Should Men Wear Bracelets? | Man’s Guide To Wearing A Bracelet | Buying Men’s Bracelets

Should Men Wear Bracelets? | Man’s Guide To Wearing A Bracelet | Buying Men’s Bracelets

Hi. I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder
of Real Men Real Style. Today, gentlemen I’ve got a question for
you. Should a man wear a bracelet or bracelets? Go ahead and let me know down the comments
below. I would love to hear from you guys what your opinion is.
Now, I’m going to give you five reasons why you should consider wearing a bracelet
especially if you’re a man that doesn’t and I’m in that camp. So, on a daily basis
I do not wear bracelets. I grew up conservative West Texas where you do not wear a bracelet,
otherwise, yeah, you’re just going to – people are just going to look at you just very, very
strange. But, over the last twenty years, I’ve had
the privilege to travel the world to be able to see some amazing things and I’ve developed
friendships with men that are running amazing companies. And one of them, Hamed over at
Helix Cuffs and Carlos over at the Collaterals. These two guys, two amazing companies and
they both make bracelets and they approached me and say, Antonio, like you should – you
should look at this you should try it, look at what we’re – and I see these guys very
amazing companies, they’re taking two very different approaches.
Let me show you, this is what Carlos has over at the Collaterals and this can actually be
worn. I’ve seen pictures of men with suits wearing this and, I’ll talk about how they’re
doing that. And then, Hamed and his partner, they’ve been building this in Colorado hand-made.
But, the point is is I normally wouldn’t wear bracelets. I wouldn’t have considered
them. And these five points I’m about to share
with you hopefully they get you thinking about it and I love for us to have a constructive,
you know, conversation about this down the comments. And if you decide to purchase from
those companies, go check out on the comments, I’m going to give you guys some discount
codes so that you can get a great deal when you decide or if you decide to start wearing
a bracelet. All right? So, number one reason why maybe you would
want to consider start wearing – to start to wear a bracelet is it’s a great conversation
starter. I find that conversation is something of a lost art and part of it is getting it
started. We pass people all the time, we, you know, everyone almost looks the same,
but if you’re wearing a bracelet especially in an occasion, maybe it’s formal and you’ve
got something just attracts a bit of attention. And, not necessarily in a bad way or maybe
you’re on the beach and you don’t really have much else in style, you don’t want
to wear a watch, and this is something that allows you to talk and to be open with another
person and to who knows where this could go. It could be start of a beautiful relationship,
maybe it’s that woman that you’ve wanted to be engaged with and she just asked you,
where did you get that from? And you’re able to tell her about your appreciation for,
you know, artistry and, you know, hand-made things or it’s a business acquaintance.
And it’s almost like, wow, you know, I know you – I knew you were a creative person,
but – and you’re in the jewelry, but please tell me more about this. So, who knows where
it can go, but I love the idea that it starts a conversation.
Point number two, it’s practical. Maybe, and some of you guys may say, oh, Antonio,
how is it practical? Let’s look at ID bracelets, let’s look at health bracelets, let’s
look at the paracord bracelet. Yes, okay, that last one maybe a bit of a joke, but,
hey, if you’re going off and you’re getting – you’re jumping out of a C130 and into
the woods of Alaska or I don’t know, wherever you’re going, it may be something that,
hey, just having that paracord bracelet is useful. But, for some men, it is a – it’s
a practicality. So, on to point number three, wealth and status.
So, it has been shown, when people look at others with jewelry, there’s an instant
trigger in the back of their mind that this person has a bit of money. And, maybe we don’t
see it in North America so much, but I know I travel over to East Europe, I’m going
to see a lot of more jewelry in the part of the world. I’m going to see jewelry and
gold over in China and other parts of India is a clear sign that this person is well.
So, yeah, we’ve tried to push down that there aren’t class and divisions of people,
but in other parts of the world, it isn’t always that clear. And even here in the United
States, when we see someone driving a BMW, we see somebody driving a, you know, a Mercedes,
we have something, oh, that person has to be pretty successful. When we see them or,
you know, they’re living off credit card debt, but in any case, you don’t have that
when you’re walking into Starbucks and you’re talking to somebody, but if we see that they
wear a little bit of jewelry, oftentimes you could be something, hmm, this person is a
little bit different. So, let’s get into point number four, special
meaning and perhaps signifying your culture. So, I was talking about and we’ve seen some
of the bead bracelets out there, perhaps that’s something that comes out of your culture.
Now, Hamed I don’t actually know so much about his background, but it may – I know
for him wearing jewelry was something that was bit more common. And where – wherever
you’re from the world whether it’d be the Middle East whether it’d be Northern
Africa, maybe it’s parts of India maybe jewelry wearing and bracelets are a part of
your culture and you want to bring that into your normal dress.
Point number five, you actually like it. Now, there was a gentleman that actually came out
to our Style Con event, he purchased a bracelet from Hamed and I saw him leave — Mike, you
know who you are and he left a comment. And this is a – this a marine veteran and he
say he just loves the bracelet how it reminds him of something, so it has meaning. But,
how he just started to love actually the attention he got and how he felt wearing it and so,
he wears it now with pride and people come up and start to talk to him about the bracelet.
So, he wears it because he likes it. Guys, what do you think of those five points
and I would love to hear from you in the comments about the two companies that I talked about
about wearing bracelets in general. Take care. See you in the next video.
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    Video Summary:
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    2:51 – "Bracelets are practical"
    3:20 – "Wealth and Status"
    4:23 – "Special meaning"
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  2. i wear a hand made leather bracelet i bought that from the northern areas of pakistan…and i love wearing it cuz it reminds me of that beautiful place and the time i spent there

