Sewing a Jedi Costume | Week in the Life | Whitney’s Tiny Life

Sewing a Jedi Costume | Week in the Life | Whitney’s Tiny Life

hey everyone it is Monday and I am in my
bathroom right now and there is a reason I wanted to show you last week I was
talking about how my camera’s messed up and so I was gonna show you I fixed one
part of the problem and created another problem so I was going to show it to you in the mirror
right here is how I fixed the one problem the tripod mount which is right
under here the mount itself sank into the camera so it actually goes is all
the way sunk into where the lens is which is about at least 1/4 inch further
into the camera than it is supposed to be so I went and bought this machine
bolt today that is longer so that it can actually go that far up into the camera
but I ended up having to take the tripod mount out of the camera and putting
superglue on it and then putting it back in so that it would stay in place even
if it is the wrong place at least it is in place so I did that I super glued it
I took the original shorter screw out here super glued the new one into this
little device and so as you can see I’m back in business with the camera part
itself but over here to the side I was afraid that the superglue I was using I
guess it was old I don’t know I’ve never used superglue it was insanely runny so
I was worried that I might have accidentally gotten a drop over here and
I didn’t want to glue this little door thing closed that is how I plug in my
computer or plug my camera into my computer but unfortunately
and trying to be smart about it I open it up and that is when a drop of glue
actually did get in it so now my cable to go to my computer doesn’t work
thankfully the camera is working fine and I can take the memory card out and
put it in my other camera to upload the footage so there’s still a way to do it
is another step but yeah I fixed one problem and caused another but that’s
how it goes sometimes yeah for now it’s going to be fine oh but yeah I just
wanted to talk about that because I know when I talked about how my camera’s
messed up and so I can’t show that because I’m filming from the camera
itself so for now for now it’s sort of fixed and sort of not fixed but until I
decide what to do further it’s gonna work yeah so anyway we were on my
parents house over the weekend Jeremiah and I went on our eighth year
anniversary date on Saturday night and my parents watch the kids for us they
had a ton of fun and we had a good time so it was just a really great weekend
now we’re back at home and I am about to get work get to work on this week’s
Whitney sews video after I clean these super glue off of my hands because
you’re not supposed to get on your hands and of course I did so yeah so got to
work on Whitney Sews video and then I have quite a bit of sewing that I need
to do this week as well so I think that is it for right now
frustrated with myself about the camera situation but whatever that’s fine
anyway I will talk to you all later hey everyone it is Tuesday and I have
already been busy working I started a Jedi costume last Thursday
night I didn’t show it in the vlog but I started working on my costume I’ve been
wanting to make one for awhile Jeremiah has a nice Jedi costume that we made and
the kids have some little Jedi costumes that I put together and I was like I
want my own because Jeremiah’s in a group called JediOKC and they
dressed up Star Wars characters for charity events and things like that and
it would be fun to go as low as well with him sometimes and so I wanted to
make myself a costume and the thing that finally motivated me and got me going
was I found a fabric that I really liked at Walmart it was a homespun type fabric
which is a looser weave and I fell in love with it it’s a navy blue I can’t
refer I talked about this last week or not and I apologize for the fly that
keeps flying around we had the door open earlier while the kids are playing
outside and we got a ton of flies in the house but anyway and there is two
conventions coming up that I will be attending because Jeremiah is working at
them and he gets to take someone else for free so I get to go to them and I
might dress up for him and I could actually enter the cosplay contest as
well if I wanted I don’t know if I will or not but I at least want to dress up
so I decided to go ahead and get my costume started since I bought the
fabric last week so um Thursday night and Friday night I stayed up working on
the costume and I got the the top and the pants done and then today I made the
Dickey which is like the fake undershirt and so that leaves the tabards and Obi
that I still need to make I also want to make the leather belt I don’t know if
I’ll have time to do that or not and then I still need to find some boots
because I don’t have any more I don’t have boots anymore I had to throw mine
away because the heel broke through and I mean I have high-heel leather
boots but I need some flat black leather boots so I’m on the hunt for that which
is really hard because only places that have boots for sale are places that have
them left and clearance still I did find some boots at Kohl’s but they didn’t
have my size so I am trying to find those if I don’t find them I guess I’ll
just wear my heel my boots with heels but I really don’t want to do that um
but I’m really excited with the progress that I have been making and I’m going to
show you my favorite part of the costume so I am using a pajama pants pattern for
the pants because I wanted pockets so I’m using view E which has pockets with a
little contrast trim you don’t have to do a contrasting trim it’s just so not
shown on the picture that way but I picked this like I said because the
pockets and it’s supposed to be fairly fitted through the leg which is good
since I will have tall boots on with the costume and here is how my pocket turned
out and it is my absolute favorite part of the costume which is funny because no
one is going to see it um it’s fully finished on the inside I’ve been
practicing with my serger on my costume so every seam is surged and it is lovely
this costume is probably the best I’ve ever done on finishing on the inside and
out and it’s just fabulous but I love love love love this pocket and yeah no
one is ever going to see it because my top comes down to like here so I don’t
care though I absolutely love it and I was just going to use black for the band
here and then was like no that’s silly might as well use the blue since I have
a little bit left that’s my iron telling me it’s still on
see ya so that is the same color as the top and the Dickey is made out of the
black and the tabards and Obi we’ll be made out of the black as well
and this fabric all came from Walmart and I am really really happy with it
then the other thing that I’m working on today is actually getting a care package
put together we have someone that we know who is moving out on her own to get
out of a bad situation and I can’t really talk anymore about
that but I am putting together some stuff to help her out so I am gathering
up some food and cleaning supplies and just household basics that she is
probably going to need during this shift to a new place into living on her own
and yeah so it’s been fun I love being able to give to people and I’m not
trying to like toot my own horn or anything I just love being able to give
to people it is just one of those things that really makes me happy they have
