Sewing My Princess Line Panel Dress Part 1

Sewing My Princess Line Panel Dress Part 1

This is my Princess Line Panel Dress
Sewing Pattern Number 715 A guide to making up This is the pdf pattern Members of can download it here Or just click the buy button I couldn’t find what I wanted
in the dress fabric department so again I’m using furnishing fabric This French fabric is 100% linen
and has a wonderful feel It is labelled dry clean only but I have pre-washed it I have lining fabric It is worth while buying a quality lining
anti-static and washable I have a maximum length concealed zip and I have thread to match Here is the pattern laid out Don’t over lap the pages
Just butt them together, edge to edge and tape Visit my site for more information on downloading
and cutting out my patterns I have cut out all the Main pieces Use the same pieces for the Lining
but cut 1/2” off the hem You will find layouts for the most common widths of fabric All the notches are marked with a snip into the seam allowance And I have transferred the dots marking the vent using tailor tacks This time I have overlocked the long seams before construction This linen fabric will fray I have ironed on the interfacing I have decided against a centre front seam this time So I have lined up the centre front with the fold I’m not concerned with matching the pattern Note the placement of the vent interfacing This is the left back as you look at it from the back And the interfacing is placed here
along the centre back line which will be a fold Make sure you align it with the centre back notch here This is the right back The interfacing is placed on the underlap extension
and the interfacing supports this edge Stay-stitch around the neckline and the armhole It is easy to stretch these seams and you will end up
with a baggy armhole and neckline So that is machine stitching
just inside the seam allowance We will then be snipping into the seam allowance
when constructing the vent These are the left backs and these are the right backs
wrong sides together Wrong side, wrong side We will clip to the dots here on the main fabric And here and here on the lining And before we do that
we will stay-stitch those corners Insert the concealed zip I have shown this in so many previous videos Check them out
My method is the best The zip is installed We will complete the back seam from the zip to the dot Pin baste and machine and press the seam open We will also pin, baste and machine the lining back seam
from the zip opening to the dot and press the seam open We can then fold in and hand or machine baste
the seam allowance on the lining up to the neckline The centre back seams are stitched
and I’ve neatened the lining seam allowance and I have machine basted the edge
that will be slipstitched to the zip tape later on Don’t press this fold It is easier to slip-stitch down an unpressed fold
rather than a crease Next we will sew the centre back vent Watch me do this in more detail in the videos
Sewing a Pencil Skirt Part 2 Sewing for Beginners – How to Sew a Vent And also Sewing for Beginners
Panel Coat Sew Along Part 2 Check out my 715 Sewing Pattern Page
where you will find all these videos So place the lining and the main fabric
wrong sides together as shown It is important to match these three dots accurately Join the underlap lining and main pieces Then join the overlap lining and main pieces Again being careful to match these dots You’ll notice the lining is 1/2” shorter
because we trimmed it earlier SPECIAL NOTE – I have forgotten here
to turn up the lining by 1/2” and baste This is important when you come to stitch
the hems later on After stitching this is how it looks I have pressed the centre front fold
and the underlap You can neaten these seams
by overlocking them together Next we deal with the seam allowances
at the top of the vent Fold in the lining seam allowance here Slip these turnings out of sight through the slit That is how it will look when finished It needs securing Fold the lining back out of the way We will machine along here Not exactly on the seam line, just above Stitch too low and the lining
will pull up the dress at the back Get hold of all these pieces like this Pin, baste and machine across here We don’t want to have to snip into this angle
of the main fabric here The back vent is looking good And it looks good from the wrong side Part 2 continues with joining all the panel seams Here are links to more tutorials Subscribe to my YouTube channel
to keep up to date with the latest videos Check out my website for Sewing Pattern Downloads
and more! Thank you for watching this series

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  1. What kind of lining fabric do you recommend for a humid climate? I cannot use any kind of synthetic lining for summer wear as it is not breathable. And thanks for the great tutorial!

  2. Thanks for all your videos, it has really helped me alot. However, I will love to see a video on how you made the princess dress pattern. Thanks

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