SHISEIDO SYNCHRO SKIN self refreshing foundation: Over 45 skin (dry/dehydrated) demo+ wear test

SHISEIDO SYNCHRO SKIN self refreshing foundation: Over 45 skin (dry/dehydrated) demo+ wear test

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is penny I am a master esthetician in Portland Oregon and today I am just going to be sharing with you a review a demo and a wear test of the new shoe Sado synchros skin it is the self refreshing foundation and I just want to share with you my Kind of first impressions than second impressions and then an actual wear test so I’m going to start by rolling the footage of me applying this the first time and Then I am going to roll right into wearing it or trying it on the second time and while I’m doing that I am going to go over some information about this foundation and Kind of give you my initial thoughts now the reason why I am applying it twice is because the first time I applied it I prepped my skin like I always do and that’s several layers of different serums and essences and that kind of stuff and then of course my sunscreen and I put the foundation on and then I decided to top it with a powder and I chose the Becca the Hydra mist from Becca which I’ve had success using this over other foundations I’ve thought that it was a lovely powder when I put this powder over this foundation It became a really a messy situation. I definitely had texture in places that I have never Experienced texture or at least I didn’t realized they existed along my chin and in this kind of area where you can get the marionette lines, I Looked like I’d aged seriously 1012 years. It was just really bad So I decided to wash my face and start over. I went through all of my skincare again, just like I always do but what happened differently this time is that I did not powder, so I did let it set for Probably 15 minutes before I went ahead and went on with my makeup. Let’s get in to the information about this foundation so I picked mine up at Macy’s and I actually went into the store They didn’t have any testers out yet But the lovely lady at Macy’s pulled them out of the box and at least let me look through the frosted glass At the shades because initially I thought that I was going to get to 20 linen, but it is incredibly light It’s much much lighter than I have thought. So my next choice was 260 cashmere. They didn’t have that in stock I got to 40 I ended up with 240 quarts. And that is what I am putting on today. It is definitely a True true neutral. It does not lean pink and there is very little if any warmth in it and frankly I think that I could use a touch more warmth in this foundation But it’s a decent match and probably will be good going into the fall and winter So on the Macy’s website first of all there are 29 colors listed on the Macy’s website and The product details are it says Asha Sato first in foundation with active force technology that self Refreshes non-stop Shiseido’s long wearing fluid foundation synchronizes with skin and helps resist heat humidity Oil and even motion so you maintain a just applied flawless finish that last 24 hours skin looks and feels fresh all day Weightless comfort breathable blendable buildable and because Shiseido’s foundation adapts to skin tone And was developed in shades inspired by skin. You’ll find your perfect match you get one ounce it says it’s for all skin types and it says that it is a weightless foundation with active force technology and It’s refreshing. It is an SPF of 30 Oil-free it says all-day hydration And is waterproof and smudge-proof? humidity resistant transfer resistant non-comedogenic dermatologist tested fragrance free and Then it goes into some of the extracts and that kind of stuff. I don’t ever really think that foundation is True skin care I mean foundations like this that claim to wear 24 hours They are not skin care and so you’re supposed to shake it well, you twist the cap, which is this is pretty cool packaging you twist the cap and When you twist it one way it locks And then when you twist it the other way you are able to engage the pump But when you go back this way now, it’s locked You go this way You can engage the pump which I do think that that is really great for travel so that it’s not a mess But you still get a pump. It’s in this nice frosted glass and this is one ounce now I did apply a mine with my Sonia Kashuk sponge and I did a little bit differently than I usually do I put it on the back of my hand and I actually put my sponge into the product and then I bounced it around my face and I probably could have just done one pump and gotten a kind of Light ish maybe light medium coverage, but I went ahead and did two pumps because I wanted to build it up this is the coverage that I got and I would say that it is a full medium coverage because I actually Did go ahead and conceal I have this one a little blemish right there And I did go ahead and conceal that but you can also still see a little bit of my hyperpigmentation and I went over that twice so Definitely, I wouldn’t call it full full coverage. Now it I didn’t put a powder over it and it does still feel Not tacky, but it’s not set down to a powder or anything like that. Um So I what I’m going to do you guys is I’ve had this on now. It’s 9:15 I’ve had this on since 8:30 basically, so if I don’t on for 45 minutes And first thing is that I like it better right now than I did at 8:30 at 8:30 I kind of felt like it looked a little bit heavy The interesting thing was it was emphasizing texture in places that I’m not usually concerned with like I said in here this area and it kind of gave me what looked like that orange peel II kind of look in this area and That’s something that I don’t normally even notice or care about. So that was interesting. However Around my nose area and under my eyes. I thought that it looked flawless I thought that the texture it made that texture better Which is really really interesting That tells me that there’s something in here that locks it down in order for it to last a long time and I’m going to peruse through the ingredients today while I’m doing this we’re test but I’m thinking that it must have just Dehydrated the skin in here and that’s why I got that look But that dehydration is not such a bad thing around here to help with your pores. I hope that