Secret Lab Omega SoftWeave Fabric VS PRIME PU Leather – In Depth Review

Secret Lab Omega SoftWeave Fabric VS PRIME PU Leather – In Depth Review

44 Replies to “Secret Lab Omega SoftWeave Fabric VS PRIME PU Leather – In Depth Review”

  1. There’s a sale on the Chairs right now Here:

    Sale going on as of right now on secrets labs check out the link to find out more!

    Found that in my emails promos. 🙂

  2. I got the Titan cookies and creme color, and when it came in it smelled like chemicals and like cat urine.

  3. Thank you for the review, side-by-side. I'm planning to buy the Secretlab Omega Softweave chair, and I was excited to see the charcoal blue in your video to compare to other videos with the cookies & cream color. I'm leaning towards buying the cookies & cream color 🙂

  4. I have the titan series and I really like it better than the omega series because of the lumbar support…
    on the titan series the lumbar support is already built in the chair…
    Great review 🙂

  5. Very good review ,thank you
    Good job comparing th materials ,now I'm convinced to go for the fabric one instead of the leather ,
    And I may just spray some water resistant spray to solve the problem u mentioned 😛

  6. when the bottom drops down to lean back can it be locked back or does it spring forward with no lock?

  7. Nice review, but one thing I wanna tell you, is that you have a dead pixel in your camera. At 9:30 you can see a blue dot in the bottom middle of the screen, that is a dead pixel.

  8. i own the secret lab titan chair.. just a bigger size chair and has built in lumbar support compared to omega version. its well worth every penny of the 400$ i spent. all the functions it can do are amazing and i think i went with secretlab because it doesnt look like a cheap chair like dx racer, the quality in this chair really is what your paying for. the seat is firm but ide rather it be firm than soft thats prob only complaint anyone would have sitting in my chair i doubt ill need a new chair for so long but if i ever do purchase another one its secret lab for sure.

  9. why review a 350 euro gaming chair ??? i mean its 350 euros do you really expect to see something negative for the price you pay … because if you would then you must feel really stupid for spending that money

  10. This video was very helpful! You helped me make my decision and pick the fabric material. Thank you 👍 Looking forward to your six month update. Every PU leather thing I’ve owned eventually cracks, tear, rips, or peels. I don’t think six months will be long enough to show significant wear like that but your day to day experience with both will be interesting.

  11. I was going to buy the leather but on pretty much all of the leather PU reviews they say it gets really hot. So I decided to get Softweave

  12. You can still clean the fabric version with a fabric cleaner if you are dropping food on your chair and if you do it immediately you should be able to get it off without any noticable stains. Beside that i would recommend a chair with a dark fabric to make stains harder to spot if you happen to drop something you cant get off

  13. omg, i have like 4 youtube ad on your video, whats wrong … and they are all League of Legends !

  14. I wanna get the fabric but if i did sweat how would i clean it? It seems like the chair would just soak it up…

  15. Duude. I've had my chair for like 3 months now, and I had no idea the arms were 4D adjustable. I just pulled them in, and it makes a world of difference. Thumbs up just for that (Got it in SoftWeave Charcoal blue btw, and I love it)

  16. Hi, whats your height ? Wasn't it too short for you ? I dont know if should i buy omega or titan.

  17. How do the casters perform on carpet? Does the PU Rubber coating on the caster wheels help them move easier on carpeted floors? I feel like normal casters struggle on carpet because of poor traction and sink in effect.

  18. Hey ! I hesitate between those two. So I have a question. Is the chair PRIME PU and the chair Softweave are soft identical ?

  19. hi, nice review, i have a question though, is it possible to remove the armrests from the chair ?

  20. Thanks for making this comparison video. If the softweave came in black on black I would have ordered that but since it's not I ordered the PU leather. Think softweave might also look like a scratching post to my cats so PU is safer.

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