Shopping in Jersey Gardens | NYC 2018

Shopping in Jersey Gardens | NYC 2018

good morning everyone welcome back to another New York video we're not actually in Manhattan anymore we have come over to Jersey Gardens which is a very big shopping mall nearby we've got a 30-minute bus I didn't just try if they worked out gracious 14 $14 return so pretty good and yet we're in this massive mall it looks a little bit like Nonpoint tonight upstairs and from the inside like it just really like I know a way in with the scenery yeah yeah but other words character they just release yeah it's a whole thing of a nice we've looked up to do there's loads and loads and stuff here whether we'll buy it on suffer not I don't actually know I'm sub so eight and say hello oh yeah it's gonna be a very fun day I hope we're both hungry already yeah I'm tired we're gonna do a little bit of shopping he gets lunch and I do a ton more time budgeting of this place well you don't drain the lumens and even literally yeah I think this is an outlet right well it says it is so I don't know it seems kind of like it you know it doesn't seem like any other but like best stuff is here there's nice stuff though I was looking at these hoodies over there and we found some nice zip ups so I bought two which I probably don't need but wadham we decided not to get the overhead ones just because I definitely do have a lot of those but we're coming into summer now so zip ups right good I know so yeah I guess I'm to the next store you TARDIS we had some nice time shopping there looking at shoes I'm trying to get a new pair of ends we've come into a restaurant called Chili's or some it's nice to be in my table service Restaurant Week okay the food is here and it looks so good yeah yeah looks very good way is your to like this little way we're going yeah that's great I need assembled my first one so to close it and we have on our toppings and a big bowl of like beans and salsa enjoy we finished lunch and we have come into his store called century 21 we were actually in it yesterday we didn't vlog we were in yesterday down at the 9/11 memorial and it was an absolutely gigantic story was like six stories of Lights madnesses just like clothes accessories home where men's kids women's just everything but Rebecca saw a scarf there that she liked what we decided not to buy it by you know some logic and we saw the century to anyone in this mall so we have come here and we'll hopefully girl finders fingers crossed the one yesterday is obviously two together because they have like the Versace name on amber then the other one has like their – so I don't know it's also really to see I could sum what I thought it was born on it yeah that's it maybe I'll find it on this guy we'll keep talking and we've come to the end of our little shopping day but at the end of the day we're just going to leave them on now I think we're both right there was a marathon shop a huge amount we didn't really expect to buy enough but I got a couple things I got a few hoodies we are more shopping to do in the trip anyway this is just one shopping mall so a fun day I'm just I'm we never do this party so we just kind of stay safe yeah where is this yeah I think we're gonna get a drink maybe share books or maybe just a normal drink and get the bus back to that sounds good the weather's supposed to turn not so nice and I went to actually when you're trying on one of the tops in Hollister there was a guy asking and the guy working there is asking another girl if she was working for her and he was like there's like 12 to 18 inches of snow expected where he is and then I went on Facebook and it was like are you prepared for the snow tomorrow no should I be romancing hopefully not too late but you can worry about that in the next video yeah for now we're gonna make our way home back to the Hammond and get some rest and we are back in the apartment we had a long long long trip home traffic was mental it was very very slow but we have an update the last time we filmed Rebecca I hadn't bought anything and we were a tiny bit all ready for the bus so we said we might as well sure we might as well take a look in a certain shop so Kevin got me this for Christmas and I wanted something similar in black because the black tea came what I got in Florida is it's got small little pocket there which we hand you from a phone and then it's not as if which I want and I picked up a little parable director Tim it's just what I would refer to different kind of all they had was this or green this I think was like $20 I have a DKNY one but person split over and stained it so I figured I'd get a new one and so yeah I got that on a bag the best thing was it's 60% off everything and there's a further 20% off and I was like hello yes please so the bag was 250 and I paid like $80 for it so yeah I already have to put a shed I don't have a last night like this so I'm an accession so yeah that's it for this video guys hopefully you enjoyed our little shopping today we had a good time yeah a good time we might have an interesting next video it's supposed to snow so yeah it started to snow on the way back it was like flying with that snow yeah and I checked the weather and it's literally a hundred percent chance of snow all day tomorrow yeah Oh God mm-hmm so woodsy we're gonna embrace this and we're gonna stock up on supplies like food and stuff just in case everywhere closes I don't know what I presume it's not but I don't know how bad it's gonna be and then we might go to Central Park and it's not no yep mm-hmm so check that anyway if you wanna see what's beyond yeah and give this video a thumbs up and we'll just see you next video yes you

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  1. Ye had a fab time in New York guys 😍 I was there twice and loved Jersey gardens but it's huge lol! Hoping to head back maybe in next 2 years for Philips birthday ❤

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