Shaki Disturb Jk While wear Diapers

Shaki Disturb Jk While wear Diapers

34 Replies to “Shaki Disturb Jk While wear Diapers”

  1. Awe to cute😂They are having to much fun. They acting like they use too when they were babies. Awe Good job Dad 😎enjoy yaw day

  2. I love that polka dot dress and gray shorts on her! Looks like it was made just for her. How old are JK and Shaki now?

  3. Shaki is in a feisty mood tonight. Jamil you need to get bugs for your legs and head so they could be happy when they find something, while grooming you!!

  4. Presionante el aseo que manejas para con tus pequeños lugares muy aseado muy limpio todo Te felicito muchas felicitaciones bendiciones un saludito desde Medellín Colombia

  5. Están muy hermosos esos pequeños están divinos divinos los amo y te felicito a ti por ser un buen padre un saludito desde Medellín Colombia te vengo siguiendo hace una semana soy nueva en tu canal

  6. Aww so shaki my 🤴 princess is very naughty love u baby lots of love from India God bless you both
    And thank you jamil sir fr love them

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