Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 16, Sewing the Sleeve Cuff

Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 16, Sewing the Sleeve Cuff

Making the Classic Roll Collar Coat Part 16 The Sleeve Cuff To get at the sleeve
we need to pull out the lining again and turn the sleeve inside out I’m running a quick running stitch around the hem line so that I will be able to fold the hem accurately
from the right side It’s not essential but useful to have a guide Fold the hem up It’s quite a deep hem and so is difficult to measure Pin at the hemline Then we want to pin in preparation
for the blind hemming Make sure you line up the sleeve seam The two layers will be the same width at this point Now we want to fold the cuff We can take out these pins now We don’t need those anymore We want to fold this back in on itself
Is easier from the inside Make sure you check your blind stitch settings
every time you do a hem Sewing Over Pins!
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Visit Yes that’s fine and the hem is caught with every stitch Now for the real hem I’m using the blind hem foot
and the blind hem setting on my machine Check your machine documentation If you haven’t got a free arm machine like this one it is just as easy to do this
with the sleeve turned right side out and stitching from the inside This is what the sleeve will look like
when the cuff is turned up but before we press it we have to deal with the lining So we will turn the sleeve inside out again We are going to turn up the seam allowance of the lining and slip stitch it in place to the top of the hem I’m basting rather than pinning It will be easier to handle
when I come to do the slip stitching Now to attach the lining Stitching the lining at this point allows plenty of ease so it can hang loose
rather than risk pulling up the sleeve So pin all the way round at this level Yes, plenty of ease here The next job is to slip stitch the lining in place Slip stitching is the best way to join these two sections Slip your needle through the bottom layer
and take a little stitch from the lining Alternatively you can slip your needle along the lining
and take a little stitch from the sleeve hem Use which ever you think is appropriate When that is done, turn through fold up your cuff It’s best to measure it
so that you get both cuffs the same Checking the pattern
the cuff is three and a half inches wide So, using the sleeveboard press the cuff all the way round And on to our Final Episode The Hems Sewing Tutorials supported by Membership Sewing Pattern Sales and Fan Funding For news of up and coming videos
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  1. hi angela, why did you leave such a long piece of fabric on the inside?  Would it have been better to cut it off and use a short hem

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