that makes sense So I’m gonna go about my day you guys and I will definitely do a midday check-in and then I will check in tonight I am gonna try and wear this as long as possible because I’m not gonna wear it for 24 hours speaking of I was watching Tara Lynn, and she did do a Whole 24 hour she literally slept in her makeup. I’m not gonna do that tonight, but props to her I will link her video down below. It was a fantastic foundation review which she does amazing foundation reviews I’ll link that so that you guys get another perspective as well. Anyway, so I’m gonna go ahead I’m going to just Go about my day. I will check in later and let you know how this is going. Okay. See you soon Okay, guys I am back for a 6-hour check-in and I just want to give you guys a look at how this foundation looks I Would say that it pretty much looks the same except for that I don’t know if you can see I have more shine in here and a little shine here, which I’m totally okay with What I really want to tell you guys is Okay, so I have dry and dehydrated skin. I’m 45 years old. I’m only 46 in a couple months And so obviously I’m going to have some aging skin I mean that’s going on for sure some foundations accentuate that some foundations make my skin Look better look better than it really actually is obviously that’s the goal, right? this foundation Ages me there is absolutely no way around it I actually filmed my Ulta 21 days of beauty In between this morning when I put this foundation on I filmed that video I edited it and I posted it all in the hours since I put this foundation on since you saw me apply it and as I was editing that video I could not get over just how Textured my skin looks like I obviously added a lot of my own I added all of my own videos But I I can really really tell the difference in a way that I absolutely other than the Kevin Kwan the balm That’s the only other foundation in the last I don’t know year or two that I’ve had where I’m like wow this makes my skin look really bad and Typically, that’s probably because I choose foundations that are hydrating and illuminating and all of that kind of stuff So I’m sure there’s lots of foundations that would make my skin look really bad I just don’t ever try them this one I was hopeful because I thought that it was maybe for all skin types and I prepped my skin like crazy I have lots of hydration on my skin and Guys, I don’t know if you can tell it just I look I look aged the texture and like orange peel II look Everywhere, maybe not here because I have some of my natural oils coming through the foundation is definitely staying put it has not moved at all the other thing that I want point out is that It’s tight on my face. I can feel it. Like I’m aware of the foundation on my skin I know that people say it’s super lightweight and all of that stuff and I guess it might be but because it really does feel Dehydrating I’m aware when I smile. I can feel when I move my foot I mean it it’s uncomfortable on my skin So I I would love to continue to do this wear test, but I can’t the writing is on the wall here So I’m gonna say that If you are someone with normal to dry skin and you’re not dehydrated you might like this foundation Maybe if you have no issues with texture, maybe if you’re younger and you have dry skin Maybe this would work great for you but as someone who is aging I don’t want anything that is going to draw attention to the texture in my skin and this definitely does that I just I wish you guys could really tell but like I just feel like Obviously that texture must be there but this foundation just brings it out. It is like the worst makeup date I could ever have and It does come in 30 shades So if this is a foundation that might work for you because you have maybe normal combo oily skin I feel like oily skin might really love this. You saw that when I put powder on it Oh my gosh, it was even worse. So I definitely I I don’t think that there’s much more I can do to make this work because like I said, I really prep my skin I put way more into my skin care than my makeup every single day. So I Don’t know what else I could do to Save this situation. So for me, this is definitely a fail it was forty seven dollars for one ounce and I will never put it on my skin again and yeah, I hope that this is helpful for someone out there that is really considering this foundation if you have text your issues if you Are forty five-plus and you are ever concerned with the texture of your skin. I would avoid this foundation I definitely would I Feel like it emphasizes everything. I wanted to do a much longer wear test I don’t think that that’s the issue with this foundation. It not going anywhere It’s been six hours and I could still clearly see my blush my highlighter Everything looks completely intact. So I’ve eaten I’ve had my oh, no, no where they are but I’ve had my glasses on while I was editing I Without realizing it sit and have my you know doing this while I’m editing and looking at stuff and blah blah blah On the computer you’re and even there is still intact so I don’t think the wear time on this I don’t think that’s an issue. I think that’s probably a really big plus It’s just the way it makes my skin look and 100% the way it makes my skin feel can’t stand it I just want to wash my face and start over which would be the third time today since I had to do that already once When I put this on with powder, so yeah I hate bringing videos or I don’t like the foundation, but this is one I do not like so comment down below if you’ve tried this one and I really do hope that this was helpful Hope you guys are having a fantastic week, and I will see you in the Friday QA. Have a good one. Bye. Bye

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  1. Such a shame Penny – I wonder if the shade were a touch darker/warmer it wouldn't look so aging? although it would still feel tight of course –
    When I say aging instead of looking 29 you look 35 😉

  2. Hi Penny..saw this great review and wanted to tell you I bought the new Sheseido Synchro skin Glow which is the newer one and it is so much better then the one you used. I agree that wasn't a great one for you, but try to get a sample of this one. I also have dry skin and will be 62 in November. I like light coverage and the one I bought is light.

