Shein Summer Dress Haul 2019

Shein Summer Dress Haul 2019

– What’s up friends? Welcome back to the channel, and if you are new here,
then come hang out with me. Be my internet friend. Hit the subscribe button. Today we are gonna be doing a Shein haul. Really, who the hell hasn’t
done a Shein haul on YouTube? As I’m searching my keywords
preparing for this video, I’m like, “Shit.” No ones ever gonna see this video because there’s like five bajillion of these videos up already. But, I keep getting requests
for the damn Shein haul from you guys who have already subscribed. And because I’m so committed
to you, and because I love you, I’m gonna do the damn thing. I’m gonna do the damn thing for you. All right, let’s go. So the funniest thing happened. I am not, I am not, a videographer. I am not a photographer. The only reason I even have
a camera is because my dad, who is a hobbyist photographer,
gave me his old one, and I decided hell, I’m gonna figure out how to do all of the editing and filming and lighting myself. And I kinda think I sort
of managed to pull it off, but I decided that I wanted to be a little bit more
cinemagraphic, is that a word? I think it is. Future Gabbi here, it’s not a word. So, I took my camera and all my clothes into the forest behind my house because I thought it would be
a nice, ambient environment for these really bohemiany
dresses that I bought. But, low and behold, I
shoot all my dresses, I got to shoot the t-shirt’s and realize that I had no pants. (crickets chirping) So, I was gonna actually
not wear pants, like legit, and then crop it, so you
could only see the top, but then I thought, I’m in a public place and if someone, you
know, like my neighbor, comes by and sees my
butt, that would be weird. That would be weird for everyone. So, that’s why this video is
kind of hodgepodged together. Sorry friends. So we are going to do the t-shirt’s really quick here in my salon, and then we are going to do
the cinematic masterpiece in the forest with the dresses, all right? T-shirt number one, check this out. So I bought this adorable little t-shirt with these puffy little sleeves. The first thing that my husband said when he saw this t-shirt was
like, “Wow, that’s very Asian.” And he’s allowed to say
that because he’s Chinese. So I’m not allowed to say that, but he is. So, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m just like
in very, very deeply inside the Asian culture now being
married to him for so long and having two little Asian babies, but I freaking love this. Let’s check the price. Okay, what I love so much about this dress is that it’s $10.79 Canadian. I bought a size small. If you are a smaller girl
definitely buy a small because it’s actually pretty wide. So if you see if I undo
it, it’s pretty wide and it doesn’t have much shape, but if you tuck it into your shorts or you even give it a
little fold, it’s adorable. So I like it. It’s got a really nice stretchy material and it’s super super soft, so love that. Moving on, next t-shirt, let’s go. Did you like that? Are you impressed by my
amazing editing skills? Mm hmm. So, this is t-shirt number two. I’m obsessed, I love this t-shirt. I got it in the mail maybe a week ago, and I’ve already worn it
like three or four times. I just think it’s so cute. It has this beautiful photo
of this girl with the most, oh my God, this makeup is so gorgeous. I was actually so inspired by this makeup, that I created this
makeup look to copy it. It’s just ultra smoky eye
with extremely thick lashes. Like how cute is this shirt? And then, what you can do,
is tuck it into your pants so that it’s not so shapeless,
and wear it like that. So we’ll stay in this because
I’m too lazy to change. Let me tell you how much this cost. This shirt cost $9.89, and again I bought it in a size small. I’m typically a size four, so if you fall in the four to six
range, size four to six, I would say buy a small
because it’s pretty big, it doesn’t feel tight at all. And I just love it. I love it. Outfit number three, here we go. Outfit number three is this absolutely beautiful yellow dress. It’s long, long dress
with little cap sleeves and it has this really flowy skirt with quite a wide open slit. I don’t find the slit as uncomfortable, I’m actually incredibly
comfortable in this outfit. It’s really stretchy on the top, it’s really comfy on the arms, and I usually find that
off the shoulder stuff isn’t that comfortable, so
I love that this is designed this way to be stretchy and
to be comfortable and flowy, and I just think it looks adorable. This dress is $21.59, I also
bought it in a size small, but it comes in other colors. If you guys like other
