Seungjae in a police uniform? What is he up to? [The Return of Superman/2017.10.29]

Seungjae in a police uniform? What is he up to? [The Return of Superman/2017.10.29]

Let’s go. – Salute. / – Salute. Don’t throw out your garbage here. (Everyone, listen to me.) Okay, we won’t. Don’t run, it’s dangerous. There are so many ants. Don’t run. Let’s cross. You can’t cross when it’s red light. You can’t cross when it’s red light. Okay. My goodness, Seungjae. What a serious policeman. Hello. – Yes, hello. / – I called earlier. – I’m Ko Jiyong. / – Yes. – Hello. / – Hello. Are you Seungjae? I want to volunteer with Seungjae. Is there something we can do? We have action officers. Action officers visit the elderly and check how they’re doing and what help they need. We would appreciate it if you could help. – Can you do a good job? / – Yes. Good luck. (They’re action officers for the day!) – Please do a good job. / – Okay. We have a car prepared. You can go around together. Please do a good job. (They make visits to those in need of help.) – Let’s go. / – Yes, let’s go. (Action Officer Seungjae is on his way!) ♪ Move out of the way, honk ♪ Let’s go, Seungjae. (They arrived at the first house.) Dad, I’m looking for thieves. (On guard) Seungjae, we’re going to an elderly lady’s home. You have to ask her if she’s doing okay. Hello, grandma. (Grandma, are you home?) Grandma? Ma’am? Hello. Is that a baby? Come in. – Hello. / – Hello. You have pretty shoes. Grandma, you’re pretty. (She’s bringing out snacks.) There’s this one and this one too. (He’s happy.) What’s your name? – Ko Seungjae. / – Ko Seungjae? You speak very well. Do you have any leaks or is there anything bothering you? I have a lot I need, but I feel bad. We’ll do as much as we can. One light doesn’t work. – Your lights? / – The lights? That one. (Jiyong takes a look.) I’ll go buy the same one and change it for you. Is there a store nearby? I’ll be right back. (He’s off to the hardware store.) What should we do? – What is this? / – It’s chili. What is this? They’re chili leaves. – It’s big. / – My goodness. It’s big. Why are there green ones and red ones? This one is old. This one is young. I want to smell it. No, you can’t. It’s so spicy. (Screaming) (He’s overacting just like the grandma.) I dried this one. (They get along so well.) You’re so adorable. (There’s so much laughter thanks to chili.) – How cute. / – What is this? Bring it over. I’ll show you. Sit down here. (Do you want to know what it’s for?) It goes like this. Gosh, that feels good. I want to try. Okay, do me. That feels good. How nice. – Does it feel good? / – Yes, it’s great. (Seungjae is giving her a massage.) How wonderful. Put this in your pocket. (Put the candy in your pocket.) Put in another one. Good job. Don’t tell Dad. Okay. I won’t tell him. (The candy alliance) Guess what I’m eating. I don’t know. (They’re the best partners.) I should make you something delicious. What do you like? Do you like potatoes? Yes. She wants to feed Seungjae something. She rushes to make potato pancakes. (Grandma’s special potato pancakes) Seungjae, do you know how to eat this? It’s delicious. – Gosh, it’s delicious. / – What is it? What is it? It’s potato pancakes. There’s ketchup. Try it. Gosh, you’re good. – Hot. / – Is it hot? Hurry up and cool down. (Hurry up and cool down for Seungjae.) (He’s copying her.) Try it now. Good. (Biting) (Delicious) It tastes like fries. Gosh, you’re so smart. Seungjae is in love with her potato pancakes. This time, it’s for you. That’s too big. Thank you. Jiyong is rushing over. He bought some more things the elderly lady needs. (The grandma’s house is filled with laughter.) I don’t know. (She was lonely, but now she’s laughing.) Your dad is here. What is the policeman doing? – Why do you have rice? / – I bought it. Why would you bother? I bought some fruits and rice. – My goodness. / – It’s nothing. – I feel bad. / – Don’t be. Let me change your lights first. Your son is so smart. He talks well too. Thank you. (Jiyong switches the lightbulb.) – It’s bright. / – It’s a lot brighter. – We’ll come back. / – When? We’ll come back. I’ll come after three nights. Please visit again. Bye, grandma. Okay. Take care. – Stay healthy. / – Grandma, stay healthy. You, too. Let’s go! – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Hello. / – Hello. Let’s go in. Take your shoes off. – I’m here. / – Come in. – Hello. / – Hello. Gosh, you’re cute. (A visiting nurse is here too.) Why is a nurse here? Grandma hurt her knee. – The nurse will help. / – Is it a check-up? – Yes, it’s a check-up. / – Check-up. – I want to watch. / – Okay, come watch. I want to see if she’s brave. (Brave grandma is testing her blood pressure.) What is that? I’m checking her blood pressure. That’s part of a check-up. Your blood pressure is normal. It’s 130 over 80. What are you listening to? – Do you want to hear it? / – Yes! – I’ll check her. / – Go ahead. He must know how to do it. (She’s surprised.) Try over here. – How am I? / – I’ll fix you. Gosh, thank you. (His words make her feel better.) (Seungjae, I’m proud of you.) Grandma, are you getting a shot? Yes. I don’t want her to get a shot. We’re checking her blood sugar level. What do we do? Don’t give her a shot. I shouldn’t? I have to get it since I’m sick. (Poking) (There’s blood coming out from her finger.) What do I do? (He steps back after seeing blood.) What do I do? (What do I do?) Why is she getting a shot? Because she’s sick. My legs hurt the most. I’ll make an appointment at the clinic. I’ll take you there and drive you back. – Gosh, thank you. / – It’s nothing. Let’s go! Move out of the way. Grandma is coming. (Make way for grandma!) Let’s go. (They’re escorting her.) (Seungjae opens the door for her.) Grandma, get on. Seungjae, move. I have to move. Hold on. (I have to go too.) (They’re sitting in the back together.) Good boy. – Here we go. / – Okay. Does physiotherapy help? If I get it every day, it feels good. – However, now… / – You can’t go often. No. When I used to go, I only needed one cane. But this year, I need two canes. It’s embarrassing to go outside. I just stay indoors. It’s too embarrassing. (Action Officer Seungjae is feeling tired.) – The baby is sleeping. / – Yes. He must be tired. Seungjae is sleeping, so could you look after him while I take her up to the clinic? (Dad, please take good care of her!) (She’s getting Jiyong’s help.) She finally arrived, holding on to Jiyong’s hand. (Her therapy is starting.) – It’ll get hot soon. / – Okay. It’s warm. – Thank you. / – No problem. (Jiyong stays by her side.) I’m bothering so many people. I feel so bad. Don’t think like that. Then you’ll get sad. – I hope you get better. / – Okay. Grandma, please stay healthy. (Get well, grandma!)