  3. i really like the way you give reason behind every fashion accessory…i wear a black stainless steal ring on my middle finger …i didnt know that what meaning does that project to others but now i know just because of you

  4. depends on the bracelet and the person. I like wearing understated copper and braided leather bracelets; and I wear them south of my watch. I also wear a wedding ring and an understated analog watch. Bracelets are like cologne for men – you don't want it to be too strong or too obvious. Subtlety and restraint is always the tasteful way to go.

  5. (+1) Great points of view for men wearing a bracelet(s). In my occupation we are allowed to wear one bracelet. I wear mine next to my watch because that is my style. Everyone has their own style when it comes to these types of accessories. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have a Lava Bead bracelet that I wear on a daily basis with casual attire (t-shirt and jeans). I think they can take the place of a watch and make your attire look complete. Men can wear bracelets and it should be fine! I don't think you should judge what you wear and do based on what someone else says. Yes, take advice, but in the end it is your decision.

  7. fuck these companies man they have a 200 dollar bracelets fuck that for real 200 dollear braclet antonio are you ok

  8. I think bracelets can make a dude look cool, 2 is the most i think someone should wear on one wrist, look yourself in the mirror and see how you look with it and wear it by yourself to see how you feel before you go public and i guess have a meaning attach to it so when people ask you "why you wear this?" you can start up a conversation, have fun and experiment with multiple bracelets or just one.

  9. I prefer bracelets gold or silver over a watch that way I still got that style I wanna go for without having a clock on my wrist because I have my phone for that

  10. I wear 2 bracelets, (leather weave from my travels in SA), (a bead/ blue cord combo) it adds multiple materials in a small space. I can only remove one, but my watch hides the other at work. I also always wear a green stone necklace ( cultural) . it's not much but adds alot

  11. I personally like them, but a lot don't look good on me, and a few thankfully do. I have a simple silver chain bracelet, that isn't too thin to look feminine, if that makes sense without sounding sexist. I also have a cheap chakra bracelet because the rock beads look cool. And I have a yarn braided bracelet that my little sister made for me. Make fun of me, but once I say where I got it, no one can really shit on you lol.

