wearing uniforms helps you find your essence and learn to tolerate other styles". I went to a private british school and we indeed had uniforms, to be honest, you save a lot of time by having the same clothing items and not worrying about what to wear to look good! Bullying happens all the time, bullies will always find something to pick on! The ending was so adorable! You should organize a meet up hopefully after July 10 ish, when will you be on holiday? Take care Jon!

  19. When I went to school..we have to wera Coveralls every one no excuses they colored white and the end of the school year we wrote on them … about Noevmber .
    Still we have to wear them That was spring and the nice weather and hormones raging..But everybody have to wear them
    On Sundays and Holidays we wore a Navy Blue suit, white shirt with blue tieand black shoes.Since it was a Catholic school we have to go to Mass No excuses
    As alittle kid we had Thursday afternoon confessions and some the kids could not think of anything to confess, so I sold them sins 2 pesos per sin .Nothing heavy Now i think i am going tpo hell HEHEHEHe

  20. You really think meeting Elise was a coincidence?, I think you guys were set up, if not by your friends, then the man upstairs, blessings.

  21. I really love your vlogs, Jon. Nice to see different topics, they're also very funny and interesting. Cheers from Talca!

    PS: Take care of this freezing weather. I hate it.

  22. When I was in Grade school we didn't have to wear uniform, unless you attended  a private school, but in High School was mandatory and I didn't like it but now I can see why is good. With the uniform you can't tell who is has rich parents and who doesn't and no one has to follow the newest trend….Very interesting video.. as usual..

  23. Hey jon, me encantan tus videos sigue asi¡¡👍. En lo personal a mi me aburre llevar todos los dias puesto el uniforme 😧, !!debes usar la misma ropa todo un año¡¡, pero bueno hay que representar la escuela a la que se le asiste.

    Saludos desde Chillán¡¡ ✌

    Pd: Me daria mucho frio comprar alkas en invierno, yo no lo haria 😁

  24. I liked your closing music on this one… uniforms? Yes. I agree it makes it easier on the kids-one less thing to be judged on or compete with each other over. the big question is if the parents have to pay for them.

  25. I love the uniforms for all the points mentioned below….however if they are covered up with individual jackets, scarves, hats and jerseys they become invisible and the uniforms loose all the advantages mentioned below. Living in South Africa we wore uniforms from grade school all the way through high school but we were never allowed to wear a non school item of clothing ever. This meant that there was no room to look different or individual but in winter we were sometimes not dressed warm enough.

  26. School uniforms are useful for two basic things. All students wear the same clothes, so there is no difference of money or social stratum. Also you save money, because you do not have to buy clothes in the all year.

  27. xddd pq toda la gente escribiendo en ingles a un americano en chile enseñenle algo de latino vamos!!!!!

  28. When I was a kid, I have to wear a clear blue shirt and a tie, I hate the tie, now is just a t-shirt, I love it. I'm a romantic guy so i love your story. Saludos.

  29. sería geníal que hicieras un video hablando solo español :') y sigue así querido Jon Gross ^-^

  30. I had worn uniform all my life and I think that is cool, I mean, you don't have to worry about what clothes you have to wear. Now I'm in the university and I wear the same clothe everyday, because I don't like go shopping :c
    Greetings from Santiago 🙂

  31. no puedes grabar niños sin el consentimiento de sus padres, podrían alegar que estas lucrando con sus rostros en youtube o algo peor, ten cuidado.

  32. la niña no quería sonreir jaajaj
    me encanta ver tus videos, me trae muchos recuerdos de cuando vamos a visitar a los abuelos de mi novio😳
    saludos a elise ✌👋

  33. Hi. Mi husband is from Linares,Chile.He is paramedic in ambulances (131 services emergency-Chile/Talca) I'm chilean. Now we are living in New Zealand.

  34. I think uniforms suck… why? I just don't like it and also you can spend the same amount of money to buy new cloths… anyway… I remember during the 90s when I was in high school we had to have the uniform complete… we couldn't wear tennis shoes or other kind of clouths only the school uniform… even worse… if your hair was touching the ears… they asked you to cut it…. it was ridiculous and very stupid.

  35. I have to wear uniform when I was in school in Chile and I liked, now in the us , kids they wear regular close, they don't like uniforms they have to wear Nike or Armour brand

  36. Los uniformes en las escuelas se comienzan a utilizar por lo que tu acabas de decir , es decir , por la diferencia de clase social . Me explico mejor , hace 30 o 40 anos atras Chile era un pais muy pobre , las clases sociales eran notables . Por este motivo el estado decidio que los ninos deberian ir a escuela todos vestidos de igual manera , a escuela se va a estudiar no a excivir las mejores vestimentas . Esta ley no va contra las mejores familias , sino a proteccion de los mas pobres . Antiguamente el estado regalava el uniforme a los mas pobres , porque asi todos en la escuela fueran iguales , es decir , SIN DIFERENCIAS "

  37. Lo malo ahora es que los uniformes se volvierón un negocio y estan muy altos sus precios.
    Antes todos los colegios tenían el mismo uniforme que un Jumper y blusa para las niñas y pantalón gris y camisa para los niños….cambiaba en cada colegio la corbata y la isignía, por eso el precio era menor, ya que lo podías comprar en cualquier parte.
    En todo caso me gustan más los uniformes de ahora!!!

