She Thinks This Dress Is Too Casual! | Say Yes to the Dress

She Thinks This Dress Is Too Casual! | Say Yes to the Dress

I’m nervous to see
the very first dress. I’m waiting there, in
my robe, wondering, OK, did I give them enough
information about me? Do they know who I am enough to
bring back the perfect dress? We have some beautiful
dresses for you. Gorgeous. TANYA LEHOUX: Hi. OK. And you’ll tell us what
you think about them. OK. And that’ll give us kind of
a gauge of where we’re going. Sure. I’m thinking, OK, maybe I
need to talk to them again. Looks like a curtain. OK. This is a Hayley Paige. The dresses, at first
glance, weren’t me. Too heavy on the beading. OK. Oh, wow. It’s Reem Acra. Actually, I kind of like that. Yeah. So we have one. This dress has some of the
aesthetics that I really want. It has the laciness at
the top and it’s flowy. What do you think? I’m a little bit speechless. Because it’s like the
first wedding dress. – Of course.
– [INAUDIBLE] on. [KNOCKING] Come on in. How do you feel? I like this one. But it’s like almost a little
too casual for me, I feel like. – Really?
– Yeah. OK. So what do you mean by casual? I don’t know, I feel like it’s
white and it’s a wedding dress. But I don’t feel
like I’m the bride. Do you know what I mean?

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  1. Ladies especially if your brunette .I found the perfect harmony of hair makeup and dress simply you tube the last episode of the soap opera another world .Lila is the bride most beautiful I have ever seen.ever!!!!

  2. Im curious what inspiration she sent them – they all seem to have that flowy small silhouette dainty look to them…

  3. Yeah i agree with her its like a dress you put when youre a guest in a wedding or a special occasion.

  4. She seems a little too self centered to be a good person…. some women didn't get to wear a wedding dress because they couldn't afford one…. but remind me why your pampered ass needs it. No wonder the world hates America.

  5. If you imagine that in any other colour, it would be a suitable dress for any occasion. To me, wedding dresses should have so much more about them, that they'd look 'too much' to wear anywhere else, even in an untraditional colour

  6. I agree with her, it's a beautiful dress but in a different color it would look like a bridesmaid dress

  7. Says she wants to better explain but then is unable to articulate, do you know what i mean?
    If you're working with a consultant use your words!!

  8. I have this weird fear that my dress will be way too casual or will look more like a prom dress or award show dress lol

  9. 0:34 That second dress Randy hung against the wall is so beautiful. Like a June wedding, small & very private & personal, an outdoor ceremony…

  10. You seriously think you can tell consultants a few things & they’ll find your perfect dress instantly 🙄🤦‍♀️

  11. I love the top of it, but I feel like maybe with like a belt attached around the waist and a lace type of veil it can also look really pretty cause it does fit her body well

  12. I agree. I actually have a dress that has a skirt like that for casual wear. My wedding dress is definitely something that screams BRIDAL to most people though. So excited. Can’t believe I get to wear it and marry my best friend in less than three months.

  13. I actually agree with her. It reminds me of my homecoming dress from high school, not a wedding dress

  14. Should be called ' yas to the drass', that's what it sounds like when they are talking through their noses, and end every sentence with the last few words lost in a kind of growl. When you get a few of these American women together, they seem to compete, to see who can growl the lowest and longest. I hope the females over here in Britain don't adopt the same vocal affliction like they do with, OMG, WOW, YAY, COOL, Whooooo,….not forgetting ' high fuckin five.We have trouble with, not just young people, but older ones, missing the letter T out of most words, like got, not, what, stutter butter, even heard dinner 'ime, instead of dinner time. Anybody doing say a twenty year stretch in prison, won't understand most people when they get out, or ge' ou' as they say.
    Anyone else have trouble with the English language.?

  15. 5 trajes prácticamente iguales y de repente el último le encanta.. Que paciencia tienen los vendedores típica clienta que tiene la picha echa un lio

  16. I have a special ability to know who is gay. The guy in this video, and the dude I see in the mirror every morning.

  17. I loved the other dresses she didn't try on tho they looked stunning but their price probably was more hurtful than stunning 😂

  18. In that specific case, it is to casual because she needs maybe statement dress and not a romantic beach dress.

  19. She's correct. It's her wedding and she deserves to like shine and sparkle. It is pretty but more like a summer dress pretty. So

  20. I agree with her…for 5000 dollars that dress is too ordinary…if she is paying that much money she deserves a lot more than that.

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