Sewing with Stretch Knit Fabric- Part 1- Basics

Sewing with Stretch Knit Fabric- Part 1- Basics

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  1. Going to try knits again with ball point needle. I have a walking foot so will give this a shot. So frustrating having a regular needle pound into the fabric and jam up the bobbin. If it sounds like I have multiple issues sewing, that would be correct! 😊

  2. WOW. I've been sewing for over two decades and this video helped me to actually understand things that I've used. I haven't taken my presser foot off for years since I first got it but this really described how and why I need it. I also have shyed from knits, even though I have a stock of them, but your explanation of ball point needles made me feel confident in trying it. This is a great video, I'll definitely be looking at more things you've posted.

  3. Hi Vanessa, I love your videos!! I have a request….Would you make a video explaining how negative easy works? Every time I use a knit sewing pattern to make something for myself using my body measurements instead of the finished measurements, it turns out huge on me. Why is this? But if I use the ready to wear size I buy at the store then it fits, but sometimes it's too small for me as well. I'm tired of wasting fabric and time. I will be forever grateful!! 🙂

  4. Very informative, thank you! Question: how do I avoid skipped stitches when sewing through many layers of fabric such as binding a neckline? I've tried different threads, tension and walking foot but still seem to have some missed stitches here and there.

  5. Thank God I found your video! I'm about to sew a knit dress and could not figure out which way to lay the pattern. And I would have used the wrong needle. Thank you! I'll definitely be a subscriber!

  6. Ack yes, thanks! Can't wait to start on my cosplay dress knowing I won't destroy it in the process 😂

  7. I've watched serval videos about this subject but yours was BY FAR the best! Thank you for actually teaching me something!

  8. I want to make a headband. I have to be cutting it wrong because I keep getting runs. The material is a light weight knit 100% polyester. Any advice?

  9. Love your videos! Thank you so much! 🙂 I'm just about to start working on my 11 year old leaver's dress and she choose a jersey fabric :O Your instructions are a great life saver! 😀

  10. omg thank you for this video very helpful.
    hey do you have a tutorial on you baby's pink shirt that you just showed us? I really want to make that for my baby

  11. Wow!!!! My partner and I just got into making clothing!! Credit given to Mimi G (we LOOOVEEE HER) and we started out with the knit fabric tanks and your videos here has given me sssooooooo much insight!!! You've described our issue to a T!!!! Thank you so much for also giving me the solutions! I plan to go out and buy the stretch needle as well as the walker foot!!! #GodSent thank you so much!!!

  12. Wow, this is so awesome, and SO HELPFUL!! I love how confident you are with fabrics and with the sewing feet. Gosh, must look at more of your vids!! Yippee!!

  13. Oh My, are you an answer Crafty Gemini? Oh yes, you're. Thank you for this fabulous tutorial on ball point needles, knit stretch. Always a confused self-taught beginner. Seems like a long fun journey. Thank you again.

  14. I've learned so much from you. Thank you. I've taken a look at some other sewing videos and no one explains things as good as you.

  15. I have come here because I was working with a stretch knit fabric for form fitting pajama shorts. I have never sewn knit fabrics since I only started sewing when I began to have to make my own clothing for mid-19th century reenactments that had to be authentic. So I obtained my first sewing machine – Singer 99k circa 1955. It only does straight stitching and never thought I needed it for anything more – until we enter into later 20th century fabrics. Now I want to sew my own clothes that I can't find in the store for my combination size and styles I like. So, how would you get around this "straight stitch on Knits" issue I have when I don't have anything else? Is there "stretch" thread? I realized I had a problem when I hemmed the bottom. Now I have the waist left to do and don't want to touch it until I find a solution. Any tips?

  16. great tutorial..You have taught me a lot…I am going to buy the walking foot..Thank you,,Bill a man who sews.

  17. Hi. Knits do scare me. Are you saying to use the walking foot when sewing knits to make them easier to handle? I've only used the walking foot for projects with batting like baby quilts or pot holders. I always thought that the walking foot was for heavier and thicker sewing.

  18. How do i get the needle from stop sticking in fabric and stuck in sewing machine please help my settings is on 8 and 5 brothers sewing maching +Crafting Gemini

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