  12. i wear a very stylish .925 and onyx bracelet and absolutely love it. it drawls all of the right kind of attention.

  13. A cool sliver cool bracelet is cool and looks good with a tan. Only with casual wear. You have to comfortable in your own skin to wear a bracelet. I could not agree more about a conversation starter.

  14. I wear a parachord bracelet that is the color of an iris. My daughter's middle name is Iris so I think of her every time I look at it. No, I don't need something to remind me to think of her, but I figure it's kind of like my wedding ring. It's a symbol of my love and devotion to my family.

  15. I wear a silver bracelet on my right wrist since it was given to me (and to my wife)during our wedding by a good friend of ours. I honestly don't like our wedding rings since it's gold with stones. Neither of us are gold persons. I called it my wedding bracelet since I'm not really a ring person. I paired it with a slim white metal watch on left wrist.

  16. I am north Indian male, most of us wear iron/silver/alloy bracelets. It was started as a religious symbol for Sikhs but now Hindus like me too wear it.

  17. I wear 2 fisher of men bracelets, both from James Avery. One of the actual fishing linkages and spinners and the other is of the actual fish and spinners.

  18. Come on man…why you got to knock the paracord bracelets lol? I have a few in different colors. I think they look cool and have the potential to be useful in a survival situation.

  19. For me i would love to wear bracelet so much , because i luv fashion and i think it is same that why some men wear wrist-watches though it is almost not necessary today due to we can look the time from our smart-phone. Both of them are fashion dont be serious guys

  20. I had a nice looking bracelet made out of really tiny black beads…made in south México. It looked so cool
    it was a conversation piece…a person that I really appreciate end up begging for the piece….
    ( it looked intricate but slick…I hope I find another one)

  21. I've always worn jewelry, as far back as I can remember I've worn rings bracelets and necklaces. my mom says she and both of my grandmas would buy jewelry for me. and growing up both my granddads wore jewelry and most of my uncles had at least a ring or watch, so I've always been comfortable wearing anything even bracelets, it's just an expression of style to me. and I'll say this, it's always been a great way to get girls' attention 😉
    but the place I draw the line is piercings, to me that's for women (just my opinion, I've had friends who had piercings I didn't give them a hard time about it)

  22. I wear a fairly heavy silver and turquoise Bracelet and get positive comments from Women mainly; but a few men have asked about it.
    I'm also wearing jeans and boots with my rodeo buckle so there is no question about gender identity here.

    This is actually the first Bracelet I've ever seen that I wanted to wear. I am one of the few who is NOT; part Native American but admire and know about many of the cultural values.

  23. beeded bracelet looks great at it represents royalty and wealth specially if u wear it with a lion logo

  24. I purchased two Celtic bracelets at auction from a buried cash while in England. Good conversation starter like you mentioned. They are bronze so not flashy.

  25. I don't like men's jewelry. But I sometimes wear a steel-rubber bracelet to add a masculine note to the style.

  26. I wear a nomination bracelet and I'm 14.. I don't think it's a bad thing that men wear them.. I'm not sexist but why should girls just wear bracelets and not men. Just saying

  27. Is it okay to be wearing a bracelet up on your forearm where it's tighter so that it doesn't slip up and down all the time?

  28. This is a great introductory video for those just starting to wear men's bracelets, gives them a bit of confidence. Our own bracelets can be personalised with his initials, so they have a connection to the wearer as well!

  29. There is a media teacher at my school who wears rope and string bracelets halfway up to his elbow. He looks awesome.

  30. I actually like leather bracelets for men if they are tasteful, providing not too much jewellery is used in one go, although you could always wear one thing one day and another thing another

  31. Good points, and plenty of men wear brackets here in metro N.Y., from business attired men to bikers. I wear a leather and stainless one myself during casual wear.

  32. … love wearing a bracelet, the one on the wrist right now is from a Buddhist Temple … looks fabulous, and yes, a conversation starter.

