50 Replies to “Shirt Folder – How to Fold a Shirt – Flip Fold”

  1. It's an actual good product but not when you advertise it like this. "I would die without my flipfold." You don't need to oversell the damn thing, if it's good, people will buy it.

  2. Patented ventilation holes ? …. so if I make one out of cardboard, do I have to pay them copy rights fee when I cut holes in my cardboard ??

  3. Have seen many different people demonstrating this machine and it looks useful, but no-one seems to be seen ironing any clothes first.

  4. You could just hang things so they don't have creases. I can fold shirts in three seconds without this thing. I'd spend more time getting it to lay flat.

  5. So anyone that owns this that know if it actually works/Is worth to get?
    The concept seems good, but when they say stuff like "patented ventilation holes" a few red lights comes up.

  6. I can't fold shirts for the life of me. This invention would be a game changer for me. I wouldn't purchase it if I didn't absolutely need it. I need this product and not because of some TV character or that the product seems cool.

  7. I was previously a divorced man, I had slipped into drugs and alcohol, and ended up in the hospital. Thanks to the Flip & Fold, my life has changed I'm off the drugs, married to sex therapist, and my closet look great, never been happier.

  8. Well I cant tell you what their like as I have ordered and paid for but after waiting weeks they still have not arrived. I think its a con.

  9. Hi Debbie Barker, I'm so impressed by you folding invention. I own a laundromat industry in Nigeria, and I know so many others. this particular flip fold tool is not at all utilized in this part of the world. I was wondering if we could have a trade in this order: I market for you here in my local region and possibly expand.
    please I'd love to hear your reply, thank you.

  10. I made one yesterday out of cardboard, and there's no difference between both of them. It's just a waste of money when you think about it😂

  11. They don't show you what a pain in the ass it is to first have to place the item on the folder and position it just right. And the chick folding the linens — she still had to fold the item in a square to put it on the Flip Fold. And if you're folding a shirt longer than the Flip Fold, you have to manually fold the bottom. It actually takes LONGER to use this item than regular folding. I cannot believe they sold millions of these.

  12. Бред какой! Ну это уже совсем для дебилов и лентяев!

  13. OMFG !!!! awesome… Sh*t ! I made it with tearing apart a shipping carton. The shopkeeper didn't even take money from me for a F88king carton when he learns i am making such a awesomely sh*t machine but only DIY. So, did it for free. Wow! George carlin was quite right. All businesses are full of Sh*t and have a big smile on their faces while servicing customers watch advertising and bullshit by George Carlin

  14. This device has changed and revolutionised my life. I now have a wardrobe I can open without an avalanche of clothes falling out. Thank you!

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