Semi-Spread Collar Dress Shirt – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials – Collared

Semi-Spread Collar Dress Shirt – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials – Collared

– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. So this video is part of my Men’s Wardrobe Essentials series. I wanna talk to you about dress shirts. And specifically, the
semi-spread collared dress shirt. Like we discussed in my video about the two-button
notch lapel grey suit, this dress shirt embodies everything an essential means to me. It works on everyone
regardless of your age, your face shape or body type, and it never goes out of style. Look at photos from back in the day. Men wearing semi spread collared
dress shirts is timeless. Why a semi-spread collar, specifically? Well, let’s back up. The shirt collar is very important because it borders your face. All women out there, including myself, the first thing we look at is your face. And then we trail down and, you know, check out the rest of the goods. So a semi-spread collared dress shirt is what you want because
it’s universally flattering and it works great with everything. So with or without a
tie, with a suit jacket, doesn’t matter if the lapels
are large or more narrow. With a casual jacket or even a sweater, it looks great with everything. Why not wear the more common
point or spread collar? With the point collar,
which is readily available at all stores and is one of the
most common types of collars that I see men wearing. Nine times out of ten,
when I see men wearing this type of collar, it looks horrible. And the same really goes
for the spread collar. A lot of men wearing spread collars think, “Oh, it’s more modern. “I love it with a nice full Windsor knot.” It never really looks good. These types of collars, as
well as all the other types of collars out there, are very specific to your sense of style and
your face and body type. So instead, go with what
I put all my clients in, which is the semi-spread collar. What color should your dress shirt be? Easy. White and light blue. Those are the two colors
that will always cover you in any situation. So I have Michael here
again to help me demonstrate the different ways you can wear a semi-spread collared dress shirt. So right now I have him
in a great leather jacket by Burberry Brit, a white dress shirt by Brooks Brothers, it’s their Milano fit, which is their extra slim fit, and then I have him in this black knit tie and tie bar, which are
both by The Tie Bar. And we put on a black belt by Alan Edmonds with these great grey suit pants by Brook Brothers Red Fleece. And then finish it all off with these black dress
shoes by Alan Edmonds. Now let’s get him changed
up and into another look. We’ll be right back. (classical orchestra music) All right, so we’re back now. I have Michael here in this
great sport coat by Burberry with the same white dress
shirt by Brooks Brothers. We also added a pocket
square by The Tie Bar and an IWC Portuguese watch. I kept the same black belt
as last time by Alan Edmunds with these J Brand jeans and
the same black dress shoes by Alan Edmunds. All right, so let me put him
in the third and final outfit. I’ll be right back. (classical orchestra music) And the finale. So I have Michael in this
beautiful charcoal suit by Brooks Brothers. It’s their Red Fleece line. We kept the same white dress shirt. I added this beautiful navy tie and pocket square by The Tie Bar. We kept the same IWC Portuguese watch, and also finished it all off with the same black dress
shoes by Alan Edmonds. Like I said before, this video is part of my Men’s Wardrobe Essentials series. Thanks so much for watching. Check out my website for
more in-depth articles and the best ways to
wear your dress shirt. And remember, subscribe
to my youtube channel for more videos like this. I’ll see you in the next one.

22 Replies to “Semi-Spread Collar Dress Shirt – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials – Collared”

  1. What are some good jeans brands were I can get a jean that goes great with dress shoes for 125 and less. J brand is a little to expensive for me. Amy alternatives. I usually wear lucky brand.

  2. Hi Ashley I was just wondering your opinion on Hugo Boss dress shirts, do u dislike them or just prefer the shirts you mentioned in your article? Thanks. BTW I love your videos and articles very helpful.

  3. I thought that the Burberry jacket looks really amazing and wanted to buy it for myself. So I visited your article to find the link to the jacket. Because it's Burberry I was prepared that it would be a little more expensive and I said to myself that I would buy if it costs less than 800$. Than I saw the price and decided to stick with the sport coats I own 😀

  4. His white dress shirt has a pocket on it. Never been crazy about men wearing dress shirts with a pocket. Always reminds me of my math teacher in high school who kept pens and his glasses in that pocket on the shirt.

  5. Isn't a mistake that you have put together a pair of suit pants with a leather jacket? I have read in your wardrobe Essentials wool pants video that you mustn't wear a lightweight suit pants with everything outside of a suit jacket.

  6. Hi Ashley, I have two questions:1. I really love these jeans, but I see they don't have stitching at the bottom. Did you roll the hem inwards? (I tried slowing by .25 but couldn't figure it out). It loosk so polished without the hem stitching.
    2. I just bought my first expensive shirt from Thomas Pink (slim fit traveler). Is the collar semi spread or full spread? I feel its somewhere in between,

  7. Still having trouble telling exactly what collar shirts are even after seeing the diagram in your article. If there's one metric to tell, is it the width between the tips of the collar? Is it the angle between the collar? or is it the length of the collar?

  8. Brooks Brothers really need to stop putting pockets on most of their dress shirts! What a way to ruin a look.

  9. So the two budget friendly dress shirts with semi-spread are sold out or not available. Do you still have any recommendations?

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