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  1. The blazer and dress are my favorites. But you looked great in everything and as I’ve said before you would look good in a paper bag.😎

  2. This view was great! Thanks Jenny I appreciate it! I hope you realize that if this type of yT doesn't work then you definitely have a career in comedy 😆😆 there's always little bits here and there that you make me crack up so thanks for that I need a good laugh once and awhile 💛💛hugs from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦🌻🍻🍻

  3. I always get a kick out of you Jenny.. you have a great sense of humor!
    Thanks for the honest review!

  4. Hi Jenny. The swimsuits make you look sexy like on bay watch. Love the blazer and the dress look pretty on your daughter. I especially like to see Josie sit and pose like a human. So cute.

  5. Tfs and ur honest reviews the top that is shiny and itching what if when u wash it u add extra fabric softener the liquid type just a suggestion it might help dnt know

  6. Jenny,,,..that is the same size bra that I wear. Where do you usually buy your bras? Thank you, Arlene

  7. I wish I was tiny like you. I can't believe you've had 5 kids. Yea I hate the swim cover up. Lol. Hugs

  8. Jenny, you look good in it all. Not your body but your mind keeps you from wearing certain things. You are a Mother and somewhat modest. Nothing wrong with that.TFS!!

  9. Hi hi Jenny everything looks beautiful I agree with you the sundress is absolutely gorgeous the Blazer and the swimsuit looks absolutely gorgeous

  10. I always read reviews, not just for clothing! I just bought swimwear from LandsEnd & they had excellent reviews. In fact I will write a review.
    I line dry clothes too!
    I hope you didn’t pay much for the stuff you don’t like!

  11. 100% arcrylic = 100% itchy.
    Smells like dead flesh? You're so funny. Gotta love your honesty 😂. Sundress is really cute. The cover up would look good over like a plain color (same as cover up) sleeveless dress. If it's itchy…nothing would help. The 2 PC neon is cute. Someone small would definitely who would be able to wear it. Too bad the bottom isn't like maybe bike shorts. The layered looking wrap phat you like so much, is cute. I don't know how it would look on anyone that wasn't small. All the layers may add weight. It looks comfy. Is that a gray color? Ty for sharing. Have a safe and Blessed Memorial Day weekend 🇺🇸 ((hugs)) for the furr kids. God Bless 💜🐾🐾💜

  12. I myself wouldn't buy from there is I ordered from the internet,I'm in stores for hours trying on clothes and under garments and leave with nothing..It usually isn't made well,and whose body are they making it for??
    Mb that like is more teenager,but I don't think it was made well,of course you look cute in anything.. Sorry Jenny,not for me definitely too old.

  13. Dead flesh!!!!!! OMG! Just how do you know what that smells like? You are soooo funny! Love your vids! Glad I didn't buy any of those clothes…if you are a "L"….I'd have to buy three of each and sew them together!

  14. Thank you for sharing. I will be looking forward to your next video until then please take care and God bless!

  15. I just ordered a top from that website. I can't wait to order more their is a few items I wanna get before fathers day

  16. Love the blazer and the dress. The swimsuit is cute too. If you are out of town, who cares if your buns show.

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