“Should I Buy It”? How to Know if a Garment Is a Good Capsule Wardrobe Investment

“Should I Buy It”? How to Know if a Garment Is a Good Capsule Wardrobe Investment

Hi and welcome to my closet. I’m Lesley and today I’m talking about the five questions you should ask yourself to
determine: “Should I buy it?” Whether you’re a minimalist shopper or a capsule wardrobe shopper, you’ve committed to buying less things overall and investing
in quality over quantity. But that’s not always easy to do. How do you know, when you’re at the point of purchase, when you’re buying a piece,
whether or not it’s a good investment? Here’s five questions to ask yourself to help you figure it out. These tips are a short version of a quiz I have online that’s a
lot more nuanced, a lot more detailed but still really quick to get through. That’s
available at workinglook.com under the quizzes section “Should I buy it?”
This video however is a little refined version for those who just want a quick fix to
get through. The first question is “how often will you wear the garment?” A good investment is something that you’ll probably wear about once a week, or at least a couple times a month. If when you’re buying something you know that it’s a special occasion dress or it’s something that’s kind
of fun and spirited or trendy but you don’t necessarily see it becoming part
of the regular rotation of your wardrobe – that’s not a great investment. A piece that you expect to wear twice a month or more regularly … that’s a good investment. Give yourself an “A” for that. If, on the other hand you’re thinking maybe you’l wear it once a
month … you’re going to want to give yourself a “B”. Okay? On to the second question. The next question is is how well does the garment work with your existing wardrobe? If there’s three or four pieces in your wardrobe right now that will work with the new pieces you are thinking of picking up, give yourself an “A”. If, on the other hand you love the piece but you might
actually need to buy something new to wear this piece, then give yourself a “B”.
That is not a great investment. You really want to be buying things that compliment what you have, what you’ve already worked to streamline, what you’ve already fallen in love with and
carefully curated. If you only have maybe one or two pieces you could possibly
wear it with, it’s not a great investment – you’re going to want to give yourself a “B” on this one.
The next question to ask yourself is if you already have similar items in your
wardrobe. For me, I love my wrap dresses I love my pencil skirts, but I have to be honest that if I fall in love with another wrap dress it’s not really moving my
wardrobe forward. It’s another option, but it’s not filling any gaps because I already
have a number of wrap dresses and what I really need is something to make my
separates collections stronger. So ask yourself this question about your own
purchase. Jeans are a common one for lot of people. It’s not to say you can’t buy a new
pair of jeans if you already have some, but are these jeans quantifiably different than the ones you already have? By virtue of color, or perhaps fit or
perhaps even fabric, because even denim comes in a number of different finishes and some can be almost polished and office-ready whereas others are very rugged and very casual. So, will one of those characteristics allow the jeans to perform a different
function in your wardrobe than any of the jeans you currently have? If so, you can give yourself an “A” for this. If you’ve found a piece that’s filling a wardrobe gap that nothing else
is covering so far, that’s an “A”. If, however you already have a couple pieces that
are effectively doing exactly the same thing, you’re going to want to give yourself a “B”. Ok, the next question actually difficult
to answer honestly. The question is, “will you love the piece a year from now?” Take
some time to let that settle and really think about it. It’s very difficult to do
this because we have a tendency to buy based on what we need right now, but one
way you can approach this is by looking backwards and thinking “what pieces have
brought me deep satisfaction over the long run?” “What kind things do I gravitate to again and
again? Next, look at your current wardrobe needs and think “ok based on what I love wearing now it where I think my style vision is going, is this
is likely to bring me joy a year from now?” If you honestly don’t know, give yourself a “B”. But if you feel really strongly that, “yes, this piece represents we’re I’m going stylize-wise and I fully
anticipate I will embrace this piece with joy a year from now,” – that’s a good
investment. Give yourself an “A” Okay, the fifth and final question for this
mini quiz is, “how does the garment fit?” Do you look fantastic in this piece? Is it
complementing all your curves? If the answer is “yes”, give yourself an “A”. If it doesn’t quite right but it has the capacity to be a fantastic fit based on
alterations – that you are 100% committed to getting – you can also go ahead and
give yourself an “A”. If however, you’re struggling a little bit to make it fit. Maybe it’s a bit too tight or stretching at the chest or maybe the rise is a little lower
than his comfortable or complimentary for your body … you’re going to want to go ahead and give yourself an “F”. Yes, “F” is for “fit” and “F” is also for colossal fail. because if something doesn’t fit perfectly, if it’s not complimentary, then it
is not good for your style and it is not a good investment piece, and I promise you, after a couple of wears you’re going to figure this out for yourself and not love the
piece anymore. So if it doesn’t fit well and can be made to fit well with
alterations, give yourself an “F”. Okay, now to summarize, is the piece you have your eye on a good investment? If
you have all A’s that’s a great sign you’ve probably found a real winner guys,
an excellent clothing investment. If however you have a “B” in there, I would caution you to proceed
carefully. What you might want to do is give yourself extra time to figure out
if you could find something better. That’s the real question if you have a
“B” in the mix: “If I keep looking, and I likely find a better alternative?” Give yourself some
time, see if you can find it. If you absolutely can’t, then maybe it really is the right piece for you. And of course, if you have an “F”,
you need to move on guys. Fit is so important do not settle for a poor fit. For more
shopping and style tips visit me at workinglook.com.

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  1. These are all questions I ask myself every time I think about a purchase. I've learned through trial and error over the years to never rush in to a purchase without a lot of thought. I don't think there is one item in my wardrobe now that I won't wear for several years, which makes the money I've spent on my pieces worthwhile. Particularly since I'm a quality over quantity person and buy higher end clothing. This video is affirming for me. Thanks. Dee

  2. Great tips! I use the site polyvore to get outfit ideas and use as an inventory for clothes. that way, if I'm put shopping, before I purchase an item, I check my inventory to see if it would complement it or if I have repeats. just discovered your channel and I love itß

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