  3. My skin seems to be like yours. I am 48 yrs old, I am still looking for my holy grail foundation. I have spent so much money on 1 hit wonders. Can you do a video on foundation for our type of skin. Over 45, some texture, pores and dry?

  4. I know exactly what you mean, I have dry/normal skin and oily on t zone. Nearly all the foundations do that to me on the chin, except fendi the luminous one that just came out, the channel the one they just renamed.
    I’m trying so hard to get rid of that texture which you can barely see if I don’t wear makeup.

  5. Thanks for the honest review, I have the same exact problem with many foundations! I am also 45 almost 46 and have spent way too much trying to find foundations that don’t do that to my skin

  6. Hello Penny. Thank you for this review. I’m 52 and have texture. I’m sorry it didn’t look good on you. Your skin looked amazing b4 applying this foundation. Love you and your videos!

  7. I’m so glad you reviewed this for us! I almost bought it but was worried it would be too drying for me. Excellent review & you saved me a huge hassle. Thank you!♥️💜

  8. That’s interesting. I was putting it on as your video came up. I’m 67 with dry textured skin. At first I though… it was a big NO. I had the same issues you mentioned. But, as it settled it got better and better. I think the coverage is fantastic. (Finding the right color has certainly been a challenge). I did add the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless filter to the high point of my face. And my final step was to use my Clarins Fix Makeup spray which is very hydrating. It’s a game changer. I highly recommend it as a final step to lock in your makeup and take away any powdery look.

  9. I know when I wear a foundation that doesn’t have enough warmth in it it accentuates any issues that my skin has with a product but how it feels on my skin is the biggest tell! Thank you for sharing this test and taking one for the team!

  10. Thank you for saving me! Because I was thinking of picking this up 😳😬.
    I went for the new ABH…….haven’t had a chance to wear yet but fingers crossed 🤞.
    Have a beautiful day 💕
    Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

  11. Don't you hate it when that happens. Great video. Good information. The McGrath Skin Fetish foundation I purchased had a primer also. Can the primer be used with another foundation? Thanks Penny💕

  12. Well Thank you for the review! I sent a synchro back earlier in the year and was wondering if I should try this one! I’ll save my money! Love you gorgeous!!😘😘😘

  13. I watched Tara Lynn's video, and enjoyed it. You both look 10 years younger than you are. You little scamps (that may not be a word). I say it with love🤗

  14. Thank you for the review. I was astounded by the super long list of ingredients! That would count this out for me regardless. Cheers!

  15. I just got this one and hope it doesn't do this same for me. And the KA really made me look old. But I have oily combo and maybe this might be good. Do need to try it. Tara is a trooper to keep it on for 24 hours. Nope not for me. Great honest review Penny!

  16. Honest Respectable Reviews/Demos for Age appropriate Skincare, Foundations n Cosmetics are Highly coveted within this Beauty community.. ❤️thank you Penn for Standing up and being Counted for all the Right reasons, you have Heart 💙🙏🏻💙Blessed

  17. This foundation looked promising, what a bummer . I find most foundations just add to my texture . So it’s the battle of texture or discoloration !

    Return that ish girl !

    Can u do an update on your pre makeup routine? All the essences and serums you’re are currently using ? ( u can do a quick over view on the next Q and A )

  18. TOPIC for FRIDAY Q and A

    How to schedule your facial routines : needling / microdermabrasion/ peels etc for a month or a separate video

    Still want that video so we can do a full facial together !

  19. Hi Penn, I am curious as to what foundations you would recommend for dry skin with hyperpigmentation and texture for the gals in their 40s? 😘

  20. Powder is sooo tricky! Did you know the Becca powder expires in 6 months?? Kind of disappointing considering the price!

  21. It takes so many years to figure out what works for you and your skin. Then you hit your mid-late 40’s/early 50’s and you have to start over and rediscover products all over again. It’s crazy how much your skin changes. I’m so glad you recognized the problems with that foundation so quickly. I hope you return it. Anything that ages me goes back. Full stop. ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Always love an honest review. I’m about to turn 45… and I’m obsessed with bare minerals barepro. I’m not dry, but I look radiant and flawless. It last allll day. Have you tried it?

  23. Thank you so much for doing this video! You saved me a waste of time and money! I have dry/sensitive skin and cannot imagine wearing one that draws up and feels tight! Thank you again!

