Shirt – Flight Home

Shirt – Flight Home

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  1. as with every single genuinely new and incredibly significant work of art, it's a bummer this hasn't received its due, hopefully one day it will, but whether it does or not shirt is in the top 25 artists in any medium so far in the 21st century

  2. Nike (shirt) or Adidas (pants/truck) … pick one fool! lmao. This shit is PURE TRASH BTW. No lyrical bars at all. Thank god for Crooked I, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Jon Connor, etc. Bars for days. Take notes from them. #SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

  3. dig the song and video! wanted to share a write-up I did about it

  4. I like this (the images, the flow, the beats) but I don't get the general idea about it. The lyrics are unavailable online at the moment. I distinctly heard the word "n***er" in the first sentences. I'm on Chuck D's side and don't like to hear this word anywhere. Perhaps it's ironic or something and I missed the point?

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