Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 15, Sew and Attach the Lining

Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 15, Sew and Attach the Lining

Making the Classic Roll Collar Coat Part 15 Sew and Attach the Lining Here are the lining pieces
and we are going to make it just like the garment but without the collar Stitch the darts Sew the side seams No pocket bag to worry about When it comes to the sleeve
we don’t need to fuss with running stitches We can distribute the fullness by pinning Don’t forget the extra at centre back
which forms the pleat When you come to the pleat
pin and tack along the centre back line Prepare the sleeve lining Right, as before, sleeve right side out body inside out, slip the sleeve into the armhole Make sure you have them the right way round Pin as before from the underarm When you get to the crown
just distribute evenly by pinning So the seam is double stitched and we can get
a nice finish to our lining by pressing carefully Bear in mind when you press as you go you can get to places that you may not have access to when
your garment is finished Now we are ready to attach the lining So we are joining right sides together the lining to the coat facings Match centres, shoulder seams and notches Then pin down the other side in the same way So that is stitched from hem to hem We don’t need to trim but clip all along this seam Turn your lining to the inside of the coat
and push the sleeve linings through We are going to press this seam towards the lining Again, I like to use my sleeve board for the awkward parts Pressing is as important and sewing There we are, it’s coming along Next comes The Sleeve Cuff Sewing Tutorials supported by Membership Sewing Pattern Sales and Fan Funding For news of up and coming videos
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25 Replies to “Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 15, Sew and Attach the Lining”

  1. Thanks Angela for this Tutorial …I am very happy to watch this video.. I always watch video from you n I can sew because of you. God Bless You, I am Maudy from Indonesia.

  2. hi … all your videos are so helpful thanks! I was wondering if there is a chance you can make a video on how to sew a vest jacket .. I am trying to sew a faux fur vest and I don't know how to closed the arm holes … thanks hope you can help me .

  3. thanks for the video very helpful
    I'd like to know if you add an extra 5/8' seam allowance to the back facing and front facing to sew the lining to it, and, how much seam allowance should be sewn when sewing the lining to the jacket?

  4. hi angela, please could you tell me if when sewing the main jacket fabric and darts, do you sew darts in the lining of a jacket?

  5. Amazing work! I'm doing a jacket for my boyfriend and was struggling with lining, but this video made it clear! Thank you!!

  6. i dont understand, is the lining only attached along the front openings and neckline? how about the shoulders, side body and sleeves? do you just let them loose?

  7. I've tried many times but I can't sew a sleeve by slipping it through the arm hole. I always sew it flat on the arm hole/curve before sewing the sides of the garment and arm length together. Makes it so much easier than trying to adjust a fully sewn sleeve into an arm hole.

  8. hi Angela, I need a very good fabric recommendation? I'm allergic to wools. So cotton for the coat is not easy to find. love natural fibers like cotton. Crazy for star sewing this coat. Thanks, Anela.

  9. Angela:

    I am a novice sew'er who like to make a birthday present for my wife. I'd like to make a warm onesie pajama using two layers of material – polar fleece outside and sherpa fleece inside.

    I have NOT seen a tutorial that addresses this full suit lined onesie effort. Would you recommend that I follow the techniques in this video for the lined coat. Do I essentially make two onesie's – one of each material and then fit them inside each other for the final assembly and adding collars and arm/leg contrasts?

    Thanks for any suggestions you can offer me.


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