  24. Thank you for this honest and detailed review. I have dry to normal skin with the same pore and under eye texture you desribe so this foundation will be a pass for me. I have been using the Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation in I01 and I20 for several years and love it. Medium to full coverage, your choice. Lasts all day with a perfect finish. Not dewy but certainly not matte. I powder mid day with CT compact. Love your channel!

  25. Very interesting. Of all the foundations you have tried which would you recommend for a 64 year old skin with the orange peel texture issues you described. In the past I have used Dior, and love it, but it is probably 15 years since I bought a new makeup so really lost touch. I would welcome your recommendation though, Thnak You. 💐💐

  26. Hello I live in Sweden and I cannot order the serum you recommended when doing microneedling: Cos The BAHA 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid.
    I have found another serum and wonder if you can help me with the label of contents and if it is good to use:
    0.2% Hyaluronic Acid Serum Manufacturer The Organic Pharmacy ingredients: Hamamelis Virginiana Water, Glycerin, Sodium Lactate, Aqua (Water), Citrus Grandis Peel Oil, Algin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Xanthan Gum, Sorbic Acid, Limonene, Citral, Linalool, Hyaluronic Acid , Grapefruit Oil, Witch Hazel.

    Thanks for the help! You are the best!

  27. Hmmmm🤔 the light shade can make it look dry but, i don't believe is all the issue with this foundation…i can't imagine what would cause the texture🤔bummer.

  28. This is so interesting because I am over 50 with textured skin and I love this foundation. I applied it over replenix ultimatte sunscreen, so maybe that made the difference. But I also wanted to tell you that I got the new Fenty hydrating long wearing foundation and I love it too…I was torn between the two, so I put a thin layer of the Fenty first, and then the Shiseido on top and that was magic!!! Beautiful finish, and long lasting. Just thought I’d share…😎. Love watching your channel!!!💗💗💗

  29. I'm glad you did this review Penn. I was thinking of trying it. I didn't like it at all on you and I've actually never NOT liked a foundation on you!! I'm 55 and this would be a disaster on me 👎👎

  30. I am a recent subscriber & I was wondering what you do for your under eye fine lines & texture. You have beautiful skin.

  31. I have the Becca Powder and haven't used it yet, so hopefully, I don't have that with any of my foundations. Sometimes I notice when the foundation has time to set it can look better than it did before when you first applied it. Thanks for sharing, have a good week. xoxo 😘🙂

  32. I tried Shisedo Synchro skin foundation a couple of years ago (the original formula) and your review has shown that the new formula is exactly the same just with a new name.

  33. Hi Penny I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely videos I very much love watching you you are so real and so detailed and you always give honest answers and explain everything thoroughly I'm very grateful please forgive misprints but I have to dictate into microphone because I'm registered blind

    Could you possibly tell me which of the the doctor pens which are wireless you would recommend I know you said you were going to do a video on X5w.. as I really want to know which is the best one to buy why I don't want to make a mistake and I think a rechargeable is best for me I would like to know which is the best results between the XR are sorry that was supposed to say X5 w and the A6 please thank you in advance so very much looking forward to seeing the video I know you were going to compare new paragraph thanks again for all your help and advice on your videos I will continue to watch you always warmest wishes and blessings to you xxx🙏💕💕you Liz in liverpool UK

  34. My favorite Japanese foundation is the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation. I'm almost 50 and it doesn't age me… I get compliments when I wear this foundation

  35. Yes girl! I didn't know I had texture that came out with this foundation! Such a bummer that it didn't work out for us, but I have too many that look SO much better; I can't justify keeping this one.

  36. I thank you for this review. I was hoping it would work for me but, since it emphasizes texture, I will try the new Chanel foundation.

  37. Thank you so much for this! I know this would work the same on my face as yours. Saved me $$! Grateful for youtubers like you!🤗

  38. Hi Penny I was just wondering I have watched your micro needling video several times and I was thinking to myself is this equivalent to going to an aesthetician or doctor to get micro needling? Can’t wait to hear from you?

  39. Friday Q&A query: #1 What is the difference between growth factors and stem cells?

    #2 Does hair actually TURN gray, or does it just grow in gray?

  40. i use(d) the original synchro skin long lasting which is now discontinued and replaced with this. from what i understand the finish/formula is very similar. from 2 years of using the original i have discovered that too much skincare and emollient hydrating products undernearth will break the foundation down. a simple moisturizer is all i use and i get very good results.

  41. Agree, the foundation is not for you. You always look beautiful and this foundation masks your face. Always look forward to your reviews. Bought the Zelens Youth Glow because of you and love it! Just bought the Surratt Dew Drops and so far loving it. Be great to see you do a review on it. Light coverage yet really lovely.😘

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