like there’s like the five love languages and one of them is like acts
of service and gifts and and things and I just really love gifting things not
necessarily like purchasing gifts but giving out of just out of kindness and
things that I have not not like use things but just like I’m pulling from my
pantry and from just things that we have already because we tend to keep a lot of
things on hand like I have extra racers on Hanah I’m extra shaving cream on hand
I have extra toilet paper on hand and Kleenex boxes of Kleenexes and things
like that so I am able to just pull from that and be able to bless someone else
and that just makes me happy and I I love doing that and I know that we have
been incredibly blessed like how a friend came over and fixed our air
conditioner for us or a a friend of a friend gave us a new washer and dryer
when ours broke or not new but a hand-me-down washer and dryer and so
since people have been so kind and generous to us it’s
the least we can do to you know pass that along to other people and so I have
been gathering up a boxful things and as I think of other things to put in it I’m
going to be adding to the box and I just love doing things like that
and so that is what I am up to today I’ll probably keep working on my costume
a little bit more I’m going to be adding snaps to the Dickey to hold it close and
then I’m not sure if I’m going to start the Obi and tabards today or not but I
will be using my snaps on those as well and putting hidden snaps in these
shoulders to keep them in place and all of that so I’m going to see if I can do
it in such a way while I am sewing them together to where no one will ever see
the snaps and know that they are there yeah so I also need to work on my memory
sewing order but I am just not really feeling it today so I’ll probably wait
until tomorrow on that so anyway I think that is about it for today I’ll see you
all tomorrow it is Wednesday and I have been in a
sewing room sewing and filming I’ve been working on a pillow sham for my memory
bear order and it’s going really well I’ve got the whole front piece together
but I’m kind of at a standstill because I can’t decide what fabric to use for
the back this is not a problem that I usually run into with memory orders
because the fabric is provided for me but I am running out of fabric for this
order so I told the customer that I would just pull something from my stash
that coordinated and I can’t figure out what to use um and I really I don’t know
I’m just I don’t know what to use I kind of want to use a heavier fabric for the
back so that it just holds up really nice um but it does take quite a bit of
fabric and I I don’t know I just I don’t know what to use and so I kind I’m
getting kind of tired I went into the gym this morning and walked over a mile
while wearing Skyler in the toddler carrier on my back and so I’m kind of
just getting tired and rundown not necessarily just physically tired but
just kind of like mentally tired from trying to think through this so I think
I’m just gonna stop from where I am right now and think on it this evening
and then maybe try to finish it up tonight after the kids go to bed because
I found out today or kind of yesterday I’ve been messaging back and forth with
my next customer and so I’m trying to get this order finished up because this
weekend I start my next order and it has to be completed this weekend the lady
that I’m communicating with her mom passed away and her family is military
and they’re moving out of the state around the start of July and she is
going to be up in the area for the weekend and the only other time that
she’s going to be up in this area is when we are going to be out of town so
I need to get the two bears made for her for her done
this weekend and delivered back to her before she leaves town again so I can
definitely do it it’s about eight hours of work and I’ll have like two and a
half days to do it so I know I can do it even if I have to
like stay up late and stuff but I really would like to get the current order
wrapped up before then I don’t like having multiple orders in progress I
don’t want to mix anything up or accidentally like make the wrong thing
or something so I’m just really trying to push through and finish the one that
I’m working on I have to finish the pillow sham that I’ve got in progress
and then one more and then the current order will be done hey everyone it is Thursday and it is
already about 3:30 I just put the kids down to take their naps super late
because we were running around this morning we went to seven different
stores which is exhausting with a two year old and a three year old I normally
try not to go to more than three stores and that is pushing it but the kids are
doing really well and I’ve been on the hunt for some items for my Jedi costume
I’m trying to make the belt so I need some leather belts to work with and
different things so we went to four different thrift stores today and they
were some of them were just super in quick super quick in-and-out so it
really wasn’t that bad and then we ran to a couple other places and the kids
did really really great thankfully but I am super late at getting to work today
yeah I am so tired um but what I am working on today I
started filming a patchwork pillow sham tutorial yesterday because I posted on
my Facebook page and asked if you all are interested in seeing tutorials for
projects even though they’re kind of similar to tutorials I’ve already shared
but it’s maybe like a little twist on it um so this one is kind of similar to
some polish gems that I’ve shared because it’s the French seam style that
I like doing but I’m still filming a tutorial for that I need to get it
wrapped up and then I need to make my Jedi tabards and Obi because it dawned
on me that the Han Solo movie comes out this weekend and I don’t know if I’m
gonna get to go and dress up with the group this weekend but I might get the
chance so I want to have my costume as completed as possible
I did find some black boots last night at the thirst store for five bucks they
are not very comfortable so one of the things we had to do today was to get
some inserts for them to try to make them a little more comfortable and
they’ll just have to work until I can get some better boots come fall but see
I just have to finish a couple of pieces up sewing today and then I will have a
semi completed Jedi costume which is super exciting but I knew I had to get
this tutorial filmed first so filming the tutorial
then gonna finish my Jedi project and yeah hopefully I can fit it all in since
I’m getting started late so I better get started on sewing

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your completed costume. It looks great now. It looks like you're enjoying your serger. BJ

  2. I love these videos so much! I love your ideas for the Jedi costume! You are such a wonderful person, you give so much of yourself to these videos and your community! Keep up the good work!

  3. Great job on your costume. It’s looking awesome. You are so good at creating things. I’m like you, I love sharing what I have with others. It makes me happy. You are such a wonderful person. Love these videos. Happy Week!

  4. Great video! It's wonderful that you enjoy helping others…the world is a better place because of people like you!

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