Sewing Piping : Cutting Fabric for Piping

Sewing Piping : Cutting Fabric for Piping

So this is the fabric that I have chosen to
make my piping out of. And I’m going to show you how to make a square piece of fabric out
of this long piece of fabric. And that’s going to be our basis for cutting the fabric into
strips. And so the first thing we need you to do, is just fold the fabric in half, and
most likely it?s a piece of yardage. A yardage is basically like 48 or 55 inches wide. If
you open this up, it would be one of those. And however long you told them to cut it at
the store. So this one looks like it?s about two thirds of a yard. It doesn’t really matter.
I’m making a small piece today, for an example so you can know how to do it. So the first
thing you need to do is go to one part and cut the white piece off. Okay, so all the
way up to the end. And what we’re going to do right now, is we’re just prepping the square
that we’re going to use for the piping. And that’s what we need to make is a square. So
now that we have this cut off, just hold this end and fold this one all the way over to
make a square. There we go. It might be a little bit longer over here. I’m not really
worried about that. I can look at my stripes and see that everything is a nice square.
So, I’m going to go over here to where this corner meets the end, and just cut it all
the way up to the top. And if you were going to make a lot of piping, you would make a
larger square. You would have more fabric. For this video, we’re just learning how to
make it. So we’re just going to have a small square to work with. I’m going to fold this
up, and I’m just going to fold this away and put this away. Because we don’t need that
today. So, let?s look at this, and now we see that we have a square. And in the next
part, the next clip, I’m going to show you how to start marking this and making your
strips that you are going to need.

7 Replies to “Sewing Piping : Cutting Fabric for Piping”

  1. How do I figure how much fabric I need for my piping?  I need 702 inches of piping. Cut 1.5 inch strips,  How much fabric do I need?

  2. At the end of this video, you have not even cut the cloth for the piping? It takes you more than 3 videos to demo piping? The demos are useful but come on! I could have made a whole dress by the time you were done with piping. Speed it up!

    Also you did not explain why cloth is cut on the bias for piping and bias tape. You need to explain why. Such as… you get more elasticity, and less fraying when cut diagonal to the warp and weft of woven cloth.

    Keep it short. Move along faster. Explain why you do this. NUMBER your videos, it is total chaos out of sequence.

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