1. As a mum of 3 there is never a right time to have a baby! You can NEVER just keep planning things and saying this will be the right time when this is done etc.

  2. Hey Lena. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. You and Abbie are quite the daredevils now after you skydived. But you gotta give it to Abbie for going all the way. For that, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Anyway, hope you’re well and will be back on CamV soon.

  3. I had a baby this memorial day weekend. Can't wait to see family vlogs down the road with you and Adam. Love you guys. 👶🤱❤️

  4. Very Cool!!!! aren't you hooked to it now? don't you want to do it again?? Don't you want to do the course and become a skydiver and jump alone??

  5. Do you actually read the comments you like because you liked mine the last video but if you do be my best friend lmao Snapchat me franlapiana2

  6. Girl you look better than ever and you have an ASS, thighs, new huge boobs and muscle so don't pay attention to that number on the scale! As long as you're healthy and looking right👌🏼

  7. If u love Lena like I do , You can just tell Lena was not to excited about this
    From the beginning of the video lol her awkward smile trying to be a good sport and try to not think of the fact she's about to jump from a plane lmao it had me giggling lmao I'm deff more like u when it comes to skydiving , no Abby lol oh annnddddd I'm 27 with 2 kids , had my first when I was 19 … my youngest is 2 , I was not ready financially or at all to have a child , but I did it and made it work … both my boys have a great life and I consider myself as the best mom I can be .. if you wait for the perfect time or years , it won't happen … having a child is always spontaneous, it doesn't always go as planned .. as a parent u gotta learn how to role with the punches … I just know you'll be an amazing mother no matter if u got pregnant tomorwe and didn't have the house u want yet … always remember .. you'll never regret having a child but u may regret not having one ..xoxo looveeee u Lena xo 😘

  8. Also babe, dont plan for a baby bc 100% you will never be ready and you'll wait too long If you do that. I struggled with my son at 22 and had my second at 29 & struggled then too… your age, mental status, bank status, relationship etc. None of it will ever be perfect enough in your head so just go with the flow. If it happens it happens. Of course if that's what you wanna do, I'm not trying to be bossy lmao. Just … trying to be honest. Also, the older you get, the more you feel your body breaking down. I wouldn't wait past 32 if if it were me. Xoxoxox

  9. Girl! The feeling of dropping like on a roller coaster.. that intensity in my stomach, I HATE IT! so idk if I could ever do this! Is it that same feeling?? You have so much more heart than me 😅 and the weight … you look perfect!! You already know your body is slamming! Ohhhhh ok splits too… you can do it! Just stretch everyday and everyday you'll go farther and farther! I never could and then started allstar cheer and sucked so bad! In 2 months I was literally slamming down in splits and you dont even feel it, it's like sitting down. ANYONE CAN if they stretch everyday a little farther each time!!!!

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