SCP-262 A Coat of Many Arms | euclid class | Clothing / Extradimensional / historical SCP

SCP-262 A Coat of Many Arms | euclid class | Clothing / Extradimensional / historical SCP

scp-262 A coat of many arms object class euclid Item #: SCP-262 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Currently,
SCP-262 is undergoing review and research to see if it is capable of being used by field
agents in the acquisition of other SCPs. Monitored use by commander level authority
is preferable. It is inadvisable to allow agents unsupervised
usage of SCP-262 at this time. When not in use, SCP-262 is kept in a climate-controlled
room at Site ██, guarded by at least two Level-2 Security personnel. Description: SCP-262 is a light brown, European
military-style greatcoat from a period between the late 1500s to the early 1900s. It is without any specific designations or
markings, leading researchers to believe it was an original archetype sample, intended
to be submitted to military officials for approval as part of a new uniform design. The pattern was either rejected or lost because
it was never implemented. It is made of wool and extends below the knee
on most individuals. Carbon dating of the coat fibers has been
inconclusive, placing the age of SCP-262 in the range of 6,200 to 6,400 years old. One explanation is that the wool used to create
SCP-262 is perhaps thousands of years old, but the coat itself was cut, sewn, and assembled
recently. SCP-262 is capable of manifesting numerous
arms from within the dark inner lining. When worn, any subject wearing SCP-262 needs
only to open the coat to materialize hands and arms which are somewhat under the subject’s
control. Most limbs are human in nature and vary in
skin tones, length, and strength. A noted few include: A reptilian-like scaled tentacle some 4 m
(13 ft) long 4 semi-transparent arm-like appendages made
of cellulose, over 10 m (33 ft) long, with 4 fingers, 2 elbow-like joints, and no wrists
The clawed paw of a large cat, possibly a cougar or mountain lion
Several feet and legs that appear randomly The space under SCP-262 is considered to be
non-Euclidean in nature and the coat itself divergent from normal dimensions. In one instance, test subject 402M was told
to put SCP-262 over his head. Upon doing so, SCP-262 fell to the ground
as the Class-D personnel disappeared under it. Some time later, fingerprinting of objects
that have come into contact with the limbs of SCP-262 have identified one of the arms
as that of subject 402M. Subjects properly wearing SCP-262 are able
to manipulate these arms with a varying amount of control. Test subject 301F was able to perform multiple
tasks at once even while unaware and blindfolded, leading researchers to believe that SCP-262
has both perception and awareness of its surrounding even when the subject does not. Some believe SCP-262 to be fully sentient,
due to observing SCP-262: playing a piano with two or more hands, though
the test subject has had no formal training in music;
defending itself/subject from multiple attackers; several limbs “fighting” one another or even
going against the subject’s will. At times, when a subject attempts to smoke,
a particular limb will remove the cigarette from the subject’s mouth and then throw it
away. At other times, a different hand will place
a cigarette into the subject’s mouth and light it though the subject dislikes smoking. Acquisition: SCP-262 came into the Foundation’s
care when ‘The Administrator’ relinquished his ownership of the coat in the late 20th
century. Because of his status, ‘The Administrator’
is granted special rights which effectively allow him to remain silent about the origins
of SCP-262, how he came to possess it, and how he has used it in the past. ‘The Administrator’ released SCP-262 to the
Foundation, stating, “In the right hands, it could be extremely useful. In the wrong hands, it could be extremely
dangerous. In my hands, it was becoming extremely dusty
and moth-ridden and taking up far too much space in my closet.” Addendum 01: Selected notes from further research
regarding the properties of SCP-262 Case Study 262-11: Inversion of SCP-262
Trial 7 – After putting on SCP-262 properly, Subject-722M attempts to turn the right arm
sleeve inside-out as he removes his arm. Many disembodied voices cry in apparent pain. Subject-722M is instructed to continue inverting
the sleeve. Multiple arms emanating from within the lining
of SCP-262 reach out and attack Subject-722M. In an attempt to remove the coat, Subject
722M tries to retract his arm but in doing so, inverts the sleeve of the coat. A long cellulitic arm appears from the opposite
inner lining, reaches around and up through the inverted sleeve, grasps Subject-722M’s
caught hand, and pulls violently, the force of which dislocates the subject’s shoulder
and amputates the arm at the elbow. With SCP-262 in typical position, all emanating
arms retreat and audible wailing of voices cease. Subject-722M’s wounds are treated, and his
condition is inconsequential. Case Study 262-42: Placement of SCP-262 on
a mannequin Trial 1 – SCP-262 is placed on an anatomically-correct
human male mannequin dressed in typical SCP personnel attire. After several minutes, a single human arm
emanating from the inner lining of SCP-262 reaches up towards the mannequin’s face. After several prods of apparent curiosity,
the arm retreats and no further movement is recorded for the duration of the test. Trial 4 – SCP researchers place SCP-262 over
the head and shoulders of a similar, but different mannequin. After a few moments, SCP-262 fell to the ground
with the entirety of the test mannequin disappearing below it. Addendum: It has been noted that a rigid wooden
arm resembling that of the test mannequin has been witnessed emanating from SCP-262
since this Trial. Case Study 262-307: Placement of SCP-262 on
a recently deceased human being Trial 1 – Research personnel put SCP-262 on
to the body of a recently deceased Class-D personnel, recently terminated in an experiment
with SCP-[EXPUNGED]. The body is whole, unscathed and mounted into
a seated position on a chair. After a few moments, a single human arm emanating
from the inner lining of SCP-262 reaches up towards the body’s face. After several prods of apparent curiosity,
the arm retreats. After several more moments, the body which
SCP-262 is on begins shaking violently. A popping and snapping sound is heard and
the deceased’s hands, visible at the end of the sleeves, suddenly retract. The body then stills. A human hand reaches up the back of the deceased
neck from the collar and pulls the head up into an upright position. Numerous hands and arms criss-cross the chest
and abdomen and straighten the body. Two cellulitic arms reach down the body’s
legs and grip the ankles. SCP-262 pulls the body into a standing position
as other arms of cellulose come down each sleeve. SCP-262 continues by breaching containment
and overpowering security. At the time, MTF Epsilon-9 (aka “Fire Eaters”)
were present in the facility to provide reinforcements. Discharging their flame accelerators in an
aggressive fashion, members of MTF-E9 were able to corner SCP-262 in a blind hallway. When cornered, a hand from within SCP-262
pulled the coat up and over the head of the body it was using. SCP-262 collapsed to the ground with the body
of the Class-D personnel disappearing beneath it. It is unknown if the incident was caused by
the will of SCP-262 or the will of the body of the recently deceased Class-D personnel

