Sewing Report VLOGS #2: Sewtopia Fabric Challenge Continues

Sewing Report VLOGS #2: Sewtopia Fabric Challenge Continues

hey everybody Jennifer Moore back here
with another sewing report vlog I don’t know about you I had a super crappy week
overall I desperately need today and I can recharge get some things done maybe
try to unwind a little bit do you ever need those days last night I was so
desperate I actually drank a can of james miller lite beer miller lite beer
I don’t drink beer by at the time that thing was like a rocket fuel I felt so
much better and it really can help to meet some of the downer moments of the
week so yeah just keep it real here and I want to give you an update last week I
showed you the car seat carrier that I said to my friend Emily well she has
received it and she loves it I don’t think she’s tried it on the carrier yet
so we’ll have to see if it fits but she seemed really happy with it so I was
very very very excited to make that for her other hand this Thurs another
project that’s not done we didn’t get very far with that there were a lot of
things that happened in the past few days there were really distracting so I
have really been that productive in here that’s why I really need this time now I
need to get this done know in a couple weeks because it’s actually for a Sewtopia fabric challenge the sewing rereat that I’m going to a
couple of weeks and what happens is I have time they sent me this line of
fabric is called Valencia by Laura gunn for Michael Miller and the challenges
that used to make something out of work you can make some big quilted you can
you know make clothing whatever you want I chose to make this pillow cover for my
friend because I thought that he would like get so that’s what I’m doing it may
be kinda lame I’m sure I’m gonna be totally blown away by the other projects
and mine is gonna look really sad in comparison but whatever now the only rule is that you have to
use only Michael Miller Fabrics like I can’t use an art gallery fabric print or I can’t use a Cotton and Steel print it all has to be for Michael Miller but
luckily I have some fabric that matches that so if I need to use other fabric
like further backing I’ve got some options and I’m really excited about
this like super cute aplicacion there I think that little bear is adorable they
were going to see how far I get and I think I’m gonna try something new I
bought like this Gorillapod thing so I can set it up
while I still can I can talk to you guys at the same time the left so this is
kind of kooky shot right I feel it will fly home improvement but I wanted you to
be able to see what I’m selling them and also kind of see my face just because
you be talking to you guys well I self got some light purple red wave action no
forty wait in my machine and I don’t look good neutral beige and I’m just
sort of cool teen echo we actually half-inch lines I need to start my I’ve
been doing it 3.5 just you can see the stitching a little bit more and then go
and of course up down so that you can actually you
know when it stops down you know about this right now I’m just going along just having the added my presser foot
which is a key feat but that you know me has basically get integrated walking but
I’m pretty much just line up with the last night of stitches that I did know I
have been barking although I’ve seen where people do like really match
sticker and I’m wondering do they market because we do something that I need to
have a precision I usually mark it with an air soluble pen and I just kind of wonder
how they do it here I have a few more lines on this section and then I’m going to switch out my thread to like a red.. and then do that last section I can’t accurately and fast I can really
only do one or the other you can only tell in this shop but the
rest of the room this room looks like a tornado came through or like it was
wrong I had to move around a lot of stuff to have the camera be right there know this is kind of a new experiments
so I’m still getting things right I think I actually needed to be about
right and then we’re going to start and then I get to the end I actually haven’t
been like cutting the threads. I just quilt off of the batting and then I just turn it around and make it easier and a little bit more can be really want to
have to cut threads every time I region new line BC 34 and jump in just to keep
it all in place but I will be honest I don’t really like basting spray
because whenever I try he’s basting three it gets all over the freakin place I
can’t clean it up and then like the carpet is sticky forever and i just i
personally I personally know fans I just don’t like to see you know I just get a
good everywhere it just drives me crazy you know once life goes through the feed
dogs leads the other side it tends to attract whatever all other scripts and
applets drives me crazy and again something that he admitted that it made
by a human not gonna be it’s not gonna look like it came from a factory and
that’s ok I really have to try to get over that because I want everything to
be super in the reality is that that’s just not going to happen you know you
have to realize that you know a person making something is gonna have some
tiny flaws, imperfections variations and you really have to learn
to be ok with that I usually watch TV when I fell but even
I’m totally alone in this room and talking to no one it can feel like I’m
talking to some friends or something so if you’re lucky you know let’s let’s be
buddies here let’s be friends let’s get to know each other so that I can
continue to go crazy and you know talk to know what alone weeks ago we just have the best
conversation about being a maker in about what kind of you know intended
about a good so we’re really has and I just wish I really wish more like young
professional with me would so because i feel like i havent outlet for all the
stress and you know all the anxiety that have in you know really just helps you
know keep you feeling icky feeling peaceful and gives you peace do if
you’re thinking about you know trying to find something you know to help you
become a better person and to learn a new skill I would highly recommend sign
I honestly feel like it’s changed my life for the better here I love echo quilting. i took a
class a few years ago with a woman named Deb Karasik she is kind of known for her amazing paper piecing and her crazy quilting sort of like a placemat I’d made. I just knew you
needed to bring us a class that was cool too because the class she was teaching
is actually about finding and she I’ll never forget this moment she she was
like whose product is that I didn’t know she was talking to me but she was
talking to my place mat and check she told me that my quilting totally rocked
and at this point and really only been sewing for less than a year to hear
that from some sort of award winning quilter just felt amazing I
love when people lift other people up and encourage each other in their pursuits. I like I like the way the quilting is
coming out of this project I think it looks pretty cool when you’re when you
have to pit early creature corner a point when you do in a cool thing you
really have to get to me how far you need to go before you do that overshot a
little bit but it’ll be ok story for you after I kind discovered
Snapchat and I started posting some Facebook status updates about you know
how awesome it was and i also included a link to Casey Neistat’s vlog about
how snapchat is murdering Facebook pretty much Williams of the famed SuzyQuilts Instagram account and blog she apparently saw it and tried snapchat and now she’s crazy about snapchat so that was kind of hilarious
in she posted some funny picture about snapchat so if you don’t follow Suzy you should follow her at SuzyQuilts all social media handled and I got to
meet her at QuiltCon and she was totally down for doing an interview with
me for sewing report dot com and i was just struck by how genuine and authentic
this scale really is probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life
but she doesn’t actually she’s cool she is like totally unaware how amazing she
really is cool are just breathtaking and she really just has like a very very
good outlook on life and I just like how she approaches her work life and
personal life and i really admire her as a quilter you know and as a friend
so I just think it’s hilarious that she you know again she was like me where she
thought that was you know not really used something for her and she’s all
about it she is on Snapchat as Suzy quilts I am on Snapchat as well as sewing report so if you’re not following us yet and if you are already make sure to
follow me at sewing report anyways back to our regularly scheduled programming finish
up this red section pretty well and I feel a lot more
relaxed and in control of the situation and James just got home they were going
to hang out. See ya next time!

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  1. Nice video. I crosshatch several things and I mark nothing. My machine has a bar that fits through the ankle in the back of the foot that keeps my stitching lines parallel. Makes it easy to be accurate. Some walking feet have this attachment.

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