colors then you can get it in a multitude of different colors. So I bought mine in yellow, but you can also get it in
beige, and it looks like this. You can also get it in pink,
and it looks like this. And you can also get it in
black, and it looks like this. So I think all three colors
are absolutely beautiful. I chose the yellow because it’s summery and I like kind of pairing
some funky makeup with it, but, if you like some of the
other colors then go for it. I do like the quality and the
fit of this particular dress. Outfit number four,
bohemian dress number two, is the trumpet sleeve floral maxi dress. I really, really like this. It’s $31.00 Canadian, but I paid $27.89, I had a discount code, and I
also bought it in a size small. I love that this has the long sleeves and this it has this really
rich beautiful green tone to it. I just love brunettes with this rich, kind of jade, colored green. So I think it’s beautiful. I do have something negative
to say about it, though. The sleeves are really
tight actually in the arms, so I can’t actually extend my arms all the way up over my head, which is a bit awkward and limiting. So I don’t find it overly comfortable. Actually, it’s so tight on the sleeves that I have a hard time doing
the button in the back myself. I kinda need help with that. Other than that, it’s okay. It’s not lined. I mean none of these
dresses are really lined, so you have to have
manageable expectations when you’re buying from Shein. Like, you are buying from
a Chinese wholesaler, they’re really inexpensive products, so you’re not gonna get the
most incredible quality. But what you are gonna
get is a different style that you don’t find in the
malls around here in Canada, and you’re gonna get
something that’s trendy and cool that you can wear for a season and then not feel bad
chucking because it’s cheap. So as long as you keep that in mind when you’re buying form
Wish, AliExpress, Shein, then you’re most likely gonna be happy. If you’re expecting these to be long-term quality pieces for your wardrobe, you’re not gonna like them. All right, dress number
three, I wanted to spice it up because there are a lot of
weddings right now going on. I know because I do like five
bajillion makeup applications for weddings every singly
weekend, so there are weddings, there are weddings every weekend
until the end of November, so I wanted to get a really
nice dress to wear to a wedding, so I wanted to spice it up,
make it a little bit sexier, so I bought this really nice, tight, off the shoulder red lace dress. Guys, this is so sexy, right. When I first got it in the mail, I thought that it looked
a little bit cheap because of this elastic waistband here, but when I put it on and
my body fills it out, I actually love it. It is a little bit on the short
side and it rides up a bit, and this does fit small! I gotta tell you, I read the reviews, and I saw that it said that it fits small, so
then I looked at the chart, the sizing chart, and I’m
almost always, always a small, and I definitely fit into the medium here in the sizing chart. So the sizing chart
online is actually right and then when I put it on
my body, it’s still snug. I wouldn’t say that it’s so tight I can’t wear it by any
means, but for the medium to fit me the way that it does, it definitely 100% fits small. I paid $27.03 for this dress,
and I think it’s worth it. It’s really really inexpensive and I think it’s sexy and fun. It’s got a really Latin vibe to it. And the final dress that I
want to share with you guys is my favorite and my
husbands favorite, too, oh my God I think it’s so cute! This is such a kinda
of flimsy, soft dress, and you would think that
it’s not overly special, but adding this fabric
here makes it so romantic! I feel so beautiful in this dress. It just has a really nice bohemian flow, off the shoulder look, and the quality of this one’s actually really nice. And again, because it’s so stretchy, it’s incredibly comfortable
and the nice length as well. Just so you know, this
dress cost me $21.59 and I bought it in a size small. I can’t believe how
impressed I am with Shein and I also can’t believe
that I’ve never purchased anything from this store before. I feel like it’s a little bit dangerous because the app has now been downloaded on my phone and I’m screwed. If you guys want me to do
any shopping hauls for you, then let me know which
store you want me to do in the comments section below. I’ll check it out and
I’ll get right on it. Thank you guys so much for watching. As always, I love ya!

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