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  1. Playing Darksouls 3? nah New content from eastside steve! Thanks for all the great content over the years it makes me happy and had helped me thru some stuff, Thank you steve.

  2. Allso I would love to have this coat not only would I wear it with a 1930 style garb ( with lots of knives and other weapons hidden under the coat for the arms to use) I would go around claiming to be nobody and doing crazy and weird crap XD

  3. wow this scp was vary interesting its cool how it seems whetever orginic body it takes in becomes a new arm its cool

  4. I can only imagine there being a pocket dimension where a lot of people and other things are sitting in a break room until they are called to help the wearer.

  5. Dr. Bright may not use this SCP as a piece of an alternative Shokan cosplay, no matter how much he explains how "original" and "innovative in the field of OC and LARP culture" the idea would become.

    Supervisor [REDACTED]

  6. you're my favorite account on youtube beacuse im usually too busy to go on the scp wiki and read the docs. so honestly thank you

  7. SCP:448- (the necromancer skull)
    subject class:euclid
    case is handled by Dr. Blankenship
    description: scp 448 is a large k9 skull, when exposed to carbon dioxide, or other carbon emissions, scp 448 will grow slowly but at a noticeable pace. When scp 448 "grows" the material is is made of becomes more dense and can possibly become indestructible. testing with blunt objects has shown that scp 448 is bullet proof up to class 2 anti material shells, as of now, while lazer testing has absolutely no effect. scp 448 has an immunity to heat and supercharged light beams, even when damaged scp 448 can self repair when exposed to carbon. when deprived of carbon scp 448 will take carbon from living resources such as humans, plants, and even has been recorded taking carbon from carbon based material. when scp 448 cannot get its required carbon it will summon out of its eyesockets quick slug like entities that will grow up to 13 feet in length with a diameter of 12 in. these entities, known as scp 448-1, will seek out and absorb any carbon it comes in contact with Evan if it means the death of scp 448-1, but will also defend scp 448 until death, which has been presented trough ballistic testing. scp 448-1 has no mouth, eyes, ears, anis, is black in coloration, and is covered entirely with slime that is secreted from unknown sources, said slime is mildly corrosive, fire retardant, and is toxic to living things. scp 448-1 is appeared to be hive mind controlled by scp 448, and has habits the same as a boa constrictor, being able to crush with a force of 18000 psi, in one incident scp-1 slithered into the mouth of a D-class test subject and took control of the subject now known as scp 448-2, but after 10 min the subject was extremely decomposed to the point that an arm fell off. when scp 448-1 reaches full size it will go to the exact location of scp 488. NO MORE INFORMATION CAN BE GATHERED DUE TO THE POSSIBLE CLASS CHANGE OF SCP 448. Dr. Blankenship was gunned down by officer Wright, after Dr. Blankenship attacked. Dr. Blankenship was partially decomposed in his dead state (notes found by information terminated: 1/23-if subject 448 continues to absorb carbon, within a year it will be unstoppable.1/25- as it grows scp 448-1 size cap grows along with their strength.1/29 I hope someone finds these, it appears a smaller scp 448-1 has breached containment and has entered my body through a unspeakable way, and I fear for my life to speak about it. 2/1- it is to small to take me yet, but I can't eat or drink ANYTHING, and all I hear is a deep rumble, there's scratches in my brain.2/2- all I can think about it my BEAUTIFUL master, I see her when I close my eyes, she hungers for energy, I must get her POWER.)

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  12. Eastside Show SCP I wonder what happened when they tried to wear the coat itself inside out by trying to turn it inside out from the collar (not just the sleeves)…?

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  14. @2:12. I'm usually never "that guy", but this time I had to say something. A cougar is just another name for a mountain lion. Along with puma, panther, catamount, and a couple others I think.

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