Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 17, Sewing Hems, Blind Hemming, Final Press, Finished!

Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 17, Sewing Hems, Blind Hemming, Final Press, Finished!

Making the Classic Roll Collar Coat Part 17 The Hem Nearly finished
Just the hems to do We will neaten the edge of the garment If you didn’t stop your lining stitching short of the hem
you can release some stitches just to give more room to finish the hem So turning up the hem and the hem on the facing turn the facing back We will neaten this part of the facing edge
and slip stitch the facing in place Then we will turn up the hem of the lining We will finish by hand stitching the lining in place here So let’s get this edge overlocked
or trimmed with scissors and a zigzag stitch The edge is now neatened Now for the actual hem So I’m turning up a two inch hem, pinning all round I like to start at the seams first Pin so that when we fold back to do the blind hemming the edge extends about a quarter of an inch
beyond the fold So, at the machine we have tested our stitch
so let’s get this hem finished Keep your work as straight and flat as possible
and always sew slowly over the pins Sewing Over Pins!
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not a sign of stitches on the right side A press to get rid of the fold
and the hem will be invisible Avoid over pressing at the hem edge
as an indentation my form on the right side That has pressed nicely Once the facing is folded back
we want to make sure it doesn’t show from the outside so fold the hem of the facing a little bit shorter Slipstitch the facing down over the hem Then continue along the bottom of the hem Then press the corner Very crisp Now for the lining We want to press up a half an inch I think we will press this seam allowance in place first Right we can do this without pinning Be aware of your iron temperature
You may need a cooler setting on your lining Then pin a one inch turning ready for the machine The lining will then be neatly slip stitched in place here Then machine along the fold Press your hem for a nice crisp finish Then pin and stitch the bottom of the lining in place Slip stitch in place Then press for a perfect finish Before giving our coat it’s final press
we remove all the remaining basting and check for stray threads Tweezers are good for removing stubborn tailor’s tacks Don’t forget to remove the basting
from the back pleat in the lining A final press and I think we are finished Sewing Tutorials supported by Membership Sewing Pattern Sales and Fan Funding For news of up and coming videos
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21 Replies to “Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 17, Sewing Hems, Blind Hemming, Final Press, Finished!”

  1. Dear Angela, i am Anastasia from Indonesia thanks a lot for your videos its really help me. I love your way to describing. very clear for a stranger like me. sorry for my bad English. I just trying my best . God bless you Angela.. I love you..

  2. Your videos always make me learn about techniques! I would personally had done the lining hem differently. I would have used the fusible tape you used on the collar to hem the lining before slip stitching it to the coat, so that the lining has no visible stitches on the hem.
    Anyway, you are the best sewing teacher on youtube. I tried making your jeans and they turned so fantastic, they fit like a glove. I made two pairs and I used some denim wax on one of them to give it a shiny, leathery look and I always get compliments when I wear them!

  3. Your tutorials are so well done and love to watch you create your garments. Really makes me want to go sew a nice jacket. I did a 3 year apprenticeship in full garment construction about 36 years ago but still the best thing I ever did and have never forgotten many techniques. I still love to sew anything from garments to craft and quilting as well. You give me so much joy Thank you

  4. This turned out so beautifully! I'm glad I found your channel….it has really helped demystify the order of things when constructing a proper jacket!

  5. Hi! Your tutorials are great! But i have a doubt about this last video. You didnt sew the lining hem with the main fabric hem. It will stay opened at the bottom?

  6. Hello! These videos are very helpful for tips and tricks as I finish work on my first suit jacket. I noticed the handy little hemming guide you're using. Can you tell us where we might find/how we could make something similar?

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