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  1. since they enter the return of superman I notice it they like to volunteers in public service good job ko family .. ..Love this family… God Bless you in return.

  2. U SO 💛💙💙❤
    FUCKING 💛💛💙💙❤💙💙💜💜❤❤❤❤
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    WHEN U
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  3. I love that his parents are giving him a lot of responsibilities and helping him learning about community services. He is amazing with the senior citizens. This kid is the best! He is just so stinking cute.

  4. I only started watching Superman Return n am so in love with Ko Seung Jae n his parents! Seung Jae is super intelligent n compassionate – way above even kids older than he is. Such a joy to watch him interacting with older people n spreading love to everyone around him! He is the best behaved kid I’ve come across so stop your criticism if you can’t understand gifted children!! Ko Seung Jae FIGHTING!!! 😻

  5. Jiyong is amazing! To take care of others and to raise a son that brings joy to the elderly is incredible. I hope Seungjae learns from his father.

  6. Hi seungjae…I m from India…..I m a big fan of you….you are so cute and smart…. always be happy.. love you..God bless you dear

  7. Seunjae..the best among them all! I have been watching his episodes and waiting for new episodes.hope one day i could bear a child like him

  8. Korea is a very good country, they even take care grandma and grandpa when they have the time. Plus sungjae helps them to be happy for a day

  9. Aw. This makes me want to help elders too. I don't get a chance to help my grandmother's because they live far away from us. But soon I hope to help other elders as respect to my grandmas

  10. I love this episode. Knowing that the elderly in Korean don't get a lot of time with their children due to them being busy, Seunjae has brought happiness to their lives even for a short time 😘

  11. i love the whole family is full of kindness. they help people a lot. the father, mother and the son tho i'm so moved

  12. I think jiyong should bring seungjae more in voluntary work where he can socialized more there family is good in this

  13. It a good thing you are teaching him, keep it up. I love Korea very well, thanks to the parents for teaching him manners.

  14. This episode reminds me of Jiyongs interview as a member of sechkies about his grandmother who burned her hands to protect him from fire that he created when he was 4 or 5 yeard old,he was crying while reading his letter for her saying he's sorry and he loves her very much.Her health was deteriorating that time.The interview was un 1999.

  15. I know Seungjae's definitely praise worthy but I just want to say I love how sweet and caring the grandmas was 😢 I really hope they get a chance to hang out with each other again

  16. This episode is so emotional..😢
    Can't stop my tears from falling because of Sungjae and his father.. they have such a good heart. Sungjae brings happiness around him. He is a blessing from God especially to elderly and to his parents.
    I hope when he grows up he still has this good character. God Bless Sungjae and to your Parents..❤❤❤

  17. Im doing my best to become a good citizen so that God will give me a bright kid like Seungjae in the future

  18. the first halmeoni deserves the entire world!!! the way she hugs seungjae and cradles him like her own grandsom (':

  19. Koreans People's Very Helpful,
    I think Here in Egypt I can't See Like This Good Job Seungjae I Love Your Home Country😘😘

  20. I saw comment if seungjae need discipline. I think that seungjae is smart so sometimes he pranked his dad cause it seems seungjae treat person with what he got. This son and dad are precious. He isn't bad manner, fact that he is really good manner. It's father and son commonly happen, like sibling we fight eo.

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