  33. I wear one cause my mom got it for me. She saw it online and it reminded her of me. A jovial little thing. An artistic depiction of a unicorn. But on the inside it says "Uniqueorn." And the card tag that came with it said "Be a unicorn among horses." She reminded me to stand out and be myself. I wear it when I can, cause I can look back on it and think of my home and my family, where ever I am.

  34. I don't wear a watch so since I was a teenager I've been a fan of bracelets. Even in recent years with those rubber ones that I recently started wearing. I wear them whether I'm dressed going out casual or track pants with white V neck T shirt. It adds style, an attention getter.

  35. I like the idea of bracelets for men. I personally wear two of them. As you pointed out in your five points, they are status symbols and wealth indicators. For me, they also have religious significance.

  36. I don't see links to the two companies, and the one link that "is" provided does not work (?).

  37. I wear a kada because of its symbolical meaning.
    Indian men wear them to keep themselves grounded.

  38. Unless its gold i would never wear a bracelet.. Maybe silver if i wore silver..but 1 down side is your active or just have bad luck.. It's not good lost 1 and had stolen off my wrist.. At least a $1000 just in gold gonez forever!!!

  39. No.
    end of story. same goes for rings, earrings, and necklaces, hairpins, and cockrings.
    if its not a wedding ring, its jewellery. jewellery is for girls

  40. I have a Sterling Silver bracelet that was made from my father's pilot wings from WW II. Family history. I have bracelets that are in the 22K-24K range that I wear when I'm with Asian friends. I wear these in recognition of my friendships with their culture. The remainder of my bracelets are bespoke pieces of jewelry. All 3 of these categories can solicit conversations. I do not wear multiple bracelets as each should stand alone for their unique story. That being said; some of my bespoke bracelets match other jewelry items. A bracelet may match cufflinks. I never wear a bracelet nor wrist watch for, "White Tie". For; "Black Tie", I'll wear the matching to the cufflinks. The watch may be either my; 18K Vacheron Ultrathin integrated case & bracelet, or my Patek
    Calatrava that is on a Lizard strap. I never wear my Rolexes to these things. When I wear a Rolex I might wear a simple design bracelet that is smaller than the Rolex. It depends if I'm going to wear a ring as well.
    the Rolex may be on the left & something like a: 2ct diamond on the right. I never wear multiples of anything. A single bracelet on the opposite from the watch. A single ring on each hand at most. IMHO multiple pieces create a clutter that detracts from each article worn.

  41. I’m an underground utility locator, and I wear a paracord bracelet in case of a boot lace snapping. In my line of work stuff breaks, and if you’re in the middle of hoofing it back to your truck along the railroad right of way, an untied boot is not good on the ankle. A former army sniper told me to carry around 100’ of paracord with me in case of a boot lace breaking, or any other event where I might need to use it in a pinch. It’s been rather helpful information. That’s just my two cents on the paracord bracelet. Good video, have a great weekend.

  42. I wear a 14kt white gold rolex president day date from the 1990s. A close family member passed it down. I wear the watch on my left wrist. My right wrist just felt wrong without a bracelet so I complimented it with a silver cuban curb id bracelet. I was going to get a gold one but a white gold watch would not match with a yellow gold bracelet.

  43. Wear a heavy cuff of solid silver. Had it made for Me in Germany by an experienced silversmith "Meister".
    Saw the long straight rectangle bar, (had to be ordered)
    before it was hammered cold, into shape.
    It's something special to Me.
    Get comments on it all the time, and ( I think ) it looks very masculine, bold.

  44. Instead of a fancy watch I wear an ordinary black plastic fitness band. It's really useful, but looks cheap. I received a bracelet of all black beads except for a single red one. Putting it next to the fitness makes a great combination. Makes it look like I put some thought into it.

  45. I would like to start wearing braclets however I'm not sure what kind comes off as stylish and not gay (not to be rude)

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