  38. Hola Jon, siempre se ha usado uniforme, sólo que antes eran para todos igual, las niñas usábamos Jumper, camisa blanca y delantal cuadrille celestes y calcetas blancas y los niños pantalones plomo, con camisa blanca y cotona, ahora cada colegio tiene su propio uniforme, con sus colores distintivos e insignias..

  39. So, just a few points: I live in Chile and while I was growing up in the 80’s all the schools (public and private) had to wear the same uniforms: navy blue jumper (dress) with blue blouse and navy blue socks for the girls and gray pants, white or light blue shirt and navy blue jacket for the boys. Schools that wanted to have a different uniform had to ask for permission to the Education Ministry. At the late 80’s or early 90’s that changed and to have a different uniform the schools were only required to have the consent of the Parents Association.
    By law uniforms are not required in Chilean schools however if the school administration and the Parents Association have agreed on it, all the students are required to wear it.
    When the people at those school told Jon that they have been wearing an uniform for X amount of time they meant that the school has had an unique uniform (and not the generic navy blue one) for X amount of time NOT that before that date the kids could wear street clothes.
    It’s true though that some times in small rural schools uniforms are not enforced because the kids come from low income homes. Also, some public schools provide their poorest students with uniforms.
    I do like school uniforms and they are a relief for the parents in the sense that they don’t have to worry about constantly buying new street clothes to their children. But they can be quite expensive, especially on a Chilean budget. And I went to school in the time of the generic navy blue uniform and even then kids were bullied and discriminated based on the brand of their shoes, sweaters, backpacks, notebooks, etc. So don’t think that uniforms prevent bullying because they don’t.

  40. Lo que pienso del uniforme. No hace la diferencia entre los estudiantes .. digo por su economía familiar pobreza .. y un orden .. eso

  41. Usar uniforme la palabra lo indica todos Uniformes todos iguales, para evitar que los niños le den importancia a las marcas de ropa o zapatillas evitando el consumismo, medida que se mantiene a lo largo de Chile en algunas regiones del País. Era una medida de justicia Social, lamentablemente ahora los colegios despreciaron esa idea volviéndose un negocio de venta de uniformes diferentes para cada colegio.

  42. Hey! A Chilean "patiperra" living in Germany here! 🙂
    Love your channel, makes me nostalgic for my country after ten years in these cold lands!

    About the uniforms. I wore them my whole school life in Chile. My family and I moved to several cities throughout the 5th region and so I went to several schools through preparatory, each of them with their own version of uniforms. The thing is the following: one may argue that school uniforms make all kids look equal to one another and they don't have to worry about fitting in by pressuring on their parents to buy them trendy clothes. But the issue here is, whoever familiar with the Chilean society knows that public school uniforms are one thing than half public-half private schools and the totally private schools (a.k.a. "posh" schools). So the difference can be seen on the streets. Public school kids know they can be recognized as students of the public system as much they can recognize who are the posh kids and those right in the middle of the social ladder. On the other hand, kids and teenagers will always find a way how to stand out and regardless of wearing the same uniform, they'll make sure to bring to school the latest technological device or fashion item their parents can('t) afford.
    A good example of this reality is the Chilean movie "Machuca".

    Greetings from Germany!

  43. I grew up wearing a uniform every day for 12 years and it never bother me…you know that it is not an option 😊 chao, pescao

  44. In the old days there used to be one type of uniform for girls and one for boys. Some private schools started to have their own uniforms and that became trendy, so every school started their own uniform and took advantage of it because it was business. For me it wad advantageous because my family could not afford to buy clothing, but when you're a teen you want to look cool and uniforms sucked.

  45. El uniforme hace ver mas ordenados a los estudiante Y da menos trabajo y costos para los padres

  46. I had to wear a uniform for my last two years of school. I hated it so much. I felt my individuality evaporate and in it's place was, hatred for everyone. I left before finishing middle school. Neck ties felt like a leash that was choking me, constantly. They repulse me to no end. Now I repair computers and wear whatever I want. I refuse to wear a suit of any kind. I don't understand it but I would rather die 1000 times in a split second than put something like that on, ever again.

  47. The best thing about uniforms is that after finishing high school you can start calling the younger kids "Pingüinos"!!!

  48. Uniforms uniform all students and you don't see differences. Second of all, it protects them from dust, and dirt in general. Finally, uniforms differentiate students from other schools.

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